Our Kitchen by Manila Catering

47 Visayas Ave. cor. Congressional Ave., Visayas, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Our Kitchen by Manila Catering
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Most Recent Reviews

Rachel G.
5.0 Stars

Bought my son's 1st month cake here and just an hour ago, bought his 7th month cake here! We got the basic chocolate cake before and it was super good! Not too sweet but chocolate-y! 128077

I tried their Butter Sansrival cake now and damn I'd pay a thousand for it. Sobrang sarap. The saltiness of the butter frosting and the sweetness of caramel and the nuts perfectly compliment each other. I'm so glad I opted for this shop for my baby's cake. Yummy! 128154128154128154

Although it's a 24-hour order when you want it to have a dedication like written on the cake. Which is so confusing kasi Red Ribbon and Goldilocks can do it in 5 mins, di ba? 128514 Anyway I guess because there's only one staff there and the "artist" should be called from his house or whatever. Haha. It's all good anyway. 128077

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Cookies and cakes are soooooo good! (No bias here :D) I love their Binagoongan too! To die for! And their ready-to-heat meals are all awesome!

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Krisha S.
4.0 Stars

Passed by the shop out of curiosity, just want to check out what they have. To my surprise boyfie so excitedly said "hey they have sylvanas, that's your favorite right?!", I don't know if I'm going to be upset or touched because my favorite is sans rival not sylvanas!! But I guess it's a guy thing.. both starts with S and both is sweet so it's the same for him, atleast he knows that it's my favorite somehow.
Anyway I took a slice of sans rival (P75) and a box of 6 mini sylvanas (P95).
I was disappointed with the sans rival, there is this saltiness that doesn't sit well on my tastebuds, honestly I've tasted better from our local bakery.
But the mini sylvanas are the winner, each color has a different flavor, like violet is ube, light brown is mocha and the dark brown is chocolate. I love the size too, it's small enough to bite without leaving crumbs all over my face. They also have a few selection of cakes that range from 550-750. Some local products like the cute longganisa, some microwave-ready dishes and they also distributes Arizona tea. Next time I passed by this area I will surely stop by for those cute sylvanas again! Just can't get enough of it.

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