G/F City of Dreams Manila, Asean Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., City of Dreams Manila, Parañaque, Metro Manila

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Sandy V.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Marc M.
2.0 Stars

Nope. Nope. Nope.

If you are into Ramen and the likes then this is not for you. Bland is all I have to say.

Pero kung nalasing ka habang nagsusugal then this might help with your upcoming hangover. Or mahimasmasan ka muna bago mo isangla yun oto mo or magamit yun last money na pamasahe na pagkatago tago mo. 128514

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Jasper T.
3.0 Stars

Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Angelica U.
4.0 Stars

This noodle place is located inside the casino near Nobu Hotel. There's always a long line here so if you want to try their noodles better reserve early! When seated, You will be given a sheet of paper (a checklist type) wherein you would choose what type of noodle, flavor of soup, protein (2kinds), vegetables (2 kinds), and seasoning you would like to order. I ordered the typical chicken base soup with egg noodles, shrimp and shrimp wanton as protein, watercrest and mushrooms as vegetables, and garlic as added seasoning. my order turned out yummy! Go try yourself for p250!

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Maureen L.
3.0 Stars

Made my own noodles! Ramen noodles with szechuan shrimp broth, pork belly and mushrooms. It was okay... But I prefer Japanese ramen (Yushoken or even Ramen Nagi) anytime.

Though they had good pork buns and siomai 128077🏼

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Had marinated beef shank, leeks and Chinese wine for appetizer... Bowl of ramen noodle with Taiwanese herbal beef, sliced beef brisket, mushroom and pork ball, enoki mushroom, Chinese spinach and fried shallots. Satisfied dinner

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Jef D.
5.0 Stars

Cozy 127836

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goddessified U.
2.0 Stars

Mas masarap na yung mga instant mami! May mas lasa pa yun..

Pero baka naman kasi..

1. Hindi ako adventurous kasi hindi yung spicy yung pinili ko! Kasi sabi ni ate mo dun, "If you want to be adventurous, try the spicy." Saan kaya ako dadalhin if ever???

2. Hindi tama ang combination na napili ko? Eh sa gusto ko ng chicken broth, at akala ko kasi na parang Singapore level yung fish balls nila.. WIT pala! Eh sino ba rin ang ayaw sa pork at shitake mushrooms? When combined all together, hindi pala masarap!

3. Hindi ako gutom. Kasi diba pag gutom ka, kahit gaano ka hindi masarap ang pagkain, sasarap sya?

Pero masarap ang hakaw ah. Mahal lang nga! P258! Ginto!

P298 ang Make Your Own Noodles at in fair, malaki ang bowl at madaming laman.

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Tried this a few weeks back open 24/7 located at the casino floor

I tried their Make your own noodle soup
Rice, efu, ramen , glass, egg

2. Broth:
Superior chicken
Taiwanese herbal beef
Sichuan spicy prawn
Kim chi guk

3protein (choice of 2)
Beef brisket, chicken, pork belly, clams, shrimp wanton, pork ribs, squid ball,tofu beancurd

4.veggies(choice of 2)
Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Bok Choy, sprouts, cabbage , Choy sum & others

Preserved vegetables
Fried shallots,
Toasted sesame
Dried shrimps

For approximately 270/bowl... Good for sharing

I got egg noodles which was firm with the perfect chew (al dente) , Sichuan spicy shrimp broth... Spicy my always default base & it was so flavorful...the best yet I've tasted & none of the fishy taste but instead the sweet ocean freshness of the shrimp... (Like an authentic HK noodle bowl)What's disappointing were the proteins... Pork belly was completely tasteless, squid balls not bouncy enough .. Bleh.. Bok Choy veggies so fresh & crisp but preserve veggies... Tasteless as well... Sigh

We were seated immediately, noodle was soon served right after ... Hope they improve on the protein choices quality then I'll gv them a 5 star then

View : casino floor

Live performance from the floor can be heard ... So Party mode ON!

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Cette D.
4.0 Stars

Huwaw! LEGENDARY 128513 First reviewer. 9786

We went to City of Dreams in Manilaaaaa! 128522

We tried this restaurant after all the roaming and checking out of the place.

We had the DIY noodles. Lahat nalang DIY! Haha! You could choose everything from noodles to broth to your meat. I like what we had. The Egg noodles, chicken broth with beef brisket and pork belly, veggies and mushrooms. This is good for sharing. Me and my mom shared while my dad and brother shared another diy noodles. The ramen noodles, a spicy broth because they want spicy, some meat and veggies. I tried it and spicy kung spicy talaga. Makati sa lalamunan. lol. But they finished it. 128513 We also had the pork buns which were fine. Just like siopao. And siomai.

It was good. Affordable but a little slow. 128542 We waited like 30mins or more to get a seat.

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