Nonki Japanese Restaurant

Autoville Bldg., F. Torres St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Nonki Japanese Restaurant
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Tei A.
2.0 Stars

Service was really bad. Too slow in serving our orders! Plus they also forgot one of our orders! Long story short, we didnt enjoy our dinner.

The grilled mackerel tasted funky.

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Michelle E.
5.0 Stars

They serve the best yakimeshi and ramen. I also love their maki.

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Jonathan R.
3.0 Stars

My first review for 2017!

Happy new year everyone!

Nonki Japnese restaurant. This is located in Torres st., Davao City. The restaurant has a good exterior and a great interior design. The place is clean and spacious.

The service is a passing score of 75% kung grade sa school. Nothing special with their service. It took some time for our food to be served which is a little disappointing.

I ordered Katsuju and my friends ordered Beef Gyudon, Tanmen, and Yakimeshi. •Katsuju tasted just like a regular katsudon. Nothing impressive. You can get a better katsuju somewhere for sure. •Beef Gyudon was just so-so according to my friend. She wasn't blown away. •Tanmen Ramen was great. This ramen is better than those of Ramen Nagi. (At least for my taste buds) I'm sure a lot of you would disagree. •Yakimeshi was my favorite. This fried rice is the bomb! It tasted really good. I loved it!

Overall experience considering the place, food, and service is good for 3 stars. It wasn't bad and if given a chance, I will come back.

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Jin Cara S.
4.0 Stars

Nonki so far is one of the legit japanese places. given a bit pricey than most but definitely worth it.

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Jaime L.
4.0 Stars

Nonki is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Davao. They have the freshest sashimi and affordable bento meals.

Today I had their salmon head (I forget the Japanese name) to go. This is the second time I ordered it and it didn't disappoint. I normally avoid fish with a lot of bones but I can't say no to fish heads and salmon.

Nonki's version lives up to the expectation of a good flavorful salmon head. It was so good I almost finished the entire serving!

I highly recommend it. I know I'm coming back for more.

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Kristella D.
3.0 Stars

I missed eating Japanese food. Badly. I was dropping hints to my dad about visiting our favorite Japanese restaurant in the city again. And... he finally gave in. Haha! 128515 Nope, I didn't coerce him! 128513 I was already prepared to have lunch somewhere else when he turned the car and started heading down the street where Nonki was. 128522

Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I always take note of the number of Japanese people dining there. That's how I measure the authenticity of the food being served. In the many times I've been to Nonki, I have always seen a lot of Japanese customers there. I guess that fact speaks for itself!

When we got there, the place wasn't packed yet, so we were immediately seated. 128522

And on to our orders:

Tonkatsu Bento
I ordered their tonkatsu bento. It consists of a fairly large piece of breaded pork cutlet, a huge serving of rice, plus a meat ball, tamagoyaki, Japanese potato salad, and fresh fruits on the side.

- Tonkatsu: breading was crispy but the pork was a bit dry. 128546 Needs improvement.
- On the other hand, their miso soup was a winner! 10084 I love the dashi they used, the wakame, the tofu! The soup was clear, savory, and just bursting with that traditional Japanese flavor.
- The meat ball was ok. The breading was good, and the chicken meat was soft.
- Tamagoyaki: your usual tamagoyaki.
- The Japanese potato salad was a nice addition to the set. It was a mash-up of chunks of potatoes, mayonnaise, cucumbers, ham, egg, carrots, and onions. Mmm.
- Fresh fruits: No good. They were still sour! What a shame. To think that we have so many great fruits growing in our region! 128553

Beef Teppanyaki
This was what my dad ordered. It basically consists of thin beef steak slices with monggo sprouts and slices of onions, served on a sizzling iron griddle. The beef used was high-grade Angus beef, and as expected, it was lean and tender. 128523

Beef Teriyaki Bento
My mom ordered this. Unfortunately, her order took quite a while to be served. Our orders had already arrived and hers had not. After following it up twice, she was got impatient and wanted to have it canceled if it wasn't ready yet. The server apologized, but got her order out in a little while after that. (I think they almost forgot her order. Uh oh. 128549)

The beef teriyaki bento consists of beef teriyaki, rice, tempura, california maki, and fresh fruits.

- Beef teriyaki: High quality meat with a sweet-smoky sauce. Kind of similar to the beef teppanyaki my dad ordered.
- The tempura's batter was crisp and not oily at all. The shrimp was cooked well, and was really juicy. In all the Japanese restaurants I've tried in the city so far, their tempura is the best. The servings are huge and the quality is consistent. 128077
- California maki: One piece was of the california maki was quite big! (It was a bit of a struggle to put it in my mouth. 128518) Rice was high-grade, there was a lot of salmon roe, and the acidity of the mango and mayonnaise was just right.128076

As for the service, it was so-so. The servers were a little inattentive, even when the place wasn't packed yet. We had to ask for water refills, my mom's order took long, and the bill took quite a while too. They aren't usually like that though. I'd like to think this was an "off day" for them, but when you're paying for food and service, you really can't have that. 128528

Still, Nonki serves good quality food at reasonable prices. Prices are relatively cheaper than other Japanese restaurants too. Plus, they have blazing fast WiFi! 128516

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Gerry M.
5.0 Stars

I have two favorite Japanese restaurants in Davao: one for ramen, the other for everything else. Nonki is the latter.

Sushi is fresh. Salmon sashimi is our favorite.
There are a variety of choices for their bento boxes. Teriyaki, both beef and chicken, are done just right.

They say the clientele is the best clue for authentic taste. Judging by the number of Japanese regulars you can find in Nonki, you are assured it is definitely the best of its kind in town!

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Kristella D.
5.0 Stars

Nonki is probably, if not, the best Japanese restaurant in Davao City! They have a huge selection of Japanese specialties and meals at a very reasonable price. Their place is pretty big too. I also love the fact that they are consistent in the quality of their food and service. The staff are always courteous.

Each time I order sushi and sashimi, they are always fresh. Their ramen, bento, teppanyaki, teriyaki, and nabe among many others are also must-try dishes!

Oh, and they also have free WiFi!

Thumbs up for food, service, cleanliness, and ambiance!

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