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4/F The Podium, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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Options Studio
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Fitness Center
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Edwin I.
3.0 Stars

Nope, these contraptions are not from a torture chamber nor is it from an S&M booth. These are Stott-Pilates equipments used in a fitness & health studio at the Podium.

This is OptionsStudio, one of the two new health & fitness studios located at the Podium. I think it's good move that the Podium had attracted the opening of 2 fitness /health centers in its premises. An erstwhile healthy move in a calorie laden venue with all the good eats temptation and then some retail therapy.

The studio offers a good list of group and personalized classes using equipment and mat exercises. Aside from Stott-Pilates, they offer Core Suspend (similar to TRX---where you use your body weight in a chord workout), CoreReform (Pilates +elastic weight bands), Barre, and yoga.

I've always been intrigued about Stott-Pilates. It's a relatively old health Contraption and health routine invented way back in 1988 in Canada. The practice though has been popular worldwide with some affluent practitioners even purchasing the equipment and hiring personal trainers at home.

I availed of the free one-on-one work out trial of OptionsStudio. I wanted to see if this was "my thing" . Stott-Pilates looks deceivingly simple and easy. Dont let the mobile boards and cables fool you. Its not just core strengthening and balance, but it also strengthens the small muscles normally neglected. Its not a high cardio burning/ increased heart rate work out, but it made me work out muscles i didn't even know existed.

The breathing routine was a bit confusing . Im used to asana and ujjayi breathing of yoga where I inhale/exhale from the nose. Pilates, on the other hand made me inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth slowly (as if blowing out a candle).

The personal trainer they assigned for my trial workout was very good . He patiently walked me through each and every move with the equipment. He was able to spot my problems on my posture and erring habits when lifting. He also made an assessment of my physical capacity and recommended the "best" routine should I decide to avail of the center's fitness programs.

I did find the Stott-Pilates work out ok. Indeed my core felt sore and so did my legs. I did break out a few sweat. But I guess I still prefer the high intensity , high sweat, heart-rate increasing routine that I practice in my regular gym. As far as the stretches, balance and core strengthening is concerned, I think my regular yoga classes will do.

But I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a fitness plan option. Afterall, I think it's important that everyone simply finds a perfect health routine that encourages a disciplined and regular visit. Health is wealth.

At best, do take advantage of their free one-on-one trial to see if this is for you.

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