Ogtong Cave Resort

Bantayan, Cebu

Ogtong Cave Resort
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Gladys M.
5.0 Stars

Enjoy the cold freshwater of Ogtong Cave and the rest of Sta. Fe's (beach club) view for an entrance fee of Php 100.

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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

Now this, this really went beyond my expectation! Who would've thought that in the middle of a beach lot there would be a cave pool! It was really beautiful and would like to go back 10084

Just don't go during peak season, it's really full of people and you can't relax at all bc unfortunately, Filipinos don't know how to respect other peoples privacy/time! There were lots of people when we went there and we weren't able to enjoy that much because a lot of boys were acting as if it was their first time to see a woman in a bikini. That fact really pissed us off that it made us ask an old "man" what his problem was because he was indirectly insulting us.
⬆️ this is still in Bantayan and I think the people who were doing this was also tourists from Cebu ⬆️

We rented a bike for Php 150 and cycled our way from Kota Beach to Santa Fe Beach Club where you can find Ogtong cave. Their entrance fee is only Php 100 with inclusive use of pool, beach and cave pool. 128166

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Majo V.
4.0 Stars

Been here numerous times and I like that it's never as crowded as the beaches in Bantayan on Holy Week. Pool, beach, cave you choose and you will not be disappointed! ;) i think the beat thing about this, is the cave, it keeps you away from the scorching sun and the water is not as salty since its a mix of fresh and seawater. What you see here is just the opening, it's a lot bigger when you venture inside. Just don't bring a ton of food as they have corkage, they do have a decent resto so no worries there. Rooms are a bit pricey as they made major renovations after Yolanda nearly blew off almost all their cottages. You also get to get in free at their sister resort Sta Fe Beach Club if you check in and that should check off long walks along the beach on your list of summer to do's.

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Jacqui T.
4.0 Stars

When in Bantayan Island - Visit and enjoy the Ogtong Cave during hot afternoon and relish the cold and clear freshwater inside the cave. This cave can be found in Santa Fe Beach Club. You just have to pay an entrance fee (P/100.00), no need to be a guest or to check in.

Better if you have a tourist guide so you can check the entire place of Sta. Fe. The photo was taken in the shoreline view of Ogtong cave.

Life is too short. Think less and travel more. 9992128663🛥

  • No. of Comments: 4
Lorisse R.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Cai D.
5.0 Stars

Insert music here ▶️ "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright.
Singing' "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright!" 128036128036128036

Do nothing and Feel the fresh air, Enjoy the gloomy weather, have a view of the white sand and crystal clear aquamarine water of sta fe beach. Swim and relax inside the warm clear water of ogtong cave. It's the best place to relax. Everything is green, brown and blue, time to grab your favorite book, sit on a beach chair and listen to Bob Marley's songs. 127946

Really laid back place no pollution and stress. Highly recommended for people who wants to reconnect with nature. 1278111278061278049925

Non resort's guests are allowed to get inside for 100php to enjoy the view and the famous ogtong cave. 128077

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