Palad Sandbar

Maniwaya Island, Santa Cruz, Marinduque

Palad Sandbar
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Helen G.
5.0 Stars

Umalis kami ng resort mga around 7am na ata. Pero pagdating namin sa sandbar, kami pa lang ang tao. Ang saya! Super ganda. 128525 Ang hirap i explain. Hahaha! Basta yung feeling similar pag nakita mo in person yung celebrity crush mo.
• Tulala for a couple of seconds
• Di agad makapagsalita
• Aligaga sa pagkuha ng pictures. Lahat ng angles.
at higit sa lahat...
• Ayaw mong mahiwalay sa kanya. 128514

Photo credit: Drone shots by @avambrosio

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Judie Ann Princess M.
4.0 Stars

I know... wala yung Sandbar! 128549128557128148

We tried twice but still the weather wasn't so nice to us. And Palad didn't showed up 128557

Just a reminder. Go here during summer season.

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Joana Marie B.
5.0 Stars

Makaka move on ka sa ganda! 128514128077128099127754

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Sas R.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

The first Sandbar I've ever visited and I swear it was worth the trip! Took us 9 hours to get in the Maniwaya Island and almost 12 hours going back to Manila, but I didn't mind at all. We all had fun with our DIY trip!

It feels like a dream to have visited the beautiful and magnificent Palad Sandbar. I was in awe all along. We visited the Sandbar on our first day at around 3PM, when the tide was still high. It's amazing to see how the sandbar shows up slowly. There were a lot of boats and people that I didn't appreciate it at all. It suddenly became crowded. Until we left for the rock formation. 128565

When we're about to head back to the resort, I noticed that there was only a boat left. Our bangkero, Kuya Leandro (not his real name), was thoughtful enough to ask if I wanted to go back while I was pointing my finger to the sandbar. Albeit a little at around 5PM, knowing that it was just 5mins boat ride away from our resort, I immediately said YES.

We finally arrived! One wouldn't imagine my excitement. Although the sun has almost set, it was that time that I got to enjoy and appreciate the breath-taking Palad Sandbar!!! 128525128525128525

On our second day, we went back. I was literally hooked and in love with it! At morning, the wave was a little stronger and the tide was yet to get high. The sandbar was flawless due to the high-waist water level. We were able to take our #gothrow shot, did a little snorkeling near the sandbar, and left before lunch.

It may not be the most beautiful one, but witnessing how it happens was just an awesome experience! Aaaah! Looking at the photos, I want to go back right now! The sand wasn't really fine, but it didn't matter because of the little waves and the crystal clear water that we all enjoyed. We played at the sandbar and took lots of photos and before heading home, we just watched the clouds move and listened to the waves of the water. The sanbar divided the sea where the other side was shallow with all the shells and stones, while the other was a little deep that seemed like a pool. We had the sandbar all to ourselves and I couldn't thank Kuya Leandro enough for bringing us back.

I felt extra happy that I was able to convince both my elem and college friends to join me and boyfie in the same trip. It was an amazing adventure overall and all I can say was WOW!!! I will definitely be back here!!! Super grateful!

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Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

Sorry na sa selfie photo. Haha. I don't have a better photo of the sandbar na because there were a lot of people when we got there. Buti nga may solo pic pa ako, stolen nga lang (explain pa more). Thanks to my friend who took it! 128513

Anyhow, Palad Sandbar is about 30 minutes away from Maniwaya Island. We went here before lunch because manong bangkero told us that the sandbar only appears between 10am-11am and 4pm-5pm when it's low tide.

I knew that we're nearing the sandbar when I saw people standing and walking in the middle of the sea. It's kinda amusing and amazing at the same time. 128513

When I stepped out of our boat, I couldn't help exclaiming, "OMG.. Sobrang ganda..." 128525128525128525

I ran through the length of the sandbar like a kid even though the sun was scorching hot. Hahaha! So much amazement and excitement! 128513

The water is SO clear! I love its color combination of green and blue! The sand is white mixed with crushed corals. I felt bad lang because there were no fish and I'm pretty sure there were fish and corals there before. The dead corals are everywhere e. Sad. 128543

Perfect for snorkeling sana, but I still went for a swim even though I don't know how to. 128513 So thankful that our guides have life vests with them in our boat, so I used one. Then I borrowed a friend's flippers, and boom! I swam all over the place. 128513 They called me a few times for a group photo, but I was far too busy enjoying my swim. 128512

That's what I don't get. People spending more time taking selfies than enjoying the place itself. It's quite annoying. 128533

Anyway, I highly recommend going here! 128525 It's one heck of a beautiful sight to see! 128522

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Jaevonne P.
5.0 Stars

This enchanting stretch of pristine white sand amid a mesmerizing gradient of blue has been the host of my sandbar debut. Palad Sandbar, which literally means palm, is located at Maniwaya Island, Marinduque.

But there is an interesting sidestory that gives each encounter a little fairytale twist. I'd like to hail it the 'Cinderella Under the Sun' as according to the locals, the sandbar loses its charm at around 12nn in which it surrenders itself back under the sheets of the calm Marinduque waters. Luckily, our fairy god mother was generous enough to flick a bit of her magic upon us. We were the last visitors to dock on the island and so for a while we've enjoyed the place all by ourselves. But just when I thought, I've got my happy ending, my fascination with sandbars begins...and i might just spend eternity searching for some128514

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Cyndy C.
5.0 Stars

Such a gorgeous sandbar! Visible during low tide & you'll surely enjoy swimming around with its white sand and super clear blue water. Beautiful!!

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Jaypee D.
5.0 Stars

Palad Sandbar, located two miles away from the northeast coast of Maniwaya Island, boasts of crystal clear water and ivory white sand and is only visible at low tides.

"Palad" means palm of the hand in Filipino. The circularly shaped sandbar looks like a palm of the hand.

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