Oz Bar

Holiday Inn Makati, Palm Drive, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Oz Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Cheska G.
4.0 Stars

We're stuck in Makati because of the APEC traffic.. so my boss decided to have a few drinks at Oz bar first until the traffic condition gets better.

The place is located at the roofdeck of Holiday Inn and near the pool. Their tables were a bit small and weren't enough for us to place our food/drinks. 128522 because it was just Monday, they just played some music at the background.. They said that in other days, they have a DJ or a band. No dancing for us today. 128131🏼

I ordered their margarita while some availed of the 5 beer bottles per person (which I think is a promo). Margarita was served in a big cocktail glass (bigger than I expected). It tastes like shake and the alcohol content was just right for me because I still have to drive after. 128513 I only had one glass 128522

Their pizza was a crowd favorite. I, alone, had 5 slices I think. Haha! Forgot the flavor but the crust was very crispy and thin.. just the way I like. Flavorful! We also ordered their nachos.. which is just so-so. It comes with 3 dips (cheese, jalapeño and salsa). We were looking for beef or beans on the dip...but none. 128557 The chicken fingers was also good, we like the dip it came with. Fries is just ordinary, no cheese/ketchup/salt whatsoever..better skip it. We also ordered meatballs. It was flavorful but had a minty aftertaste though.. Not sure if it was just me.

The staff were attentive and very polite! My colleagues dropped all the utensils (twice) and they have to pick it up and replace it. Lol (probably tipsy) but the staff didn't show she was irritated or what and even smiled and said it was okay. 128522

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Uael C.
5.0 Stars

Sorry if I don't have a pic, its weird to take photos inside a bar! Hehehe anyway, i love the open space near the pool area. Perfect to take a sip of good wine and great company. My friend once booked the entire place for her 40th birthday, and it was a classy night with the right selection of wine for the oldies and beer for the millennials (debatable as some millennials love wine too!).

Its a bit pricey, especially the yosi! Great crowd, classier than usual, but its a type of place where people can still talk and not be bombarded with a party playlist :)

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Allan D.
2.0 Stars

Place sucks.

Lousy atmosphere no wonder place was almost empty on a Saturday night.

Poor exhaust system,you will surely smell like food when you're there

Drinks were awful and the bartender seems to be clueless of making cocktails.

We stayed just for 15mins and transferred bars

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Miss H.
4.0 Stars

This review is still part of last night's INNtensity, Holiday Inn's kick off launch in Makati!

Right after we indulged at Citron Bar and Flavors' offerings, we headed at HIS roofdeck for the party til you can program at Oz Bar.

When we arrived at Oz, we were greeted, too, by HIS pool! Wow! That was an excellent idea for a bar really. Everything felt like we're partying at home with not too big crowd! Who wouldn't love to party with such ambience?

The night was filled by DJ Sandejas' music, too! It was loud but it was never pain to the ears. Just the right rhythm and volume for a party music! I was never a party girl but I'm telling you this one is a decent place for your party needs! Lol.

Booze was unlimited, too! From Corona to mango cocktails, just place your order, it will sure come your way! Everything's for free! It was a party all you want night!

My workmate and boss ordered Mango Cocktail for me and with just a drop, I was sure no one can really force me to drink! It's always been my choice not to drink because the taste is unbearable indeed! I was already happy seeing those people around enjoying the night and being with my boss and workmate was a blast!

Some of the food servings at Citron and Flavors were present at Oz, too, so I had another round of sweets by midnight! Lol.

Oz bar's ambience, like what I said, was homey and cozy! A spot in your heart will surely be hit by those Cobonpue's chair outside! How sosyal! Haha!

Makati's skyline can be seen at the roofdeck, too! This will surely be loved by people who love their party to be intimate and peaceful!

The service was excellent, too! They make sure to give your orders the soonest possible time with a smile on their face. The lady server accidentally lost her balance and poured down my mango cocktail on herself and I was really worried 'cos it would really be sticky on her! But instead of worrying about it, she went back to the bar, had my drink mixed again, approached me with a bigger smile and gave my drink! Oh! She's such a sweety! I even asked her if she's okay and she answered me back with a smile that we shouldn't worry a bit. We forgot to get her name but she's wonderful!

By midnight, the rain poured down so everyone went inside the bar. Such a party spoiler. Lol.

Overall, the whole Oz experience was a fantastic and fabulous one! Hurray for Oz! Congrats to HIS! We were happy guests!

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Albert T.
4.0 Stars

Sky roof bar in the middle of busy Makati, cooool! Nice way to cap off a busy week with friends and colleagues. Cozy ambiance, friendly, efficient wait staff and a bartender who seems to know all the cocktails.

Will keep it short so I can get back to my Bacardi Light and Coke Zero! Cheers! 127866127867

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Looking for a small roof-deck -pool side venue to chill out privately with friends while in the Makati CBD? The Oz bar of the newly opened Holiday Inn Suites in Makati would be a great option.

The enclosed bar was small but nicely cozy and had a modern urban theme of white, gray, and pink. Seats are low couches and fat low stools that carry its color theme. A well-stocked bar. We weren't able to sit at the indoor bar since they were fixing the ceiling mounted a/cs.

BUT, we did enjoy the outdoor sitting area that merged with the hotel's roofdeck pool area. I particularly LOVED the Kenneth Cobonpue original deck chairs. The roofdeck, though small, had that cool urban-sharp feel. I guess the unique art-piece couches and chairs did the trick.

I can't vouch for the consistency of their music selection, but this visit, we enjoyed the chillout rhythm of Cafe del Mar beats.

I recommend this place to people looking for a secluded venue where to chill with a small group of friends. And I think Oz would also be a great venue option for a private party.

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