Pan De Cagayan Baguettes & Pizza

Taft St., Tuguegarao, Cagayan

Pan De Cagayan Baguettes & Pizza
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Ava G.
5.0 Stars

My family & I went to Cagayan for our yearly reunion. It was a 4-day event because we also celebrated the feast of “San Kuset (St. Joseph) which is also our family’s Patron Saint. With all the food during the event, I suddenly crave for something different in my tastebuds... something that is not “Filipino.”

So from our farm to Tuguegarao, we saw this simple restaurant in Taft St., Tuguegarao City near St. Paul University. Because of my strong craving of “not a Filipino food,” So out of curiosity, we went to the PAN DE CAGAYAN & ordered some of their best selling foods. By the way, they also serve ket foods for people who are in keto diet (They also deliver keto foods near and in Tuguegarao).

So we ordered Five Cheese Pizza, Carbonara, Lasagna, spicy buffalo wings, hot native chocolate & Mangosteen Pizza. After a few minutes... JUDGEMENT TIME has begun...

(Rate is from 0-5, 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest).

11088110881108811088️ The Five Cheese Pizza - the pizza is delicious. Their cheese are delicious, the crust is just right in texture & it is NOT GREASY. It’s better if they add arugula or alfalfa to add flavour (but It’s hard to find those greens in Cagayan). 🙂🙂

1108811088110881108811088️ Lasagna - this creamy lasagna is to die for. the pasta noodle is al dente. the sauce is creamy and flavourful. the serving is just right for one person. I love this dish. 128525128525

11088110881108811088️ Spicy Buffalo Wings - I am not a fan of spicy dishes but I tried this one just for curiosity., Their buffalo wings are as hot as a volcano (or I am just exaggerated. 128514128514) It’s flavourful... from skin to the bones. 128522128522

11088110881108811088️ Carbonara - their Carbonara is much better than in Manila. It is not commercial. the sauce is creamy, the noodle is al dente and the serving for a family size is plenty enough to feed everyone’s appetite. 128521🙂128515

11088110881108811088️ Mangosteen Pizza - this is a unique flavour of pizza for a dessert. the sweetness of a puréed Mangosteen is just right. It can also be a spread to a hot, toasted bread. 128540128522128516

After eating, we ordered an unsweetened hot chocolate for the finale. The tablea is also flavourful even without a sweetener. but if you’re a sweet tooth like me, you might want to add a little more sweetener to pass your tastebuds.

Overall, we enjoyed the food. They made our tummy full and We had a good night sleep. 128514128514 But seriously, we’re happy we have tried the best food in Cagayan.

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Kirstie Mel V.
2.0 Stars

Food serving is not that much, especially pasta. Though the pizzas are okay.

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Tei A.
4.0 Stars

Who would've thought there's a good pizza place here in Tuguegarao! We had 2 family-sized pizzas, carbonara, cheese quesadilla, hot chocolate. All were good except for the quesadilla. The pizzas were cooked in a brick-oven. I liked the crust, it had the right chewiness and crispiness128077🏻.

The ambience was nice, it was a home that was converted into a resto.

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