Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Marigondon Beach Rd., Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

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Geli R.
5.0 Stars

128077 ambience
128077 quality of food
128077 service
128077 food selection
128077 accesibility

Would definitely come back (since I'm checked in) 128541

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Stephanie C.
4.0 Stars

Their coffee was a tad too sweet for my taste and their cakes were dry. 128542

So the place is called "Palermo Tapas & Pastas" right? But they didn't have tapa huhuhu 128557 Apparently, tapa meant appetizer in Spanish hahahah am I the only one who didn't know this?? Lol and to think I took Spanish this summer...... And I passed...... But barely so my professor isn't really to blame. 128540

Also, they had the NICEST staff, I swear. All caps worthy lol. See I'm the type of person who says thank you a lot, even for the littlest of things, and their staff here responded every single time! Promise. Like 18/18 times that night. With smile pa ha! And that was already around 11 PM. They didn't look tired. Makes you think they actually enjoy what they're doing.

Sometimes, ok, most of the time, it's the little things that matter. 128522

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Em D.
4.0 Stars

*a minute after being seated*
Daddy: mukang mahal ata dito ah

LOL! But he was right. Items were expensive but most (if not all.. Excluding the dessert) of them were actually good! I got their pesto pasta (here I go again with my lame substitute names), which was surprisingly the best one I've had! It was creamy and pesto-ey! Aren't I a great food critic? HAHAH 128547 it was at almost PHP 500 - dapat lang siguro sarapan nila! 128540

As for the mocha cake I got..... It was D-R-Y! But ended up finishing it 'cause its icing became the reason why I didn't let go.. #drama #choz

Place was pretty nice. Servers were also polite. Actually, they all were. They like saying "you're welcome", unlike the servers here in Manila 128541

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