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Mich M.
4.0 Stars

Every branch of Ooma has had lines until late and I was always curious as to how they do Bold Japanese. Just simple tweaks that make a dish enjoyable. 128077🏼

Among all the people I went with, I was the only one who hasn't tried it so I just browsed through the menu and let them do the ordering.

Tori Karaage- This came first and I immediately thought that it would be hard to eat because it's breading was actually like potato strips, lots of it. It was delicious though.

O-Gyoza(5pcs)- it was ok, nothing special except for the mozzarella on top

Ebi & Kani Aburi- one friend loved this and orders it every time but she was the only one who appreciated it. 128514 I just felt that it tasted of so much mayo and didn't get a taste of the ebi at all, might have been overpowered by the sauces. Not so much a fan of Kani since it ain't the real thing haha

Salmon Skin Aburi- This was good, just wasn't sure if the crunch was coming from the salmon skin or the onions?

Each time I smell the slight burnt smell i'd look to the bar and watch the flames 128517

The hanger steak was an absolute winner! Cooked medium and was so tender, they were generous with the truffle oil and the sweet potato mash was just enough to enjoy with the meat. 128588🏼

They ordered rice and iced tea but I didn't try it.

We had a total of 8 items and the total was around 2K; not too full but just enough to satiate the hunger. Service was fast, lots of servers. Restroom upstairs. Their kitchen was so small but efficient, their supplies all organized.

I'd come back to try their other dishes 128521

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Pat D.
4.0 Stars

The food was great! The service was awesome. Happy tummy, customer satisfied 128516128516128516

Just one comment- perhaps you can find a better way for your takeout? You just wrapped it in an aluminum foil. The food would be squished 128557128557128557

Hope this feedback reaches Ooma.

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Jamee U.
5.0 Stars

I always leave here with a happy tummy :)

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Bella J.
4.0 Stars

After seeing OOMA on the most popular restaurants list so many times this year, the cravings were bound to kick in. And since my best friend happens to have a perpetual craving for Japanese food, we found ourselves walking under the rain last week so that we can head to OOMA for lunch.

The place wasn’t as packed as I was used to seeing it but it was a relief to be able to easily get a table. Knowing that we would probably find things we would want to eat at some point in the day, we decided to order light to make sure we still had space in our stomach for the rest of our inevitable food trip.

We got the O-Gyoza to share which I found to be just okay at first, just like any other gyoza out there. It was the cheese that did the trick and added some saltiness to the dish.

I initially thought we’d end up automatically ordering the Salmon Skin Aburi Maki but my best friend eventually decided that that we should order something aside from our usual. So we ended up getting the Oyster Aburi Maki. Each sushi was just the right size, which made it easy to pick up and pop into my mouth. I really, really enjoyed this one since it was creamy and was a pop of different flavors. I kinda wish I didn’t have to share it. HAHA

What we ended up not really sharing (beyond a piece each) were our tataki orders. I got the Salmon Tataki while my best friend got the Tuna Tataki. I remember ordering this in OOMA’s Megamall branch and I know that I loved it so much that I wished I could order another one. The Salmon Tataki this time around didn’t have the level of finesse (for lack of a better term) that the one in Megamall did. I found the presentation pretty clumsy since there was too much liquid on the plate and the salmon cuts were pretty chunky. But all the flavors I loved about the dish were there so I guess the positives balanced the negatives.

My best friend’s Tuna tataki was again swimming in the liquids of the dressing so she ended up finding the whole thing too sour for her taste. She enjoyed the mushrooms in it and I understood why after snagging some from her plate, along with a piece of tuna. The tuna was also fresh, meaty, and really good.

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Foodcrawl P.
5.0 Stars

Japanese food with a kick of modernity. It is good to note that Ooma is launched by the brainchild of 8Cuts, Manam, ‘Cue BBQ and the team that brought Din Tai Fung in the country.

The frontage is across Powerplant Mall amorsolo entrance. The restaurant is a two floor dining with industrial motif. We arrived at 6:00pm and waited for about 10minutes to be seated. We dined at the outdoor tables.

There is an intensified selection of refined Japanese favorites. You will definitely get disappointed if you’re seeking for a traditional cuisine. The classic maki is re-invented with a different approach. There is a permutation to every dish.

Ordered the blockbuster hot plate, hanger steak for P498. It is one of the best thing I ate in recent time. Undeniably, heaven in every bite for a truffle fan like me. The crispy chips adds up to its unique taste. The Gyudon (P299) also strikes a balance from our usual hot bowls. Soft-shell crab is insanely good, too.

Ooma introduced me to new level of Japanase food. Other branches are in Mega Fashion Hall and BGC High Street.

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

Finally back again at Ooma! For today’s visit, we opted to try more of their hot plates which comes with unlimited rice for all diners. But I can’t skip on getting a serving of their salmon skin aburi maki 128586
SALMON SKIN ABURI MAKI | Php275 1108811088110881108811088
Torched salmon, crispy salmon skin, asparagus, cream cheese, wasabi, aioli, teriyaki sauce
I swear, this is the bomb. It’s one of the best, if not the best, maki I’ve tried to date. The cream cheese and other sauces really blended well with the super crispy salmon skin. It's just deletable flavors marrying with each other. A definite must-try!
TORI KARA-AGE Php255 1108811088110881108811088
Crispy chicken thigh wrapped in sweet potato strips, scallions, and sesame seeds then drizzled with soy-vinegar glaze.
I liked the crispy crust and juicy chicken inside. Really great dish.
BUTA KAKUNI Php370 11088110881108811088
Slow roasted pork belly, pickled carrots, radish, scallions, coconut
Very tender and juicy pork. I actually liked it but the slight tangy flavor from the pickled carrots may throw some people off since it is not exactly what I would consider a Japanese flavor. But nonetheless, I quite enjoyed this one.
HANGER STEAK Php498 11088110881108811088
Sous-vide hanging tender, sautéed mushrooms, white truffle oil, sweet potato mash, crispy baby potato, herb oil, ponzu butter
I think this speaks for itself for being a constant crowd favorite. Tender steak cooked medium rare with truffle flavors paired best with their smooth sweet potato mash. One order of this alone could fully satisfy two people.
One of my friends who came with me told us that he is “not a fan of Japanese food” but felt unsatisfied even after consuming three bowls of rice 128563 He actually wanted to order more. Can’t believe that comment came from someone who wasn’t a fan of Japanese food 128514

Service was quick too. Even if we went during peak hours, around 730pm, the food was served quick. We even requested to change tables and they assisted us nicely. Keep it up Ooma!

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Shellah Marie R.
5.0 Stars


It was okay. Nothing special for me.


Hanger steak : SUPER YUMMY. Sweet potato mashed is super creamy and yummy. Steak was tender and juicy. Chips are super crisp and yummy as well. Yoy should definitely try this!!

Tempura : Wasn't able to take a picture of this but I can guarantee that this is soo good also.

Maki : Not a fan of Makis but as per my friend, it was so good. It was also her favorite so I guess it was indeed good.

Molten Lava Cake : Didn't like it the much. I find the cinnamon flavor quite overpowering


Friendly and accommodating staff.


Quite pricey but it was worth it.


Did I enjoy it? - Yes
Will I recommend it? - Yes
Will I cone back? - Yes

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Marili Anne M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Pat S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ricka A.
5.0 Stars

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Money value: 5/5

I heard a lot of good feedback on Ooma so for Saturday dinner, I requested that my friends and I (I third wheeled) have sushi. Found in the posh Rockwell area, not in Powerplant but across it alongside Aruga, Ooma is a bang for your buck! Price plays around from 150-375; quite pricey but when I say it's a bang for your buck, it definitely is because of how big and flavorful each maki is.

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YVette C.
5.0 Stars

Always loving their food!
Excellent taste and presentation.
Expensive but somehow worth it.
Service was great as well. Staff were polite and very attentive. They keep on refilling tea and water. 128512128077🏼

Unli rice ftw!

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Arianessy T.
5.0 Stars

Everything's delicious! Don't forget to order their hanger steak!!!

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

This was 5th spot to visit during my quick trip to Manila. Right after SARSÁ, I left with the group and headed over to Single Origin. But before I can join them, I had to go next door to Ooma and try out their Soft Shell Crab 'Wich. I've read great reviews about this, so I had to get my tastebuds on it.

Oomaigawwwd is what I can say about this!

This OOMA X 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS collaboration is wonderful; a great analogy of when the East meets the West.

Imagine this; a 4.5" sandwich; inside, a hefty sized beer-batter soft-shell crab topped with mounds of mozzarella, unagi sauce, crispy salmon skin, mango salsa, aligue mayo, and herb aioli. I believe there's nori within in all that beautiful mess.

In the beginning, just by looking at this monstrous sandwich, you would ask yourself questions like;

1. How in the world can I properly eat this without looking like a fool in public?


2. With all the ingredients, wouldn't my tastebuds be confused?

Well, to answer the first question: I have no answer! (hahaha) All I can say is that you have to find a way to eat this furtively, like I did.

As to the second question, no, your tastebuds will not be confused. Even will all that's topped onto the crab, you'll be able to distinguish all the flavors. You'll be even surprised that all that's in the sandwich meshes well together.

By the time I finished this, I felt so so guilty. After all, I did start eating at 5AM, and it's already past 2PM during the time I had this.

The Soft Shell Crab 'Wich is only available until April 30, so get yours now before it's too late!!

By the way, my apologies, which I forgot whom, recommended me to go to this particular branch, because it gave bigger portions than the others as well as 8 Cuts. Please make yourself known! :))

Happy Eating!!!

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Hashtag: Sunday's Best

Yesterday, I had lunch courtesy of my hs friend, Andrea to celebrate her birthday. She decided to try Oomain Rockwell. Great! As I never had a chance to explore this place. The last time I dine, was in Megamall. A bowl of Gyudon, that's it!

This is a highy rated place based on reviews I read. Menu is mostly Japanese comfort food with Western twist. Warning: there's a long queue during lunch time. We arrived at exactly 12 noon, and we're 5th. Good thing, there's a fast turnover.

The interior of the place is inspired by Tsukiji fish market place setting. Its like giving you the "feels" while enjoying the sumptious meal. Our lunch was sort of festive, we loved everything! My friend is ready to order as soon we are seated. We had:

Kani Salad (295) greens, shrimp, crabstick, corn, carrots, pickled veggies in yakiniku sauce.

Agedashi Tofu (P245) crispy tofu topped with tempura cherry tomato, eggplant slices and greens ( mostly my favorite arugula!) covered by dressing to taste

Main courses:
California Tako Maki ( 2pcs for P140) open faced tempi wrap, aligue mayo, mango pico & herb aeoli.

Scallop & Tuna Aburi Maki ( 6 pcs for P295) torched scallop, tuna, cucumber, nori crumbs,scallion, terriyaki sauce, and spicy mayo.

Gyudon (P299) rice topped by sous vide beef, mushrooms, onions, fried shallots, and egg. Served with yummy & fresh veggies with dressing.

Tuna Tataki (P295) sesame crusted salmon, with roasted pineapple pickled raddish in ginger garlic sauce.

O-Gyoza (5 pcs for P235) gratinated mozarella and cheddar cheese, scallion, unagi sauce

Hanger Steak (P495) tender hanger steak in white truffle oild, sweet potato mash, with mushroom and crispy baby potatoes.

Verdict: i highly recommended the tatakis (it was like sashimi but flavored), hanger steak, and aburi maki ( i love tuna &scallops). The rest is also good yet it is something we often had whenever we're in a Japanese resto. Service is quick. Orders came in few minutes.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Celebrated my Sister birthday here in Ooma, my fave Japanese place. Just for a change she choose to celebrate her birthday in Rockwell branch. We got there at around 1145H and the place was already jampacked. We managed to secure i their mezzanine area. Like their other branches the place looks good and japanese modern artistic in a way. I love the top view we got from the mezzanine.

For this visit what stood out from the list of dishes my sister our the Uni Udon, Ebi Tempura, Kani Salad and Buta Kakuni. The Uni udon was somethin that I've never ordered from their menu but was very surprise how good it was. I highly recommend that dish. Ebi tempura was so good from head to tail edible. I love their version of kani salad packed with so many element of flavor. While I love the crispy feel of the Buta kakuni mixed with the pickled veggies on top.

Overall Ooma 128077128077

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Elise C.
5.0 Stars

This is the best Japanese restaurant in town, my rating shows!! I love this restaurant even if I've only been once! My mouth keeps watering whenever I see the photos of the food my bestfriend and I had last month!!

Okay okay, what did we have?
Soft shell crab taco maki 199
I love anything soft shell! This is a sure hit!

Ebi and kani aburi maki
Now I know the reason behind this restaurant's hype. I mean people are actually lining up for this restaurant even if it's been open for long already! This maki was really good my bestfriend even agrees! Flavor is not overpowering at all.

Hanger steak 495 this I had all to my self, it was juicy and cooked pretty well! Made me love hanger steak more. I really liked the chips on top too and the mashed potato or kamote, okay I might have this wrong but I don't really know how to differentiate the two. But please take my word for it, IT REALLY IS GOOD.

Caramelized banana and ice cream
I also had this to myself, and found this to be a more sosyal version of banana que with ice cream. The addition of cilantro was pretty clever though.

Service was impeccable. Didnt spend too much for that much food too! I want to come back!!

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Mark C.
5.0 Stars

The lightly broiled maki (aburri) rolls are amazing. I really loved the oyster ones. Also, this place has unlimited rice so it can probably turn you into a sumo wrestler (that's a positive thing).

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Hanger Steak, how I've missed you so...

I'm so glad there's Ooma Rockwell so it's a little closer to home. Although the upcoming and proximity friendly BGC branch excites me, this branch shall do fine for now. Quite a choice for lunch to my Mom and I last Sat, which is my 2nd visit in less than a week. Although we waited for maybe 15 minutes despite the lateness of the visit, we were well managed and entertained by Lenster (hope I got her name right), because Kris wasn't on duty yet. That shows that their staff are well trained and have the proper amount of "bibbo" 128513

We sat at the 2nd floor which was a nice new experience for me. I liked it there, gave me a glimpse of the other interior decoration of Ooma. The semi industrial mixed with their Japanese decorations worked well. It's fairly simple but pleasing to the eye. Their aircon woes still present though surprisingly not as bad despite the high noon. Maybe because Lenster sat me at the table in front of their wall fan. Haha. But it ruined my hair. 128514

Anyway, off to our orders...

Soft Shell Crab Open Taco Maki (P199) - always a favorite of mine, though their soft shell crab tasted more done today than usual. Usually a home run 5/5, today it was a 4/5 for me.

Salmon Tataki (P195) - raw salmon, thinly cut, with its edges pan seared with sesame seeds. Presented with ginger garlic sauce, and garnished with pickled red radish and roasted pineapples. Likely marinated with vinegar as traditional tataki's are known, I liked this a lot. Already a love of salmon, this is a different take to raw salmon / sashimi. I've tried the Tuna Tataki before but it's been a while, I liked the acidity and the flavor of the sauce blends well with this. About 5 to 6 nice pieces. It's more quality than quantity kind of an experience. God knows I've had my share of salmon sashimi in buffets, but this is different, a good different. Try it! 4.5/5

Hanger Steak (P495) - medium rare to medium cooked strips of Hanger Steak on a bed of sweet potato mash, with baby potato chips for saltiness and texture. Terribly good, gamey than usual beef steak, this is a must order for first timers, big groups and... for me! You just have to get their Unli plain rice (free!) with this. Why, carbs, why???

Service by Rochelle upstairs was excellent! They've added new dishes pala from the original menu like Baked Salmon Gratin (which is awesome), and maybe 2 of the Aburi Maki's (the Steak one was not to my liking) are also fairly new.

Anyway, Ooma Rockwell looks to be successful for the Moment group, as it replaced their Italian resto in the same venue. Good decision. Now, for the BGC branch... Soon!

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been dying to try Ooma ever since I heard that Ooma and Sensei Sushi have the same owners. I was ecstatic 128518 when they opened a branch at Rockwell as Megamall was too far from home.

Since yesterday was a holiday, Ooma did not accept reservations so we figured we need to go early to avoid the long lines. We arrived at around quarter to six in the evening and were seated immediately. Considering it was still very early, by the time we got there, only two tables were available.

Upon seated, we were served with their house tea127861 while giving us ample time to choose our orders. Loved their tea! It had a hint of brewed coffee 9749️ I do need to comment that their menu is beautiful. I loved how they added several photos of their bestselling dishes. It was smart to do so as people are very visual when it comes to practically anything. It took us a while to decide what to order as everything looks and sounds amazing. In the end, we settled for their Salmon Skin Aburi Maki, Tempura and Soft Shell Crab Maki, Hanger Steak, and Uni Udon. I took K's words that Ooma had small servings which is why we ordered that much for two people. Good thing we were able to finish everything

128032 SALMON SKIN ABURI MAKI [P275] 1108811088110881108811088
Aburi, meaning to “burn something”, is a traditional Japanese of blowtorch – direct flame to burn. It can be deconstructive or tame and the art of aburi brings out amazing things – a different flavor and an enticing aroma that fills the entire place. The Salmon Skin Aburi Maki is composed of torched salmon, crispy salmon skin, asparagus, cream cheese, wasabi aioli, and teriyaki sauce.

I absolutely LOVE this dish. It was love at first bite and I instantly gave it five stars. The salmon skin is very very crispy and the salmon was beautiful cooked – lightly torched but still maintaining that fresh and soft salmon meat. All the other elements (asparagus, cream cheese, wasabi aioli, teriyaki sauce) gave the maki tons of flavors. It was super creamy and flavorful that I just had to scoop another whole maki immediately in my mouth. Each bite was like biting into a beautiful symphony of harmonic flavors.

🦀 TEMPURA AND SOFT SHELL CRAB MAKI [P285] 11088110881108811088
Soft Shell Crab • Tempura • Radish • Cucumber • Basil • Cherry Tomatoes

This was also good but the Salmon Skin Aburi suited my taste buds better. This one had a fresher and lighter taste and gives a healthier overall feeling. What I liked about this maki is that both the tempura and soft shell crab were very crunchy and flavorful. As you bite into the maki, you’ll feel a nice blend of different textures – crisp from the proteins and soft from the rice and vegetables. I liked how the cucumber and cherry tomatoes gave a very fresh and cleansing taste to it. It’s a great balance to the other heavy flavors of the dish.

128046 HANGER STEAK [P495] 1108811088110881108811088
Sous-vide hanger tender • Sautéed mushrooms • White truffle oil • Sweet Potato Mash • Crispy baby potato • Herb Aioli • Ponzu butter

When I saw the photo on their menu, I thought this was going to be a small serving. Oh boy did I got it wrong. One serving was more than enough for 2 people to share and feel completely satisfied. Please do note that all their big plates come with unlimited rice. Even though it is just hanger steak, it was cooked beautifully. The steak was very soft and tender as it was cooked medium. I loved the very Japanese flavors that ooze out of this dish. The sweet potato mash 127840 is very smooth and creamy! (I need a whole bowl of this mashed sweet potato on a daily basis. That’s how good it was.) It went very well with the hanger steak and truffle oil. The thin slices of baby potatoes gave an extra kick of flavor, however, it wasn’t crispy anymore. But nonetheless, it is a very good dish. Also, the P495 is very worth it.

127836 UNI UDON [P495]1108811088110881108811088
Fresh uni • Shrimp • Onion • Fresh Mushrooms • Nori crumbs • Scallion • Uni cream sauce

This Uni Udon is amazing! The uni flavor in the very creamy cream sauce is evident. It tasted like a very creamy carbonara with a burst of wonderful uni flavor. I loved how the udon was perfectly cooked and how the flavors mingled with each other. To compare, this is even better than the great Salmon and Uni Pasta I mentioned in my FAT’s review.

127796 COCONUT LIME PANNA COTTA [P195] 11088110881108811088
Okinawa syrup • Puffed rice
I had mixed feelings with this dessert. The coconut lime panna cotta itself was DELICIOUS. It was very smooth and creamy. Although it was thick, it leaves a light and clean taste to the palate. I could eat five servings of this panna cotta by its own in one sitting. However, the syrup was a bit off for me. It had a sweet and sour taste that did not really compliment the panna cotta. Also, the puffed rice is crispy and added a beautiful texture to the dessert. But the chili powder on top of the puffed rice was really off. Too bad, it would have been a really good dessert if they removed the chili powder and tweak the syrup a bit.

SERVICE 1108811088110881108811088
Service was great. The servers were attentive despite the packed restaurant. Food were all served within 15 minutes of ordering.

PLACE 1108811088110881108811088
I loved the Japanese🇯🇵 feel of the restaurant. It had a cement wall with several Japanese touches such as the flag and counters. It also had a high ceiling and a mimic of wooden windowns. The place was a bit small though but it does have a second floor to accommodate more customers.

I will definitely be back for more visits as the food is very good. Although it may seem expensive at first, the quality and serving size do compensate for it. Makis have around 6 to 7 pieces per serving. The hanger steak is more than enough for two people. To be honest, our orders were good for 3-4 people, not two 128514128055 We were very bloated right after finishing everything. Also, as mentioned earlier, unlimited rice 127834 is served for the big plates. If I had to cut our orders, I’d remove the tempura and soft shell crab maki and the coconut lime panna cotta, not that it was bad but the others were just better. Despite those, it definitely deserves five stars 11088️ Overall, it was really a great experience. Everything was Oomalicious!128069

1. Tempura and Soft Shell Crab Maki
2-3 Salmon Skin Aburi Maki
4 Hanger Steak
5 Uni Udon
6 Coconut Lime Panna Cotta

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