Outpost Beach Hostel

Sitio Lugadia, El Nido, Palawan

Outpost Beach Hostel
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Laarni d.
4.0 Stars

Outpost beach hostel was a great place for sunset and it is a beach front. Perfect place to chill and meet travellers like you! They have a bar that sell local drinks and every afternoon they have an afternoon sunset ritual where everybody gets a shot of their signature sunset shot. You'll be handed over your sunset shot but before you take it you gonna have to join the "howling" ritual together with everyone else.

It s indeed a fun place with cool people!

Food wise I like what they have on their main menu. They have good pizza and burgers but when it comes to their breakfast...? Hmmm... it was a total let down for me and plus they don't have a decent brewed coffee! 128148 65 pesos for an instant coffee!

I find their breakfast a little too pricey for the quality of the food we got.

•Banana Pancake - it is too hard when it is supposedly a fluffy pancake and there isn't much banana in it. Ph 210 (not cheap) •Outpost Breakfast - scramble eggs is bland so as the potato bits. Bacon was a bit over cooked or nearly burnt and too oily. For Ph 320 (thats not cheap) •Omelette - again it is bland. - add some flavor and it would be perfect. Ph230

Just writing you an honest review and hoping that when we come back here again in the future we get to experience delicious breakfast 128522

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

For my recent El Nido trip with 3 of my friends, I took it upon myself to arrange everything, finding our accommodation being part of the task. Through an online search I discovered out Outpost Beach Hostel, dubbed as a social hostel in the sunset beach of Corong Corong. It has high ranking in Hostelworld and garnered rave reviews from it previous guests. The reviews were so compelling that I decided to book our stay there.

Getting there is easy. Going to El Nido, inform that driver that your destination is at Outpost Hostel. You will be dropped off along Sitio Lugadia National Highway, there is a big sign of Outpost on the side of the road. You need to climb down the wooden stairs, walk along the seashore for about 2 minutes then you will arrive. It's not hard to find.

OBH offers private rooms, the cheapest goes for P2,400 per night. The less expensive alternative and one that my friends and I booked is a 12-bed mixed dorm room; it's P650 per night. They provide a towel and blanket but you have to pay a deposit of P1,000 (yes I know, steep!) which they will return to you during check-out.

It has an in-house bar and restaurant downstairs where the guests like to hang out for a drink. As with the food, it's a bit pricey and leaves much to be desired. There are nearby restaurants in the areas so I suggest that you just head outside for food.

The rooms have both aircondition units and ceiling fans. Each bed is equipped with its own bed light, electrical outlet, and locker. Ok let's talk about the locker. In the previous hostels that I'd been too, I've always had an issue with the lockers as they are always too small for my backpack. OBH's lockers are big, like you could fit your entire backpack kind of big. My backpack fit in nicely so I was really happy. They don't provide a padlock though so remember to carry one if you're staying here. They do sell padlocks but I think paying P150 for a padlock is a tad too much so just bring your own.

Another tip, bring earplugs and eye mask. I cannot emphasize enough how much you will be needing these as it could get noisy at night. I remember my friends complaining that our roommates were talking loudly in one of the nights that we were there. Thanks to my earplugs, my sleep was not disturbed.

The shower areas and toilets are shared. These areas are well maintained by the staff; they never run out of toilet tissue and handwash liquid. The shower has heater and the toilets have bidets.

The best thing about Outpost Beach Hostel is that it's beachfront and has a spectacular view of the sea. OBH holds a sunset shot everyday, in which everyone is given a free shot of rum coke when the sun begins to set. All guests are invited to gather in the common area (be sure to sit by the balcony for this), then one of the staff would lead the ceremony. It's nothing big, he would just ask everyone to let out an awoo, the louder the better, and then people would raise and take a swig from the shot glass. It was rather brief, nevertheless, it was fun.

OBH is not so popular with the Filipinos, but it is crazy famous with foreign backpackers. In fact, my friends and I were the only Filipino guests during our stay that we looked like we were the foreigners. If you are big into socializing OBH is for you. Expect to meet people of different race who are somewhere between their early and late 20s.

Our trip was sponsored by Sea Land Venture so we didn't avail of the package tours of OBH. I heard that their tours can get really rowdy and fun, which I do not doubt considering the fact that most of OBH's guests are young people who are out looking to have a great time.

The hostel has a good vibe, the staff is nice and friendly, the guests are eager to socialize. When you go here don't be like me. Don't sit in the sidelines, don't be lost on your cellphone, don't overthink. Wear a smile and talk to people. This is a social hostel after all.

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