Paguriran Island Beach Resort

Sawanga Beach, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

Paguriran Island Beach Resort
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Milags M.
4.0 Stars

Worth the travel, a 14 hour bus ride from manila to sorsogon city then another 1 hour and 30 mins. Jeepney ride to Sawanga. The place is very serene having fine white sand and clear water. There are cottages and washrooms and its safe to leave your things inside the cottage while exploring Paguriran lagoon.

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Maye D.
4.0 Stars

This is the beach at daytime. The main attraction here is not the beach but the little island that nestles their famous lagoon. When they say low tide, the beach gets drained that you can walk towards the lagoon without getting your feet wet (as seen in the photo). In the afternoon, the water begins to rise but only up until waist level on normal days. You can climb to the top to get a good bird's eye view. And yes you can swim in the lagoon. The depth varies depending on the time of day.

They have cottages by the shore. It's limited and quite congested on summer days.

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Allen Y.
4.0 Stars

Took a quick beach trip in Paguriran Island Resort. Place is wonderful esp. during the golden hours. You can Mayon Volcano and the sun sets right smack in the spot. Water is clear and lukewarm, perfect for last minute dip.

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Jonas R.
5.0 Stars

This is a small lagoon of Paguriran Island in Sorsogon situated at the sea. One can walk through the beach to reach the island. The shore is visibly white during low tide.

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G D.
5.0 Stars

Went there with my cousins, from Daraga to Sorsogon, i forgot how many hours was our travel when my kuya just kept on saying 30mins more to reach there. Ha ha. How can I describe this, sa gitna ng dagat may rock forms na mas maganda pagliguan? You can just walk til the middle if lowtide, then you can do cliff jumping on the other side in the open sea! Love it, try jumping it off for experience and stress relief. 128526

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Faith M.
5.0 Stars

Last May, we went to Bicol (mama's hometown) for our vacation. Since the place is is near in sea and the Pacific ocean, expect to have a darker skin. 128514

We heard this beach called Paguriran Island in news and some relatives living in this province and so we decided to explore here in Sorsogon.

Drive lang ng drive... We were out of nowhere (feeling ko lang) because we can't see any houses and the way is isolated... Baka may NPA nalang bigla. Hahaha. Charaught. 128514

We can see the sea... A clear blue sea... But that's not the beach yet. We can't see a sign until... "This way to Paguriran island" oh! My brother had been here before the last time we went in Bicol because he was being taught by ky uncle to drive and take note, he was the one driving going there kahit na rough road yung daanan. Thanks God we're alive knowing that he's only 16 years old. Hahahaha! (Of course my Papa was there to guide him)

And poof! A WHITE SAND AND A CLEAR BLUE SEA!!!! 128525 I easily fell in love with the place!

The entrance fee is free if you're just there to stroll or walk in their white sand, but if you want a cottage, you pay a 25 pesos, I think? And if you're going to swim, you must pay 12 pesos per head. They also have aircon conditioned cottages if you want to stay overnight & a signal!!! Because upon going there, you will encounter dead spot places (for signals).

We thought it was low tide kase ang layo ng dagat. But then, ganun pala talaga yun. You really have to walk bago makarating sa dagat. There, you will see a really big rock... Kapag aakyatin mo, WOW. A really clear water, waiting for you. But you have to be careful because it's already deep. Sa malayo makikita mo yung malalaking waves!! It was really beautiful and even though there are karaoke's, you'll still find peace and you will really enjoy there!! 100841277549728

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