Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria

G/F Solenad 3, Nuvali, Tagaytay Rd. cor. Nuvali Blvd., Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria
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Most Recent Reviews

Jackie M.
5.0 Stars

(Inspired to do |oo|oo reviews again the past weeks128074🏼128521)
Now on with the review..

Upon arrival at Nuvali, It has been four years since the last time I've stepped here of course many things has been built I got a bit lost in finding Solenad 3, thank God my instincts were correct, I followed the lighted tunnel and then cross and walk and cross and look around and walk and at last I found big blue green colored letters --NONNA'S.

Nonna's, italian word for grandmother, is a new restaurant concept of the owner of Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen. And I'm excited!
Btw, the staffs were overall friendly, and courteous, and assisted me right away though my friends hadn't arrived yet.

128073🏼Really, this was the best meal starter Mushroom Chicharon 128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼 fried oyster mushroom served with vinaigrette --tastes similarly like crispy chicken skin. I swear when I return I will order this again! A must must must try!

128073🏼A dirnk called Nonna's Lemonade was a basil infused lemonade which was a great palette cleanser in between dishes.

Pastas served were made fresh on a daily basis who wouldn't want that?

128073🏼Salmon Caviar Pasta with alfredo sauce, fresh smoked salmon, chives and topped with caviar. This was a new pasta experience for me since I was used to the traditional pasta recipes.

128073🏼The pasta star was the Vesuvio named after a volcano in Italy. Presentation wise, really looked like a volcano in a creamy and yummy eruption on an assembly of rigatoni stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, peas, italian meatball and egg. Definitely a volcanic party in my mouth!

128073🏼All-Meat Pizza ladies and gents, Nonna's version with their homemade italian sausage, along with bacon, salami, pomodoro and mozzarella. MEATY indeed.

128073🏼Kimchi Pizza is a new twist from italian pizza to korean. If you're into spicy or loves korean food give this a try.

128073🏼Of course the Tutti Formaggi everyone! Neither three, nor four, but five cheese goodness in this FIVE-CHEESE-OOOEY-GOOOEY-CHEESY PIZZAAA capslock for emphasis. This is what I like!

Tip: For further enjoyment of the flavor, you may want to try the chilli honey on the pizza instead of hot sauce, yes honey because it is said to release the flavor of the pizza well.

128073🏼Pizzaokie is super moist freshly baked cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and mallows. I am craving it right now! Better to eat it when served but just be cautious to its hotness.
And the Creme Brulee fresh and creamy with that nice crackling sound upon breaking the top.128076🏼128076🏼

When life gets better128521

  • No. of Comments: 7
Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

My sisters and I decided to drive all the way to Nuvali last Saturday just to have lunch at Nonna's. Thank you too | looloo and Nonna's for being generous with their prizes and GCs! 128149

As we entered, we were greeted by welcoming staff, wooden tables and glass windows. I loved the rustic + modern vibe of the place. It's quite adorable how one part of the room is surrounded with wooden rustic feels while the other half was filled with white brick walls and ceramic tables. Who knew such combination could bring life to the place?

We rushed to order as we were famished after the long drive. For appetizer, we went for the MUSHROOM CHICHARON | [P160] 1108811088110881108811088️ which is made of crispy fresh oyster mushrooms served with vinaigrette. At first glance, you'd doubt they were mushrooms. Even after my first bite, I still couldn't believe they were mushrooms. It's really soft but crispy at the same time. A little less sinful than your regular chicharon. I must say, I couldn't stop munching on it. After barely five minutes, the plate was clean and I was restraining myself to order another serving.

For our main dishes, we decided to go for carbs and carbs and carbs!

TUTTI FORMAGGI | [P350] 11088110881108811088
Mozarella • gouda • honeygoat cheese • parmesan • blue cheese
A must for cheese lovers 128525 Add a drizzle of their spicy honey to seal everything in. Or maybe more than a drizzle for my sweet tooth.

PIZZA BIANCO [P450] 1108811088
Alfredo • bacon • mushrooms • cracked black pepper • parmesan cheese • whole egg
I had high expectations for this since I always see people raving about Gino's version and I read a few reviews that Nonna's wasn't bad either. Wasn't really thrilled about the whole egg thing on a pizza. Tasted a bit too raw for my liking.
TOMATO MOZZARELLA [P215] 11088110881108811088
Fresh tomatoes • mozzarella • olive oil • Italian parsley
All pastas are homemade. Definitely feeling the love and attention for food from that 128149 This is something I consider a simple dish executed well. It's light and refreshing yet fulfilling.

UNI CAVIAR PASTA [P350] 11088110881108811088
Alfredo sauce • fresh sea urchin • chives • caviar
Despite my sister's claim that this tasted "fishy", I beg to disagree. I had my expectations and it didn't disappoint!

TRUFFLE MAC AND CHEESE | [P285] 1108811088110881108811088
An all-time Mama Lou’s favorite with truffle cream
Their truffle mac and cheese was on top of my list for today's visit. Truffle flavor was quite evident and the cheese tasted like the good kind of cheese. Recommended!

Staff were nothing short of professional. Despite our loud group, they were still smiling ear to ear at us 128517 Service was quite fast too. But then again, there were only a few tables occupied at that time.

Dedicating my 100th review to Nonna's! Thank you | for the GCs and Nonna's for the experience. Great first visit!

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April H.
4.0 Stars

We were not supposed to have dinner at Nonna's.

We were set to have a fancy schmancy dinner at Antonio's. I actually dreamt of my favorite dish there. Alas, it was not meant to be.

I was still very jetlagged and I was not too concerned about the time. We were supposed to meet at the Ortigas area, but the situation played out differently. He drove from Ortigas to QC to pick me up... Then we headed to Tagaytay. About 2 hours later than expected and like 20kms further than initially planned. Ooopsie!

The traffic did not cooperate. By the time we were at the Sta Rosa area, it was already past 7pm. And I was hungry and demanding to eat already. So, we ended up at Nuvali. I had no idea it was that hard to find a parking space there! Yowza!

Anyway, I went ahead to secure seats at Nonna's while he parked. We finally snagged a table outside as soon as it was vacated. We started with the mushroom chicharon that was positively addicting! These fried oyster mushrooms are a must when you visit.

The All Meat pizza would not have been my choice, but it was his request so what can you do. I found it kinda heavy with too much meat. The crust was great though. The Tutto Formaggi is more my speed; so, maybe next time. We tried the Nonna's Truffle pasta, my choice this time. I found it just okay. I really felt something was missing. The truffle cream felt heavy by itself, even if I kept putting a lot of parmesan cheese on top. Iced tea was good actually.

The place is a great casual date place and also very family friendly. It wasn't the uber romantic, intimate dinner he had planned, but we had a nice time overall. I don't know if we should have ordered something else, but I think a 5 star rating is pretty high for this joint. But it's a solid restaurant from the same group that gave us Mama Lou's.

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5.0 Stars

Tagaytay Food Crawl

12th Stop - Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria

After buying pasalubong at Buffy's Milk, we went to Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna for dinner. The crowded mall didn't stop us to try Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria. We reserved a table for 8 pax and we've waited for 10 minutes before the accommodating staff provided us our table.

Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria is under the team behind Mama Lou's pizza. Actually they almost have the same menu, the difference between the two is the dough they used in their pizza. Nonna's Pizza is a hand-tossed pizza while Mama Lou's Pizza is a thin crust pizza.

We started our dinner with its Mushroom Chicharon followed by 2 kinds of Pasta and Pizza.

Mushroom Chicharon for Php160.00 (Crispy fresh oyster mushroom served with vinaigrette) - 1108811088110881108811088️5/5
"Warning: super addictive. I am looking forward to try it again..."

2 kinds of Pizza for Php375.00
Tutti Formaggi (mozarella, gouda, honey goat cheese, parmesan, bleu cheese) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Cheese pizza will always be my favorite. Mama Lou's Pizza never fails to satisfy us."

Funghi Trifolati (pomodoro, mozzarella, mixed mushrooms, ricotta cheese and rose mary) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The mushroom pizza of Nonna's was so good... iba ang pagka-light ng pizza. Masarap!"

Truffle Mac and Cheese - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Mama Lou's version of Mac and Cheese will always be one of my favorite and I'm glad it's included in Nonna's menu."

Aglio Olio (olive oil, sliced garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"They made their own pasta. This version of Aglio Olio was so simple and yet too flavorful."

The staff provided good service during our visits at Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria.

Nonna's is located at Solenad 3, Nuvali, Don Jose, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

This was an unforgettable Italian night. The 12th stop and our one and only dinner since all of us are nit that hungry. Holiday here at solenad 3 means parking would be a little difficult and would require patience.

It was full inside when we went there and were waitlisted. We were sitting outside and their service started to soar high. The friendly servers assisted us and got us some water and in no time, they led us inside. True that the turn over is fast.

128204 mushroom chicharon @160php
Crispy mushrooms similar of a chicharon's crunchiness. I was not that a fan, but good for alcoholic beverage.

128204128525 aglio olio @195php
I love this garlicky pasta. The consistency of the dish is not that aldente however panalo sa taste.

128204128525 truffle mac and cheese @285php
Another recommended dish is this cheesy pasta. The truffle was neither weak or strong, eat this fast like we did so the cheese would not cement over.

128204128525 fungi trifolati with five cheese pizza @375php
You can actually order pizzas with two flavors like we did. For me, the most satisfying taste that day was the spicy honey over the five cheese pizza. It's really good that unlike salvatorre, you still have to ask refills (the fact that it's not spicy), while at nonna's, the honey condimemt is placed at the reach of your hands, enjoy it all you want.

Honestly, even if my stomach was full that night, i craved for more. It's too bad that we have to 'budget' that night. Haha, but i hope nonna's will be nearer our civilization here in manila.

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Dianne C.
5.0 Stars

Excited to go back here to try their other food, so far I only tried:

Mushroom chicharon127812- not oily and super good128523
Vesuvio(photo above)127837 - huge serving so it's good for sharing, yum!
Pizza- forgot what kind but it was also delish. 128523

Place was quite small but since there are a lot of restaurants, it's hardly full. 128522

Servers were really nice 128522

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

We saw a teaser video for the Magical Field of Lights in Nuvali, so we decided to go for a drive and watch the lights display. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of Nuvali? Nonna's. I've read a lot about this place and I never got the chance to try it since we don't really go to this area. But since we're here, Nonna's, here we come!

We arrived the restaurant at around 1:45pm and the place wasn't really full that we still got to choose where to sit. I thought maybe it's because it's way past lunch time, but just after we sat down, families started coming in.

I came from a food tasting for our Christmas Party, so I wasn't really that hungry, so we just ordered their Mushroom Chicharon and Prosciutto Arugula.

127808Mushroom Chicharon P160
It's not what I expected, but in s good way. I wouldn't have guessed that this was made of mushrooms. It was soft, but not chewy, and had a little crisp on the outside. I was able to appreciate the dish better when dipped in their vinaigrette. This was a good starter.

127829 Prosciutto Arugula P450
Brick oven pizza with pomodoro, prosciutto, some parmesan cheese and arugula. We were told to use their special honey chili sauce and it was divine! I loved how I was able to taste a lot of elements in this dish. The saltiness coming from the prosciutto, the bitterness from the arugula, and both the sweetness and a hint of spice from their honey sauce.

Serving size is quite okay. There were two of us who shared the food and it was really heavy. Pricing is a bit cheaper than other Italian places. It's reasonable.

The place has a simple yet positive vibe, perhaps because it feels like home. Service is outstanding, kudos to the staff.

I'd love to try more of Nonna's dishes, starting with their pastas. I'm also looking forward to visiting their sister restaurant Mama Lou's 128513

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Had a truly fantastic visit to Nonna's a few months ago, coming back to Manila from Tagaytay! Having heard Jairus d rave about this, I wanted to check thus out and we had the perfect opportunity to do so since we came from a wedding. So, I convinced ze wife to have lunch in Nonna's.

Buongiorno, Nonna's!

From the owners of Mama Lou's, David and Crystal Sison, comes this hip & trendy, but family friendly Italian resto. I heard that they make their own pasta here, so making pasta from scratch shows the kind of love and attention to detail that Nonna's offers. And I love that it's reasonably priced!

Entering this restaurant makes one feel quickly at ease, with a comfortable, relaxed and, some might say, homely atmosphere. White bricks, nicely decorated, with references to Nonna (Italian for Grandmother, who, based on David and Crystal's stories that many of their dishes In Mama Lou's are from their Lola, so I'm loving the name) in many a picture frame.

On to our orders:

Mushroom Chicharon P160 - a winning appetizer! Deep fried oyster mushrooms. Less sinful than French fries, I loved it. Nice vinaigrette dip. Nice combination. 5/5

Uni Caviar Fettuccine - Creamy Alfredo pasta with uni (raw sea urchin) topped. Very good. I wished there was more Uni but for P350, it's a pretty solid choice. Different twist to pasta. 4/5

Tutti Formaggi P350 - A MUST ORDER FOR PIZZA AND CHEESE lovers! Mozzarella, Gouda, Honeygoat Cheese, Parmesan and Blue Cheese. Works very well together. Plus Nonna's has that spiced honey topping you can add to enhance that oven brick pizza experience! My confession here is that, despite wanting to eat less carbs, their crust is oh so good. Finished it with nary a crumb in sight.

The service was professional. Very friendly, attentive. Kitchen did well too in churning out our dishes fairly quickly. Kudos to both kitchen and dine in staff.

Hoping Nonna's can come closer to the Metro, but for now, Sta. Rosa and folks from the South have a gem of a restaurant in Nonna's. On my next trip to the South, this will be in the itinerary coz there are more items here worth trying.

#FoodTrip na! Ruth D Reich T Jairus d Clarissa P Ruth S Mary Love S, etc.!

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

The first time Ony and I ate here, we really enjoyed the steak and pizza. We are loyal fans of Mama Lou's so I was excited to bring Mommy here. On our last day in Tagaytay, instead of having breakfast at Balay Dako (which I've been dying to try since last year), Ony and I decided to just bring Mommy here for brunch. Not really an issue because we love Nonna's and we can always go back in Tagaytay! 128513128518

PLACE. 127969

Arrived at the place at around 1030. Good thing they're open already and we're the first customers. 128513 We have the whole place to ourselves which gave me a chance to take photos of the place and not to worry since I confidently take photos of our food with no one judging me! 128514128541

So the place is really nice and homey. Mama Lou's is like an old Italian restaurant, it is more for "intimate" occasions or for the "oldies" 1285179996🏼️ while for me, Nonna's for the young and just for any everyday celebrations or happy little moments. The design of the place is brighter, more young and modern but still with the Italian touch. Since we have the whole place to ourselves, I was able to appreciate the place and space more. I like the white brick walls, the colorful pictures, the open kitchen, the bottles of different wines, the ingredients are all displayed and arranged nicely, and the glass windows allowing the customers to enjoy the sunlight and the view outside. And oh, the christmas tree!! I really love how simple and not too complicated yet so relaxing and chill the whole place is. 1285259786

FOOD. 127860

Ordered right away as Mommy and Ony are both super hungry. Service was pretty fast since we're the only customers.

First served was the MUSHROOM CHICHARON (160). We all loved eating this crispy yummy guiltless fresh oyster mushroom chicaron. It's a must that you order this one. Make sure to dip it in the vinaigrette sauce. Sarap! 128076🏼 For just 160, super sulit na. You'll want to order at least 2 servings because it's really yummy! I think I can finish this alone!! 128518

Their brick oven pizzas are really really good. It's soft and chewy. I don't know what makes a good brick oven pizza but I'm sure that Nonna's pizzas are yummy and oh so delicious!!! 128525 The toppings added are generous enough, just enough to make you appreciate every part of it - the crust and the toppings.

PROSCIUTTO ARUGULA (450). Pomodoro, mozzarella, parmesan, prosciutto topped with fresh arugula.

PIZZA BIANCO (450). Alfredo, bacon, mushroom, cracked black pepper, parmesan cheese, and whole egg.

I have always wanted to try a pizza with an egg in the middle and ohmy, I loved this so much! Best of both worlds - breakfast goodness + pizza goodness!! Ony and mommy didn't liked the idea of adding egg so I got all the parts with egg in it! 128514 Not complaining because I loved and enjoyed everything about it. 128525127859 They enjoyed eating the one with prosciutto and arugula more.

And oh not in the picture, is the TUTTI FORMAGGI (350). Mozzarella, gouda, honeygoat cheese, parmesan, blue cheese. Their take on the CHEESE PIZZA is really good too! The best especially when drizzled with the chili honey sauce. It's simple and may look so plain but oh my, once you get a bite of it, you'll want more and more of it! 128155128155

SPAGHETTI AMATRICIANA (275). Traditional Italian sauce based on pancetta and pecorino cheese. Unlike other restaurants, Nonna's make their pastas from scratch which are made fresh daily. We liked how simply yet tasty this pasta dish was. Real good pasta that's not too complicated and not added with so much ingredients. Kind of bitin since serving size was a bit small. But there were a lot of bacon added. FYI, their bacon is really good! 128055 Mommy liked and enjoyed this one. 128077🏼

SERVICE. 128587🏻

Service was excellent. Really great. All the staffs were nice and warm. They're always smiling and always ready to help and serve us. And they even greeted and gave us free dessert (ice cream!! 127846) since it's mommy's birthday (+ song and dance number! 128513127881). We really enjoyed our brunch here. Mommy loved the pizza and chicharon!! Can't wait for them to open a branch in BGC!!! Please please make that happen! 128513128591🏻

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Micai P.
5.0 Stars

While other restaurants won't bother if you have to wait an hour or so for your food regardless how hungry you may be, Nonna's stand out from the rest of them.

They generously offered us a plate of appetizer (Mushroom Chicharon) for free while waiting for our orders with apologies for the delay of our orders which was just under 10mins. We told them it's alright but they insisted we take the appetizer. That's not something you experience in every restaurant.

Should you be in Solenad 3 area, check out this place. My personal favorite is their Steak Ala Nonna. Very juicy and tender with a very reasonable price.

Keep up the excellent customer service, Nonna's! More power to you guys! 10084

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Dana Mae I.
5.0 Stars


VESUVIO 12783710084128163128163128163 mountain of rigatoni, Inside is ricotta, peas, with Italian meatballs, egg, and top with holy trinity.

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Che V.
5.0 Stars

Without much ado, this is the bestest best mac and cheese I have ever tasted. The amount of cheese is just enough to appreciate the entire dish. The macaroni is cooked just right. Lasa talaga siyang ineffortan! A bit pricey but worth every bite I swear to mac and cheese gods 128076

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Marion V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Cindy M.
5.0 Stars

As my first time to try nonna's because of many good reviews i read, we asked their best seller. The servers are very pleasant and accomodating.We ordered mushroom chicharon with vinaigrette as appetizer. The vesuvio pasta was superb! It is a mountain of rigatoni with mozzarella,ricotta,peas,fennel sausage, egg and pesto on top i think128521. They said we can order 1 pizza with 2 flavor, so i choose All Meat and Spinach&Goat's cheese. The all meat was ok. But the spinach and goat cheese is LOVE128525128525128522128522 i would definitely coming back here to try their other menus.128522128522

  • No. of Comments: 16
Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

My family + Ony and I spent last last last weekend here in Sta. Rosa. Since I always get to choose where we eat, I "suggested" we try NONNA'S. 12851310084

It was around 8pm, we were all hungry already and we were still 5th on the list. Last meal was around 2pm pa! 128546128563128563 Not wanting my family to go hAngry and just chose a different place, we went to Breadtalk first so we have something to eat while waiting.

To our surprise, after just 15 minutes (or less), I received a call and we're already next in line. Ate our snacks right away and went straight here. Though we had to wait for another 5 minutes as they were still cleaning/preparing our table.

Again, I was in charge of ordering for everyone. I already have a list of what I want to order. Just had to edit it a bit to make sure that everyone get to eat what they want and of course, enjoy. 128521128077🏼

Mushroom Chicharon (160)
Crispy fresh oyster mushrooms served with vinaigrette. I don't really like mushrooms because they're mushy soft and the texture is weird and yucky most of the time but OMG!!! We were surprised with the chicharon version. So addicting!!! Bawal mag share because this was good!!! No wonder why all the tables are ordering this. Plus, sulit for just 160 pesos! Sarap even without the vinaigrette. 128513128077🏼

Hawaiian Pizza (355)
Pomodoro, mozzarella, prosciutto, pineapple and jalapeño

Tutti Formaggi (350)
Mozzarella, gouda, honeygoat cheese, parmesan, blue cheese

The pizza was goooood!! I enjoyed this 10x more than the "famous" pizza. Mura na, masarap pa!!! Add honey to make it even better and yummier!!! 128525128525128077🏼

Fettuccine Carbonara (245)
Bacon with cream, egg, crushed black pepper and parmesan. Not a fan of carbonara (or any cream based pasta) but this was surprisingly good. Plus the pasta was cooked perfectly. We all enjoyed this dish! 128077🏼

What's good about Nonna's is that their pasta and pizza are made fresh daily using the best ingredients. We are really guaranteed to enjoy only the best. Oha! 128076🏼

Steak Alla Nonna (695)
Striploin steak to perfection, topped with sauteed mushrooms served with vegetables and mashed potato. The steak was cooked perfectly, sobrang lambot po 128557 and even without the sauce, it was already flavorful! Sarap! Weird lang ng mushrooms, malambot tas ang dami! 128517

Creme Brûlée (165)
The ultimate custard delight, sous vide at 85 degrees celcius. This was just okay. Too sweet for me.

Service was really good. The place was full and all but the servers are still nice, helpful and it was not hard trying to get their attention. Overall, we enjoyed our yummy dinner here. Can't wait to be back!!! 128525128076🏼 And oh, I think they'll be opening a branch either in BGC or Kapitolyo soon!!!! BGC PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! 128513128591🏻

  • No. of Comments: 7
Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

We went straight to Nonna's after our dessert stop at Conti's. I ordered the dishes I thoroughly enjoyed during the rendezvoos:

Mushroom chicharon - Oyster mushroom crispy fried in palm oil. True to the name of the dish, the taste really reminds us of our favorite chicharron but with less guilt.

Tutti Formaggi Pizza - Five types of cheese blended perfectly and the taste compliments well with honey.

Mushroom Ravioli with Truffle Sauce - awesome white sauce and the ravioli was delish! The truffle sauce was just enough to give the dish another layer of distinct flavor.

I thought this was an easy five for them but when our plates were served, there were traces of dirt on them. Good thing the crew was fast enough to act. He immediately replaced our plates when they saw me wiping the dirt using my index finger.

It took them a while to serve our appetizer. I know it should be easy to prepare but I guess they were swamp with orders? They were kind enough to give us free creme brûlée because of the plate situation so I'll be lenient on this review.128519

I liked the contrast between the burnt brittled caramel and the smooth and rich custard beneath. Good that they also added caramel syrup at the bottom of the dessert. It was a little difficult to crack the burnt caramel brittle since they added to much on the surface. Nevertheless, this was still a good finish to our meal!

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Kristine M.
5.0 Stars

This reminds me much of Gino's Pizza: the crust, the texture of the pasta and the honey sauce. The two pizza places were too similar that I couldn't believe that this one is actually related not to Gino's but to Mama Lou's.

Servers are friendly, they were great in keeping my 11 month old son entertained. I wouldn't mind adding to the service charge as their service is impeccable.

As for the food, the one that takes the cake is their mac and cheese. If you love truffles, you'll love this one.

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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

Hooray for my 1st Looloo Rendezvoos! When I got the invite and I happen to be available on that day, my thought bubble went --- "Aahmaaazingggg!!!" A lot to look forward to --- great food and good company, aaannd I'll finally get to meet some Looloo peeps Yay!!!

Okay so as soon as I found out the name of the place we are visiting, I did my assignment and googled it. Got excited when I found out that Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria is owned by David S and Crystal T of Mama Lou's fame. I'm from BF, my family and I love the food at Mama Lou's so I knew rightaway I'll be in for a treat at Nonna's.

So here goes my review...
Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria takes pride in using fresh ingredients, from their pasta,to pizza dough,upto their locally sourced produce, resulting in truly flavorful dishes.

Sharing my top three:
1. For starters : the Rostitto Di Manzo - this dish is currently off the menu. It's raw beef oven baked and torched before serving. Seasoned with the salt french sel de mer, garlic,and olive oil, and topped with arugula and cherry tomatoes. So good!!!The beef is so tender and flavorful. Please put this on your regular menu 128591
2. Pasta : Truffle Mushroom Ravioli - another off the menu dish. Why oh whhhyyyy? Button,oyster,and portobello mushrooms + truffle oil = party in my mouth! Ang..Sa..Rap..Grabehhh 128523128523128523
3. Kimchi Pizza (P395) - some might say , "wait hwaat?! kimchi in pizza?!" Yep, it actually works people! The combination of pomodoro,mozzarella, kimchi, homemade Korean sausage, sesame oil,and soy glaze blends well together. Babalikan kita, pramis!

Warning...there's more!

Lemonade, their special drink with (basil?) and mint. It is refreshing but I find it too sweet for my taste. But I bet the kids will love it!

Mushroom chicharon (P160), its crispy fresh oyster mushroom served with vinaigrette. Once you start, you can't stop popping this in your mouth. Ok lang, healthy version of chicharon naman e 128521.

Fresh Salmon Carpaccio (P375), fresh salmon + lemon + evoo, topped with arugula, parmesan, and grapes. I can finish this dish...nang hindi nagsa-share hehe128540128518

Insalata Caprese (P225), cherry tomatoes(yummy in its natural sweetness!), carabao's milk kesong puti,basil,evoo,balsamic glaze. Simple but delicious dish 128076.

Margherita Pizza (P295), classic pizza made w/ pomodoro,mozzarella,and fresh basil. We witnessed how this pizza went in the oven and was done in 45 seconds! Perfect kung tomjones ka na 128514

All Meat Pizza(P450), pomodoro,mozzarella,salami, bacon,and homemade sausage. This will be a hit with kids too for sure!

Tutti Formaggi (5 cheese) Pizza, P350 - mozzarella,gouda,honeygoat cheese,parmesan, and blue cheese. Drizzle their honey with chili on this pizza and its perfection!

Pizza Bianco (P450), alfredo based sauce, bacon, mushrooms,parmesan cheese and whole egg. Personally, I prefer a pomodoro based sauce.

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe (P245), it may look like the sauce is cream based but this is actually olive oil based (which I prefer) according to the server. You'd get the distinct taste of crushed black pepper and pecorino cheese.

Spaghetti with Meatballs (P295), again this will be a hit with kids too. And I love the taste of fresh pasta with the pomodoro sauce.

Gnocchi (P275), dumpling pasta made of potatoes and semolina flour. It is served with sage butter or blue cheese sauce. This is soft, creamy, and melts in the mouth. It is yummy and so flavorful, but after 3 pcs, I got umay. Peeps, I suggest you share this dish.

Steak alla Nonna (P695), medium rare steak topped with mushrooms,served with mashed potatoes and (steamed?) cauliflower. I can imagine my hubby feasting on this dish128076128077128523

Vesuvio (P495), rigatoni pasta stacked like a mountain, and stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta,italian meatballs and eggs . This dish tastes as good as it looks.

Pizzaockie (P225), dessert time! Freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, topped with ice cream and marshmallows. It's a perfect ending after devouring all the savory dishes and pairs well with their strong robust brewed coffee.

Whew! So.Much.Food.Yummy food.

So happy to meet fellow Looloo foodies : Jairus d , Marti M, Chili G, Albert T, Paolo S, Peach L . Kaway kaway to team South! And Peanut D and Odell R too!

Thank you so much to our gracious and generous host at Nonna's David S and @Crystal T . Pleasantly surprised with the box of pizza you gave us , thank you again, my boys loved it!

Thank you Looloo for inviting me. Peanut D , I
appreciate your handwritten mini love letter. You are just awesome! 10084128139

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

My second |ooloo rendezvoos! When I got Peanut D's message about a weekend rendezvoos, I immediately said yes! I was actually looking forward to it the whole week 128522 she mentioned that the resto would be Nonna's, the same
Owners of mama lou's. My experience at mama Lou's wasn't too good so I was very excited to try it out and change my perspective.
Arrived late, ugh! Traffic! Happy to see familiar faces like Odell R, Albert T and Marti M, finally met Jairus d and Peach L plus some new faces too, Jinky and Paolo 128522 met the very gracious and generous owners, David S and Crystal! They were so patient in explaining the dishes, ingredients, inspirations etc even the ovens that they use! Such a young and entrepreneurial couple!
Now on to the food! Missed the salmon carpaccio 128148 but here are the ones I tried:
> mushroom chips - I think these are deep fried oyster mushrooms with a dipping sauce (tasted like black vinegar). I don't eat mushrooms but i kept on munching on this!

> rostito de manzo with maldon sea salt - w10084️w! This still isn't on the menu but I hope it'll be there soon! Thin slices of beef with olive oil, garlic and the delicious maldon sea salt which David S showed us. The salt is flaky as opposed to the rough cubes we are used to seeing. It gives the meat just the right amount of saltiness without it being overpowering.

> spaghetti with meatballs - looks like your normal spaghetti and meatballs but the homemade noodles cooked al dente gives it an edge. The meatballs are also packed with flavor.

> tutti formaggio pizza - when I heard the name, I said 'tutti? All?' But it actually has 5 types of cheeses (which I've already forgotten 128518) including blue cheese which gives it a distinct flavor. Perfect with a little bit of their honey imo.

> pizza Bianca/o - their version of carbonara pizza! It actually had a cooked egg on top! Not my cup of tea though.

> mushroom ravioli with truffle sauce - now this is super good! It's hard to make ravioli that's doesn't come out tasting wet or bland. This one gives an amazing flavor punch on your first bite!

> mount vesuvius - a very cleverly named pasta creation because a few minutes later, it actually 'erupted' or fell apart 128516 big rigatoni noodles piled high with tomato sauce, cream and pesto. Quite heavy on the tummy so it's good for sharing.

> Seoul pizza - kimchi pizza! I was reluctant to try this but after my first bite, I was like 'wow'! I love Korean food but I don't eat kimchi (weird I know) but the pizza tastes more like sesame oil and gochujang sauce.

> cacio e pepe - a very popular Italian dish because of its simplicity. It's basically black pepper, pecorino cheese, butter and salt. It really complements the homemade pasta.

> ribeye steak - STEAK!!! I love steak. I am in love with steak. Steak loves me back. So when this was put in front of Albert T and I, our smiles reached our ears! Cooked medium, it was delicious! With just some oil, mushrooms and garlic on top. No sauce or gravy, just how I like it! The mashed potatoes on the side weren't bad either!

> gnocchi - nyoki! So pleasantly surprised to see this! Haven't had gnocchi in a couple of years and honestly, it's difficult to make decent gnocchi. It's dense but shouldn't go down your throat like a rock. Chewy but still palatable. This gnochhi hits the spot! Highly recommended!

> pizzaockie- their version of the pizza cookie, a big cookie with vanilla ice cream and marshmallows on top.

I'm sure I wasn't able to list all of the dishes. After seeing Marti M, Jairus d and Peach L's amazing photos, ayoko na post Ang pathetic phone cam pics ko 128517

After eating all that delicious food, we had a mini tour of the kitchen and they even showed us their prepped pasta and pizza dough. Now we know that if the oven is at 700 degrees, the pizza should be cooked in 45 seconds! 128518

Another great afternoon of great food and better company. We even had a take out box each! What a treat 128525

Thanks again |ooloo crew and to the super couple David and Crystal for having us (for almost 4 hours!) will definitely be back!

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

First off, i'd like to give a big 'GRAZIE!' (thank you in Italian) to Peanut D of Looloo and Crystal T & David Sison of Nonna's for putting together an awesome #rendezvoos event and being such gracious hosts. A bunch of active Looloo users and myself got to sample some of Nonna's favorites and talk food with the owners themselves!

Now on to my assignment! Akala niyo pinakain lang kami na walang kapalit? 128517 I'll try to be as brief yet detailed as possible so as to not take away and/or be redundant with the other reviews of fellow attendees. You can check out their takes for a detailed breakdown, down to the very ingredient, of what we had the privilege of eating. 128521

The day started with, well, the starters! We were served a mason jar of cold Nonna's lemonade on a very hot day. It was green! But that was because of the hint of crushed mint that gave it an extra cooling kick.

And in no particular order came (i'll put a 128077 emoji for the one's which stood out for me):
- Rostito di Manzo 128077 -> thinly sliced beef, baked with garlic and olive oil, then torched before serving, to give a slight layer of doneness and to meld all the flavors together. This was an experimental dish and we were the lab rats! 128514 But who cares, this tasted so good and we collectively gave our seal of approval. This has got to go into the menu! Like. Right. Now.
- Mushroom Chicharon -> crisp, thin, deep fried oyster mushrooms to an almost flaky consistency
- Insalata Caprese -> refeshing cherry tomato salad with carabao's milk kesong puti and olive oil
- Fresh Salmon Caprese 128077 -> thinly sliced fresh salmon in olive oil with lemon, parmesan, and grapes

The appetizers were light and refreshing overall. A good way to work up the appetite. But not light enough to prepare us for what came next!

The pasta:
- Vesuvio 128077 -> this for me is seriously WTF level good. A MOUNTAIN of rigatoni pasta stuffed with cheese over a mashed meatball and egg base. Inspired by Mt. Vesuvius, you can see the cream and pomodoro sauce flow from the top like an active volcano. 127755
- Spaghetti with Meatballs -> lovely rendition of a classic staple
- Nonna's Truffle Pasta -> simple, yet rich and creamy
- Truffle Mushroom Ravioli 128077 -> another off-menu item that we were made guinea pigs for. And i've never been so happy to be one! Ravioli stuffed with button, portobello, and oyster mushrooms in truffle cream. Are you kidding me? And it wasnt 'nakakaumay' at all. Again, this has got to go in the menu. Like. Right. Now.
- Gnocchi -> soft potato dough dumpling pasta that was also so simple in appearance, but so rich in flavor

The pizza (btw, they serve spiced honey with their pizza woohoo!):
- Pizza Margherita -> another classic done just right!
- All Meat -> salami, bacon, and home made Italian sausage
- Kimchi 128077 -> being part Korean at heart, this struck a chord. I was gonna be extra critical with this one. And strike a chord it did! Like a symphonic kpop tune, the kimchi, sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy, and meat elegantly conveyed the influence of the owners' BF Homes roots (the K-Town of the south).
- Tutti Formaggi 128077 -> 5 cheese including honeygoat cheese! I cannot say no to a cheese pizza. My comparison benchmark for all places that serve pizza. And this one was really good! Especially with the spiced honey!
- Pizza Bianca -> think carbonada on a pizza! Alfredo sauce, bacon, mushroom, egg. And there you have it!

Steak and dessert (as if we weren't spoiled enough already):
- Steak alla Nonna 128077 -> perfectly medium grilled tenderloin topped with mushrooms and served with creamy mashed potato. The beed was sooo tender and flavorful. I think i would have appreciated the beef a lot more if I wasn't so full at this point. 128514
- Pizzaockie 128077 -> if you love chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and know what a pizzookie is... then you'll definitely dig this one!

What a day. What. A. Day. During and after our ginormous meal, Crystal T and David would sit with us, talk food, and exchange stories about how they started, their influences, and aspirations for Nonna's. They even gave a background for each dish and the importance they placed on sourcing the best quality ingredients in line with what they want to serve their customers. How staying truly Italian but being both price conscious and sensitive to the Pinoy pallate also plays into the decisions they make for the Nonna's brand. They even gave us a demonstration of how they make their pizza! Did you know it only takes their pizza-maker (pizzaiolo in Italian) about a minute to put together a pizza? Then 45 seconds in the oven later, and you have a perfect pie that takes another 60 seconds to get in our bellies. 128513 They were such good and engaging hosts to our hungry tummies and curious minds, I could never thank them enough.

Disclaimer: this review is based on this particular experience at a sponsored Looloo event. But if anything, its definitely made me want to come back on an ordinary day and experience their actual day-to-day service and food! 128512

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