Nuat Thai

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Nuat Thai
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Massage Parlor

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₱250 - ₱550

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HungryCat P.
5.0 Stars

Tried their branch in Parañaque after shopping at Dutyfree. Place was clean and the smell of the place was relaxing. Staff were friendly as well. Tea is free after a massage in all branches.

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Donna K.
3.0 Stars

Not really my go-to place, but more of a "if you have no other choice" kinda place.

There are times when the service is good and then there are times when when you get stuck with the rough and cold-handed masseuse.

Their oil massages are more expensive than Zuri by P100 but not as satisfying. The place isn't that comfortable either.

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Bea D.
2.0 Stars

I don't really have massages on a regular basis, but I do know how a good massage feels like. Unfortunately, they failed to give me that relaxing feeling.

Ambience: (3/5) It was okay. The place did not have a particular relaxing smell, which isn't good since it's supposed to be a spa. The place was moderately clean and the music was odd. So-so really

Service: (2/5) I wasn't at all happy with the masseuse, she didn't seem to be good—at all. And the oil they used had menthol in it, it was uncomfortable because the AC was on, and it just got your muscles stiff

Price: (1/5) I spent 350 PHP for an "amateur" Swedish massage, when it should have been 250 for the service I got.

Overall: I do not recommend. 128078

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Cee C.
4.0 Stars

Was choosing between Tontons and Nuat Thai since they where just I front of each other it was easy to just cross the street and compare. I've been to Nuat Thai before one of their new branches but never Tontons.

So got the 1hour Thai foot massage and as always it was orgasmic.

Seriously orgasmic 128525

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Kirsten M.
4.0 Stars

Still prefer Swedish over Thai massage. Tried their neck and back massage too, not bad.

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Albert T.
3.0 Stars

First and last! I don't think my body will ever agree with this.

Had pains around my neck and shoulders and thought I could use a massage. Was thinking of all the recos from |looloo-verse and the one thought that popped out was Thai massage. So straight from work I went, looking forward to something that could ease the kinks out of my neck and shoulders.

The place seemed innocuous, in fact, the aroma that greeted you at the reception area was pleasant and inviting. I thought to myself once more that I was in for a relaxing treat. That was the last pleasant thought in my mind.

The massage area was cold, so cold you could call it Arctic! I wanted to curl into a ball and hibernate. Even the therapists hands were ice. I began wondering if there was a reason for this.

The head and shoulder massage was "bitin", just when I was feeling the tightness go, it was over. It seemed like she was in a rush to move on.

The surprise came immediately after that. All sorts of joints popped and cracked, muscles stretched to the limit. In a timid voice I protested and told her to tone things down. But NO, the torture continued and increased in ferocity! My body was bent into indescribable shapes and I soon discovered that my new found flexibility from my circuit training was worth nothing. I wondered what evil thing I did today that deserved this kind of retribution. Maybe this was karma from several days back or bad juju that added up over time and struck when I least expected!!! Ironic because I was paying for this!

As I sat up after the "session" and surveyed where bruises would eventually come out, it dawned on me why the place was kept at North Pole weather ... the cold is supposed to make you numb!!!

Well I guess the positive side is that I don't feel the pain around my neck and shoulder anymore, maybe it's because the pain all over my body is much worse. 128534128534128534

PS. What do you call |looloo followers ba, looloowers? loolootians? looloolites? looloodicts? ❓❓❓

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Mika G.
4.0 Stars

I love the theme of the place. Its very relaxing. I loved when they used to wash your feet with the scent you liked from their choices. But now, they don't do that anymore.

Their thai massage is great! Swedish is good as well. I haven't tried other services offered by the spa but I'm betting they're all good.

It's a good spa. One of the best in bf homes. They also check on your massage every few minutes to ensure there isn't any funny business going on.

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eiLeeN T.
3.0 Stars

Still thawing myself as I write this review...

Wasn't ready to end the night/weekend so we decided to have a quick massage. Nuat Thai was the choice since we only wanted head/shoulder back massage. For P200/hr/person, this ain't a bad deal at all.

The therapist was ok, would have wanted a heavier hand. The head massage was bitin, probably only 5 minutes. The whole thing was capped by a stretching thing typical of Thai massages.

Why only 3 stars? The place is freakin' COLD!!! Even the therapist's hands were cold during the first few minutes!

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Maida N.
2.0 Stars

Juskopo panginoong hesukristo! I swear to God i wont go back to this place!!! Btw, im reviewing nuat thai alabang-zapote road las pinas. Tambling tambling, gulong gulong ever ang powers ko nang matapos ang mando mashista ko sa paghagod ng likod ko. Parang... 'Teh? Nasaan ang stretching? Yun na yun? Sure ka?!' ang drama ko. Kaya pala the lady was telling me to do sweddish or shiatsu instead of thai. Kaloka! Eh di sana hindi na lang nuat thai ang pangalang nirehistro nila sa DTI diba?
We were impressed with the way they clened our feet, offered with slippers and jammies, and even tea at the end. But the massage sucked! Not recommending at all! I dunno with the other branches. But this one in LP? Dermacare na! Go na lang sa tonton massage!

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