Ocean’s Telephone Company

Frank & Dean, Forbestown Rd. cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Ocean’s Telephone Company
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Shellah Marie R.
3.0 Stars

I used to love this place before but now...


Nice place it has certain cool vibe on it. Maybe because it's somehow secluded / hidden like you have to pass thru telephone booths first then there's a door that would lead you inside. Comfort room is clean and there's enough tissue which is good.


Crowd seems to be okay before but during the last 2 times I visited, there were a bunch of super loud high school kids (I just assumed they're in high school since they seemed to be so young. - or am I just old? Haha) on the other side there were foreigner oldies.


Drinks are really expensive. But what can you expect? You're in Fort so all drinks are expensive!!


Music is okay before. But last time I can't figure out what songs were being played. Well I don't if know if just me or what.


Friendly and super accommodating

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Tei A.
2.0 Stars

Saturday night crowd were a bunch of noisy kids haha. Sorry, change venue.

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Well I like the fact that the place is hidden and quite intimate ( not that i'm gonna do something heheheh ) it reminds me of ABV in Jupiter, I love concealed entrances hehehe and this one is cool! Though I'm not sure if I could still rock the tugstugs era but definitely chill out would do for me. Sorry if I opened the door, hahaha at least we all get to have a super sneak peek hehehe 12852212851810084

Oh but before that we got to have our midnight snack at Tropic Frank just beside OTC and tried out their Friend Chicken with Waffles, wow gotta say the chicken and gravy mixed well with the waffle and syrup 128522 and we also got the tenderloin tips with scrambled eggie and hash brown, also delicious but I find the hash a bit oily ... Flavorwise, it's good ......their watermelon shake was great as well ....

So after the midnight snacking it's time to OTC! Hehehe 12852210084127926127881

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

I like the idea of pushing a "telephone booth" for you to be transported to this not-so-secret-anymore place. Yup, it's a bar! 127866

P.S. No local beers here! 128586

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