Orange Karenderia

Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

Orange Karenderia
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May Ann B.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time to be invited and to join a food crawl. So from the time I got an email from Peanut D, I immediately checked my schedule and worked it out with her. I'm glad everything fell into place, and found myself catching the afternoon leg.

The food crawl is a 2-day event sponsored by Parkmall in partnership with looloo. The 1st day was composed of 7 restaurants; but, since I came in late, I was able to catch 5.

The 3/7 on the list -- Orange Karenderia.

Three (3) dishes were served:

1. Betsy's Garlic Chicken (P160). Per menu description, it is a boneless chicken thigh glazed with secret sauce; however, the supposed glazed secret sauce became so generous that the dish became a bit salty. The garlic was overpowered by soy sauce that the garlic-y taste was somewhat unnoticeable. What I liked about this dish though was its tender and juicy meat, and the serving was already good for sharing.

2. Crispy Tuna Belly (P135). I could say the way the fish was cooked was just right. The meat was tender enough to stand a bit longer before we actually had a taste of it due to dish photo ops. The taste however was a bit pale (lacked saltiness); but, it was well complemented by the ultimate saviour -- the dipping sauce that came with it on the side.

3. Pork Sisig (P105). It was surprising that despite being flavourful and saucy, the pork sisig's saltiness level was just right. The sisig that was on a healthier side -- boasting with so much onions and bell peppers!

For this visit, I am giving 4 stars on the modern carinderia ambience, taste of served dishes, and menu affordability.
Coming back? YES!

**Note: I am not a fan of salty food; thus, I am very particular with the saltiness level of the dish I review.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The third stop on the |ooloo X Parkmall sponsored food crawl was Orange Karenderia. This restaurant is no stranger to me. I have been a fan of this place for a while already. Their branch here in Parkmall is fairly new so I was also very excited to dine here, another first. 128568 By this time, May A was able to join us already which was such a relief! YEY! More people to share food with!

The look and feel of the restaurant is like a posh karenderia. The familiar "counter" of the street eatery is part of their concept, but the dining area is air conditioned and looks expensive. The chairs and tables they chose were of a very rustic feel, and very pretty and relaxing to the eyes. I also liked the small details in the restaurant like the cute little plants on the tables. To be fair, they were able to achieve their desired ambiance. I've always been a fan of theirs, and thanks to their consistency in service and quality of food, this visit was no less than excellent as well. 128568

1.) Betsy’s Garlic Chicken
This has been the best chicken dish on the Best of Cebu list for three consecutive years. As such, they have achieved the grand slam status and will no longer be dethroned of the position. Theirs is the best chicken dish in all of Cebu, and I must say, I actually agree. The first time I tried this, I have loved it and the same for today. In fact, the dish has never looked and tasted better. The same favorite garlicky sweet and salty sauce over chicken skin wrapping tender chunks of chicken thigh fillet are just pieces of heaven! Normally, I would eat this with a hearty helping of steamed white rice, but I resisted the urge to do so on this particular visit. Food crawl e. But yes, LAMI JUD KAAYO! And I’m so happy they have stayed true to the owner’s uncle’s girlfriend’s mother’s recipe. 128569128571

2.) Crispy Tuna Belly
This dish is also a favorite of mine. I've had this a number of times already and it remains consistently good. Always crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this very well seasoned fish is fried just right. And it's not too overwhelming in the amount of breading. The sauce that comes with it pairs really well with the tuna. 128571

3.) Pork Sisig
I've never ordered this here but I'm glad I finally tried it. The pieces of pork were actually very flavorful and oh so tender! It has a generous amount of onions and I do like onions. It was a very tasty take on the familiar Pinoy comfort food - salty and just a tad sweet. I really liked it. And I can imagine enjoying it with a cup of freshly steamed rice too. Ang hirap po magpigil besh! 128569

Orange Karenderia has impressed me from the start and just continues to do so in every visit. Their consistency is commendable. Cheers to opening another branch, and even to expanding in Bacolod! I wouldn’t be surprised if they open in Manila soon, and that would be such a delight for me too! I’ll keep coming back to their simple and just good food. 128571

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

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