Nueve Cafe

G/F Wilcon City Center, Visayas Ave., Visayas, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Nueve Cafe
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Cat R.
3.0 Stars

Nueve Cafe has a very interesting sisig because it was made of crocodile meat. I was a bit hesitant at first because I always picture that vicious creature every time the attendant mention crocodile meat.

The sisig was fine. It tasted like chicken. I wasn't able to finish it because I couldn't shake off the thought of the monster beast in the swamp.

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Troy G.
3.0 Stars

Crocodile meat for some variety. :) 128010

For me, nothing special, it's just crocodile meat. Well, as they say, tastes like chicken.

In the photo, crockatsu and croc carbonara

  • No. of Comments: 8
Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

I stopped for some cakes to take home while buying materials in Wilcon center. Got their toffee nut or "banoffee pie" as known by many for P95.

It was good because there's not too much cream so banana and caramel overwhelms the whole taste. I liked the sweetened crust as well because it wasn't rock solid.

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Dominique B.
2.0 Stars

Had been craving chorizo since i saw an episode of sandwich king where host featured the sloppy jose (a different take on the sloppy joe).. Since i was already here i tried their take on the chorizo using croc meat. I enjoyed eating their dundee burger so i assumed the chori burger would be good... boy was i wrong.

They promised a burger but it was served on a tiny baguette type bread (the only good part about the sandwich by the way) and it wasnt a patty! It was so messy to eat. Its taste and consistency was like flavored bread crumbs 128513 can't believe i spent php 155 on that when the dundee is way better at php 90, plus 10 for cheese.

Never again.

Roegan T wish i had read your review before ordering this. 128513

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Dominique B.
4.0 Stars

Croc cuisine

My first time to try crocodile. It was pretty good, the patty was seasoned well and the bun was really fresh.

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Roegan T.
1.0 Stars

Ooh croc meat! I haven't really tried eating croc meat so we decided to try this place out along visayas ave.

We got the croc chorizo burger, croc katsu, and chef's carbonara.

The carbonara was okay. It was your typical pasta soaked in white sauce.

The croc katsu was kind of disappointing. It really didn't meet my expectation as it tasted like a meal from a school canteen.

The croc chorizo burger was disappointing too. The bread was super dry and the meat was nothing spectacular.

Oh btw, when we were there, there was no music playing. So I pulled out my phone and used 8tracks to play Justin Bieber acoustic songs. Isn't that awesome??!!!

So yeah, it was a solemn and peaceful dinner. 128591

And they had fruit flies all over the table too. Yikes.

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Abigayle P.
4.0 Stars

I asked for their bestsellers and they said Dundee burger and crocodile sisig. I didn't feel like eating rice and so I opted for the burger. They recommended coffee products for my beverage but I just got plain old bottled water.

When my meal came, I was surprised to see that the burger was a lot smaller than expected. It looked like a sandwich. 128533 It wasn't even hot (or at least warm) when it was given to me. Oh well. I only paid a total of P125. Complaints aside, I was only their for the experience.

I took a piece of the patty as this would be my first taste if crocodile meat. No bun. No vegetables. Just meat. I also made sure that it was part of the patty that wasn't drenched in sauce. Anyway, I took a bite and it surprisingly tasted like chicken with the texture of fish. Weird! It tasted good but it just felt so weird having crocodile meat in my mouth.

The place is nice, clean and crisp. The seating was really comfortable and could easily accommodate those dining in groups.

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