OJ's Roast Bake Grill

Station 1, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

OJ's Roast Bake Grill
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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Part II of my review, inspired by Em's two part review of Real Coffee. Lol. 128541

For reference, on the left is the previously reviewed (1) Baby Back Ribs, then clockwise, (2) French Onion Soup, (3) TIRAMISU, & (4) Mango Tango (I think that's the name).

This is my dessert section but before I begin, let me touch base quickly on my friend's order, French Onion Soup. It looked like it had lasagna or cheese pasta on top, noh? That it was unusually thicker than the normal French Onion Soup was immaterial. When I dug my spoon in to try, it was GOOD. 128521 P195@ but worth it to those who prefer soup over a rice meal or pasta.

Anyway off to the dessert...

The Tiramisu is divine. Spongy ladyfinger layers just right moistness, and the interplay of coffee and cocoa flavors were heavenly128519. A minor complaint was that it may have been a tad more cocoa than I'm used to but it was still very very good. 128079128079128079 And it was the last slice. Whew!128517128517128517

The Mango Tango had the right level of sweetness in it. A perfect mixture of cream, mangoes, graham and brown sugar (I think).128523 I'm not one who normally likes cream based desserts127845, but the mango and graham crust I like!128077

Again highly recommended for dessert lovers when they're in Boracay. They even serve coffee9749 or wine127863 to go along with chilling out. As I said in the first review, I love their ambiance. If it weren't work work, I wouldn't mind hanging out here with friends.

They're gonna expand their outside in the coming months so watch out for that! They're at Station 1, near Starbucks, YellowCab, etc. just look for the Orange colored Beach Hut. 127749

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

I'll review the place and main course first. Details on the dessert to follow.

It's a bit hidden, right through the prominently ORANGE color of the Beach Hut Bar a few meters from the likes of Starbucks, Real Coffee, in Station 1.

Upon entering, and it's also the way to the reception of the small hotel there, it was like, where did this come from? (See top pic)

Well spaced tables, breezy since there's room for air, I instantly fell in love with the vibe and look of OJ's. apparently the owner, Oyi, originally had this in Eastwood but decided last year to move to Boracay and set up shop here. Talk about moving your business. To take advantage of the expansion that Boracay will be doing in the next few years.

It was a restaurant cum cafe and Oyi and his wife who loves to bake and cook, so there are concoctions here and there. Imagine that they sell sour dough bread! I mean, I think I only see that in the US and Europe, and maybe in some bake shops in Manila but to expect that in Boracay? Guess OJ's projected clientele is more on the foreigner tourist side. But what the hell, their food looks good and priced relatively reasonably. Maybe P250-P500@.

We ordered their Baby Back Ribs 128055 (size: large) for sharing (okay i could have finished it all but had to save some room for dessert). It arrived after some time but the wait was worth it. Pineapple barbecue sauce, and very tender and flavorful. Yummmmm... Come and get it my fellow Velociraptors.

Perfect chill out area. Next up is the dessert.

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