Nuat Thai

Katipunan Ave., White Plains, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Nuat Thai
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Massage Parlor

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₱250 - ₱550

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
3.0 Stars

First off, I'm no expert in this kind of thing. The only other massage / scrub I had at a spa or the like was about 10 years ago in a private room with access to their jacuzzi area.

This was a spur of the moment field trip with the cousins and the titas. We called the nearest branch to us but it was fully booked unless we wanted the 12 midnight slot. We drove to the next nearest branch and same thing. Before driving around again, we decided to make some calls. This branch had an available slot for all of us in approximately the amount of time we would reach there. The person on the other line though wasn't so friendly but we wanted the massage anyways.

When we reached there, we took some photos while waiting for our turn and trying our best to be quiet. After a while, half of the group were ushered to the wash area. All of us couldn't fit and some of us were assisted in the reception area. It was more of a washing the feet ritual.

We were led to our own mats on a slightly elevated floor. The room was very dimly lit and I could only make out the silhouette of the therapist. The massage areas were divided/enclosed by cloth curtains. Space is quite tight and I think the therapist had some difficulty moving about. I doubt that you would be comfortable here if you were really tall and on the heavy side. You can hear the conversations, reactions and even snoring of your neighbors. Relaxing music was being played but I didn't fall asleep. Maybe I was just too tense because this was new to me and I didn't know what to expect.

I got the 1 hour Swedish Massage which was a mixture of pressure and massaging? Or rubbing? The oil or whatever that liquid was felt warm and smelled good. At the near end though I think the therapist was using alcohol or some sanitizer instead of the oils. At the end she offered me a choice of tea or cold water.

Maybe on my next massage run I would be more relaxed since I already have an idea of what to expect. Would love to try other spas though.

*the restroom was clean
**only a few parking slots in front of the building

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Prixie C.
1.0 Stars

Some masseuses are good but others think that a good massage is just about bearing down on you with their full body weight instead of hitting the right muscles and pressure points. The place is dingy, the floor is dirty, and the pillows and beds smell a bit strange.

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Flordeliza P.
4.0 Stars

actually i had my experience at Nuat thai @Pioneer Manda. 250 for dry massage and 300 with oil. I love the serene ambiance and the music they played, I skip my lunch break to have massage here. Twas great! But personally i like blind massage

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3.0 Stars

The place ain't as big as the usual Nuat Thai's in the city, and they're a little more expensive than the others, i don't know why (the 1.5 hrs Swedish here was 600 but sa Libis 525 lang).

But the service here is the same - good and relax worthy massages that will make you sleep for 12 hours when you get home (halata
Bang yun nangyari sakin? Haha).

If I'm in the area and needing a massage, will hit this joint again. But -1 for being inconsistent with the price. Boooo.

PS: -1 as well for the feet washing area, may mga storage boxes and stuff. Weird.

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