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Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Riverfront Drive, Carmona, Makati, Metro Manila

Onboard Game + Gastro Pub
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Aira A.
5.0 Stars

One of our favorite hangout places for board games day. Two things we like about onboard: one, there's a very huge chance for us to be seated right away compare to other board games cafe because it is spacious so we don't have to wait in line. Two, their food is good and affordable. We initially discovered this place through eatigo and have been a frequent client since then. I usually order their corned beef in kimchi rice for rice bowls and nacho hai for starters. I love it! For the milkshake, By far i have only tried their salted caramel and it is good as well. They also have accomodating game masters to teach you on any games you wish to play.

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mary the explorer G.
4.0 Stars

My friend invited me for coffee af 9:30pm.. and since i was so tired to go to CBD.. decided to just hang out in Circuit Lane..

The coffee night turns out to be play night.. 128514 we tried to go to this restaurant which offers board games and food.. i really thought this resto was only for kids..

We played 3 different games.. they have a game master wherein you can ask in case you have no game in mind.. or ask the game master how to play the game.. 128514

However they have house rules.. you have to order 1 main dish per each person.. quite pricey! so we ordered the platter which is good for 4 persons and cost 990.. so we didnt get to order 1 for each..

we were only planning to stay for 1 hour and turns out, we were there until 12midnight.. 128576

it was fun, especially when your in a big group.. 128514 but if you are looking for a quite place to chill.. this is not the place for it.. inside was very noisy.. there were people screaming.. even I also had my fair share of screams when i pulled the wrong block and our jenga collapsed.. haha.. 128514

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Restaurant boom is definitely here and new concepts have arrived. If you are a new player, you have to offer an edge. Besides offering a new twist in your dishes, it can be an added activity that diners can enjoy. In the case of On Board Game + Gastro Pub, it combined board games with restaurant and a bar.

They have two kinds of staff- the one that gets your food and the other narrating to you with some actions on how to play the games. They even wear color coded shirts so you, unlike us won’t be confused when getting much needed assistance. In order to play, one has to either pay Php 185 or purchase a dish of the same value. We were 8 and ordered 9 dishes, so that’s a go!

Portions are not aplenty thus some dishes go in the pricey range. This was felt most with their Php 260 Mac and Cheese. It was a tiny sizzling plate and also lacked cheese as well as bacon goodness. However, Nacho Hai (Php 399) was able to serve most of us. It’s their Japanese version of classic nachos. It had Nori and tuna sashimi bits to it.

The Chicken Salad (Php 260) was one of my favorites as it had a nice mango vinaigrette mix in fresh greens and a generous portion of crispy grilled chicken. Another good pick was Cilantro Pasta (Php 255). It’s just super creamy and leaves a nice after taste of fresh cilantro to it.

Forget about ordering their Fish and Chips (Php 310). It’s bland, over cooked and laden with so much oil. And really nothing new about how they made it. Their Molten Cake (Php 180) could use more dulce de leche as it’s just all in the middle. The Elvis Sandwich (Php 190) did impressed with smothering amounts of peanut butter in really moist brownie!

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Dhang C.
5.0 Stars


Their games are mostly up to date
Good ambiance
Assistive staffs
Good food

Thumbs up!

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Zey V.
4.0 Stars

Laughtrip to the max with the whole gang the last time we went here! Ansaya laruin ng games! I would recommend Telestrations! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

As for the food, If I will go back there, I would still order the Nutella Pizza and the Nacho Hai! 100841008410084 Food is a bit pricey and the place is just not so accessible. Anlayo sa kabihasnan.lols But our overall experience is super fun! 128516

Value For Money-128176128176128176128176

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

Decided to spend our barkada christmas party at OnBoard Makati last December. We did not get a reservation but luckily we got seated immediately at 7PM on a Saturday night. Yaay! We were immediately told about their rule that if a person from the group does not order, he/she needs to pay P180. I was really hungry so I ordered their Tapa and Garlic Confit Rice (P240). Plus we ordered Nachos sand Salted Egg Wings for sharing.

I loved their tapa. It was a little on the sweet side but I liked it a lot. Their nachos are really good too! The wings were okay. The dip went well with the chicken.

Anyway, we started out by playing Exploding Kittens. Then we asked one of the guys from Onboard if they can recommend anything. He then got a big box and explained how Dixit is played. We enjoyed it so much! Haha! We had so much fun that we didn't notice that we stayed for almost 5 hours already! Hahaha.

OnBoard is a little big so it wasn't too crowded. A little noisy but it just shows how much fun people are having. Definitely a good place to bond with family and friends! 128076🏻

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Circuit Makati is one place that I seldom visit even if I'm in Makati. But last night I got invited by my friends to have a fun fun play of Boadgames in OnBoard. The place was jampacked on a friday night but they accept table reservation and my friend got to reserve earlier. :)

What I'm surprised was that their food was good. Based on my previous visit to other boardgame place food usually sucks! But this place might be the one with the best food. I got myself a Smokehouse burger. A little pricey at 300+ but you get to play the whole night till 2am so it was worth it. I love the Angus beef patty that they use and the delicious bacon in between. Fries on the side was also delicious. Their Nacho Hai was also love. Their version of nachos uses fried wanton wrapper with kani sushi like toppings (Nori, crabstick and tuna sashimi cubes).

For the boardgame they have wide range of board game but we settled with our fave the Coup, Cash N Guns and Exploding Kittens. They have also game master available if you want to learn new games. What I didn't like was that their cards were already too worn-out. They didn't put protective sleeves on it. :(

Another suggestion is to expand their washroom. The place is a bit big to have a single communal washroom.

Overall I love the food and the crowd. Definitely we'll visit for more all night fun.

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Ivy Suzarah O.
4.0 Stars

Because of the ambiance and boardgames

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I was one of the brave tributes to participate in high society,  murder-mystery-ish thingy at Onboard.  Yes,  this is my first  time try this sort of soiree. 

Onboard is one of the joints in Circuit (formerly known to Makati dwellers as Sta Ana Race Track).  Design is similar to UPTC only bigger.  There are a couple of joints here and there. 

Back to the night of mystery,  I'll be honest and tell you flat out that i wasn't genetically designed for this sort of thing. I am socially awkward and I do not talk to strangers (Grams told me that when i was still in my nappys).  Set aside my anti social behaviour,  each guest picks a character and they should play the part.  I picked the Jo Chase,  a filmmaker who is head-over-heels in love with David Kreig.  Yes,  another one of those cases of unrequited love.  And can i just say that the character is difficult,  my Keri Russell days are over (yes,  im talking about Felicity when was chasing Ben,  this is before she cut her lovely locks).  Some of the participants are 101% commited to their roles,  hats off!  Strangers! 

The 1960's themed soiree starts at 6pm and ends at 9pm. Each character has to guess who the killer is.  Someone gets brutally murdered and i have to rely on my anti social behaviour to find out who the sociopath is.  Gah,  call Cal Lightman please. and include Leroy Jethro Gibbs just in case.

Before i dig into the bloody details,  let's discuss the food.  Each participant has to shell out php 500 inclusive of consumable food. 

Tapa and Garlic Confit Rice (php 240)

I dunno what Garlic Confit is and I'm too lazy to use Google.  The rice is the typical garlic infused rice -  simple and straightforward.  The tapa is a lil iffy. I dunno,  it tastes like Teriyaki for some reason and the beef tastes a lil weird.  It felt like i am eating veggie meat or something.  This didn't deter me from finishing 3/4 of the bowl. 

Almond Matcha Milkshake (php 210)

The mason jar is a concontion of matcha,  vanilla ice cream and toasted almond flakes.   This doesn't taste like matcha,  no Chlorophyll taste.  Prortions are off,  they went a lil overboard with vanilla ice cream and half a fraction of matcha hence the pale green hue.

Back to the murder mystery,  we have to look for clues and find who the stabbed the dude in the heart.  I have my suspect,  let good old fashioned greed lead the way.  Alas!  I was impatient and my tita instincts got in the way.  I decided to call it a night.   I commend the staff for assisting all participants with questions.  I hope they stick to the schedule though,  it's almost 9pm and we're barely done with Act two, some people have to attend to stuff (playing adult in the corporate world). As per the cheat sheet,  the whole thing should be done by 9pm.

Anyway,  i am being generous with three stars for the food alone. I ain't expecting to wowed by the food as Onboard's concept is more of an interactive joint that serves food on the side.  The food is okay (yes,  I've had better),  mediocre at best,  no major mishap that will make you complain, nothing too awe inspiring that will make you feel all sorts of feels whilst eating (in a good way).  Sad to say,  it's forgettable.  The additional one star is for the experience,  albeit my anti- social attitude,  i firmly believe that the participants had a good time. 

Hats off to the generous people of Onboard for having us.  It was an interesting experience,  i had the chance to practice my Patrick Jane and Shawn Spencer skills.

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Marjorie S.
4.0 Stars

I really loved their milkshake!!!! Look at that photo. Hmmm yum! Plus the laughter on the background. We really had so much fun!

Rating: 🔸🔹🔸🔹 mejo mahal eh haha pero spacious and dami games with curator pa.

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Heizelle S.
5.0 Stars

Now i have something on my "to do list" during FRIDAYS!
This is a perfect place for chill out night together with your friends.
Maximize your fun by playing boardgames in this newly open gaming resto here in Makati, Onboard Game + Gastro Pub

Rule: Each person should order at least one item (food or drinks) in their menu. If you will not order, then you have to pay Php 180 so you can play with the group. And get ready to play unlimited!

The staff are good and accommodating, you can choose from their wide variety of card and board games. But our favorite, CARDS against HUMANITY! Make sure to try this one!

For the food, i suggest you try tapa and garlic (superbowl)., nutella pizza, spicy seafood scampi (pasta), and good morning flatbreads. Their food is good for sharing, but again each one of you should order at least one from their items. I suggest you also try their TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE, this is to do for!

Thumbs up for a great place!

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Randolph Joseph C.
4.0 Stars

First time at Circuit Makati. This restaurant is a hit for everyone who enjoys boardgames! Its hard to find since it is located at the back and second floor so you really have to ask the guard where the exact location is. Upon arrival, a crew approached us and told us the house rules. Yes, each individual must order from the menu or you will have to pay 180Php for you to play a game. Available board games are of different variety and you have a lot to choose from. We chose to play Never have I ever since we just want to chill and I think it is a perfect game for couples too. The place is huge and I can say that crowd were really kinda noisy. Of course, per table is playing different games. Different groups which are nice to look at. I ordered cilantro pasta, peach dessert, and their premium milkshake which is the mega milkshake. For the food items,its kinda pricy and it tastes ordinarily. But for the milkshake which is worth 350+ pesos is somehow reasonable because of the kisses, ferrero and other chocolate items on top of it. It tastes good and it is really satisfying. What I liked about is the service and how the crews were trying to entertain us by assisting us with what to choose from the board games. I saw them helping out a group of people identifying the instructions of the chosen game. I will definitely comeback with my friends and for the love of their milkshake! In the end, you can post a photo where you can choose props which I think is very useful in terms of social media marketing. When we are about to leave, they told us "See you tomorrow" which is nice to hear! Keep it up guys! #henrysinataxgiveaway

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Rencel D.
4.0 Stars

After 3 years of not seeing each other, my elementary girlfriends decided to meet and have some quality time in Circuit.

Call time was 2pm and I arrived fifteen minutes after 2pm. Guess what? I was the first one to arrive. I waited for them in CBTL where Ice blended white chocolate dream was my companion 'til we're complete at around 3:30pm. Filipino time, really. 128514

Originally planned to dine at The Burgery but it will open at 5pm so we opted to try out OnBoard Game as suggested by one of us. Doors are open at 4pm every weekdays. Good thing they welcomed us five minutes before their opening time 128077🏼

Ms. Jel explained the house rules and the most important one is that each of us should order (except drinks) or else, just pay 180php.

What we had:

127828 The Classic burger 325php (3rd pic) 5/5. The patty was medium well done and it was my favorite! 128523 plus the fries with sour cream dip is the bomb!!

127830 Sriracha Buffalo Wings 255php (4th pic) 5/5. Delish and a little spicy. I bet you'll like this, too 128527

🧀 BBQ Chicken Mac N' Cheese 260php (4th pic) 2/5. I am a big fan of mac n cheese but this totally disappointed my tastebuds 128541

127829 Good Morning flatbreads 375php (5th pic) 4/5. An oval-shaped pizza-like with bacon, ham, tomato and cheese topped with sunny side eggs

127854 Dulce de Leche Molten Cake 180php (6th pic) 1/5. We all know what a molten cake looks like. And dulce de leche filling tasted like alaska condensed milk. This was the worst molten cake experience everrr!! 128530

127851 Triple Chocolate milkshake (10th pic) 4/5

Not in the picture:
-Red velvet brownie cake 180php 2/5. The taste is similar to the molten cake except it's red and less sweeter
-Drunk Snow White cocktail 165php 1/5. Just had a sip of one or two.
-Fries 120php 5/5. Not in the menu but one of the crews offered this when he heard me saying "ang sarap nung fries huhuhu order tayo ulit ng burgerrr" 128525

We played 4 games: Monopoly (sobrang na-miss ko to laruin haha!), Quick Wits (which we enjoyed a lot), the one on the 8th and 9th pic, and the last I forgot the name basta japanese game of luck yung concept 128517

I really commend all the staff (from the receptionist who is a fresh grad to the crews who also explained the mechanics of the game we played to the bartender whom we exchanged stories with while waiting for the rain to stop to the game curators) for their hardwork and patience to our demands.

Will definitely go back to try the mega milkshake and other games. One of the best places to bond with your family and friends! 128156


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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

I've been wanting to play boardgames with my friends months after we tried dice n dine. It's one of my favorite kind of hang out with my girls. Really.

So for the nth time of begging them, finally last friday, we made it. But only the three of us.

We were told that foods were pricey, a bit higher than DnD's daw. But the fun must not be measured by the price per person.

House rules are no outside food/drinks, taking care of the board/card games, and each person should buy an item from the menu, if a person is not willing to get food from the menu, s/he must pay 180 pesos, excluding service charge. Better get something.

We ordered Calamari and Onion rings, Nutella Pizza, and Good Morning. We picked these items because we all ate before going here and they're good picka picka food while playing.

All are good except when the flatbread and pizza are eaten late, they become really difficult to chew.

We didn't try their mega milkshakes because according to what we saw, we cannot take those sweets inside of us. My friend went for a triple chocolate shake, and other friend and I went for mocktails.

We played variety of games, like Halli Galli (our personal favorite), the extreme halli galli, jengga, never have i ever, suspended, uno, and a lot more.

It's hard to find games that are good for 3 persons, good thing is that the staffs are there to recommend and guide. They are really approachable. Hindi ka mahihiyang lumapit sa kanila.

So this certain game, the one we played in Dyce and Dine. I still don't know how it's called. But it's like a jenga kind of game. There's this main stem horizontally divided into levels, each level has four external parts that are detachable. The main objective of the game is to push a level of a stem, if a detachable part falls, a score for you depending on the color. If the whole main stem falls, a negative score.
ANG128134🏻HIRAP128134🏻IEXPLAIN128134🏻128547 (second photo)

We're sooo tired by 10pm and we aren't competitive enough just like what we were during our first games. So to spice up our last three rounds... We ordered three different shots. A loser gets to drink.

I randomly picked Zombiecide, Goblin Juice, and Hanabi. First loser is my dearest friend Syd. Since the shots we ordered aren't complete, we went down to our second round. While doing the second round, I AM SHAKING. I don't want to drink mixed shot. Seriously. I tried to remind the staff that the other one is still not served. It was the Hanabi.

Moments later, I lost the game. I pushed too hard and three main parts fell. What a poor girl.

Then two minutes while on our last round, the Hanabi came. Waitresses were eager to know who will take the shot and I was like TEKA MGA ATE WAIT TATALUNIN KO LANG UNG DI PA NATATALO. But they insisted to know and I asked why. They said, "umaapoy po kasi"

I seriously almost fell from my seat because W H A T??!!! DI AKO PREPARED. Since I am the one who randomly picked the shot, my other two friends became allies and i'm the axis. They wanted me to drink the Hanabi.
No joke. It has flames.
They poured something on the rim of the shot glass, lighted it, oh gawd flames wow, then sprinkled something, WOW MAY SPARKS.
I need to drink it using straw, and should be followed by drinking water. Everyone's cheering me up. I feel like a loser na nanalo ng something???

I survived hell. It was a delicious yet kinda spicy drink.
*check last photo*

Uy guess what, I lost again on the third round. The goblin juice, green, tasted like the candy that pops in your mouth. #NoRegrets.

Food: 4/5
Boardgames experience: 4/5

But the drinking game I had with friend is the best I had. I'm not ma-walwal kind of girl but new experiences excite me. Better get a Hanabi if you want to drink flaming and sparkling shot. 128514

It was all fun and games until we looked for some thrill. But still, it was a great six hours with my girls. 128514

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Our original destination was ludo at jupiter but it was fully booked so we opt here for a 20+ peeps.

Food here was good not bad at all compare to the food at the usual board game place.

I had Grilled Porkchop on Apple Sauce and it was impressive at P350.

MegaMilkShake Ferrero Chocolate at 360 and i had it split with a friend. It was too sweeet. Really too sweet.

Sour Cream buffalo wings was just okay.

Calamari was not bad

Nachos on a japanese version with seaweeds, tuna and kani was a unique take on nachos.

Mac n cheese was too spicy, not really good.

Salted egg with garlic wing is a must. You surely love the breaded egg.

Sriracha buffalo wing was just so so.

Boardgames were abit limited but the place was not that packed so its good. Great place if you want to steer away from the crowd. 128522

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NEj M.
5.0 Stars

This is a great place to dine in and unwind from ones busy days. This is great bonding among families and friends. The food is enticing especially their signature desserts and there are alot of board and card games to choose from that can be enjoyed by everyone. All the staff are accommodating as well. They will assist you from picking up the best board game suited for you and they will teach you how to play it. Surely, you will have a good time in this new food and games spot. #50kSummerGiveaway

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Ian V.
5.0 Stars

No new reviews for Onboard? Guys! THIS IS, LIKE, THE BEST PLACE EVER!

The place was packed when we got there that we had to wait outside. It was fine for us because, well, we can eat already and then just GET IT ON for the boardgames when we get a table inside.

We ordered the Bacon Kimchi Rice Bowl, Shepherd's Pie, Lemonade, and Cookies and Cream Milkshake. Like our last visit, everything was perfect. The bacon was cooked to perfection and loved how it goes so well together with the kimchi rice. Their take on the Shepherd's Pie is definitely unique but be forewarned, if you're not into curry stuff, you might not like their version of the yummy dish. The lemonade is perfect and the milkshake is perfect if you have a sweettooth.

We played Splendor. Not too much action, more thinking and strategies but we definitely enjoyed the game. We also played Ticket to Ride. Good game as well but maybe better if there's 3 or 4 of you playing instead of 2.

Staff is great. Very helpful. Lovely smiles on their faces. And really explains the games very well because, hello! Who likes reading manuals and rule books, right?

We enjoyed so much that we ended up staying past 1am! It's so addicting! 128514

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Ian V.
5.0 Stars

We're naturally kids at heart so it wasn't a surprise that we loved this place. We skipped Wanderland (sold our tickets last minute outside the venue) and spent time here instead.

We played Survivor: Escape from Atlantis. The game was challenging but simple enough to understand. We recommend the game! Everyone around us was eyeing the game because we're having too much fun. Haha.

The staff was very accommodating and approachable. They even helped us pick the game and explained it to us. We had questions throughout the game because we're competitive and we didn't want to be cheated. Lol. And they were all fine answering our questions throughout the evening. They also made sure to let us know which dishes are eligible for play (each person needs to order a dish to be able to play however long you like).

And then the food. Let us not forget the food. Can I just say divine? We ordered the Persian Rice Bowl, Grilled Apple Bacon Porkchops, Triple Chocolate Milkshake, and Lemonade. Everything was great. I love how the mango salsa elevated the taste of the chicken in the Persian Rice Bowl. The apple bacon gravy was so yummy that I finished it off before I finished the porkchop! 128514 Hope they can add more gravy to the porkchop because it was just really amazing but extra gravy costs 50 pesos. 128532 The lemonade was made just right. Not too sweet, just right amount of tanginess. Yum!

Overall great experience. We didn't even realize that we've stayed there for 4 hours already! 128562 Will definitely go back!

Ambiance - 1108811088110881108811088
Food & Drinks - 1108811088110881108811088
Play - 1108811088110881108811088
Service -11088110881108811088

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Serena M.
1.0 Stars

Bad experience!
Owners are rude and have an attitude problem!
Don't bother to give suggestions / comments coz they won't listen.
In fairness, the waiters and waitresses are all smiles and know how to apologize for their mistakes. But the owners are exactly the opposite!
Mediocre food and drinks.. Nachos, cookies, calamares, etc are so so... Brewed coffee tastes like instant coffee.
I'm sorry to say this but it's just a waste of time and energy trying out this restaurant..

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Cherisse Y.
5.0 Stars


It was actually my first time going to a "board game" resto! It was super fun!! They had so many games!! @-) Plus, the owners were really friendly and they taught us how to play all the games we wanted to play! The food was awesome too! Try the cheeseburger dip, it's so addictive!

My friends loved it so much that we stayed til closing time and wanted to go back the next day =))) the bad thing about It lang was that it was hard to find around circuit lane since most of the shops and restos were still closed. But we found it naman!

Will definitely go back! :)

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