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Osaka Ohsho
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Unisse C.
3.0 Stars


Since one week’s short, I had a bunch of lunches and dinners planned (and a couple of breakfasts) so I can meet and catch up with people.

First, Tuesday dinner: OSAKA OSHO.

Initially, my friend and I planned to meet at Shangri-la Plaza Mall but decided against it at the last minute because of limited food options. We went to the neighboring mall, SM Megamall instead.

She’s a fan of OOMA but for some reason, OOMA was closed that day. They had a sign that said “closed for a few days”.

After roaming around, we landed in Osaka Osho!

The regular gyoza was okay. Nothing really fantastic about it. Quite disappointing since gyoza is supposed to be their specialty.

This one had more flavor and my friend seemed to enjoy this a lot more than the regular one. Although for me, I still prefer a regular gyoza that packs a punch rather than having something like truffle to class it up.

When I first tried this place years ago, I loved this rice because of the fluffy egg and the rich sauce. I still like it but the egg’s less fluffy/malasado on the inside unlike how it is in the photo. The egg was quite salty too. So you really have to have a lot of rice to accompany the egg and the sauce.

This is the pork katsu that goes on top of the famous katsudon - cooked with egg and sauce. Good thing they didn’t mess up this classic dish!

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Jaja R.
4.0 Stars

It was our first time here. So we tried their Osaka Osho Salad for starters, Truffle Gyoza (their specialty) and Bacon and Cheese Flying Noodles. Their Japanese Milk Tea was perfect!!

Food presentation was good. Staff wasn't paying much attention maybe because we came in at almost closing time.

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Aaron M.
2.0 Stars

World’s famous gyoza..... for being worst? For tasting like a convenience store’s gyoza? Or for its overpriced gyoza?

On the brighter side, i give them three stars for their other meals.

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Larah L.
5.0 Stars

Gyoza was ok but loved their other food choices like the omurice and tempura

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Best Gyoza in the world? They claim it but I had better. I do appreciate the flavor, the variety and it being packed in every bite. We had the one with Nori and Pork. Looking forward to try the curry version.

Interesting enough they have kiddie versions of their bento box. So having been eating too much with all the reviews, the Php 200 Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Karaage was value for money. It had good miso soup and fresh fruits with it.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

My family and I had dinner here one Saturday evening and the overall experience was just fine.

FOOD (3/5)
- The gyoza was just okay. The filling was tasty though.
- The salad was good but considering the size, taste, and the price (more than 200php), this is overpriced!
- Ebi Tempura was so-so. It's sad and not crispy anymore. But according to my aunt, okay naman daw.
- The teppanyaki beef was good, it's tasty and flavorful but bitin and not super tender. The mixed veggies on the side, yasai itame?, was good! I liked it!

ANG LALA. Staffs (and even the manager) are not approachable and not all nice. And oh, another reason behind the 2/5 rating is the overall cleanliness of the place. 🤐128528

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Marc M.
3.0 Stars

Truffle Gyoza came highly recommended that I went in just for this. The truffle was really really subtle. I was expecting an explosion of flavors. All I got was a hint. Gyoza itself was still great though, Perfectly seared skin and everything. Just not what I was anticipating.

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Haidee C.
5.0 Stars

Lunch after my daughter's graduation. She ordered her favorite beef saikoro. Gyoza is really nice.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

My love for Japanese cuisine attracted me to this resto. For appetizers, we tried Bacon & Cheese gyoza it was an interesting taste, this and the Gohan set I got made me full by the end of the meal.

Tried a different dish ordered Truffle Cream Chicken set (Php455) complete with gyoza, miso soup, rice and fruits. I liked the sauce and mixed it with rice. Yum!

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I know Osaka Osho exists.  I wasn't that keen on dining here as i have a long withstanding affair with their next door neighbour.   Illicit affairs aside,  FoodSocietyPh got invited to try some of the new items on their menu during their anniversary month.   Me and my homies decided to brave Edsa Traffic to feast on some Japanese grub.

We arrived a little after 6pm and settled on one of the empty tables.  Early birds gets first dibs on ze photos.   It is a struggle to take pictures when light is not on your side #FoodieProblems.  Albeit the crowd and absence of natural light,  i managed to capture some decent shots. 

| Nori Nachos.   Deep fried battered seaweed sheets,  gyoza meat,  furikake,  Japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes.  This is the first dish that i munched on and boy....i was pleasantly surprised.  Why haven't i thought of this??? I felt a sudden pang of envy to the person behind the dish.  This is a wonderful mixture of textures and flavors.  The crunch from the deep fried seaweed down to the heavenly combination of the gyoza meat x mayo x bonito flakes.  This is wow on each bite. 

| Salmon Cheese Aburi.   And the Oscar goes to....

Meryll...errr...Salmon Cheese Aburi!  Biased opinion as i like Meryll...errr Salmon.  Biases aside,  the chef did a heck of a job cooking the salmon.  Precision and expertise is required to pull of a salmon dish.   Watch it like a hawk while you cook it,  turn your head for a minute and you lose all the moisture,  you are left with an overcooked slab of fish.  Lessen the cooking time by a minute and you'll get hit by the fishy aftertaste.   The cheese played a vital part in the equation as it heightened the flavor of the fish to infinity. 

Forget Florence Foster Jenkins,  all that matters is the Salmon Cheese Aburi.

| Japanese Paella
| Black Pepper Gyudon

I can't remember the rice dishes.  I know i ate a couple of spoonfulls due a sudden rush of Extinction Burst (Psych Jargon,  Google it if you have time).  I guess not remembering is a sign that the aforementioned dishes are forgettable. 

| Matcha Katsu.  I got a lil giddy when i saw green.  Hi,  I am Reich and I am a Matcha addict.   All the "kilig"  disapperead after the first bite.... Where is the matcha??? Can't taste any....

| Chicken Enokiyaki.  Five words - Fancy Chicken Teriyaki.  Nothing special. 

Gyoza and then some

| Gyoza Tantanmien
| Truffle Gyoza
| Chorizo Gyoza

I am not a fan of Japanese dumplings.  No horror stories that involves gyoza and i dobt have an irrational fear of a giant gyoza attacking a town.  It is one of those things that i chose not to order at Japanese restaurants.

I tried the Chori and Truffle variants and i can't tell the difference (except for the truffle aroma).  The dumpling is full of errr...gyoza meat (not sure if that's the correct term) and the taste is just okay.  The tantanmien is good sans the gyoza.  Mixing dumplings with ramen is not a good idea as it interferes with the flavor profile of the broth.

Service is a lil off as we had to do three follow-ups for the food.  I'd let that slide as the crew is probably running around like headless chickens because of the deluge of guests arriving. 

Anyway,  dinner has highs and lows.  I commend the Osaka Osho team for the innovation (Nori Nachos) and cooking prowess (Salmon Cheese Aburi).

Peace Out!


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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

It's OSAKA OHSHO's 3rd year anniversary and to celebrate, they released new dishes by adding twist to the "usual" Japanese food.

We were able to try Spanish inspired dishes aka JAPA-NISH such as the TRUFFLE GYOZA, CHORI GYOZA, and JAPANESE PAELLA.

The chori and truffle gyoza were both good but I still prefer the plain version. Cause I like it plain and simple. 128540

And since they know how good nachos are, they also made a Japanese inspired aka JAP-MEX dish which is the NORI NACHOS. Deep fried nori topped w gyoza meat, japanese mayo, furikake and bonito flakes. This one's a winner and my favorite!! A nice snack or appetizer while you wait. 128076🏼

Other new dishes are the following:


They all are interesting but the only item I KINDA liked was the salmon. Salmon + Cheese!!! 128155

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4.0 Stars

This is gonna be a two part review. Bear with me.

The first part will review their new menu items, which I was able to try some time last month, but since I'm new to LooLoo never got to post a review till now.

Second part will be of my visit last night, where only gyoza was consumed.

So I was invited to taste their new items awhile back, I'll just give a rundown on what was worth your hard earned cash of ever you were to purchase in the future:

GET the following:

-NORI NACHOS. Definitely the most unique of their new menu items, and an example of the restaurant's Mexi-Fusion menu, these were my favorite items of the night. Though it was weeks prior. I can still remember the distinct taste these bad boys had. Serving size is good for Two, or one JC. Advised not for sharing if you love yourself more than your dining companion.

-MATCHA infused KATSU. Though not quite as intense as I thought it would be, it was still kind of a 'weird' combo. I've never seen Katsu infused with anything except my mouth, so it was kind of cool to see this combo. The green tea paste (or whatevs it's called) was sweet, some may find it almost dessert-like, so be aware of that. But overall, I enjoyed it, worth it for the novelty factor and picture worthiness. Taste was deece.

-CHORI GYOZA. Chorizo Gyoza. Another fusion item, but I'll be honest, if you didn't tell me there was chorizo, I would have just assumed it was meaty-ass Gyoza. Which isn't a bad thing. Pack that bad boy with meat for all I care. Is it worth the premium over regular gyoza? Probably not. But it's alright if your taste buds can differentiate meats.

-SALMON CHEESE ABURRI. This was class. Besides the Nori Nachos, this is by far their best new menu item. The cheese is great, and cheesephiles (is that a word?) Are sure to appreciate this dish. I also like how it's not super 'fishy' tasting. Some salmon dishes tend to leave that fishy aftertaste. This doesn't. And it's glorious.


The PASS (unless someone's paying) list:

-CHICKEN ENOKIYAKI. To be honest I remember comparing this to those chicken bites you get at convenience stores. Blind test me and I wouldn't know the difference.

-BLACK PEPPER GYUDON. Average. Pass. Too watery tasting if that makes sense

-JAPANESE PAELLA. Overly sweet. Like overly. Sweet. More sweet than that officemate who has a crush on you and won't drop the sweetness. Pass.

-GYOZA TANTANMEN. It's soup with Gyoza on top. I don't remember the soup. The Gyoza didn't pair well for me to remember. Gyoza was good though. Just get Gyoza.

-TRUFFLE GYOZA. Just get regular gyoza. Real talk

So thats part one.


Part Two (Gyoza dinner)

Went last night around 7pm. Place was almost empty (I don't know if that bodes well for a restaurant on a Tuesday night in Meganall)


GET these. For sure their best menu item. It's whaf their known for. If you're like me and you need rice, prepare to pay a steep price, as an order of rice costs P75. Damn son. But at least it's more than a cup (by my eyeball estimate).
Definitely would come back just gor Gyoza alone.

-MANGO YAKULT Drink. T'was good. More like mango yogurt though. Idk if Yakult and yogurt are the same thing. If theg are, then you'll enjoy it. If you expect a more Yakult-y taste, it's a lot sweeter than I thought it would be. Still a GET

Service and restaurant cleanliness are all acceptable. Nothing to note. So my star review will be based on their food alone. Four stars because they have plenty of items that you'll probably like. Less one star because there are plenty of items you probably won't like.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I usually avoid SM Megamall because of the insane traffic that seems to surround the well-loved mall. However, I simply could not say no to The Relish Group’s invite especially if it means feasting on some Japanese treats. And so, I found myself braving the traffic one Wednesday night.

Hello, Osaka Ohsho!

Celebrating its 3rd year anniversary, the joint marketed to offer the best gyoza in the world had something prepared for those who have insatiable desire for Japanese cuisine.

This time around, Osaka Ohsho turned Spanish and European flavors a bit more Asian (or Japanese to be more specific) with its Truffle Gyoza, Chori Gyoza and Japanese Paella.

The truffle gyoza was love at first bite as the burst of flavors after a mouthful was pure bliss. The succulent meat paired with truffle was so addicting that my portion disappeared within a minute.

But this was not the end of the restaurant’s innovative take in Japan-izing cuisines. It also made the crowd favorite nachos into something that would make you have a taste of Tokyo (or Osaka). Its Nori Nachos or deep fried battered seaweed sheets topped with gyoza meat, furikake, Japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes would make you utter “Ola, Hai!” (Note: This dish could be a tad too oily so try not to go crazy with this dish especially for those with sensitive tummies.)

And to all matcha lovers out there, you might want to try Osaka Ohsho’s Matcha Butter Tonkatsu. You read it right, MATCHA TONKATSU. Your favorite breaded pork had a makeover and it was a bit Wicked inspired.

Just don’t expect a very strong matcha taste especially after munching on other flavorful dishes.

The Chicken Enokiyaki is your usual Chicken Teriyaki but made better with enoki! I loved this one as the tender chicken chunks were well complemented by the snap of enoki.

Another addition to the growing Osaka Ohsho menu is Black Pepper Gyudon perfect for those who are fond of spices.

My favorites though were Salmon Cheese Aburi and Gyoza Tantanmien.

The Salmon Cheese Aburi may not be photogenic but it was the dish that delighted my tastebuds the most. The salmon was moist and well complemented by the dry cheese bits on top.

I may be a bit biased with Gyoza Tantanmien though as I love noodles and anything with soup. Try to finish your bowl soon too as to enjoy the lovely contrast of the soft and crunchy noodles.

If you can’t decide on whether to go for Japanese, Spanish or Mexican for lunch or dinner, you might want to go to Osaka Ohsho to skip the decision making process.

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Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

Osaka Ohsho has gyoza set meals similar to tonkatsu meals but the only refillable item is rice. I ordered Black Vinegar Chicken Set so that I can try their gyoza and other menu. The serving is big, especially the bowl of rice. The gyoza is awesome and the chili sauce is awesome-r. Maybe next time I should bring friends here so that we can order the cheesy curry set. 128523128557128516

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

What's up, Looloo? It's been a while! 128556

So the bachelor decided to do a sort-of despedida dinner with us (his former colleagues) before flying to Canada for his wedding. We're supposed to be grilling in Yakimix but we're really surprised that we're booted out from the reservation list and told us that our reservation wasn't included. K. So, all the way from Podium, we went back to SM Megamall to try our luck in Viking's. The staff said we're number 32. 128517 Great!!!!

I immediately suggested Abé but it's packed. Only Osaka Ohsho and Linguni Fini have lesser people so we just went to Osaka Ohsho since everyone wanted rice and meat!

The first time I went here, it was good but nothing too remarkable so I let them decide.

We got the ff. for us to share:

Black Vinegar Chicken - Really love this at first bite! A little salty but was actually savory and tasty especially with its black sauce.

Japanese-style Crispy Chicken Karaage - The usual Chicken Karaage that's deepfried till perfectly crispy and juicy. We got two orders of this as everyone really love this!

Saba Shio Yaki or the Roasted Mackerel - Gotta love the mackerel fish itself because of its health benefits, and having it roasted is totally the best way to enjoy it!

All Prawn Tempura - Pretty average tempura. Nothing too special.

Gyoza - I like their gyoza though I thought that it's kinda dry.

Double Cooked Pork with Cabbage - Something like lutong macau but without the strong soy flavor.

We also tried different varieties of their Chahan and both are pretty good.

The serving of the dishes are usually good for 2 persons especially if you're getting more than 2 dishes. Price is pretty fair for its serving and its taste. My friend seems to like their food especially the Chicken Karaage and the gyoza.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

Ohh. Last stop on my eating binge at megamall. Earlier ones will follow on my succeeding reviews.

So were looking for a place for dinner and we started at lugang cafe to 8 cuts to ooma until we reached osaka osho, looking at the menu we realized that their specialty was gyoza. Aha, perfect as i was game for another japanese food night. Little did i know i would be abit let down and disappointed as this was sandwich between great resto.

To start it would be nice if the menu wont be shoved to your face upon seated. 128556 we proceed to order their fuwatoro dish which has 12 pieces of gyoza with egg over rice that is good for sharing and pair of miso soup and small slices of watermelon and pineapple.

Our order took quite a while as i imagine gyoza wouldnt take that.long to be prepared. So i guess thats one missed thing here was tgat japanese was known for its efficiency and also requesting for spoon took a while too. 128533

Now as for their gyoza, its really was a disappointment for this visit as gyoza was too dry. Gyoza even stick to one another and need to be pry apart 128529 Now what do they lack that needs improvement ? First the inside of the gyoza needs to be tasty, even resto which specializes at ramen can get this right, it must be juicy and its juices would ooze outside upon first bite. It would also be good if doesnt stick too much another and less burn at the bottom. All of which doesnt sound too impossible for a resto that specialize at gyoza.

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Ellaine D.
4.0 Stars

When you're hungry and wanted to satisfy your hunger this is the place for us. Satisfied with the fuwatoro ala carte and beef with eggplant!

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Nemie N.
4.0 Stars

We were craving for something Japanese so we headed to the fashion hall because I know there are a line of restos there.

There are no lines at this resto that time and we were all hungry so we went inside.

I wasn't feeling okay that time because I was dizzy (low blood problems) but I remember that we ordered that chicken and beef toji set, tempura, Japanese milk tea, some side dishes. hmmm.. I forgot what my mom and my cousin ordered.

I really missed Japanese food but I can't finish my chicken toji set. But I can comment that the gyoza tasted good. :) Maybe I should come back again so I can enjoy it because I know it was good if only my body was cooperating that time.

We were 6pax and I think our bill was 3k++, I think the menu posted here is not updated.

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Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

Was again craving for some Japanese Fix.

I went for their World Famous Gyoza in the Original Flavor. I was honestly bitin from eating their Foodcourt stall- Gyoza Bar at Glorietta.

Aside from their Gyoza, I ordered some Chicken Teriyaki, Mango Salad and Katsudon.

Chicken Teriyaki- Pretty sweet and not dry. It was good, my little cousin enjoyed it.

Mango Salad- My aunt and cousin enjoyed it. They kept saying how good the Sauce was. You can always ask for extra dressing.

Katsudon- I prefered the one I had at Gyoza Bar. It was more tender and flavorful over there.

Gyoza- I love love love! Their soy vinegar sauce is yum! Ahhhhh! I can eat this all day !

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Jenn N.
3.0 Stars

Decided to buy something light for lunch today since I wasn't really hungry. Im currently in a dumpling phase, so Osaka Ohsho was instantly my top choice.

I like their gyoza, there's no doubt about that. The flavor is just right, plus the dipping sauce was really 128076🏻

Plus points for putting the sauces in a separate plastic bag in case it would spill.

But then.. The gyozas stuck to the paper at the bottom of the box. I had to remove parts of the wrapper so that I wouldn't ingest it. It's sad because I really like dumpling wrappers. I know, weird. 128514

Perhaps use wax paper next time?

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