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Nomi Matcha
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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Frozen Acai + Matcha Yogurt + Fruits + Granola = SARAP!!!!! 128525128525

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Patrick U.
5.0 Stars

Their restaurant looked simple from outside, but once we went in, the interior made us feel relaxed. It's the kind of place I'd like to be at during breakfast or lunch time. My favorite area would be the seats on the left side with the thought bubbles. It somehow feels a bit private despite being open to the rest of the restaurant.

Salmon Aburi
(torched salmon, cucumber, grilled asparagus, roasted carrots, toasted sesame seeds, and ginger miso dressing)
I just loved it! Apart from being a fan of salmon, the overall mix was delicious and the veggies were crunchy, tasty, and refreshing.

Super Mojo Shrimp
(grilled spiced shrimp, roasted pumpkin, cherry tomato, chickpeas, mixed bell pepper, lemon, and roasted garlic dressing)
My favorites were the chickpeas and shrimp. It was just mildly spicy. I felt the same about the veggies but I wish they would serve more chickpeas.

Matcha Detox
I'll keep it simple: refreshing!

Tea-ramisu Dream
This was amazing and I could easily say the matcha they serve was legit! It was a good balance of bitter and sweet.

Matcha Churros
I consider this the grand finale because the presentation was already a perfect score! Those churros were very crunchy outside and soft inside, packed with bitterness and sweetness too! I tried my best to cover all that dip but I was feeling pretty heavy already. This, I can order again, easily!

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

1. They close late.
2. Nice interior
3. I like how they pour the matcha shot in front of me.

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Kyrylo S.
4.0 Stars

My usual matcha fix would be Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe but given that the place is gone now I needed to find a new matcha shrine. Did I find it here? Continue reading 128521
The very first thing that you notice about this place is the ambience. The owners really tried hard to make everything cutesy, you can see it in every detail. From tables to walls, from lamps to napkins. As result, the prices are quite steep. I'm more of a food person rather than an interior design aficionado, so I mostly focus on food.

For my main meal I decided to go with Salmon Aburi, accompanied by the Matcha Refresher drink. The meal itself is super simple: it's just some veggies and rice. What makes it special is nice thin slices of smoky salmon and the juices that make the rice more lively. I wish I had more of that and less of karot at pipino. 128516

The rice itself was really delicious, too. I can eat it even without anything. Every grain was nice and fatty, not too sticky, not too mushy, just perfect. With that salmon sauce it was above perfect.

The bowl looked big but the actual amount of food was less than I expected. A cost of P360 for that is a sure rip-off but given the nice ambience, I can say it's fair.

The Matcha Refresher drink was less of a matcha and more of a kalamansi. I didn't really enjoy it, to be honest. It was super sour and not pleasant to drink. Again, look at how much you pay for basically a kalamansi juice that looks green. It's P140. But at least you get to try a cool bamboo straw. On the bright side, the water they serve is not tap water, which is a huge plus.

For my dessert I went with Legendary Greenies. Now, that's where I could satisfy my matcha fix. Straight off the ice, the first tiny bit that I've tried struck my mouth with a powershot of matcha. "Matiyaga"...I mean "matchaaayieess"!

I've also got to try a tiny bite of my nobya's Tea-Ramisu Dream. Similarly, my nostrils and dila sensed a powerful kick of matcha. I loved her dessert more than mine but it is what it is, hehe.

Summary: I probably have to go there again, just for desserts since I am not happy about the food. Masarap iyon pero sobrang mahal. So, did I find my matcha shrine there? No, I didn't! While I'm happy with the desserts, Nomi is more on the luxurious side. Kissako was much more accessible.

Fun fact: may tropa ng mga kano sa malapit na lamesa. Kumuha sila ng litrato ng waitress na nagsunog ng Frozen S'Mores kaya kumuha din ako pero ang litratong kinuha ko ay ang litrato ng mga kano.

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Earl M.
4.0 Stars

Highlighting Nomi’s posh vibe would be its bright and cozy interior design and its modernist approach to serving Japanese food.

We were looking forward to adding cauliflower rice to our beef bowl, but unfortunately they ran out. The miso ramen was decent, spiced up to tolerable levels, even though we wanted to make sure to avoid anything spicy for the evening by not ordering tantanmen. It wasn’t the most incredible ramen, considering how Mendokoro ramen can turn anyone snootish with its life-changing ramen recipes, but the broth was sufficient I suppose. The noodles were forgettable and the pork cutlets weren’t as tasty.

The highlight of our dining was the tea-ramisu. As what has always been my measuring stick, the pastry was lightly sweetened and preserved the refreshing taste of matcha. No multiple bags of sugar were used, just how I like it.

There were plenty more of interesting dishes on the menu, but we could only eat so much. It’s worth a revisit and for anyone who hasn’t, I recommend that they do.

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Grace Y.
5.0 Stars

The place is very bright and chill.
Great place to hang with group of friends or family
1 Chicken Power Bowl
*chicken topped with pesto dressing
*salad veggies
*Japanese rice
*torched or grilled tomatoes and carrots
2 Chicken Yum yum Karaage
* super soft chicken bites
* with mayo, lemon and salt served on the side
3 Tea ramisu Dream
* softest dreamiest tiramisu
4 Churros Ice cream Bowl
*loved the salted caramel drizzle *drool*

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4.0 Stars

Nomi Matcha recently opened their cafe in BGC. From the name of their restaurant Nomi Matcha offers matcha-flavored drinks and pastries. I was so lucky to try some of their matcha drinks thru Christina and Jayson of Team Kaladkarin, thank you! 128521

127861Surprise Me (Iced) for Php170.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“It has an essence of watermelon in the matcha drink”

127861Legendary Greenies for Php90.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Nomi Matcha’s version of brownies”

Overall, it was a matcha heaven! Nomi matcha has a wide selections of matcha drinks and pastries.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Now trying
(Not yet in the menu)

128204 Matcha Milk Tea @180PhP
Now we all know that matcha is already tea (green tea that is) so does that mean that they just added milk in it?
Nope. Then that would be called matcha latte

Their matcha milk tea has double tea. Aside from green tea, this drink got a black tea base. —now that’s legit. Also, this drink does not contain creamer. They use evaporated milk.

I did not like the tapioca that much though. It’s not as gooey as i would like it to be. Honestly, the best tapioca would be dakasi’s or chowking (naicha— provided that it’s fresh)

I noticed they use plastic straw for this drink— obviously because the tapioca cannot fit in their bamboo straws.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Three stars for this experience
128204 Matcha Espresso @190PhP
I would give them a four star if only they had a better ambience that night. It was because of the smell from their neighboring restaurant project pie which is still under construction. It smells like spray paint. The servers told me that the smell started since morning.

A little plus point for the bamboo straw!! How environmental!

Their greenies are always the best snacks here.


Nomi matcha vs starbucks vs figaro matcha espresso
Price: starbucks
Amount: Figaro
Taste:... Starbucks!
First, Figaro’s totally out of the picture since they have a funny tasting matcha.
Nomi’s matcha taste is too “serious/ authentic” for espresso blending. I think if you really like a very bitter concoction, you should go order this.
While Starbuck’s teavanna taste still wins because it’s not so bitter and has this unique taste that somehow harmonizes with the espresso taste.

Have you tried all three?

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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

After our carbo-loading lunch at Little Flour Café, M and I were both super giddy to try out Nomi Matcha's matcha goodies, so much so, that even if it was raining super hard, we walked to Nomi! 128513 We got a bit lost (We were two girls who have zero sense of direction 🤷), but after asking around, we finally found it, and we walked through the gates of matcha heaven! 128525128563

Nomi Matcha is a dainty café that sports pink and green interiors, and is probably one of the most talked about matcha place recently -- with its authentic matcha drinks and desserts, as well as its IG-worthy interior design.

We sat at a booth for two, and started to browse the menu. We wanted to try A LOT of things, but finally settled to get the following:

✅ MATCHA LATTE (Php 160) - 1108811088110881108811088
I've always thought that iced matcha drinks water the matcha goodness down a bit, so I was slightly thankful for the rainy weather -- giving us an excuse to get hot matcha latte. 128154 With one sip, M and I were both able to taste the authenticity. It wasn't sweet at all, and the creaminess of the milk plus the bitter earthiness of the matcha balanced each other out. I enjoyed this a lot, and would recommend this drink to my matcha loving friends!!!

✅ LEGENDARY GREENIES (Php 90) - 11088110881108811088
This was great when paired with the hot matcha latte. While it was a bit expensive for a small piece of matcha brownie, the fudginess, in the form of matcha, is actually quite unique and worth trying. 128522 M said it was similar to a matcha yema, which I eventually agreed with. There was one thing I wasn't that fond of though -- the matcha powder sprinkled on top on the greenie. It was too bitter for my life. 128561

✅ FROZEN S'MORES (Php 250) - 110881108811088110881108811088
By now, you'd know that whenever I extremely liked a certain food item, I'd break the rules and give it 6 out of 5 stars. 128513 And I believe Nomi's Frozen S'mores deserves it. 128150 This was brought to us, and torched in front of us. I excitedly watched as the marshmallow turned slightly brown, and was set on a plate in front of us. We digged in -- and enjoyed the symphony of flavors and textures in our mouths. We were definitely in matcha heaven alright!!! 128154128154128154 The fluffy marshmallow had a slightly crunchy outer layer due to the torching, and was slightly warm. The grade A matcha ice cream was really smooth. And when these two are eaten together in one bite, every matcha lover will surely go weak go the knees. You'll understand when you try it. 128513

Service was generally okay. The female servers were slightly snobbish, but the sole male server was friendly and cheerful. He even waited for us to get our phones ready (for IG stories, of course!) before he started torching our s'mores. Hehe. You're the best, kuya! 128513

Definitely coming back again when I get the chance, so I could get that mouthwatering frozen s'mores again. 128525128154


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Denise R.
4.0 Stars

Had after-lunch drinks and snacks here one rainy afternoon. I read some positive reviews about this cafe/restaurant, so a friend and I decided to give Nomi Matcha & Açai a try 128522

Upon seating, we were handed the menu, packaged uniquely in adorable envelopes. I initially wanted the hot version of the Matcha Energize, but they only serve this iced. So I opted to order the hot Matcha Latte. We also ordered a serving of their Matcha Churros.

I was delighted that they provided reusable bamboo sticks instead of plastic straws (they had a particular way of washing and cleaning the straws, don’t worry). Wanted to take it home, but wasn’t sure if that was allowed (haha), so we bought one instead, for PHP100.

The drinks were authentic and matcha-licious (not a word I know, I know 128518). Read somewhere that the co-owners import the matcha they use from Kyoto, so I can imagine and pretend being in Japan while sipping on Nomi’s delicious drinks 🇯🇵. The dessert was yummy too; slightly oily, but that’s how churros are, so all good.

Ambiance was sweet and cute, with its pink and green theme, soft couches with throw pillows, corners with instagrammable backgrounds with funny puns as design.

Will definitely be back! They have other interesting and unique menu items that I can’t wait to try 128077🏼

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

I’m not a big fan of matcha but I don’t dislike or hate it or so. It’s just that I’d rather have cheese or chocolates for dessert ‘cause I don’t like green tea that much. But it all changed when I got the chance to try Nomi Matcha on one fateful day.

Julie L tagged me along to finally try some of their offerings. I have no idea what to get and was still full that time so I just tried one of their pastries which is the “Legendary Greenies”. Julie got a couple of pastries and a drink.

The Legendary Greenies is basically a matcha brownie and I didn’t expect it to be that good. The first bite was heaven – it’s pretty moist with dense edge and the matcha wasn’t too overwhelming, at least for my liking. I also like the matcha powder added as it adds a sensation in every bite.

Julie seemed to agree and she also liked the brownie. Now I’m really looking forward to trying the other specials as I really loved the experience.

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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

Matcha lover here 128587🏼‍♀️
This review is a total of 3 visits at this matchalicious place 128076128523
Good food, great service, and cool ambiance 128077128154
I always go during off peak hours so I can get a table right away.

1st visit :
Iced matcha with watermelon juice , aptly named Surprise Me , P170. This combo surprisingly works!
Frozen Marshmallow S’mores , P250 . Torched marshmallow 128523128523128523 and matcha ice cream 128523128523128523128076
Matcha Cookie , P80. This is just ok for me, I find it too sweet.

2nd visit :
Super Mojo Bowl, P330. This is a very filling meal. Its got grilled shrimp (plump, juicy, with a cajun-like seasoning), roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes,chickpeas, bell peppers and lemon. There was a lot, and I mean a lot of rice underneath that bowl. I should have upgraded it to cauliflower rice to hopefully make it less heavy on the tummy.
Simply Matcha, Iced P120. This drink is good! Just a simple iced matcha , no frills, but a good and refreshing drink. I actually prefer this over the one with watermelon in my previous visit.

3rd visit :
Greenies , P90. Their version of brownies.. but with of course — matcha. I’m not a brownie fan but this is definitely something I’d come back for! Yummehhh! And it paired well with their coffee .
Long Black , P120. Thanks to Looloo reviews, I kinda passed on ordering their matcha latte ( I’m not sure if they have improved their matcha latte now). Which is a good thing as I got to try their coffee, and they have a good brew , which would pair perfectly with their matcha treats.

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Denise J.
4.0 Stars

Can’t say I’m the biggest matcha fan but Nomi’s pink and green motif was way too cute to pass up. 128149

Luckily, there was substance behind the cuteness lol.

I got the Matcha Churros and I enjoyed every bite of it! The pastry itself had hints of bitterness so it wasn’t cloying like the other churros I’ve tried. The melted white chocolate drizzled on top was the perfect addition of sweetness that made this dessert quite addicting.

I also ordered the Matcha Latte (iced) to go with the churros. I was scared matcha on matcha would be overkill but the pairing actually worked. The drink was refreshing and not too bitter or sweet.

Eying the Frozen Match S’mores for my next visit!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

My love for everything matcha when my mother's sensei sent us matcha treats from Japan. So I got excited to find out there's another matcha place in Metro Manila.
I tried their Matcha Energetic (Php 140) green tea drink with espresso boost! I liked it both the matcha and coffee married well with each other. Then for desserts tried Legendary Greenies (Php 90) and Green Cookie Monster (Php 80). I liked the Greenies more than the cookie. Matcha brownie that was siksik with matcha goodness. I want one right now.

I also love the ambiance, I could just chill and do some work there.

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Nievs G.
5.0 Stars

BGC is a completely foreign place to me (and a bit intimidating, at least initially).

But since having read about the opening of a new matcha place there named Nomi on, my matcha feelers got so excited, of course. I just had to give myself a bit more time before my schedule would allow me to go to the further south of the Metro.

I have tried and enjoyed a couple of matcha cafes here already like Kissako and Tsujiri, which are near to where I live compared to Nomi. So I made a personal quest of mine to visit Nomi and complete my "matcha cafe pilgrimage" in the metro, hahaha.

I know that matcha is an acquired taste, but it has gone a long way here in the Philippine food scene. It just means many have become fans of matcha due the fact (among other reasons) that one can indulge on matcha drinks and desserts without feeling guilty about it. Hehehe. It's healthy stuff, you know.

I was once a non-believer of matcha myself; at first I was repelled by the grassy, stomach-turning bitter taste and I even had a "traumatic" matcha experience six years back that I almost puked. Hahaha. But now I am a full-fledged matcha convert! I wish for more matcha places in the metro and also on the outskirts as well.

Thanks to the combined efforts of BGC Bus, as well as GPS and Google Maps on my phone, I managed to locate Nomi at W City Center at the corner of 30th Street and 7th Avenue (parang streets sa NYC hahaha, sorry ignorante lang).

It is being said that Nomi offers the bitterest matcha. If I had been repulsed by that six years ago, now I welcome to taste the bitterness of (real) matcha.

What I had:

🔸Simply Matcha, iced (₱120) ✔
No additional cream or milk or anything else for now. I wanted to get some matcha basics first, but with a little sweetness on the side. It was served with just a sweet syrup (I asked the server if it was agave syrup or anything else, but she said it was just a regular sugar syrup). At first sip, I knew it was a real deal! I first tasted it without the syrup first -- I found out I could take a pure matcha beverage without the syrup, as it had just a bit of natural sweetness. Just a bit. But of course, I later added it with the syrup to make it a bit more palatable. I loved this. It was so refreshing.

I would have chosen a hot matcha (because I prefer hot matcha drinks), but it was so hot that day so I chose iced instead. If I liked the iced matcha, then I will definitely love the hot one if I get the chance to try it.

🔸Matcha Mix Platter (₱470) - it consisted of:
➡ Matcha Churros
➡ Legendary Greenies ✔
➡ Green Cookie Monster
➡ Tea-ramisu Dream

- Matcha Churros were all right. They were crispy and airy -- in fact, too light and too airy for me compared to other churros I've tried. I wanted them to have some "doughy" texture to balance it out.

- Legendary Greenies was the BOMB! Soft and chewy. It had bit of toasty hints which were well complemented by the sweetness of the brownie itself and the bitterness of the matcha powder. I didn't know if it was made with some rice flour because it was really, really chewy compared to other brownies I have tried, but oh God, I loved this. If I had a box of a dozen Legenedary Greenies, I can finish them all in one sitting! 128513

- Green Cookie Monster was just okay. Sakto lang. Compared to other matcha cookies that I've tried, this one was thick, compact and a bit more chewy, which I liked.

- The Tea-ramisu Dream was a bit lumpy for me. I like Kissako's matcha tiramisu better. But in terms of taste, it had a good balance of bitter, sweet and creamy.

I didn't think that pink and green would go together as an interior color scheme, but they worked here at Nomi. It was so cute. It was a well-lit cafe due to its high windows that let natural light in, although interior lights were turned on too. Some seats were upholstered and had cute throw pillows. I sat on one of these comfy seats.

I also liked the fact that they used bamboo straws.

Servers were friendly, too!

Will be back to try their savory dishes as well as other matcha and non-matcha goodies!

I therefore conclude: Nomi is the bitterest of them all... but in a good way. As in, so, so bitter. If you're looking for some sweet green tea stuff, Nomi is not the place to go. But for serious matcha lovers, Nomi is going to be your next matcha haven!

128221 Note: it has a pre-VAT 10% service charge.

Rating: 4.5/5 (rounded off to 5)

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

It’s my second time here! And.... I’m still in love 128154128154128154. During my first visit, we tried their Karaagedon and frozen smores (recommended by Peanut D). Both were really good! Thanks P.

I brought the whole team here and everyone loved it! We will visit again! Promise 128522 then go to Arabica for coffee.

Food 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ Matcha Mix Platter- if I were to rank it, my #1 legendary greenies (brownies), #2 green cookie monster, #3 tea-ramisu dream and #4 matcha churros (not a fan of this 9996🏻. I guess i prefer my churros with chocolate)
➡️ Gyudon- one of the best I’ve tasted!
➡️ There’s something about the rice in this place! Super sarap! Is their a secret formula or ingredient?

Price 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ Price ranges from 300-350. A bit pricy but It’s definitely worth visiting/ trying out.
128153Frozen Smores P250, Matcha Mix Platter P470, Karaagedon P290, Gyudon P350

Ambiance & Service 11088110881108811088️ or 3.5
➡️ You always have to wait long. Good thing their staff are really nice and they update you. Kulang ang 1 hour na lunch break.
➡️ The place is soooo cute. I love everything about it.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Matcha has always been a favorite of mine since the early 2010 when Matcha desserts and drinks were so scarce! I used to frequent Akiba Cafe in Megamall that offered ALL THINGS MATCHA! Matcha Latte, frappe, cake, cookies cheesecake! Fast forward to round 2016, Matcha became such a hit that everyone wanted Matcha! Restaurants adapted too. Even non-Japanese restaurants had Matcha in their dessert or drink menu.

From this point on, good Matcha desserts became so rare with prices of almost anything with Matcha soaring high...There are a few stores specializing in Matcha anything but their expansion haven't been so aggressive. I guess the target market of those who really love Matcha sans the hype is small...

Enter Nomi Matcha...

The newest player in the Matcha flair, this restaurant is owned by 3 Japanese Nationals, one of which has a Matcha Farm as their family business. They use only the highest grade of matcha so I don't know what can get more legit than this.

Nomi Matcha tries it's best to deliver authentic Matcha treats. This means less sugar and less milk - unlike how we, Filipinos, were used to. Here, they would like to highlight the natural sweetness and flavors of matcha using minimal sweeteners and dairy.

In a sponsored rendezvoos, we got to meet the owners and tried some of their offerings...

Starting with Beverages----

| Matcha Surprise! If you are a Matcha beginner, try this drink. They mixed in some fruit flavors into the Matcha creating a contrasting but refreshing summer flavor.

| Simply Matcha - I never had a simple Matcha and water with sugar drink that's as good as this. No pretending, no fuss --- just pure and refreshing Matcha!

| Hot Matcha infused with Lime - as simple as it is, this one's a delight! Loved how the flavors of Matcha came out more with just a little kick of lime

| Matcha Latte - balanced with just the right sweetness and milk - this can come as bland for some because it's not as sweet as the usual. You can ask them to adjust your drink - more matcha or sugar, however you like it

Onto the desserts...

| Give Me Everything! Matcha dessert sampler with Matcha Tiramisu, Matcha Cookie, Greenies and Matcha Churros. I LOVED EVERYTHING HERE!

The Tiramisu had a good kick of Matcha, good ratio of cream and mascarpone. It isn't overwhelming for a Matcha lover but can get too much if you are a newbie.

The Legendary Greenie was the best for me! I have never had a Matcha version of a brownie that wasn't cloying. It had the texture and consistency of the great brownies, good matcha kick and best of all? Not too sweet!

The cookie was good too. Moist and chewy!

The Churros were a big hit as well. What's good about this was that the Churros itself was made of Matcha. Maybe this would be GREAT if they had a matcha dip added.

| Matcha Smores was also my fave! You have to try this! Taking inspiration from Dominique Ansel's Smores - Matcha Ice cream enveloped chocolate and graham, covered with fluffy marshmallow, served in a stick and torched right before your eyes! Loved the burnt marshmallow flavor and OMG the Matcha Ice Cream was sooooo good!

Also, just to highlight, Nomi Matcha has a good selection of savory dishes with "healthy" options. We tried the Chicken Power Bowl that had tender and tasty slices of chicken on top of Japanese rice.

Then we also tried their Karaage which was a tad salty and nothing really wow.

Overall, we loved our Nomi Matcha experience! Will definitely be back with the family!

PSA: they have good internet plus charging ports so if you are a work from anywhere person like me, you are more than welcome here :)

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

Im not a connoisseur nor an aficionado and as I might say closed minded when it comes to this Japanese green thing known as matcha . Brought about by my several not so pleasant experiences here in the Philippines, many of the matcha flavored drinks and food were not the real deal and I abhore "FAKE" food ingredients that are always concealed by sweetness and food coloring. However raves on Instagram and reviews here on Looloo tickled my curiosity and with recommendation of Reich T which is one of the credible authorities when it comes to the quality of matcha ,thats when the cloud of doubt just flew away and immediatelywent two days after.

The place has this white ,green and pink color scheme and a high ceiling that I would say refreshens and revitalizing after a sweltering walk around Bonifacio Global City.

This matcha joint serves both savoury dishes and sweet food items though I only tried the pastry and beverage.

**Simply Matcha- Im doubtful at first but as my first sip sunk in,a big wow is all I can think of.Complex yet nice calming properties of a tea , subtle vegetal bitterness and hint of sweetness at the end.Simplicity is beauty personified in flavor. An unadulterated , unpretentious drink, I'm definitely a super fan of this wonderful beverage.

**Tea ramisu Dream- A dauntless Italian dessert modified with EurAsian flair.Visually attractive I thought it was grass in a square wooden box so at first theirs a bit hesitation to dug it.Their rendition of this Venetian classic was top notch instead of the booze or liqueur they suffused it with that lovely matcha flavor.Not overwhelmingly sweet which a big plus .Though a little dense for my taste but still a job well done for this item.

Pricewise- I would say reasonable and the service efficiency is good.A big bonus is that they have nice magazines especially updated issues of both Southern and Northern Living.128522

Love this matcha place authentic,certified and not your usual deceitful matcha joints.And with the tranquil ambiance this is a good location for that "muni muni" moments and "me" tiime while sipping a calming cup of Japanese green tea.127861127861127861

Its worth the trip.128077128077128077



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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Been waiting for months to try this one out since ive been passing through this area alot. It finally opened last month i guess, being a matcha holic i certainly wouldnt let this pass especially that its on my turf, one after another review keeps coming in, roughly i had an idea what to expect based on the reviews but im certainly here for non other than matcha. Having tried some of the best matcha products my expectations for a shop that specializes in matcha was quite high. Certainly the best way to find out is to try it out.

The interiors was quite cute, pastel hue on seats and wall, it was actually enticing towards women just like the interiors of sunnies cafe. But im here for matcha so a matcha addict must settle on these pastel interior. 128512

Even its hot outside i ordered for hot matcha latte since i read somewhere that the warm 1 is way better than the cold one. The hot matcha latte itself looks okay, im not sure if they tried making some artsy on it but my drink had this toronto raptors like logo on top (3 claws) as for the taste, it was an okay matcha drink, abit underwhelming for me as i feel it had much more milk but i guess i appreciate if theres a tangy of bitterness on my matcha drink. As for the drink i certainly would be back, instructing them to upped the matcha a little bit.

As for the desserts, hmmm... to be honest i find it abit expensive where as their matcha brownie was pegged at more or less around 100 for its size. But make no mistake, this brownies was certainly good i just think its a bit expensive. Same with the matcha tiramisu, well this item certqinly looks good but the taste is a different factor :) it has this wet foamy mid part that isnt my kind of snacks nor dessert.

I definitely would love to try other items here but i feel that the items on menu are abit lacking in terms of being a matcha place like matcha softee is missing or matcha lava cake or maybe even matcha noodles. 🤣

But overall, servers were nice, the nterior smells a little hint of paint or something that im sure would disappear after couple of weeks. I honestly would pegged this at 3 stars but upon consideration since they gave me extra matcha powder that i used to add more matcha to my drink and tiramisu, ill have this review in clinching 4 stars. I really feel that this place has a potential but it just wasnt able to hit it yet this time.

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