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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Me and EJ B. was invited in Nurture Wellness by WWF to have a day of learning. The event focus was sustainable dining. I was so happy to be invited to such event that is close to my heart. Yup I've been to a lot of food scene and there are just so much food waste everytime. What a sad thing :(. One key item that stuck to my head was that there are so much food waste that we can feed millions of hungry people. This also can help our country from inflation and rice/food shortage. In this event we also got to learn kitchen hack, tips and tricks on how to be more conservative and sustainable. One tips is using all the vegetable peels as the base of our soup. Another tip is by decomposing food waste to be use as fertilizer. Nice!

While in Nurture Wellness we also got to have a day tour to see their facilities and farm. Their farm was really a great adventure for kids. They designed the farm to be like a tour inside the human body. Designing each station of the farm to be a body organ and planted are vegetables/fruits that are good for that body organ. Nice!

Overall I love what I learned from WWF at the same time really enjoyed the farm tour and looking to comeback for some of their signature massage.

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5.0 Stars

I attended an event in Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay. The event was sponsored and organized by WWF Philippines. It’s all about promoting the sustainable dining.

Nurture Wellness Village is the fastest getaway from the city. Offering several wellness services like massage, healthy and organic food, glamping and more.

During the event we were challenged to cook several healthy dishes in Gabriella, the restaurant of Nurture Wellness Village. We made our own Bruschetta, Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup, Roasted Vegetable Salad, Tanigue with Dill, Mango Buko Sundae and Pandan Ice Cold. Each dish was creatively prepared in a way that provided full flavour and body, and presented gourmet-style to tempt and please the palate.

Aside from the cooking class, we were asked to tour the vicinity of the village namely, Nurture Wellness Village where the spa is done, Nurture Farmacy where the healthy and ingredients are planted and Camp Nurture where you can do glamping.

At the end of the event, I learned that global food waste is one of the biggest contributor that changes our climate. By becoming The Sustainable Diner we help to sustain our ability to grow food, produce food and build a climate-resilient food systems for us and future generations.

#johnkulotadventures #ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars


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Ian G.
5.0 Stars

Food was awesome! Service was impeccable and the accommodations are clean, cozy and comfy! The massages are really so relaxing and I love the fact that the masseuse didn't talk to each other! Best weekend getaway!

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Dominique Martel S.
4.0 Stars

Farm to table

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Arlene S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Carmz L.
4.0 Stars

The service of the crew is great, the massage i got was just okay. I still got the relaxation i needed. Great view! 10084

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Peach L.
5.0 Stars

Stare at the computer screen (yes, I am using the web version).
Place my fingers on the keyboard. Stop.
Stare at the computer screen.
Stand up and make myself a peanut butter sammich.
Sit in front of the computer. Stare. 128529

I couldn't seem to figure out how to start writing this review because:
a.) There are a lot of things I wanna talk about in my stay in their hotel/resort/village.
b.) I'm pressured because I need to create an article that's more than a thousand characters. Lol.

Just kidding.128513128513

This article is actually overdue. What else is new? I'm the self-proclaimed president of BLA (but I think Neil R. will oust me). This is not as overdue as the rest of my articles that were erased last year. Sigh. This was last February.

We've been meaning to try this place for years but I can't remember why we really haven't done it. So one time last year, I decided to get a good offer I saw on Deal Grocer, only to realize that the same hotel had an almost similar package. 128514128514

I'm really great at this voucher things, really.

Anyhoot, my Valentine's day prep for my girl was cancelled because my most favorite person, my lola, died... so I had to fly back to my hometown and cancel all my Valentine plans. When I went back, I was totally guilty because I left my girlfriend alone on V-day so I decided to book the accommodation after Bangkok. I figured, we did long walks in BKK so we might as well stay there so we can rejuvenate.. and because I wanted it to be still in Feb so it won't be a super delayed V-day celebration.

She knew the plan but what she didn't know were the add-ons I had when I booked it. I kept it from her because I still wanted her to be surprised even if it's already late. You know what they say, it's better to be late than later. 128513

I booked us a Magsing-irog Massage Package as well as a romantic dinner with set-up. I also asked the staff to make a lovely greeting in our room so she'll feel more than welcome when we settle in. I gave them the instructions and what to do and the note to put so that everything will be in order when we arrive. They were very accommodating and said that my additional requests will be done.

What I forgot to mention was that it was supposed to be a surprise.

So, when we arrived and after we were given the usual welcome drink (we had a very nice tea but I forgot the flavor) and I filled out the necessary papers, one of the staff went up to me and asked what time we'll have our massage and our dinner. My eyes went all round and it almost popped out because my girlfriend was beside me! I looked at her and she laughed. Then, I looked at the staff again and since I had no choice, I told him na lang, "Kuya, that was supposed to be a surprise..pero sige ok lang." 128514128514128514

He felt ashamed and was very apologetic. When we went to the cashier to pay for the add-ons, he was still profusely apologizing and I told him that it's alright, that we still have the small surprise welcome greeting and she still have no idea that it's a dinner set-up and not really an ordinary dinner.

When I went back, my gf was very amused with me and I apologized that I ruined the surprise again and she said it was ok. Lol.

We got the Superior Garden View Rosal room and the facade is wonderful. It was very green and the cool breeze was refreshing. True enough, the greeting with the flower petals and the towel swan was waiting for us. It was a small gesture but she liked it.


The Garden View rooms are made of concrete with thatched roof. It has modern amenities basic and usual to a hotel: Cable, Aircon, phone, bathroom, blower (important to girls), hot shower, etc. They also have a DVD player but I was sad that my usb cannot play my movies in their TV. The bathroom was just basic but I like that it has bidet. They're using organic toiletries which they also make in their farm. The room is simple but it has the basic things that anyone will need to just lay around and be lazy for a day or two.


The whole small village consists of different sections with different room and house designs. I roamed around the next day to see what the other huts looked like. Some look like Ifugao huts, some are modern, there are open cabanas everywhere, so when you feel the need to just laze around and have the cool breeze slap you silly, you can stay there anytime. There's this one quaint house that looks like it came from a fairytale -- you know, the one where Sleeping Beauty grew up with the elves... or at least I assume. 128513

The garden has an area where you can just make tambay and play chess. Or you can do an eggroll if you like. Below it, there's the camping area where you can do Glamping. Yes, GLAMPING, or Glamorous Camping, wherein, you will have the opportunity to experience how it is to camp.... with butler and prepared food and a nice tent with an available bathroom and shower. Lol.

Personally, Glamping is not for me because I like to do it rough --- CAMPING, and the basic way of doing it. 128513 But if I will be with my friends, it would be a nice experience. They have a different menu plan for glampers. At night, they also have a bonfire. It's not as expensive as some other glamping offers.

The village also has a Farmacy where you can buy your organic oils and condiments. That's also where you'll pay all your bills and if you bought veggies in their farm, you'll also pay it there.

The whole place is a NO SMOKING zone so I was pretty happy with it. 128522🚫


When you stay here, there are a few activities you can join free. We opted to join the walk in the farm. After breakfast, we walked for about 5 minutes before arriving to our destination. It was inside a large gate. When you enter, at the left side you will see tons of boxes and some trucks. It's the area where they make their own organic products that they use in the village and also supply to their clients.

Our first stop was the reception area. They gave us a hot tea made of avocado and one other herb which I forgot, but it was very nice. I like the fact that they can make tea out of almost everything! Our guide gave us an introduction of the farm. She showed us the water technology they use (which I won't divulge here so you can find it out for yourself. Lol). We started the tour. It was a small farm but I love how it was created. It's very organized and all the plants and herbs were planted in sections based on the human anatomy. So for instance, your brain needs this particular food, that specific food/herb will be planted in the Brain Section.

They also have herbal plants and a small bee community. They placed it somewhere a little bit far from the people because she said it used to be somewhere near and the bees kept on sticking on people's hairs so they died or people were distracted. This particular bee family is stingless.

They are avid fans of kale so they have a large area for that. They also have a mushroom house which at the time was under renovation because they were expanding. There also was a section for an obstacle course and the guide said it's made for groups who want to have their team building at the farm.

When we went back to the reception, we were given a cold towel, which was very fragrant and refreshing by the way. Of course, I had to order some of the veggies they have. I got kale, cherry tomatoes, celery (I won't suggest this though, Baguio celery is way better), peppermint, and asparagus ( I love this!).


Except for the dinner, the only food we were able to try was their breakfast offerings and we loved it. I got the tinapang bangus and my companion had tapa. Both came with eggs and we were given the choice on how we wanted it prepared. Plus, of course, the breakfast drinks that went with it. The beef tapa was nice and tender even if it was batangas beef. Mine was smoked properly, not too intense, not underprepared. So, we basically enjoyed it. The manager on that shift was very amiable.128522


We were fetched by two masseusse exactly at the time that we asked them to and was led to another place just near ours. The room was called Renew. Inside the warmly-lit room are two massage beds with all the necessary paraphernalias. Lol. The room didn't smell of sweat covered up with an intense peppermint oil which is not atypical to some spas in the metro (I know it because I've unfortunately been to one. 128513). When you enter, you will see at the left side a door leading to the bathroom that has a bathtub. A nice touch if you ask me, although I already showered so I didn't use it.

I won't go into details how we were massaged but I can only say that it was really good to a point that I fell asleep in the middle of what she was doing and probably even snored a little. 128514


I was expecting it to be just a table with a candlelight set-up but was slightly impressed when we saw it. The gf was pleasantly surprised (a little bit) and we liked how it was done. Our table was prepared not in the dining area but on a different section, probably reserved for this kind of occasion. It had a number of candles, and since we were the only ones in the area, they turned off the lights and the candles were the only thing illuminating our faces. Flower petals were scattered all over the table. We had our own waitstaff and as we sat, the chef went up to us, introduced himself and welcomed us. And hoped that we'd enjoy his food. Lol.

And since it's a fine-dine set-up, we had to wait for our food to be served one-by-one. We first had:

MUSHROOM TEMPURA - local oyster mushroom deep-fried in a batter served with their own vinegar. It was extremely scrumptious! The mushroom was very fresh (they grow it in their own backyard, remember?), it was crispy, and there are no off-putting taste that you can sometimes have in some mushrooms. I wanted to have more but stopped myself because it was just the appetizer. 128513

KALE PUMPKIN SOUP - Since they're a fan of kale, of course it's expected that it will be in their menu. It was creamy and delightfully refreshing.

GREEN SALAD - It was an ordinary garden salad but was made extraordinary by the Nurture oriental dressing they used that had a hint of sesame, and the fact that the greens used were very fresh.

SURF and TURF - I ordered the surf and turf because meat. It had black tiger prawns tossed in butter and a tenderloin steak cooked medium (just the way I like it) with mushroom gravy and veggies. I chose the mashed potatoes to go with it instead of rice. Everything was cooked properly, however, I found it a little bit bland. It's probably either because I just came from a travel that made me eat a lot of food with intense flavors so my palate didn't have a chance to reset to its natural settings, or because since they are basically a detox place, they really don't put in too much salt. But anyway, I still liked it... I just didn't enjoy it as much as I would enjoy a normal steak.

CHICKEN ala KIEV - My gf had this main entree, a breaded chicken breast stuffed with melted cheese and ham and sided with mushroom gravy and veggies. I enjoyed this more than I enjoyed my plate. Hers was more palatable and flavorful. Lol.

CREMA de FRUTA - When it arrived, it was served on a large white plate with a chocolate text written on the plate that says "Happy Extended Valentine's Day, Babe". She was surprised, but the amusing part was, I was surprised, too... because it wasn't part of the plan... they made an extra effort for us and I was visibly delighted with the gesture. So anyhow, the crema de fruta was placed in a small glass and the fruits used were very fresh and I loved it... although, the lower part was a tad too sweet for me. Basically, the dessert was TOO SWEET because of the sweet gesture. 128514128514 #seewhatidithere

Our stay was hands-down a good experience. From the ambiance, to the food, to the service, and the entire place in general. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating and they made sure that we will really find the relaxation that we were hoping we would have there. They may be more expensive compared to the other hotels around the area but it's something that's worth trying. It's different. It's refreshing. It's relaxing.

Peanut D is this long enough? 128514

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Glenzy C.
5.0 Stars

It's an experience that is truly memorable! My daughter celebrated her 7th bday via glamping package and I must say it's all worth it. Being a nature lover, it really spells total relaxation for the whole family! We want to comeback soon..128516128525

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Cheska G.
5.0 Stars

One of my favorite place in Tagaytay! 10084️ Perfect for those days when you really need to relax and de-stress.

The room is spacious. It has a TV but no cable but you can check out their DVD collection if you want to watch a movie. I think it's better that way so you can really relax.. So no TV/cable is actually good. Hehe! The toiletries smell good and were made from natural ingredients (accdg. to the label). The photo is a view from our room's balcony. Don't you just love the view? 128525

Thumbs us for their service too. Each room is equipped with a bell near the door and if you need anything, you can just tap the bell. I wonder how the crew can hear it and where they are hiding. Lol. They are very quick to respond.

The food is good too! Since the place is a bit far from they usual dining places in Tagaytay and we just want to stay-in, we dined here during our whole stay. The choices were a bit limited but the food is yummy. Can't remember exactly what we ordered though. Also, their vegetables were from their very own farm and said to be organic - plus points for the health-conscious.

Oh btw, their ginger tea is 10084️! I wonder if they sell those.

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Maureen L.
4.0 Stars

For a different kind of weekend, decided to stay in an ifugao suite. Wooden everything, with our own massage area at the bottom of our hut! 128513

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Cheska G.
5.0 Stars

I love Nurture Spa! 100841008410084

One - This is where hubby proposed to me 128141
Two - The place is very relaxing - peaceful and quiet. This is the kind of place where I want to go whenever I'm stressed out at work
Three - They serve healthy and delicious meals
Four - Their service tea tastes great. Not sure though what flavor it is (ginger+honey?). But I remember my MIL (who likes their tea too) brought a small water jug with her the last time we went there so she can take home some tea. Hehe!
Five - Of course, their massage services were superb!!!

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Pachie S.
5.0 Stars

We went "glamping" here a few weeks ago and we had a great time. The place was very relaxing and peaceful. It was also well maintained and the staff are courteous and attentive. We would love to come here again.

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Chloe F.
5.0 Stars

We went here for a wedding reception. THIS IS A WONDERFUL PLACE FOR ANY KIND OF CELEBRATION. Cold breeze, wonderful view, and just really great.

I bet one night vacation here would be relaxation enough for a month's work.

On to their food.
I like their appetizers. Their pandan tea didn't appeal much since it tasted like arnibal. The food was okay. They didn't seem to have spent much on the food. But they have a café and I was dying to try it. Maybe next time 128514128077

I wasn't able to take a photo of the reception but this is a glimpse of it.

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Emma Jane C.
5.0 Stars

Staff was attentive and had anticipated our needs even before we asked for them. Very very good. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

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Karyl Hannah V.
5.0 Stars

If you're craving for some inner peace and tranquility, Nurture Spa Village is the place to be.

Since we're the type of family that does not go on vacation and just stay in the whole time, my dad kinda found our mini vacay here boring. Well, for adrenaline junkies like us, it will be boring. But I live to adapt and quite frankly, I enjoyed our stay here. It's something new and I love anything new.

Basically, the whole place just screams silence. (see what I did there? 128514 ok bye.) The whole village had speakers scattered everywhere, playing serene nature sounds all throughout the day which really set the mood.

✔️ Place - In here, you will be one with nature. Really. There won't be an inch of space wherein you wouldn't see greens. I like it.

✔️ Staff - 5 stars for this portion! They're very hospitable and very welcoming. Everytime I stumble upon a staff member, a greeting is never missed even if I'm not looking straight at them. Also, there was never a time that one of them wasn't all smiles. Even the gate guard was smiling all the time.

✔️ Food - Great food, I must say. They offered vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes so that everybody can try what they have to offer.

✔️ Experience - the massage was amazing. My sister and I tried their Arugâ Massage (Php 1,400) and it felt soooo nice afterwards. Although 1 hour wasn't enough... Super nakakabitin. -_- We also tried their Nurture Walk in the morning which was good because it's exercising and touring in one. We walked to their plant farm where most of their fruits and vegetables are from and they toured us around and made us smell and taste some leaves. They also offered Tai Chi in the morning but sadly, we weren't able to attend on time. 128532

If I would like to take a break from all the stress in QC, I'd definitely come right back here.

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5.0 Stars

Duuuuuddddeeee. This place is just so amaze balls 128525 I'm so happy I got a voucher months ago with my boba Reg as I soon realized it was a steal (I'm just sad I didn't buy loads of it). We got a groupon voucher for p1600 for the 2.5hours massage (Kobe beef Ang peg). The massage includes the ff:
- 30 minutes foot massage
- 2 hours massage composed of traditional hilot massage combined with ventosa and hot stones covered in banana leaves

Looking at their price menu, the same package would cost around 3000+ so damn, this was truly a steal. 128076

If you really want to relax and get away from the stress of Manila, I do recommend this place to you. It's taxing to drive all the way here I'll say that but it's all worth it once you get there. The greens and laid back setting will make you wish you took their overnight stay accommodations.

Once you enter you'll be greeted by their staff and the following will happen:
(1) welcome hot tea will be served while you fill up the form and indicate where in your body you'll want for them to concentrate on
(2) they'll lead you to one of their nipa open huts (which is surrounded by greens, trees and just pure nature sounds) and they'll soak your feet in warm water with rose petals, bayabas leaves, and other herbs. After which they'll cover your feet in dried sabong leaves then use the traditional old Filipino sticks to massage your feet
(3) after this, they'll bring you to the private massage rooms where they'll do the rest of the massages I mentioned earlier.
(4) hot tea will be served again in your room where you can relax a bit so maximize your R&R

Some other good points:
- their massage bed has a face hole and below is a bowl of fresh flowers floating so you'll get your zen on (my friend said that they have a space on the bed for a woman's chest to not be composed on so it was another kudos point for her)
- staff are very accommodating and the masseurs are very strong (I want my massage really strong and firm to the point of feeling sore after and the masseur could keep up. Kudos #masokista128077)
- all their oils and teas are organic and home made
- their Resto looks equally amazing and saw their buffet - the fixtures and dishes were all authentic Filipino
- they also sell organic greens and a killer home made sesame balsamic dressing (one of my favorite dressings of all time). It's a little steep at p390 but it will last for a long time naman 128077

Overall it was an amazing experience. I really needed that escape. Nurture village, I'll see you soon 128525

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Pau C.
5.0 Stars

inner peace.

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Kwey E.
5.0 Stars

In love with this place 128525128525128525

First went here for a friends wedding and I liked what I saw, and made it a point to come back.

What I love about this place is that it's such a quick drive from the city but it's such a world away from all the noise and pollution. Just entering the gates would get you relaxed already.

This visit we really wanted to maximize our 3 hour stay and had a Coffee bean body a scrub followed up by a 1 1/2 hour massage. Sheer bliss!!!

The place was clean, the towels were fresh, and the therapist are very sensitive to your needs. 128525

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Zel G.
5.0 Stars

had our yearly out of town girls spa overnite thing last june 18-19,good staff service and the massage service never did disappoint us it was worth the out of town trip, they were not kidding with the flushing out of toxins from the body, had the ventosa type massage. their freshly brewed combination teas were all refreshing.

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