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Nonna's Trattoria
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Joseph C.
5.0 Stars

mozzarela cheese, chicken fingers, Nonna’s special, Sorento pizza, truffle cream pasta, meat sauce pasta. Different take for italian casual dinning experience.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

This will be a combined review of several visits to Nonnas in the past few weeks 128513 brought several groups of families and friends and they all loved the food as much I did.
We almost always order the Nonnas special and pasta ala Norma which are definitely my favorites. We've also tried the prosciutto and arugula pizza as well as the one with steak which is equally delicious.
One memorable visit was when my friends and I arrived quite late around 9 and they were to close at 10 but the servers were all still very attentive and super nice. They made us feel very welcome even though it was already the end of the day for them.

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

Celebrated Dad's birthday at Nonna's Trattoria a couple Sundays ago and it was great! We had no reservations but our big group was accomodated with no hesitations. The friendly staff quickly rearranged the tables and chairs for our group. Ordered a couple of pizzas - Margharita and Pepperoni Pizza, cheesy and filled with quality pepperoni toppings.

Bolognese Pasta, customized with the thin noodles for the kids. Meaty and sauce was just right. The truffle mushroom pasta had a unique looking pasta which absorbed the sauce, ensuring every bite had truffle flavor. The beef stew was very flavorful, making every bite satisfying. Soft and delicious piece of beef. The fried chicken had a good crunch, gravy was thin, would have wanted more of it and platter of garlic rice was a good match to the main dishes.

Everything was good and wait time was just right. The good staff upon knowing we were celebrating a birthday was nice enough to give us a couple of complimentary ice cream (vanilla and chocolate) which the kids enjoyed. There is nothing more special than restaurants that create an atmosphere of warmth and make family time an intimate and memorable experience. Thank you! Recommended.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Dinner on the 31st and we brought our titas to nonna's. At first they were a bit apprehensive because they thought it would be the usual 'pizza and pasta' thing but they had such a good time and I was so happy too! Parang restaurant ko lol
We got 2 pizzas - our 2 faves the Nonnas special and spinach with goat cheese. We also got 2 pastas - pasta ala Norma of course and their truffle pasta. 2 side dishes as well - the salpicao and the stuffed mushrooms. There were 6 of us btw 128522
Orders arrived quickly and we were all indulging in the delicious food in no time. It was my first time to try the salpicao and it was surprisingly tender! It really went well with the accompanying bread. Everyone enjoyed the pizzas and pastas, no leftovers!
At the end of the meal, they also gave us some ice cream and their honeycomb dessert on the house 10084
Service was excellent as usual and we will defo be back soon!

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Was finally able to hi back to Nonnas Madison after our rendezvoos here. We went after the confirmation Practice of my niece at school. It was a good decision because the place wasn't packed and we had the chance to relax and really enjoy the food.
Really liked the pasta Ala norma when I tried it the first time so we got an order of that and pepperoni pizza. Good thing my sister and niece don't eat a lot so a pizza and pasta was good enough for the three of us 128517
Service was good and the food arrived fairly quickly. We all enjoyed the dishes and I will defo be back with hubby so we can order more lol

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Maureen R.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

With so many Free Dinner Ive had with Looloo, this is one of the most special. As Nonna's Trattoria officially opens in a few days, we would like to share with you a look at what they have in the Menu.

We were invited here to try Italian gourmet dishes two weeks ago including the best of Chef's Mav Masterpiece which won in the last Philippine Culinary Cup.
It is really an honor to be part of this Dinner along with other co-Looloo | reviewers.
This event was specially made for Looloo invitees which is also a night of Nonna's appreciation to Looloo headed by @Roegan.

We were all enticed with the Welcome Antipasto/Charcuterie Board they very well prepared for us.
It has Prosciutto, different kinds of Cheese, Olives, Pickled veggies, assorted fruits such as Grapes, Kiwi and Oranges. Before we even start, we were offered with an unli glass of wine which became a point of our funny discussion to us reviewers during the Dinner. 128514

Anyway, back to the food, we were given an 8 course meal. The Starter which is Focachia home made Bread with butter dip & herbs was extraordinary. It is freshly baked and indeed delicious.
Another one is Riso Caccio e Pepe. Perfectly cooked Risotto flavored with Cheese, Milk and topped with Parmesan crisp.

Scallops, sweetened apple cubes and Foie Gras as the Appetizer made us really hungry for more. The Scallops were fresh and tender.

First Pasta is a duck dish that is part of their entry on Phil. Culinary Cup. Smoked liver paté, shallots and al'orange. A stuffed Ravioli with a delicious filling on a bed of tomato sauce. Yum! 128523

It is followed by another Fresh Bucatini Pasta dish with Salmon flakes instead of (unavailable) Trevally, sauced with Cream Cheese & Lemon with a piece of Shrimp & crispy fried Black squid ink on top.

A Mango Calamansi popsicle in a wine glass looks fab when served.It is indeed a perfect break from all the dishes we've tried. I know it's just me, but this two flavors when mixed tasted like Guava 128514

Chicken Spaghetti Pasta on top of an Eggplant puree is an incredible dish. It's tasty, different in a good way mixed with Shitake Mushroom and Sesame.

Souv Vide Pork with Figs, Succotash side dish and Marsala sauce. I just hope the Pork is more tender and flavorful.

The most awaited dish is the winning masterpiece, Braised Rib finger Beef with Garlic potato puree, edamame beans and roasted capsicum. Indeed deserves our praises and appreciation. A delicious & classy version of Pinoy Caldereta. You'll surely finish everything on the plate!

Finally, a very well plated Panna Cotta dessert, berry coulis, Malagos chocolate with an elegant edible Gold piece. 128525
This is good and addictive.

Thank you so much once again, Looloo, @Roegan, and especially Mama Lou's Kitchen, Nonna's Trattoria, we had a delightful dinner loaded with fun, excitement and palate satisfaction. It is a pleasure meeting David,and the owner's family and friends.

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Family. It’s always been a delight to hear never-ending stories from the Titos and the Titas, catching up with the cousins, seeing how the little ones have grown.

Having a closely knit family is probably one of the most interesting facets of Filipino culture, and Mama Lou’s has always been about bringing together family. Mama Lou’s, and now Nonna’s, has been the go-to place for family gatherings, or simply kitakits with good friends. Large tables, spacious interiors and an ambiance which makes you feel right at home.

Nonna’s Trattoria is conveniently located at the second level of Madison Galleries. You won’t miss this mall when entering Alabang Hills Village from the West Service Road. Nonna’s Trattoria happens to be at the veranda of Madison Galleries, where you can see the whole beauty of the Sacred Heart Parish Church at awe as you look outside. Kids will enjoy the large space where they can play at the open space just outside the resto.

Mama Lou’s has been really good friends with Looloo for a long time - almost seven long years! In fact, if it wasn’t for Looloo, I wouldn’t have learned about Mama Lou’s (quite ironic for someone who’s living in the south to not know Mama Lou’s!). We have to thank our Mama Lou’s family (and yes, we truly appreciate it!) David and Crystal, and Richard, for this wonderful gathering! Thank you tooo Roegan T for the invite!

Mama Lou’s has another winner with Nonna’s Trattoria. Trattoria, in Italian, means a place less formal than a ristorante (or restaurant). Oddly true, Nonna’s Trattoria’s ambiance is more homey. The food choices are not just your regular Italian food, but concoctions that would simply make you happy, and savor each and every ingredient that would go into your palate. We were so surprised to be actually served food ala fine dining, thanks to Chef Mav, which btw, has prepared these dishes as he has prepared (and won!) at the recent Philippine Culinary Cup! Imagine eating meticulously plated food and specialty wine wearing your t-shirt, ripped jeans and even shorts...don’t forget your beach flip flops!

And then our foodie adventure started. I think Chili G, Jayson J, Charlzz C, Dennis O and Eboy D mentioned how good all the food choices are so I’ll just be listing my favorites among all the goodies served.

Nonna’s breads are always a delight. I love breads and their house bread is really special. Eat it on its own or with butter and it’s just perfect!

The Riso Cacio e Pepe was served as appetizer and it was a delight to the taste buds as it is to the eyes!

Scallops, apples, foie gras was simply amazing. I’m never a fan of scallops but this one is really good.

As an in-between meal (or intermizzio) frozen Mango Calamansi iced cubes was served. It was indeed a refresher!

We were given pork, fish, chicken and beef plates but I loved the Chicken Eggplant Shitake Sesame best! Just perfect for those on a lean diet like me.

The beef rib finger with edamame, and roasted capsicum is my second choice. Beef cut size, taste and flavor is just right.

For our dessert, the Panna Cotta, Berry (half strawberry) coulis with Malagos chocolate just made my day. Malagos chocolate from Davao is simply best!

Like family, David, Crystal and Richard, would take turns chatting with us, just as they do at Mama Lou’s. As Nonna’s Trattoria is still for opening in September 2018, the menu is not yet ready so I guess I’ll have to be back very soon to try out the menu!

We’ve been regular customers at Mama Lou’s BF for years but it was only two years ago when I personally met David and Crystal, and Richard of course, when Looloo was invited at the then newly-opened Nonna’s in Solenad, Nuvali. Since then, I would say I would always look forward to being at Nonna’s (and Mama Lou’s, of course), as dining with family. Catching up. Listening and sharing happy stories.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

I've been waiting for Nonna's Trattoria to open at Madison so when Roegan T asked me to join this rendezvoos, I said yes in a heartbeat! And being 10 mins away, it was a no brainer too 128513 turns out it was an appreciation night for |ooloo and they prepared a very special tasting menu for us!
We started with a lovely grazing table with different types of ham, cheese and pickled vegetables which were all good! We were also able to try their special in house foccacia bread and herbed cheese. All of these with free flowing wine of course 127863
David explained a little bit about the difference between mama Lou's and Nonna's and difference between Nonna's and Nonna's Trattoria which is this one. Typically, a trattoria is somewhere in between a risrorante and an osteria, a little bit more casual and laid back but you can still enjoy fine food and wine.
We started off with their riso caccio e Pepe which is a simple risotto but made special with parmesan foam, a parmesan crisp and pink pepper. All of these created a delicious bit light combination.
Next we had one of their award winning dishes which is seared scallop with foie Gras cream, stewed apples and crispy squid ink. Very well deserved award I must say! It was a delicious medley of flavors that went well with the scallops!
We then had our pasta dish which is ravioli filled with liver pate served which chive oil and balsamic cream. Not my fave since I'm not a fan of liver. Our seafood dish was actually integrated into their Mac and cheese, we were supposed to have trevally (talakitok) but chef couldn't find any fresh ones so he substituted it with salmon. I liked the combination of cream and lemon foam on this one.
For our palette cleanser, we had like frozen Mango and calamansi lollies.
Onto the meat dishes and the first one served is definitely my fave. It's actually the chicken dish - chunks of chicken served with homemade spaghetti noodles on a bed of roasted, pureed eggplant, shitake and sesame cream. I think the flavors were just explosive! Will definitely order this one when they open for Realz.
Our pork dish was a slice of pork (loin?) with a fig center served with succotash and Marsala. Didn't like the pork too much but I did like the edamame in the succotash. Our last dish was sous vide rib finger served with garlic mashes potatoes and carrots. Chef said that the ingredients are what we can find in our kaldereta. The meat was good but bordering on gamey for me.
A meal isn't complete without dessert and we had a delicious taste of their berry coulis (strawberry and blackberry) with Malagos chocolate and some gold flakes to make it extra hehe!
Such a great night of tasting different flavors, kudos to chef and the rest of the team for bagging the gold at the PCC. Thank you David S for having us till late!

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Nonna Trattoria will be opening at another south area at the Madison Square this coming September. It’s a little different ftom other Nonna’s branches because they will be serving gourmet dishes. These dishes were winners and earned Nonna’s Philippine Culinary Cup during the WOFEX 2018. We’re so lucky Chef Mav have us sitting at the chef’s table, being the first to try the dishes before its launching. The dishes served to us were a la degustation, but it would actually be thrice the serving size on a normal order.

128204128525 Risotto Cacio y Pepe
I love the super tasty parmesan cheese with light pepper taste. Very good and appetizing.

128204128525 Appetizer
Perfectly cooked Scallops (you know it if it’s not rubbery) with glazed apple cubes with foie gras paste. I did not appreciate the foie gras there but the apples and perfectly cooked scallops were great!

Smoked Liver Pate, shallots, al orange. This is tortellini with your liver pate inside. The sauce you see is with Grand Marnier that adds to the overall orangy taste. Good pairing.

Shrimp, Trevally, cream cheese, lemon
Trevally is Talakitok in tagalog. It was unfortunate that chef wasnt able to get fresh one, but it was substituted with salmon. The lemon foam was too sour, you have to mix it with the cream cheese and pasta altogether. The macaroni pasta were homemade and it was really aldente— it was on the chewy side. The squid ink flakes tasted like nori, but it’s actually oven dried rice puree with squid ink.

128204 Intermezzo
A real palate cleanser— ice candy made with mango puree and calamansi juice. I think it would be better if the mangoes were really sweet! Because it was somehow linking to the taste of the super sour calamansi. It’s refreshing anyway.

128204 Chicken
Eggplant, Shiitake, Sesame
The spaghetti was also homemade— very aldente. The chicken can be found on top of the pasta, everything is resting on mashed eggplant. You need to mix it as well— it will give you a rich earthy taste as the eggplant is the dominant taste. The shiitake and chicken were more like props.

128204128525 Pork
Souv vide pork with figs in the middle, succotash (corn and edamame) on the sides sauced with marsala wine. I like the taste of the starchy succotash and that carrot puree!

128204128525 Beef
Rib fingers or the meat found in between the ribs cooked caldereta style with really good garlic mashed potatoes. The menu says with roasted capsicum, but was replaced with pickled carrots. I like how the rib finger was a little toasted on the edges. It gave a dark taste.

128204128525 Dessert
Strawberry Panna Cotta resting on malagos chocolate soil drizzled with blackberry coulis. Another 128525 for that. The strawberry flavor was light, very contrasting to the richer malagos chocolate soil. Oh, there’s also a gold leaf and crushed pistachios on top of the panna cotta.

Im so excited on how far this place could reach. It’s so nice that we could have such dishes in a casual restaurant setting. The service was a little slow, but it couldn’t be avoided since the dishes were made spectacularly. There’s no CR inside, you have to use the mall’s CR. Parking is free of charge.

Nonna Trattoria could use italian background music to go with these dishes! Thanks for the free flowing wine too!

I do hope that nonna would open some more of this on the north. Now i finally appreciate being Southie.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Last night the looloo southies had a great night with a looloo rendezvoos in Alabang area. This rendezvoos was hosted by Nonna’s in their soon to open Trattoria in Madison Galeries. This place is a community mall quite the same environment where Mama Lou’s started. A pizza place where neighboring village goes to for a perfect meal.
In this event tagged as Appreciation Night we were to try a different kind of dishes. More like of a sneak peak of the new dishes that will be in Nonna’s Trattoria and not available in the other branches. The dishes served are the group entry to Philippine Culinary Cup where they competed with well known hotels like Makati Shang, City of Dreams and Sofitel. Yes and they won in Gold and bronze in different categories. Showing it always a fair game big or small. When it comes to competition everyone can win. 128522

So here are the dishes that we got to tried. We started it off with a glass of wine and serving of cheese. Perfect way to kick off and start the flow of conversation. Love the different cheese served goes perfectly well with the red wine. Along with it we had a yummy focaccia bread to warm up our appetite. For appetizer we were served with risotto caccio e pepe. A cheese and pepper risotto. Love the simple dish that gives a smooth flavor. Next was another appetizer that is one of my fave for the night. Scallops with creamy foie gras served with stewed apple on the side. First the scallops was really good while the foie gras and apple gave a contrasting flavor that I really like. It plays around with your sense of flavor. Next was the Pasta. We were served with a piece of liver patte ravioli, shallots and al’ orange on the side. Home made pasta with deliciously rich chicken liver love it. Like the previous dish the citrusy fruit gave a contrast on the flavor of the dish. Next is another pasta dish this time a Penne pasta with cream cheese and lemon mousse topped with a shrimp. This one needed to be mix well for the cream cheese and lemon flavor to be not overpowering. Love the citrusy flavor of it and a bite of the shrimp wow it was so good. Later on we learned that salmon was mixed in the pasta to give it more of a seafood flavor. Love it!

After the 1st half of those delicious dishes we were given an intermezzo, an ice popscicle of mango and calamansi. My first try of it I was a bit asim face looking. After another try this time with both the mango and calamansi layer wow it was refreshing good! Sweet and sourness goes really well. After that intermission to clean our palate we go for another pasta dish this time with chicken, eggplant puree, shitake mushroom and sesame. This one is another fave for me. Love the roasted bitterness of the eggplant puree. Next stop was the pork dish. Elegantly served is a porkloin with sicilian marsala sauce with succotash on the side. Sweet tangy sauce and deliciously sous vide porkloin. Yummy and lovely! Next is the beef dish. A beef kaldereta dish in deconstructed way. Beautiful tender beef, roasted carrots, garlic potato puree and edamame. This one is also so good. Tasted really like a classy beef kaldereta. This dish taste like home. Last but not the least is the dessert! Berry Panna Cotta with malagos chocolate. This dish looks like a garden. Love the sweet sour berry and the texture flavor of that dark malagos chocolate.

Overall this was a great and unexpected experience. Unexpected since I was expecting Nonna’s the pizzeria but with Trattoria they are trying to level up their game to a new level. Classy well presented dishes and off course superb dishes.

**They’ll be officially open on Sep 07 or 09 if I remember correctly.
**Serving size in the photos were specially proportion for the event. Actual serving size will be much bigger.

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Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars

As a fan of simple yet satisfying ,the word "Trattoria" is somewhat engaging.Nonna's Pizza and Pasta was known for its quality and traditional Italian fare.So when they attached the word "Tratorria" this means honest and sincere cuisine and more reachable to a wider clientele. As part of a "Looloo Rendezvoos" and the restaurant's appreciation night we were gathered to have a closer look and taste on their award winning dishes and entries for the WOFEX Philippine Culinary Cup.

As appetizer we were served with RISO Cacio e Pepe ,comforting risotto blended with quality parmesan and with a beautiful touch of the pink peppercorn.Another starter is the scallops ,with cooked apples and creamy foi gras ganache ,garnished with the seafood popping boba and crispy rice squid ink,the freshness of the scallops ,refreshingly sweet taste of the apples and the luxurious touch of the foie gras made this dish a gold medalist in the prestigious Phulippine Culinary Cup.

Pasta dumpling of liver pate ,chive oil in al orange sauce.The acidity and the sweetness of the orange cuts the richness and strong flavor of the liver pate which made the dish well balanced.

A seafood pasta dish of shrimp and salmon instead of the trevally because the chef had to change the fish the last minute as it was not of high quality,this is a good sign which means this restaurant will only serve high quality ingredients or they will not serve at all.Macaroni pasta was al dente ,the mixture of the salmon flakes and cheese blended very well and the citrusy element of the lemon sauce made this seafood dish a wonder while the shrimp was well seasoned and perfectly cooked.

Intermezzo a brief lull to cleanse the palate,here we were given ,mango calamansi ice popsicles.Fruity and refreshing ti reformed the appetite for another set of lovely dishes.

Third pasta dish of spaghetti chicken,eggplant puree,oriental shitake mushroom ,creamy sesame dressing.The roasted eggplant puree made this pasta dish very distinct and a favorite as well,that smoky and nutty flavor were unexpectedly likable ,the tangy sesame dressing gave it a congruos layout .

An entree of sous vide pork loin came up next,adorned with figs ,a succotash of corn mushrooms and edamame ,complemented by a Sicilian marsala reduction sauce.Very clean and simple on the tastebuds ,very elegant visually ,the marsala made it very Italian and a marvel of a dish.

Another main event was the beef rib fingers, garlic potato puree,edamame and roasted capsicum.pickled rolled carrots.A homage to our very own caldereta ,the beef was tender,and you can really identify the roasted flavor of the capsicum,the potato puree serves as the starch of the dish yet with the allure of the hint of garlic,the pickled carrot brought the balance for this savory meal.Well balanced deserves a podium place in any culinary competition.

As dessert a berry panna cotta with berry coulis and Malagos chocolate soil and edible golf leaf garnish,nice take on the panna cotta as it has both smooth as well a crunchy component that came from its cookie like bedding. Eurythmic flavors of the berry sauce and the pristine flavor of the chocolate made this captivating.

We were also got to try generous and myriad selections of pickles ,cold cuts and cheeses as palate stimulants.Very good home crafted focaccia bread ,soft yet with that lovely snap on the bite.

The mall where Nonna's is situated is a community mall the Madison Galleries "naalala ko my stay overseas" which is a plus .The interiors was simple and very homy you can feel a very family friendly atmosphere ,its like having a lazy weekend family meal if you're inside.

A high rating because of these factors,simple yet innovative , consistent well balanced dish in every plate ,owner is humble and I like his point of view that food is very subjective and they will only serve high quality ingredients at marami po akong natutunan.

128591thanks looloo and to Roegan T for the invite as well as Salamat and Grazie to Nonna's Tratorria for a wonderful night of nice food and knowledge.

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

I read in an online article by ABS-CBN, that if Mama Lou's is where tradition for classic reigns, it is the 'daughter' restaurant Nonna's where more playful, inventive dishes are made. With branches on both sides of the Metro - Robinson's Galleria and Evia Lifestyle Center (in a food hall setting) in Las Pinas and further south, Nuvali, Laguna, there is no reason for one not to know Nonna's. Settling in the quiet, sleepy suburb of Alabang Hills, Nonna's has opened as a Trattoria perfect for the neighborhood setting. I can see families in drove dining here after hearing Sunday mass at the nearby Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. With it's informal dining atmosphere, it is a great place to let kids be kids and parents be noisy without the peering eyes of other diners, if in a more formal Italian restaurant.

Tonight was a special night, as I received an invite to try out Nonna's Trattoria in Madison Galleries, Alabang Hills. However, instead of a Trattoria in its true sense, what I experienced was a tasting menu of the dishes presented during the recently concluded Philippine Culinary Cup at the WOFEX. This is after all an 'Appreciation Night' for the partnership between looloo and Mama Lou's Group. We had the following dishes to try as part of the tasting menu:

For appetizer, we had rissoto with parmesan crisp. Hot and comforting dish to start. Next, we had the scallops with apples and foie gras - soft, delicate scallops paired with the sour, gritty stewed apples before the flavorful buttery smooth foie gras mousse takes over. This is the winning dish by the Mama Lou's Group that topped other well known restaurants and hotels during the Philippine Culinary Cup at WOFEX 2018 earlier this month (August 2018).

Fresh pasta with chicken liver, shallots and balsamic reduction is as simple and inventive as it gets! I'm not the best person to ask to have a taste of chicken liver, but this dish surely made me take a step back and try it. It was rich and delicious despite it's simple looking construct.

Initially we were suppose to have Talakitok or Trevally Fish, but it was not available, We instead had Pasta with shrimp, salmon flakes, saffron and cream cheese mousse. It was on the creamy, with a bit of sour taste.

As a palate cleanser or intermezzo, we had mango and calamansi sorbet. Refreshing and surely took out the flavors from the first three courses.

Chicken pieces served with fresh spaghetti noodles, eggplant puree, a piece of shitake mushroom and sesame creamy dressing. The mushroom gave an earthy flavor, the eggplant puree also gave that meaty texture to the dish. The chicken played second fiddle with all that flavor, though not in a negative way.

Next is Sous Vide Pork served with figs, succotash in Marsala. When i think of succotash, i wouldn't associate it with Italian cooking since it is primarily a hearty Southern dish served along side fried meats. But, it is Nonna's after all, where inventiveness reign. And if one thing this side shares with Nonna's is it's informal setting where family and friends can just put there feet up and relax (perhaps not literally, when inside the restaurant) and certainly not during this tasting menu night.

Our penultimate dish was the beef with garlic potato puree, edamame and roasted capsicum. As Chef, simply puts it, this was a dish everyone should know, but presented in a deconstructed way.

For dessert, we sampled the panna cotta, strawberry colee and Malagos chocolate shavings. The added gold leaf gives that elegant touch, elevates it to another level. Soft, smooth and creamy. Just enough lightness from the panna cotta. I like how the sweetness is not overly distracting, it was just right. I love how they highlighted our local chocolates from Davao for diners to sample. This truly makes them a class above other restaurants for championing local with an international flair.

As our dinner draw to a close, it was truly a fun night over good food, casual talk and a strengthen relationship of two food tech leaders. A restaurant's success built on trust on a food app and it's partnership that grew over the years, and I am happy to be part of it. Truly it is an appreciation night worth remembering.

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