Osaka Takoyaki

284 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

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Osaka Takoyaki
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Chizbun - Cherrie P.
3.0 Stars

Right from its name, you know you're in for a treat. For me, takoyaki is comfort food. Those huge octopus-filled circles of goodness are best eaten hot, right off the griddle! 

Osaka Takoyaki comes from the same brilliant mind that made the Riyoaki gas stations and taxis flourish here in Manila. Hiroaki Hamada opened their flagship restaurant in BF, and ever since, you'll see it filled with people out to enjoy good authentic Japanese streetfood. For their anniversary, they have set up lots of promotions featuring their best selling dishes including their famous Cheese Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, and Tonkatsu Ramen. 

Their Cheese Takoyaki was every bit as cheesy as it looks. Sized just right these little balls of octopus and veggies are drenched in Japanese mayo and more cheese on top. Cheesy filling treat, I feel my kids would love this!

The Okonomiyaki comes in an assortment of flavors. But their bestsellers include the Pork Okonomiyaki and Squid Okonomiyaki. Each Japanese pancake is served in a hot plate, and topped with runny eggs, seaweed strips, vegetables and Japanese mayo. Just add a few more pesos to get more cheese, kimchi, pork, egg or corn to your hotplate for a more satisfying meal!

Another dish served was the yakisoba. Noodles were firm to the bite, and the hotplate was heaped with vegetables and meat. One suggestion I made was to lessen the Japanese mayo dressing on the yakisoba, as it drowns the actual yakisoba flavor. A tip would be to just place it on the side as a condiment. 

Osaka Takoyaki looks very promising, right from its posh exterior to the warm ambiance of the little bamboo booths inside. It makes for a great barkada hangout as they serve huge portions perfect for sharing. Everyhing is also within budget, not too expensive but still on point flavorwise. Although mainly centered on Japanese streetfood fare, I suggest trying out their other offerings too like the ramen and rice toppings. I look forward to coming back and bringing a few of my friends to dine it and have fun. Maybe we'll down little shots of sake too!

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

We were BF trolling the other night for a place to eat and we were just awestruck by the number of new restos popping up! Truly the competition along aguirre is cutthroat and I think you've made it if youve lasted 3 or more years. Anyways, saw this new building with abundant parking! But we were already set on eating somewhere else so I said if there's no parking, we'll bust a u and head back here. True enough, we were on our way back in a few minutes 128518
The space is huge for bf standards! It actually looks like a spa from outside. Faint smell of albatross when you enter, dunno why 128513 servers were super polite and gracious, they would do a little bow every time they leave our table and walk out backwards like we were royalty.
Apparently, their chef is an okonomiyaki 'master' from Osaka so we had to get that! Also tried their cheese Takoyaki. It was raining the whole day so I got their ramen too to match the weather. We were advised that food would take 15-20 mins.
The ramen arrived first and it looked really good but was just meh for me. Pricey for the taste at ₱375. The okonomiyaki arrived next and it was a beaut! Generously sprinkled with Bonito flakes and a soft boiled egg, the outside was deliciously crispy while the inside was soft and tasty! Asked for some extra kewpie but it was a ₱55 charge so never mind lol! The Takoyaki arrived and it was so good too! Bigger than the average 'street' Takoyaki, these were all perfectly cooked and the polpo 128025 inside was so tender! Almost indistinguishable from the batter!
Their menu had a lot of other stuff too so I guess we'll be going back for those 128522 verdict is, avoid the ramen and order the okonomiyaki! Arigato!

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Bocc A.
5.0 Stars

A takoyaki restaurant?! Absurd!!!... or is it?

We often see takoyaki the way we see siomai or fishballs... inexpensive street food we can get at almost any food court or food stand. It is not something we would consider a “real meal”. Therefore, to actually have it in a restaurant setting (and pay more than the usual 50 or so bucks for it) would seem silly, right? Well slap me silly and call me Sally! This place serves some serious takoyaki.

Because they had a parking space

Every time I pass by this place, I often wonder “how good can a takoyaki get to warrant building a restaurant just for it?”. Seriously, how good can it be? Last night, I got my answer... pretty darn good!

My wife and I initially didn’t want to eat here. We had our sights set on somewhere else, but BF (Paranaque) on a Friday night usually means settling on a place where there’s a vacant parking space. This place had it, and we were hungry.

At first glance, Osaka Takoyaki looks relatively “high end” (read: expensive). It occupies a sizeable space (for BF standards) and the exterior feels more like a spa than a restaurant. The interiors were less intimidating though, and I could almost feel my wallet breathe a sigh of relief.

As any responsible foodie would do, my wife and I ordered their cheese takoyaki (150-ish pesos). It is a takoyaki restaurant after all. We also ordered their Pork and Shrimp Okonomiyaki (250-ish pesos) since their menu claims it is made by a “specialist from Osaka” or something like that. OK, I’m in, I’ll have that please! Since we were in the mood for ramen, we ordered that too (it was just OK, and that’s all I can say about that).


The food arrived around 10-15 minutes after we ordered. First on the table was the okonomiyaki. When it was served, I thought “this has got to be the prettiest okonomiyaki I have ever seen!”. Truly impressive. Did it taste as good as it looked? Yes, and then some! The batter was cooked perfectly, having a very light crunch on the outside while retaining the gooey goodness on the inside. The sauce was amazing as well, as its sharp taste contrasted the richness of the pancake quite nicely. The bonito flakes added a hint of smokiness, and the pork and shrimp did their part to add taste and texture to the dish. Highly recommended.

takoYUMMY too!!

Next up is the cheese takoyaki, which is basically their traditional takoyaki topped with cheese. The verdict? Expectations met and exceeded! Bravo! Unlike “food court takoyaki”, their takoyaki is made the traditional way: with octopus instead of squid. As expected, the takoyaki was cooked perfectly... light crunch on the outside to compliment the rich, creamy filling. The octopus was tender and provided an interesting texture, similar to cuttlefish. The sauce was seasoned just right so as not to overpower the dish. This is undoubtedly the best takoyaki I have ever had.

Final thoughts

They had a host of other items on their menu which I look forward to trying in the future. While we did not like the ramen that much, their okonomiyaki and takoyaki more than made up for it. We also appreciate how well-trained the staff were. They were quite attentive and generally enthusiastic. This is a definitely a place we’ll return to, and not just because there’s an available parking space.

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