O Kitchen

UG/F Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, Aseana Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., City of Dreams Manila, Parañaque, Metro Manila

O Kitchen
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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

Not in photo is the egg/cheese omelette 128525 everything was delish 12807710084

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Chrisalyn T.
4.0 Stars

This restaurant is a fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine. The place was wide and the interior design was just simple.

What we ordered:

SASHIMI NOODLES (Php 450), it had thin sweet potato noodles if I’m right, which was soaked in sweet, sour and spicy sauce. It was topped with some sliced pickled cucumber, radish, kimchi and sliced fish. This dish was served cold. I liked the fish, but i’m not a fan of this dish.

ASSORTED SASHIMI (Php 1,700), it was composed of 10 different sashimi (surf clam, octopus, salmon, squid, scallops, crab sticks, tamago, tuna, mackerel and hamachi). My favourite is actually the surf clam and huge scallops, but all of it were actually sweet, fresh and good to eat.

BEEF TEMPURA (Php 630) Yes! BEEF! We usually eat the usual like veggies, and shrimp tempura, so having beef for a change was a must try. This dish was coated in batter with a sprinkle of black sesame and then deep fried. The beef was tender and paired well with their slightly sweet and sour sauce. This dish was actually one of my favourite that night.

SEAFOOD AND SOFT TOFU STEW (Php 440), I love soy bean paste stew, especially when it's spicy. This soup had just enough spice and was really good.

All in all, I could have had a better time if the service was good. Their servers weren’t attentive and i saw them chatting right by the bar area. It was hard to call for their attention, so one time i had to stand up and walk towards a server to ask for a glass of water. I was quite disappointed by this, good thing food was good though, if not i would have been really really pissed.

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Livi B.
2.0 Stars

We were definitely unsatisfied with our food. We understand that it is located in a prime spot, so pricing is a bit upscale. Yet for the quality... i must say.... Meh -_- We ordered prime beef for 1,100 and it wasn't prime at all (or maybe I'm not a chef thats why?) price quality ratio is definitely not good. They serve kimchi rice for 400 pesos and we also ordered their Yakitori, which was.. Ok. You can get the same quality at a lower price.

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Pau R.
3.0 Stars

O Kitchen is a Korean-Japanese restaurant located at the City of Dreams Manila. The facade and interiors are really impressive. Modern, minimalist and classy. These caught my attention instantly as we passed by.

Food is expensive and servings are not big. The Shrimp tempura served with kimchi (5 pcs. for P780) was good, as well as the presentation. The Pork belly yakitori was also good (2 sticks for P300).

Can't help but notice the stoneware and modern metal untensils (spoon and chopsticks) in matte gold.

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Anne M.
3.0 Stars

The staff don't know much about their menu.

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Liza D.
5.0 Stars

The food was good as well as their service. A taste of authentic Korean flavors. I definitely recommend this place.

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