Oasis Garden Cafe

Sky Tower, Solaire Resort and Casino, Aseana Ave., Entertainment City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Oasis Garden Cafe
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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Hubby's Mother's Day 2017 afternoon tea treat for me and mama Elaine P last May 13 Saturday afternoon.

Mom and I loves afternoon tea so it's my request to hubby to bring us at Oasis Garden Cafe at Sky Tower Solaire Hotel and Resorts Casino.

The ambience was really like your in a garden and there was even a man made water falls in the cafe. Very quiet and it's nice to have an afternoon tea here.

We ordered two sets of afternoon tea with different kind also. Cost around 1t plus. It's good for sharing .

The afternoon tea here is very class also and service is good. My fone is running out of battery and that provide me a solaire powerbank, cool!

So if you love afternoon tea, this is a nice place to go to1278569749

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Wiljohn M.
5.0 Stars

First of all the place definitely looks like an oasis with all the plants, flowers plus an artificial waterfall to boot.

While waiting for my meeting, i ordered a cup of cofffee and tea sandwiches. The coffee was just ok but the sandwiches where mmmm good! 6 different sandwiches (egg salad, smoked salmon, blue cheese, roast beef, ham and cheese) small but good enough to fill you up.

Nice place to relax and enjoy amidst the searing heat and bad traffic in the city.

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Clarisse P.
5.0 Stars

This is something worth coming back for. Besides the fact that the cafe offers wide array of sumptuous & "too pretty to eat" desserts, the Caramel cheesecake is the best I've tasted this far! Definitely worth every penny you've spent here. Now, time to shed those pounds off tee hee! :)

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Imee M.
5.0 Stars

A part of me hates Solaire for using my then favorite song (Brighter than the Sun) for their commercial. I mean, that song was mine!! Hahaha! But then, a friend invited me and my sister for a staycation at Solaire a weekend before APEC week. I set aside my grudge (hahaha!) because hello,? free staycation!! Also, it would be the perfect end to my hell week from school! I was so looking forward to their pool, the casino, and of course a hotel room <3 But my worst nightmare happened! A staff double-booked our room 128557128557128557 My friend works at Solaire and so of course, she won't be prioritised by the management. My friend was so pissed. And so was I! My soul is so ready for everything!!! But then life goes on (and my hatred for solaire as well haha!)

We decided to just have dinner at MOA. And then see Ayala triangle's light festival. Then have a midnight snack at Manila Peninsula (Halo-Halo woot woot). But we realized that MOA is a bit far from Makati, and Saturday night means traffic!! So eventhough my friend was still pissed at Solaire, she decided that it would be best for us to just have dessert there.

We waited for about 20 minutes to ride a shuttle because there was a queue. Since it was my first time at Solaire, I was surprised that the Casino was very open for everyone!! I mean, casino at Resort's World was like in a separate room. I felt excitement seeing the slot machines, the poker table, and people enjoying their lives! But im still waiting till Im 21! 128521

After the adrenaline rush from seeing the casino, we went around a bit before eating. The Monalisa exhibit was so amazing!! I've been a fan of art since my humanities class, and seeing these art pieces felt so good. I can imagine the artist's feelings while looking at their works. My sister found an artwork a bit scary and I had to take a snap of it (and show it to her at night haha!) Aside from the Monalisa artworks, there are other paintings around Solaire! It's like a museum!! And believe me, everything was so pretty! And my thought at every artwork was "Im willing to pay a million for you"! Then I remembered Im poor 128514

The Christmas spirit around Solaire was also alive because of the Poinsettia! What I also liked about Solaire was that, everywhere you look is a nice place for #ootd shots, and every corner is Instagram-worthy! I mean, come on, why do I hate Solaire again? Haha! After a "tour", we decided to eat at Oasis!! I love Shang and their pastry selection (okay, just their macaron haha) so I was hesitant at first to try their cake. But looking at the price, (each slice costs less than 200!) I decided to just go with it. We ordered Brazo de Mercedes, Strawberry Cheesecake (on the photo), Banana Walnut Cake, and Black Forest Cake.

Brazo de Mercedes- it is not like the one from Goldilocks! It has jam and fruits in itwhich balances the sweetness of the meringue. My sister did not like it but I think it was okay!
Strawberry Cheesecake- Strawberry: perfect
Cheesecake: perfect
Walnut: perfect!
Yup, this is so perfect (atleast for me). I heard that this is also one of their best sellers. I believe them ;)
Banana Walnut Cake- okay, I avoid banana cake as much as I can but it was my friend's favorite so I have to try it. It was good, to think that I hate banana cake :)
Black Forest Cake- I don't know why but I prefer Red ribbon's black forest cake over this one. Sorry 9996🏻️

I also wanted to try their Praline Chocolates but they’re a bit pricey for me. I’d rather spend my money for Shang’s Praline (biased eh?)

Oasis Garden Cafe is a good place to catch up with long lost friends or family! It is located at the sky tower. A few things I loved about the place:
1.I was able to charge my phone lol
2.The staffs were all nice! They’ll make sure that you’ll have everything you need.
3.The couch is just perfect for relaxation.
4.And the ambiance! A perfect “escape” from the city.

After that Saturday, I’d like to say that I now love Solaire! I’ll definitely be back for the casino when I turn 21. Hopefully by that time, they won’t double-book our room!

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Manuel Y.
5.0 Stars

I found this place at the corner of Solaire and absolutely loved it. They have a great selection of teas that include Lemonada, Seffarine, Chamomile, Dimsum White, African Oolong, etc.

The cakes are delicious. I especially recommend THE Hazelnut Opera with coffee cream. It's not always available to consider yourself lucky if u catch it. The Strawberry cheese cake and Solaire Chocolate cake are also staple choices.

They have seats that are near electrical outlets. Just ask to be seated near one to be accommodated.

There is fast free WiFi. Enjoy watching videos and surfing the net while waiting for your loved ones still playing in the tables.

Overall, Great experience!!

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Ana S.
3.0 Stars

GenMacha was great! Perfect! The teas were awesome but the pastries looked interesting but was not really woohoo wonderful. A bit of a let-down. Just decent.

Their chili soup was uber spicy. Serving was huge, good for 2-3 persons. With side bread. So sulit.

The shrimp cocktail is also to share. Good for 2-3 persons. Nice and refreshing but is not your classic shrimp cocktail with the red sauce. But not bad.

I got the pistachio merengue/cake. Gets to you after four bites or so. You get kind of sick of the taste after four bites. Maybe best to share an order of a cake and sip tea in between. I did the sipping tea in between but it was just too much.

The coconut-white egg cookie that came with the tea was most interesting.

The space is okay. The design is interesting. Too much ambient noise because the cafe is right smack in the middle of the lobby. The high ceiling is nice.

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Gracie T.
4.0 Stars

A relaxing calming nature inspired ambience tucked away in the corner of Solaire - this is definitely a new go to spot for me.

What was supposed to be "teatime" turned out to be dinnertime at 3:30 in the afternoon. Haha!

Beef Steak Tagalog Php 400.00
Beef tenderloin marinated in soya calamansi & garlic, caramelized onions.

I just love beef but I prefer my bistek cut into strips, which I just realized today. It may look small but I was given 3 cuts of thick beef which was filling.

Like They Make In England Php580.00
Feather scones, daily selection of petit fours & pastries, tea sandwiches and tea or coffee

How can you go wrong with plenty of choices?

Lychee Red Tea Php200.00
Soothing Chinese red tea scented with lychees

Chocolate Nero with Caramel Php150.00
So good! Thought the oblong center treat to be chocolate but it was gelatin. Found that to be a bit odd, at first, but it balanced out the sweetness of the cake. A definite must try!

Staff, especially Diel or Deil (sorry!) were warm, friendly and efficient.

Love it here!

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Ana S.
3.0 Stars

Love love love the bacon and meats, yoghurt, dairy choices and bread choices for the buffet breakkie. :) Their house blend coffee is so-so. Fruits are in abundance and there's a great array of various types of breakfast for hotel guests. From Chinese to Filipino to American and generally continental stuff. There's Japanese and noodles for the noodle and broth lovers. I can't take those early mornings, though.

Restaurant attendants during breakfast buffet quite scramble about and you have to wave a lot to call their attention. They should out those buzzers for more effective service.

Control of buffet registration is a bit disorganized as well. They should just issue buffet cards to the diners/hotel guests so it's less of a hassle and delay to guests.

Dining layout a bit chaotic but expected since it IS a casino more than a family/dining place. :) no complaints on the food. Most everything I tried here was great.

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Trixia C.
5.0 Stars

If you're matcha/green tea lover, i'm pretty sure that you'll like it.

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Ivy T.
5.0 Stars

Still the best place for strawberry tarts. The most strawberries bu not the most expensive.127942127942 Their Key Lime Pie is really good too.128077

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Mr M.
4.0 Stars

Good portions. Great tasting food. Nice ambiance. Service was ok but could use a little improvement. After all its a world class hotel casino. So It should be nothing less then spectacular. Waiters pretend they don't see you when you call them. Which is a v common occurrence in the majority of restaurants i have been to in Manila. Other then that I would recommend you check this place out. Just don't go to the casino floor afterwards and gamble all your money away. haha 128514

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Joyce S.
4.0 Stars

Caesar Salad is okay..
Beef Steak tagalog is the best! 128077
Their desserts are also 128077 especially the pana cotta10084

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Mark L.
5.0 Stars

very nice ambience.

ube macapuno pound cake .. i love pound cakes and this is no exception. wonderful taste of ube with the hint of macapuno. and it's very affordable too.

the decaf also tastes like real coffee. the cookie that came with it was a bit hard though.

definitely going back to try other desserts.

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Jennifer N.
2.0 Stars

Met some friends here last night after they watched Chicago. The desserts were ok but nothing spectacular, and the brewed coffee was EXPENSIVE at Php170! The place could have rated 3 stars if those were the only comments I had, but they lost 1 more star cos of the terrible service. They forgot some of our dessert orders which we then had to follow up. Then they forgot to give us forks so we had to ask for some so we could eat the cakes. Service was so slow that my friend ended up having to stand up and getting forks himself. :( not worth the exorbitant price they are charging at all, if food is nothing spectacular and service is nothing special either.

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