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Marti M.
4.0 Stars

Got Overdoughs-ed with two six-piece boxes of Overdoughs Cookie Doughs for only P160! Overdoughs Century City Mall has partnered with Zap to give you another box of cookie doughs for free when you get one box using the Zap app!

I didn’t even know they had a promo until kuya informed me at the store. It was also my first time to try Overdoughs!

The cookie doughs were good. Yes, they’re quite small but they’re really good! I do hope they extend this promo for a long time!

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Kaycee G.
4.0 Stars

128149Date for Two: Beignets with Dark Chocolate Dip, Loukoumades with Chocolate Dip
128140Total: P240

Overall: As promised, will try their Beignets the soonest. And this is how soon it is! Haha! Last time we tried their Matcha dip but now we had Dark Chocolate and Chocolate both are good but we love the Chocolate more. 127851 The Beignets are like bread pillows drenched in light powdered sugar. It’s good but our hearts are still with Loukoumades as it’s more gooey and chewy and more filling at the same time. Next time we’ll try their other dips! We still haven’t had their Toffee and Nutella 128513128055

Value for money: Worth it!

#DateForTwo at Overdoughs

See more at datefortwoph.com

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Pat D.
3.0 Stars

Not a fan, but that’s just me 9996🏻

I love donuts. I tried croughnuts, donuts with dips and i’m a big fan of this donut show called Donut showdown. 127849127849127849

Overdoughs just tastes different. Is it just me? Oh wait, did you know they also serve coffee? Have you tried their iced mocha? 🤤

If i were to recommend something..... Try their beignets P120 and choco chip cookie dough P160.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

After coming up with the hit Elait rolled ice cream, the Caravan Food Group brings us yet another shop that would provide us consumers with unique snacks for us to enjoy. Their latest shop is named “Overdoughs,” whereas they serve a variety of bite-sized donuts which you can eat alongside your choice of dip.

They actually have three different types of doughnuts, each of which are distinct on their own and are all worthy of a try. They have the Greek-style doughnuts, which are called Loukomades; Beignets, which are the French-style ones, and the Donut Holes. They are all baked fresh and are fluffy soft too. Best thing about them is they are affordable.

As for the available dips, they have the milk chocolate, dark chocolate, toffee, honey cinnamon, matcha white, and special Nutella flavors. I suggest that you maximize your experience by trying them all.

Since Overdoughs’ stall is located on the same floor as the cinema, I suggest that you take a break from the usual popcorn movie snack and buy doughnuts instead for a change. Trust me, it is just as good as the popcorn.

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Overdoughs is a cute name tbh 128517

Anyway, this is a new-ish stall at Century City Mall, right at the base of the escalators going to the top floor of the mall. Their concept is pretty simple - donuts and dips for 120 PHP.

You get to pick between 3 different types of dough balls first. Each one has a unique consistency and are made as you order them. This was one of the downsides for me as the wait for them can be suuuuper long, and it's not really appealing standing around waiting for them. 128546 But at least you're assured that they're fresh! After that, you pick which dip you'd want to go with your donuts/loukoumades/beignets. They have milk and dark chocolate, matcha white, honey cinnamon, toffee and nutella (+20 PHP). It's +30 PHP if you want another dip and +50 PHP for additional nutella dip. So basically, nutella is expensive hahaha.

So I got an order of beignets and tried their matcha white dip + the milk chocolate one. The dips are really rich in flavor and compliment the powdered donuts well. They also fit snugly in the box the donuts come with, so you don't have to worry about spillage. You also get a small wooden spear to make tusok the balls 128514128514128514

I also got to try their new offering recently - the deep fried cookie dough, which comes in smores and chocolate chip flavors. It's 180 PHP for an order. These taste good. The balls are nice and crunchy and filled with warm gooey chunky dough. But they can get overly sweet, and you'd need something to cut the sweetness with.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Overdoughs is a new kiosk located at Century City Mall. They offer 3 kinds of doughs (mini donuts) to choose from to be paired with a choice from 6 dips available for P120. The loukoumades is coated with sugar before fried. The donut holes is a typical donut we are used to eating, except it is bite-sized. Lastly, the beignets are coated with powdered sugar.

Dips come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, matcha white, honey cinnamon, toffee, and nutella (for an additional P20)

I ordered the beignets with the nutella dip. An order has around 10-12 mini donuts. This quantity per serving is enough for a person, but in our case, my siblings and I were able to share one order and be totally content with it. The donuts were golden brown and crispy on the outside, and moist and soft on the inside. The combination of the powdered sugar and the nutella was good. I think the dip is what will make a huge difference in terms of the taste of the dish as a whole, so choose wisely.

The price, for P120, I think is a little over what we may be willing to pay, but still not on an absurd level. It's worth the try.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Overdoughs is Caravan Food Group’s take on Freshly Fried Bite-Size Doughnuts with Premium Dips. Caravan Food Group is the same team behind the newly opened artisanal ice cream Elait located also in Century City Mall. I was invited by Mary Love S to attend their grand launch and I said YES right away without hesitations!

There are three distinct types of doughs to choose from namely: Loukoumades (Greek Doughnuts), Beignets (French-Style Doughnuts) and Donut Holes.

Each dough differs in size, texture and taste but still has the superior quality palate that you won’t get from ordinary doughnuts. With every doughnut type, you get to experience doughnuts from various parts of the world.

To be honest i'm not much of a donut fan cause I always find it too sweet. BEST Example: Krispy Creme Donuts LOL.
127775Among the 3, I really liked the DONUT HOLES in terms of texture. It is thin and crispy outside but has a very soft core and melts in the mouth.

The LOUKOUMADES looked like kwek-kweks drenched in caramel syrup HAHAHA! I find it a little too sweet but I love the chewy texture inside, something I would love to munch on while watching a movie.

BEIGNETS was the superstar among the donuts cause of the powdered sugar drizzled on top. It tastes too sweet already on its own and can stand-alone without a dip. Too pretty to eat!

127851Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Toffee, Honey Cinnamon, Matcha White and Special Nutella sauce
I've tried all their flavors except for the Honey Cinnamon and my FAVE would be the MATCHA WHITE! It has a subtle matcha taste but still noticeable.
The toffee was pretty interesting too cause of its buttery texture.
128204Dips are placed in a tiny cup that can fit inside the donut bucket so no need to worry about spilling.

128184P120 per order with dip
Additional P20 for Nutella
Additional P30 for additional dip
Additional P50 for extra Nutella Dip

With Overdoughs conveniently situated just a few steps away from the Cinema, movie-goers can now enjoy a fresh alternative on the usual movie snack choice.

True to its name, OVERDOUGHS really gave me an overflowing delight!!! Will definitely be back for more!

PS. Bringing tote bags during food events is a good habit. I was able to take home all the donuts and dips on my photos. Hehehe!!!

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