Pamalican Island

Agutaya, Palawan

Pamalican Island
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Pamalican Island is one of the best tourist destinations in Busuanga. It is consists of long stretch of white sand and trees that covered the whole island. The sand here is cream in color with mix of small pebbles and corals.

Don't get confuse Pamalican Island with the famous Amanpulo. Both are gorgeous on their own way, but this one is a lot cheaper than the luxury resort. We availed this tour together with North Cay Island and Calauit Safari Tour.

We arrived on this island in the afternoon. We just had to spend less than 2 hours so we maximized all the activities. We had the chance to capture more photos and swam in the deep blue sea. The staff also provided net if you want to play volleyball.

The 50-hectare island can be navigated in a day. We tried to get to the left side and found virgin spot perfect for photo ops. I couldn’t help but to fall inlove with how amazing this island can be.

There is a small cottage for guests. We didn’t pay anything because it was already included in our P1,500 tour fee. We just brought our own lamzac so we had a place for resting.

We left Pamalican Island with so much joy in our heart. I am always looking forward to discover more islands that are less traveled. Hoping that Pamalican Island won’t be ruined through time. I can’t wait to come back on my next trip to Busuanga. 128149

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Nikki C.
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This Pamalican Island that I've been to is "the other" Pamalican island, that is, not the famous and exclusive island. 128517

This small white sand island is located west of Busuanga, Palawan. Given the small size, our boatman said that one can walk the entire circle of the island. Well, we attempted to, and not nearly halfway through, we retreated 128517 ..the scorching heat and time bounded adventure, we find it too long #kayanglakarinkapagmerongtime 128514

The sand here is not so fine but mixture of grainy pebbles. Along the shoreline are washed out shells, bundling in the sand as the waves run back and forth. 127754127818128026

Pamalican island is a nice place for some relaxation before continuing the day's activities. 128524 Suggested activities around the island:

- snorkeling (lots of small fishes in the shallow part)
- shell picking (a variety can be found 128026)
- a walk along the shoreline 128099128099
- sunbathing ⛱9728127796128089


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