Paeng's Billiard & Bowling

4/F Eastwood City Walk 2, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Paeng's Billiard & Bowling
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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

My 12th review for Paengs Bowl Eastwood!

Sunday family bowling 127923 last December 11,2017 after our Christmas Photoshoot at Eastwood Mall.

This is our Ultimate family activity and our favorite bowling place . Price is 200 pesos including the rental shoe fee. Aside from bowling , they have billiards 127921 and darts 127919 too here plus the Magoos pizza 127829 in case you get hungry after the game .

Entertainment all in one 9757

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

My 11th review for Paengs Bowl!

ASEAN 2017 Family bowling 127923

Went to Paengs Bowl in Eastwood last November 14,2017. It’s our favorite family bonding . Price is around 200 pesos with shoe rental already 127923

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

It's Friday and our colleagues from Cebu wanted to do something that night, so we went to Paeng's for a round of billiards and bowling plus a lot of beers!!! The place was not that crowded when we get in but I was a little bothered with the setup of their bowling alleys - it's dark with some disco lights to accompany the "party" music being played by their DJ. I was like, AH OK!

We started off with a round of billiard. We played for an hour for PHP 290. The price of local beers was not that steep. After the first round, we decided to play bowling so the ladies can play too. We got the package worth PHP 1500 which includes one round of playing, FREE rental on the bowling shoes, and some pika-pikas and drinks. Not bad at all!

The food was good. It consists of fries, crackers, and clubhouse sandwich; and then a pitcher of iced tea. Sulit for the food. Now for the bowling, it's fun! I'd say that SM Megamall's is much better because it looks new but Paeng's is a classic!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

I realized that bowling is not my forte. It was fun to do this activity with friends then add beer to it. Extra fun!

Php 200 per person with free shoes rental.

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Arlene P.
2.0 Stars

The place was beautiful and the pool tables were of good quality but the staff was not at all pleasing to be around. While we were playing they stayed uncomfortably close to our table and later on we could see them getting together and obviously talking and making fun of us...

At one point a staff member came up to one of us and asked for our names. We declined but later on we when we asked why they said "joke lang po, pinagtritripan lang kayo nun" and gather and continued to look, point and laugh at us.

We love the place but because of the rude and disrespectful experience i would not go back

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

Coming here is always a good experience! I love the toons thing going on! It is very interactive and fun to watch!

I love to come here especially on Days when they have their disco bowling! Music is so fun to listen too and it really uplifts my mood even if it is like 12 am already I am feeling very pumped up! The lanes are quite dimmed but I don't mind.

Shocked to see this placed isn't as jampacked as it used to be.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Our year end family bowling bonding happened last December 29 at our favorite bowling place , Paengs Bowl Eqstwood.

Lucky that afternoon , rate is quite low, around 150 pesos. So I grab the opportunity. Additional payment for the shoe rental of course.

This is one of the nice bowling place for us and they have billiards hall and darts too. Last but not the least we had our favorite Magoos pizza while playing bowling. 127923

Nice place for birthday parties and team buildings.

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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

Rave party while bowling? Oh yes! 110881108811088

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Abe C.
3.0 Stars

A very belated review after the Looloo meetup last May, where I reconnected with my friends from looloo whom I met back in 2012, and met others whom I've been seeing on the app. The bowling was fun. 3 games each, I think. This place has seen better days, I've been here over 10 years since it opened and it was a very nice bowling and billiards place. It's still decent, I'll admit. And these types of places, the Puyat owned bowling and billiards types of places, that were well placed all over Metro Manila have sadly dwindled in the past decade or two, from over 5 (Magallanes, Greenhills, Makati, Galleria, EDSA-GH, Eastwood, etc.) to perhaps only this branch. Which makes me a little sad and nostalgic.

But hell, it was great seeing the looloo gang again after a few years, and meeting new ones along the way. We did breathe some life into this for one looloo Rendezvoos. Which was kinda cool. My game was just okay. Rusty and not in shape. Hahaha. And here I finally got to meet Odell R. Nice to have met new faces, too. And meeting people whom I'd only seen in their profile pics on looloo.

And after this we went to Wingstop then the then newly opened Costa Coffee... That was nice. 128513 Thanks for the invite Peanut D. Very very delayed review.

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

Yehey! Night bowling!

It was such a lovely experience! They had good EDM music playing so it gets you super pumped up! And feel good music as well! They shut off the lights and have like the lanes all glowy and yeah cool!

I would definitely do this again! Surely a good activity for the weekend! 200 per person per game

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Jess R.
3.0 Stars

Enjoyed my 1st bowling experience here. Although, I thought it was kind of pricey for a short game. All in all a nice place to hang out / play compete with friends or family. :)

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Every year, during the birthday month of our oh so generous boss, he would treat his whole team here for a night of bowling, pizza, and drinks. This is my 2nd time here and comparing this to sm's bowling center, this is hmm better. Even better after 10pm because the mood changes. Lights + Music to add fun and energy to your night! 128077🏼 But if you like a not so intense, less competitive, chill environment and bowling time, I think sm's better. Plus sm (southmall) is cleaner! 128517128541

On weekends, you need to pay 165 per head per game and an additional 35 pesos for the shoe rental. And they don't accept reservations on weekends (fri, sat, and sun).

Service was just okay. Not all staffs were friendly/nice and approachable. Whenever we need help in fixing something, we would have a hard time trying to call them. 128531 Plus the ones assigned in the receiving area/reception weren't that nice and helpful, as well. 128527

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Trina H.
3.0 Stars

Went bowling with some friends and it was fun! The place was clean and techy (you can put display photos and all that jazz). Altho Paeng's is sort of pricey coz one game costs PHP150 and you also pay PHP35 for the shoes.

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Gianne C.
4.0 Stars

Same location, different bowling experience after 2 years - since the last (or actually the first ever) |ooloo eatup! It happened again after 2 years so I'm happy to say that I got to be part of this event again 128513!

I met some of the core team members and.. more new faces. We're about 25 in attendance and used 4 lanes. Some of us didn't play, and they cheered for us. There's really no competition on this but I still tried my best to score the most points just for my own little sort of achievement. For 2 games, I scored 102 and 126, respectively (yey) 128521!

If there's one thing I slightly didn't like about this place is that the air conditioning system seemed to have a problem that time. A lot of us were actually complaining to one another about this, but I'm not sure if anyone was able to raise this issue to the staff. I hope they notice this and take an action about it.

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Ayesha I.
4.0 Stars

Who would have thought of putting disco lights inside a bowling alley? Haaaaa! 128512

It was pretty cool that Paeng's put party lights and disco ball at the bowling alley. Of course, with matching dj and party music playing pa. Syempre the music boosts you up while playing! Woo! 128588

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Neil R.
3.0 Stars

Peach L described it perfectly — looloo isn’t an app, it’s a community. And, with its recent entry into the Android platform, a growing one at that.

How so?

Two points from this recent eatup (and I’m sure there are more):

1. when a person with no visible talent (and I speak for myself here) is willing to engage in a competitive team sport such as bowling; and

2. when an event, with a call-time of 2pm, can end at 11pm.

So what makes you engage in an activity you’re not good at? What makes you hang out for nine straight hours with people you’ve just met? 

It’s because we all share a common bond, a mutual affinity that transcends food. And that is looloo. 

looloo allows us to gravitate towards like-minded individuals — teaching us to share, to learn, to grow.

looloo empowers us to live vicariously through each other — allowing us to savor, cringe, relish, loathe, bathe in each other’s experiences.
#teamclingy is living proof of this.

So yes, looloo is not just an app. It is now more than that.

I am looloo. You are looloo. We are looloo. 

Chichi T Carla M Jenn N Julie J Dastine S April H
Peanut D Odell R Roegan T


Cheers to Paeng for sharing with us your venue. And thank you for the absence of counter ladies on their last day on the job.

I would have given you a four if not for your weak A/C. The reason for my sub-100 performance perhaps? #teamclingyversuslooloocrewparttwo

  • No. of Comments: 28
Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

More bowling #parasaekonomiya 128514128514

My 2nd time to go bowling with the |ooloo people! Our rendezvoos was the first ever bowling meetup in |ooloo and after 2 years, gutter pa din! 128518

Nothing has changed in this place. Still the same as I remembered. Just like the people from |ooloo, pareho pa din - maingay, magulo, masaya, G na G lage! It was so nice to see the crew again and meet new people as well. What made it extra special was seeing people that I have come to know through IG and FB, aside from |ooloo of course!

Thanks for the chicka Carla M, Julie J, eiLeeN T, Jairus d, Gianne C.

It was nice to finally meet you April H (give na give sa beso beso!), Jenn N, Chichi T, Aileen L and all those that I can't tag anymore!!

Thanks Peanut D for letting me tag the husband along 128518128518128518

Question: sino etong f na f ang pag bobowling sa pic? Hahahah! In fairness super galing din! 128536

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Raymond P.
3.0 Stars

This Saturday, I had a chance to go to EWC's bowling lanes. I must say, Paeng's (Can I call it that?) is a nice place to unwind. Tidy and full of your standard puyat-sport amenities, this place offered fun and enjoyment for ages young and old.

Not sure if the acoustics were not considered or if the looloo crew was just noisy, one thing was sure -- We had a blast! It was great to meet you Abe C, Dastine S and Ruth D. Still wondering if the place ever stopped hiring more folks to run towards the lanes every time the pins get stuck and why they never came back.

Overall, the place is okay, not too shabby. It was a bit stuffy though, considering it had ACs running. Shoes rented out were clean and sanitized. Food (yes, its a must) is also available within the area.

Thanks Peanut D for the invite to join in! 299 to go 128540 LOL

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

A huge thank you to all those who went to this past Saturday's official looloo eatup!!! You guys are AWESOME. 128536 To those who didn't get to go or didn't get the invite, don't worry! There will be more! This was just an initial experiment to figure out if this is an effective way for us to run an eatup.

So do not fret! Just let me know In the comments section if you'd like to be invited to the future eatups. These events are KKB and usually have at least 20 people. So it's a lot more chaotic than the typical looloo rendezvoos 128517 Be ready to be a bit deaf at the end of the day esp if the bubbly and famous Doc April H is there! 128514

Anyway, the bowling alley folks were kind enough to allow me to reserve 5 lanes for Saturday. They already had reservations (4 lanes out of 20 I think?) that day and were very hesitant to allow me to reserve (dapat daw may space for walk ins etc etc).

The third time I called (define makulit) they told me straight up they don't allow reservations so when I asked them why the first party was allowed to reserve... BOOM.

"Um. Ilang lanes po?" 128514128514

I was very nervous we'd have to go at 11AM to reserve (who will wake up early to go bowling??) but thank goodness they didn't want to keep answering my annoying questions.

The lanes here are okay, the pins are more "natural" (fall off better?) than the SM Megamall lanes. But it was very hot!!! Parang nasa labas Lang kami nagbowl! Ok di naman. Pero sobrang init. Dastine S told me there was a spot there where the AC hits you right in the face but of course paunahan. Hahaha.

I'm also giving it 4 stars because the staff here are very friendly! One guy even returned our bowling shoes. EHEM SA MGA HINDI NAGSOLI NG SHOES NILA. 128514

Special thanks to Team Clingy for coming. I know you guys came all the way from the South and returned all the way to the south again haha! Really appreciate it. 128536

Also special mention to Neil R Peach L and Jairus d. I know you had no choice but to help lol but you guys did it with so much grace and kindness. I cannot... even. Lol. THANK YOU!!!! I'm so happy we have you!!!

Also to the bowling beadles wahaha Gianne C, Ruth D Neil R! You guys did a wonderful job!

To Clarissa P who came all the way from the south at walang takot na nilagyan ng looloo sticker Ang iPhone ng asawa nya. 128514

To eiLeeN T and Abe C who we haven't seen in a long time! (Both on looloo and in real life) it was great seeing you again! Aileen L., Roy LAMBERT T., welcome to your first eatup! Glad you had fun!

Tracy M and Albert T! So happy to see you guys again!!! 128536128536

I can't tag all of you guys but you know who you are! Thank you again. This is a super used line but it's really true and I mean it each time - you could have done other things that day but the fact that you spent it with us means a lot! 12852210084


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Dastine S.
3.0 Stars

When asked, my skillset for bowling is what i would call 'industrial' which means i only have enough skills to get through a company bowling event, not unlike Odell R na kayang magpa curve ng bowling ball along its path. 128077🏼128513

Thank you to #looloocrew for organizing this friendly tourney!

Chichi T Carla M Jenn N Julie J magic schoolbus-ed our way to Eastwood where we were joined by doc April H. We had a slight detour at Costa coffee before we headed to the bowling alley to meet with Neil R.

Out team was comprised by Abe C, Ruth D and Raymond P
Abe C taught me a little about proper stance and ball throwing hahaha! First time na lumagpas ng 40+ score ko. I shall keep your pointers in mind 128513128077🏼

Twas a pleasure to meet other Looloo users!!
Next friendlies please!

I found the bowling alley to be a little hotter than the usual. It may be because we were all hyper for a game of awesome bowling, or that the airconditioning system was a little faulty. But overall, great game + great company = one happy looloo community hashtag feels yo. 128077🏼128513

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