OPA Mediterranean Restaurant

2/F Somerset Millennium Bldg., Aguirre St., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

OPA Mediterranean Restaurant
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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Tucked hidden in Legaspi Village is a restaurant that serves mediterranean inspired dishes. Their Pressed Pork Belly was definitely worth the calories and porky goodness. This is OPA Mediterranean Restaurant.

The place doubles as the in-house restaurant of one of the serviced condos/apartments in the area. It is located at the 2nd floor of the serviced building thus quite easy to miss. Albeit the lack of Mediterranean "vibe" , the closest to the feel was their use of colorful service wares that sticks to the concept of their offering. Being partially hidden, the place offers a good private repose from the other usual dining places in the area.

Their menu seems to marry Mediterranean inspired dishes (ranging from Greek, Turkish,Italian) and Pinoy dishes. This visit we tried their Crab Bernande, Pressed Pork Belly, and Lamp Souvlaki .

Crab Bernande (395): listed under their appetizers, the dish was a serving of two pan fried crab patties made from crab meat and potatoes. Served with a Roasted Red Pepper Aioli dressing and a small side green salad. We liked the dish. It tasted like a denser crab cake and tasted good with the piquant aioli dressing. It would have been better if the patties tasted "fresher/sweeter". We thought that there was a tad of "old-fishy" taste to the dish.

Pressed Pork Belly(320): we loved their pork dish. It was a made of pork belly roasted in a garlic-white wine marinade. Served over mashed roasted eggplant and came with a side of fried garlic rice. We loved that the dish was flavorful and reminiscent of a less saltier lechon kawali. The meat part was tender, the fat part was deliciously buttery, and the scored pork skin was delightfully crunchy. The mashed eggplants, tossed with a light vinaigrette, nicely balanced the dish. Yummy and filling with the buttery fried garlic rice. A highly recommended dish to foodies who enjoy crispy pork belly dishes.

The Lamb Souvlaki (350): we liked the skewered meat dish. The chunks of lamb tasted good in its flavorful lightly spicy marinade. Yummy with the yoghurt sauce and filling with the rice that came with the dish.

The place comes recommended to foodies who enjoy Mediterranean inspired dishes. Personally, I will come back for more of their delicious Pressed Pork Belly.

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