Palette: The Art of Food

E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. cor. Mabolo St., New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Palette: The Art of Food
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Kudos to their play of words. They are most likely pointing out palette which is a board where the artist mixes colors and palate which is one’s sense of taste and put it together to mark the art of food. Am hoping this is their intention for their restaurant name.

Anyway, I was expecting a more artistic look from its dishes. This includes plating which has considerations on placing of food, combination of colors and surprising elements to stir more instagram worthy photos. We got ordinary, typical looks. Moving on.

A big downside is their service time. We weren’t expecting to eat for more than an hour but we did. The dishes came in to us one by one. So we finish one entree and waited a significant time after that. It was like we were at a food tasting event. Imagine 5 phases for our 5 orders.

What you should get is their best selling Adobo Duo (Php 320). It involved two worthy kinds- one alamang based, the other coconut infused. Both were very tasty and worth coming back to on my next visit. I suggest getting rice to experience this best.

The other entree we had were Pepper Chicken (Php 245), Pork Steak (Php 270) and Spanish Omelette (Php 165). All three were ordinary. They weren’t a must have in my list but worth your palate’s time.

A nice end to our long meal time was their affordable piece of Lava Cake (Php 100). It was really moist and had significant amount of chocolate to make you excited.

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Mickey S.
4.0 Stars

Ah, Filipino food - It is quite hidden and sometimes overlooked. You know it's really true when they say 'don't judge a book by its cover' because while the outside is unassuming, the interior of Palette: The Art of Food or simply, Palette Manila is a cute mix of a cafeteria style setting with a homey vibe. This is a much older place and it was filled with vintage decor, trinkets, and paintings, here and there; Truly unpretentious but fantastic nonetheless.

In my opinion, nothing will ever beat homemade Filipino food, but,I have to say that I really enjoyed my meal here; it was one of the best Filipino meals I've had.

To be quite honest, I'm always really picky when it comes to Filipino food because a lot of the time I find myself comparing it to my parents' cooking, and I'm especially picky with any kind of Adobo because it's hard to go out of your way for it when you can make it yourself at home. Palette Manila's Adobo Duo was spot on. The portions were generous and the meat was flavourful and tender. Other notable dishes include their Lamb Stew with Prunes that comes with Mint Rice and their Vermicelli Salad. The presentation is really nice too and you can tell they take their time to prepare each dish.

We've also tried several of their pasta dishes - The carbonara was a bit watered down and unappealing because it does not have a distinctive taste or flavour. It was bland. The Seafood Marinara has the potential to be great but just like the Carbonara, it too was bland. The Mushroom Olio was the stand out in my opinion. It looked really basic but it's packed full of flavour. Simple, delicious, and light. No theatrics needed.

The desserts were amazing but my vote goes to their Leche Flan. Hand down! It's rich, smooth, creamy, with a perfectly scorched sugar topping. Yummy. Just yummy.

All things considered, I'm glad this place is around. I'd love to see Palette Manila and other more creative Filipino restaurants like it push the envelope even further by offering food with greater regional diversity, I'm hoping with time, it inspires even more creative iterations of the cuisine I grew up with and love.

Also, The food here might even be better for your waistline too, since it's less greasy than other Filipino restaurant food I've had in the area. Overall, very surprising (in a good way) food experience. It's hard to find nice, sit down Filipino restaurants, so Palette Manila is a place to always keep in mind.


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Vinz D.
5.0 Stars

Me and my friends went here to celebrate my 25th birthday and we really enjoyed the food!! The adobo pate is a must try! :D

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Catrine S.
5.0 Stars

You know it's legit when carbonara looks like this! Crispy bacon, sunny side up egg 127859 and shaved cheese on top! 128525127860

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Catrine S.
5.0 Stars

Amazing food! 127860 We went here after playing 4 hours of badminton! We were so hungry and they did not disappoint. They have the best bolognese! 127837127837127837 TOP NOTCH! You get a taste of comfort food at its finest! They even have wagyu! 128004

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