Oye Tapas & Grill

G/F Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Oye Tapas & Grill
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Boggs M.
4.0 Stars

A nice place to chill with good house wines at P599 for unlimited and a good range of delectable tapas... Or you could go full dinner with their Paella variants and other premium choices. In our case, it was a solid wine and tapas night capped of with a salmon and prawn risotto... 128055🥂

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

I tried Oye back when they were just about a week old. I had no expectations and just wanted to try something new. (Sometimes, having no expectations is a good thing especially in this space where so many restaurants get so quickly hyped, you just expect to always forget your name each time you visit one of them.)

Anyway, I left Oye place pleasantly surprised at how good and well-made the dishes were. The price point also wasn’t bad!

I tried their Croquetas - I think this is the one with fried potato béchamel and chorizo. I’d say this one is how you’d normally expect croquetas to be. There’s nothing that’s really mind-blowing here but it’s pretty good anyway.

What I really loved though was the Chorizo Stuffed Baby Squid. I wouldn’t have thought of that! The bland flavor of the squid was complemented really well by the salty, strong flavor of the chorizo. The different textures (chewy + meaty) also worked really well together. I highly recommend this one.

As for the paella, I believe this was the Valencia?! Looks like it’s the seafood one though… But I liked it because it was small. The hard part with eating at Spanish restaurants is you always gotta go with 3 or more people in order to enjoy a paella. Here, they made it easier by serving it in smaller sizes! (Kind of like Rico Rico!)

Overall, I’d say it was a good visit and I will be back but this time to try more of that false risotto that I tried a few weeks ago when we had the #looloorendezvoos!

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Alwin A.
4.0 Stars

I was invited to a degustation at Oye! Tapas & Grill. My first encounter with authentic Spanish tapas was with the now defunct Tapeos. I was somehow expecting the same kind of dishes, until the following dishes were served:

- Truffled Egg, Potato and Ham
- Ensalada de Sandia Quezo Azul y Jamon (Watermelon Salad with Blue Cheese and Ham) - Php275
- Steak Tartare con Helado de Mostaza (Steak Tartare with Mustard Ice Cream)
- OYE Fried Rice (Chicharon Rice)
- Pollo ala Brasa con Salsa de Pimienta (Chicken Barbecue with Sweet Peppercorn Sauce)
- Fedua de Mariscos - Php375
- Chicharon del Veedor - Php335
- Leche con Galletas (Milk and Cookie Partait) - Php280
- Calimotxo (Red Wine, Cola with a Hint of Lemon) - PHp300

I would say that most of the dishes were given the elevated touch. As one of the chefs pointed out, what they do is create an authentic Spanish dish as base to their cooking and give it a twists. Some may like it, some may not. As for me, I did enjoy the experience and even have my favorites.

I enjoyed Truffled Egg, Potato and Ham because of the play of the creamy and salty flavors with an added texture from the potatoes. It's actually the restaurant's version of Torta de Patata.

I superloved Ensalada de Sandia Quezo Azul y Jamon. Eaten like pizza, you take a mouthful of everything and you'll experience the explosion of flavors. The refreshing sweetness of the watermelon balances the strong flavor of blue cheese and the salty jamon.

Fedua de Mariscos is also on my list just because it has the flavor profile of a Paella. Who wouldn't love a Paella? I just missing the burnt rice at the bottom of the pan, hehe.

And who could resist Chicharon del Veedor. It's Crispy Pork "Chicharon" with Pimenton Powder. This is where the restaurant's Filipino touch becomes evident.

In between, I sip a Calimotxo, one of Oye! Tapas and Grill's signature drinks. I enjoyed it that I had a second glass. I love that I can enjoy red wine like I'm enjoying a cola.

I enjoyed the food, and although a bit pricey, it's because you pay for the quality. I also like the place because it allows for a more intimate dining experience. Although I'm concerned if there would be enough space to move around should the place become full.

I look forward to visiting Oye! Tapas & Grill again to try the other dishes not included in our degustation.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

My second visit at OYE Tapas and Grill. This time it was at night. I got to taste some of their other dishes that I wasn’t able to try before.

Modern Tapas
False Risotto with Shrimps and Salmon (Php 290) one of my favorite dishes, it was creamy and topped with seafood
Chorizo Stuff Baby Squid (Php 375) enjoyed this dish because they were able to add flavor to the usually difficult

Classic Tapas 
Patatas Bravas (Php 245) fries with spices. This one wasn’t as sulit in my book.

The first time I tried their skewers it was cooked perfectly without being over charred on the sides. This time most the skewers were burnt too much. Instead of tasting the meat, it highlighted the burned after taste.
Grilled Chicken Majada (Php 425) 
Grilled Pork Belly  in Black Pepper Sauce (Php 425) 
Grilled Prawns and Squid with Chorizo and Vegetables (Php 595) 

[ Paellas y Fideua ]
Fideua de Mariscos (Php 290-5" pan / Php 705-12in pan)  Another dish I enjoyed! A meal on it’s own.

Their food prices are fairly affordable compared to their drinks. I really like their Mojito but for the size and price it was indeed expensive for a cocktail drink.

Hope they'll have better AC system. It was pretty warm in the area even at night. If it weren't for the electric fan, it would feel like were in a sauna.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Spanish restaurants are everywhere! Offering Paella, tapas, etc etc...Even some Filipino Restaurants have Spanish dishes incorporated in their menu! Guess the influence is really strong. Blame the years and years of us being colonized by them - during the olden times.

My husband and I would sometimes splurge in our fave Spanish restaurant but when you ask us for a casual and reasonably priced one, I wouldn't really have a favorite. It's not always our cuisine of choice so when I went to Oye in Uptown Mall, I didn't have any expectations.

Combining traditional dishes with modern twists, Oye puts fun into their dishes.

There isn't so much to say about the ambiance in Oye. It wasn't too inviting IMO. Bricked walls, floral patterns, animal prints in their chairs, wall art and modern chandeliers - I felt as if there was no central theme. Confusing and made me realize that this kind of chaos can take away that comfort that I usually look for in restaurants.

Never mind the overall feel of the place, I started the night with a glass of Mojito. Highly recommended by , boy she was right! Alcohol wasn't too strong nor too weak, just the right kick of lime and had all the goodness of mint. Too pricey for 360Php for a small glass but worth the try.

Onto the food... I liked the following:

| Truffled Egg with Ham and Potatoes - new in their menu, this one was served in a small clear glass. Dig deep down into the glass and scoop the creamy and smooth egg with bits of shredded potatoes. The truffle wasn't too strong but it was just right to complement the buttery eggs.

| Chorizo Stuffed Baby Squid for 375Php - small bites but definitely big in flavors - the squid ink aeoli was so good too!

| False Risotto with Shrimps and Salmon for 290Php - my super fave that night! It was well cooked with balanced flavors, just the right tomato sauce flavor to give it the acidity that's needed, creamy and buttery with a good kick of salt. There was just enough seafood topping here but every spponful I took was covered.

| Fideua de Mariscos for 290Php (5inch pan), 705Php (12inch pan)- mimicking Paella, Fideua uses noodles instead of rice. There wasn't too much of a difference though. I liked that the seafood flavor was strong so I drizzled this with a good amount of lime to get that balance that I was looking for. Not bad at all.

| Oye Fried Rice - this bowl of fried rice with all the good stuff in it can be your meal on it's own! Runny and chicharon plus tasty rice - this one's easy to love.

| Leche Con Galletas for 280Php - dessert was in the form of a milk and cookie parfait! It was sweet and creamy with nice texture contrast from the cookie pieces. A little too steep for the serving size, I a

The other items were just okay.

The Patatas Bravas was ordinary but not bad at all.

Then the skewers - Grilled Prawns & Squid, Grilled Pork Belly, Grilled Chicken. Most parts were burnt and bitter and I did not find them appetizing at all. Maybe I'm a little biased as well since skewers are never my thing so you know if it was just me, I will not even bother ordering these.

Definitely going back and will tag along the family. I'm sure the husband will love the False Risotto!

Thanks so much |oo|oo and Megaworld for this invite!

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

The Uptown side of vibrant BGC continues to steal attention from the older side of the city. Recently, I was invited for another new food establishment that just opened at the beautifully made Uptown Mall.

Oye’s Tapas and Grill is a partnership between two familiar cultures, Spain and the Philippines. Here you get the modern convergence of two cuisines, intertwined together by three world-class chefs. Heading the kitchen are Chef Joseba Sola, Chef Juan Montel and Filipina, Chef Tanya Dizon.

This was a sponsored visit, initiated by Looloo app and Megaworld. This was also the first of two stops that breezy night. I was joined by an enthusiastic bunch of foodies, led by Ms. Peanut of Looloo, all bringing their choice of camera and A-game palates.

I rushed here from a usual Monday workout, and I was famished! Since hunger makes you grab anything and eat it, I gobbled up on their toasted housemade bread paired with its rich and tasty Chimichurri. This complimentary treat, was strangely my favorite that night.

A whole bunch of dishes was served to our team, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to try all. I did enjoy a few of what I had, while the others could use a bit more tweaking to merit an AlwaysHungryPh thumbs up.

I liked the twist presented on a glass, Truffled Egg, Potato, and Ham. It had a balance of creamy texture and lingering tastes, just enough truffle! I wished they served more than one of this ensemble.

Another starter, Patatas Bravas, or French Fries to the normal Joe like me. I appreciated how the skins provided an additional crisp and that it wasn't all that greasy. Overall, it was a tad better than your usual side potatoes.

Next set I got my hands and forks into were their series of over grilled skewers. The tastes were fine, the trouble came with burnt parts, making them both dry and tough to eat. It was also a challenge taking them out from its aluminum steel sticks. We had Grilled Chicken Majada, Grilled Pork Belly in Pepper Sauce and Grilled Prawns and Seafood with Chorizo and Vegetables. The price points are a bit expensive too, from Php 365-Php 495.

On a welcome consolation, the carbs were worth indulging into. I raved about the Oye Fried Rice and Fideua. The former is similar to Japanese Fried Rice, it was flavored well, full of toppings, good to have as it is. The latter, an almost mirror image of Paella, is actually made up of very thin noodles. The Fideau was savory good, having a bold flavor of seafood in every bite.

For dessert, we tried to share a tiny container of Leche Con Galleras, a Spanish take on American Parfait. I sadly had just one spoonful of this milky delight. I frowned for minutes after, as I wanted even more.

Oye, which means Hey in english, hopes to get your attention soon. It got mine, and this won’t be my first and last visit. They have other surprises that I wish to explore on another opportunity.

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4.0 Stars

This is not my first time to visit Oye Tapas and Grill. I went here on their grand opening 3 weeks ago.

Oye Tapas and Grill offers Spanish cuisine for Modern Filipino and we tried the following dishes during our visit:

🥘Grilled Chicken with Majada Sauce - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
🥘Fideua - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
🥘Grilled Prawns and Squid - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
🥘False Risotto - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
🥘Truffled Egg with Ham and Potatoes - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
🥘Grilled Pork Belly with Black Pepper Sauce - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
🥘Stuffed Squid with Chorizo - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
🥘Signature Oye Rice - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
🥘Patatas Fritas (French Fries) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
🥘Sangria Blanca - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Oye’s dishes tastes really good. The False Risotto was everyone’s favorite during our dinner. Another favorites were the Signature Oye Rice pairing with Stuffed Squid will give more flavor to the rice (the two blend together) and the Fideua, it’s a good sub/alternative for paella. The only issue is the consistency of the grilled dishes, it was over-burnt during our eat up.

Overall, we enjoy the dinner despite the air-condition of the restaurant has a problem. They need to fix it ‘coz it feels warm inside. Though the service went well, the staff of Oye need to be customer oriented and be courteous all the time.

Thank you Peanut D and Looloo crew for the invite.

Thank you Megaworld and Oye for having us.

Nice meeting you again guys Brie K Mary Love S AlwaysHungryPh P Clarissa P Julie L Pat D

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Is it just me or there is a crazy number of restaurants opening here and there? I used to be able to keep up with the new store openings within my area but I couldn't keep up anymore with the rate it's going. But I prioritize those I've been itching to try and one of the new restaurants I spotted a few weeks back is this tapas place in Uptown Bonifacio.

Hello, ¡OYE! Tapas & Grill!

Located at the very corner of Uptown Bonifacio along 9th Avenue, it would be very hard to miss Oye's bright signage.

But inside would be a different story as the place is dimly lit giving Oye a more chill and warm vibe. And speaking of warm, the place was literally warm due to the lack of air conditioners. To date, they rely on the mall's centralized A/C but it is definitely not enough. I heard though that they plan to add their own soon.

I got so confused with the interiors of Oye. The mural of bull and lion on the wall as well as its animal themed chairs do not seem to coincide with what I think Oye wants to be known. But let's put that aside for now and focus on its main offering--food.

Our host, Oye, chose the dishes for us to sample. And while waiting, we ordered drinks to go with our dinner and Mojito (PHP380) was the popular choice.

Just like how J described it, Oye's mojito was refreshing and really good as it had the perfect combination of alcohol, lime juice, soda water and mint. I can't help notice though its rather small serving size. For PHP380, I was expecting the glass to be bigger. Overall, though good, I wouldn't order this drink for its price. (I would get two fruit shakes instead.)

To start our meal, we were given a complimentary bowl of bread and pesto dip. And everyone liked it! The bread had a lovely texture and held the oily dip well.

I first tried Truffled Egg, Potato and Ham (PHP275) which was quite similar to the liquid omelette of Rambla. This one though had more texture to it as it had crisp bits of shredded potato and ham. I couldn't get a good taste of truffle though.

Patatas Bravas (PHP245), a common dish served in tapas bars, was your usual fried potatoes. Though the potatoes are usually boiled in salt water before being fried, I couldn't distinguish it from normal fries. Quite steep too for its serving size.

I indulged in Chorizo Stuffed Baby Squid (PHP375) next and found it divine! I loved the beautiful blend of flavors from land and sea. The baby squid had a snappy texture too making it enjoyable.

We all noticed that the three grilled skewers served to us had some parts that were noticeably too charred but we figured that this must be how Oye cooks it.

The Grilled Chicken Majada (PHP365) smothered with the mixture of herbs and olive oil had a lovely flavor. However, the chicken chunks became too dry due to being overly grilled.

Grilled Pork Belly in Black Pepper Sauce (PHP365) was slightly dry too for my liking. I also noticed that the black pepper taste was rather weak.

I was excited to try Grilled Prawns and Squid with Chorizo and Vegetables (PHP495) as I love seafood. And this one was the most texture and flavor among the skewers served that night.

Not a lot of Spanish restaurants serve Fideua. This seafood dish that originated from the coast of Valencia is very similar to paella. But unlike paella which uses rice, fideua uses noodles. Thankfully, Oye offers Fideua de Mariscos (PHP290, 5 inch pan | PHP705, 12 inch pan). Oye's version had very strong seafood flavor (most likely because of clams) which could be too overwhelming for some. It is best to drizzle some lemon juice to create a nice contrast of flavor.

My favorite that night was False Risotto with Shrimps and Salmon (PHP290). It had that delectable tangy taste and despite being topped with seafood, it was not as fishy.

To cap our meal, we had a bite of Leche con Galleras (PHP280), Spain's milky version of parfait. The combination of milk and biscuit was really good and something I could finish with ease. I'd definitely order this again.

Oye is still in its soft opening and there are still some areas that need improvement. Aside from the overly grilled skewers and lack of A/C, the experience would have been a lot better if the servers were more accommodating. They hardly smile and carelessly pour water in our glasses causing some accidental splashes on us. I'd let a few months pass before I visit again. By then, I hope that food and service will be a lot better.

Thank you, |ooloo and Megaworld for the invite!

It was fun eating with you guys, Peanut D Clarissa P AlwaysHungryPh P EJ B Pat D Julie Brie K Dens and Ninz! 10084

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Brie K.
4.0 Stars

Hola, amigo. ¿Qué tal?

Well, if you had a stressful day at work, why not pass by ¡OYE! Tapas and Grill to get something to eat and drink? And that is what I did together with the Looloo app team for this awesome Looloo rendezvoos!

The new concept is brought by The Advent Hospitality group which focuses on heritage concepts. They are the same group who opened XO46 Bistro and Arroz Ecija which focused on Philippine culture and tradition. ¡OYE! Tapas and Grill on the other hand is a restaurant which offers Spanish cuisine with a Filipino accent.

The kitchen is being handled by three chefs. Head Chef Joseba Sola, who focuses on modern Spanish cuisine. Chef Juan Montel, who focuses on classic Spanish cuisine. And to bring the Filipino cuisine into light is Chef Tanya Dizon. These three chefs worked together to bring in a culinary mix around Uptown Arcade Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

These are the food served for this rendezvoos:

Modern Tapas
- Truffled Egg, Potato and Ham (P275) 1108811088110881108811088
- False Risotto with Shrimps and Salmon (P290) – 1108811088110881108811088
- Chorizo Stuff Baby Squid (P375) - 11088110881108811088

Classic Tapas
- Patatas Bravas (P245) - 11088110881108811088
- Grilled Chicken Majada (P425) - 110881108811088
- Grilled Pork Belly in Black Pepper Sauce (P425) – 110881108811088
- Grilled Prawns and Squid with Chorizo and Vegetables (P595) - 11088110881108811088

Paellas y Fideua
- Fideua de Mariscos (P290 / P705 | 5in pan / 12in pan) - 1108811088110881108811088

*Signature Oye Rice - 110881108811088
*Homemade bread - 110881108811088

My personal favorites include the Truffled Egg, Potato and Ham, False Risotto with Shrimps and Salmon and the Fideua de Mariscos.

The Truffled Egg, Potato and Egg is such a treat! You need to scoop all the way down and it was creamy with a hint of saltiness. It was really a perfect balance of flavors! Just like what they envision when creating the dish. The False Risotto with Shrimps and Salmon was a surprise. I really thought that it will just taste like rice with tomato sauce but it was not. (Eater lang po talaga ako and not a foodie!) It was delicious and if I need to describe it, it was creamy! (If hindi creamy, am not sure kung anong other description!) And aside from that, it goes well with the grilled pork belly (feeling ko pork yung kinain ko kasama niya!) Last would be the Fideua de Mariscos. I am not much of a paella eater, but it was something new to me. Instead of rice they used these very thin short noodles that goes well with seafood.

I think this place is quite unique and adds to the whole gastric options within Uptown Arcade Mall. For improvement, comment would be with the servers. Since I know XO46 way of accommodating people with their smiles and attentiveness, I hope they bring that here as well. See you soon amigos!

#EATSmeBRIE @briankevinfelix 10084128588🏻

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Pat D.
3.0 Stars

Megaworld x looloo organized this event and brought us to Oye Tapas bar at Uptown Mall. This restaurant is also part of the company that created my favorite Filipino restaurant XO46.

They offer great spanish dishes with pinoy influence. The best way to describe their food would be “Balance”. They were able to get the right balance of flavors and their drinks were awesome.

Positives- for the food, my favorites will be their Signature Oye rice, Fideua 🤤🤤🤤 and Leche con Galletas (milk and cookie parfait). I also love their freshly baked complementary bread 🤗

Negatives- Aircon pleaseeee and service can be improved. It wouldn’t hurt to smile. “A good restaurant design is about achieving equilibrium between the food, service and design- in effect, telling a complete story”

3.5 stars for me ( wala kasing .5 stars sa looloo) 9996🏻9996🏻9996🏻

Thank you looloo (Peanut) for inviting me. I am happy to have met other foodies and it was such a learning and fun experience for me. Gained new friends, tried out new dishes and got my looloo shirt 128085.

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Kiko G.
2.0 Stars

When we saw that XO46 Heritage Bistro initiated this new Spanish restaurant, it’s hard to say no given XO’s highly admirable transcript in the culinary stage.

We got the Paella Valenciana. I thought they got the grain size right but I was disappointed with the doneness. It was mushy and it did not have the caramelized crust or socarrat (as they call it). It’s the prize for a well-made paella. Love the aromatics but it kinda felt like I was eating risotto than paella.

The callos was also as disappointing especially when you have to pay PHP590 for it. I thought it was little watered down. I’m not sure how to describe it but the best one I have tried had a gelatinous texture. The chorizo slices were good though but overall, I was not happy.

We also ordered gambas but they forgot about it and followed up more than three times. I will let this pass because they recently opened.

Servers were very pro in handling feedback. Will still give it another shot after a few months I guess.

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

Three world-class chefs compose the driving force behind this restaurant. They have two Spanish chefs and a Filipina chef who collaborated on incorporating Spanish flavor and Filipino taste together. Head Chef, Jose Sola with Chef Juan Montel and Chef Tanya Dizon bring to ¡OYE! the youthful and modern cuisine infused into traditional style. They prepared a sampler style serving of their best dishes for us to taste.

Salmorejo (Cold Tomato Soup) Lightly seasoned tomato soup served cold. It was interesting dish and a great meal starter.

Lengua con Salsa de Pimiento Verde (Not your lola's lengua) The presentation was spectacular. You don't want to eat it because of the beautiful platting. They shaped it into a circle so you wouldn't think its lengua or how we normally see it at home or another restaurant. The sauce was just glorious. It was creamy and peppery that it elevated the taste of lengua all together.

Croquetas de Chorizo (Creamy and porky balls of goodness) Enjoyed this. Fried balls mixed with mashed potatoes and chorizo bits. Pair with a glass of Sangria.

Pinxton de Foie (Foie Gras tapas) Heavenly grilled foie gras on top of crostini with Pedro Ximenez sauce. It melts in your mouth

Grilled Chicken Mojada - Spanish style chicken barbecue slathered with Mojada sauce. Don't forget to other OYE Fried Rice.

OYE Fried Rice (aka Chicharron Rice) It's so good and it's so sinful at the same time. Their rice is mixed with chicharron and served with poached egg on top of it. The

Torta de Queso Clasica con Pure de Mango (Cheesecake) It's deconstructed cheesecake with mango puree topped with breaded and toasted bleu cheese. Some thing I haven't tried before. That topping was

My experience was memorable to say the least. I will surely visit this restaurant soon. I'll bring my family and friends along.

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5.0 Stars

From the team behind the success of XO46 Heritage Bistro and Arroz Ecija comes with another restaurant called OYE! Tapas and Grill which cater Spanish-Filipino cuisine for the Modern Pinoy.

Fun Fact/s:
Oye! means “Hey” in English. Mr. Andrew Masigan (owner) called the restaurant Oye! simply because they want the people to stand up and take notice.

Spanish food has always been associated with rather old things. Like, whenever we think of Spanish food, we conjure the images if vintage wooden houses in the Philippines - the colorful fiestas, and the cumbersome calesas and tranvias in our minds.

Oye! Tapas and Grill aims to change by infusing a youthful vibe to Spanish-Filipino cuisine, making it more accessible to the modern Pinoy food lover.

We were served several Spanish dishes with a touch of Modern Pinoy flavor during our visit at Oye! Tapas and Grill:

🌶 Chicharrones (Spanish version of Pork Crackling) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“It was so addictive, I never noticed that I almost finish the whole plate. Best paired with beer.”

🌶Salmorejo (Cold Tomato Soup) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“The tangy flavor of the cold soup is best paired with bread.”

🌶Lengua con Salsa de Pimiento Verde - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Surprisingly, the lengua taste like a beef. The potato adds more flavor to the dish which makes the lengua more appetizing.”

🌶Croquetas de Chorizo - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“One of my favorites. The croquestas was creamy and I can taste the strong flavor of chorizo.”

🌶Grilled Foie Gras with Pedro Ximenez over Crostini - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Oh my G! Taste good and really melts in my mouth. The Pedro Ximenez blends well with the Foie Gras.”

🌶Grilled Chicken Majada - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🌶Grilled Pork Belly in Black Pepper Sauce - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

“Maybe it would be better if they serve the grilled chicken and pork fresh from the grill/ or while it’s hot. Though, it’s still tasty and flavorful.”

🌶OYE Fried Rice aka Chicharon Rice -
1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“The rice was infused by chicharon and it was so good. Too flavorful and best paired with Chicharonnes.”

🌶Tarta de Queso Clasica con Pure de Mango (deconstructed cheesecake with Mango Puree) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“I like the kick of the blue cheese in the cheesecake. It makes more tasty and the flavor complement well with the mango puree.”

🌶La Puñeta - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“A beer-based cocktail pairing with tapas especially the chicharrones will make you drink more.”

🌶Mojito - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Oye’s version of mojito was refreshing. It’s like you’re drinking a lime and basil juice. Btw, it has alcohol.”

Aside from the mouthwatering dishes we had, I really enjoy listening and chatting with Oye’s team headed by Mr. Andrew Masigan. The group plan to expand outside Metro Manila perhaps Bohol and Siargao. They also want to bring the restaurant in Spain.

Overall, I had a great time at Oye! Tapas and Grill. The staff provided excellent service during our lunch. Definitely, will be back to try other bestsellers.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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