Pan de Manila

Dela Rosa Carpark 2, Dela Rosa St., San Lorenzo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Pan de Manila
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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Nearest breakfast place. Pan de Manila never fails to satisfy early morning and afternoon merienda cravings.

My favorites include corned beef pandesal, tuna pandesal and the ever so yummy spam pandesal.

Pan de Manila's Cafe con Leche and Chocolate con Leche are the best partners for your daily pandesal. It's good that Pan de Manila had their own soy milk as an alternative to coffee.

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Martin P.
4.0 Stars

I buy pandesal here in the morning before going to the office if I wasn't able to get a chance to eat breakfast at home. The store has just been renovated recently.
Upon their re-opening, they had new types of breads, and then to my surprise they have Pan De Donuts! Yes, it's doughnuts! But not fried, just baked. Most of their flavors has a huge similarity with that of J.Co. For P38 each, it's really good since the bread you are eating is not fried, thus, a bit healthier.

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Classic ensaymada tasted like those you can buy from the neighborhood bakery. Margarine galore! 128514 hahaha! The muffin was okay.

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

9728️ Hot Pan de Sal with Herb Cream Cheese + Coffee for breakfast! 1278389749

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Mmmm so good 128523 but the one with pesto is still the best.

#backlog 128517

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Alexa V.
3.0 Stars

Been drinking milk the past few days trying to gain weight... After the photoshoot for one of my materials, I got so hungry and decided to go down for either McDo cheeseburger, KFC zinger or KK cinnamon cronut. Then my co worker mentioned how good the pandesal smelled in the morning at Pan de manila..

Ding! Ding! Pan de Manila empanada it is!!! When I got to the place, I was surprised to see a lot of other bread stuff. Got kilig to see cheese bread and eyed the pack but sucked that it came in fours... Then a few steps to the left I found cheese pandesal, sold in singles! WIN!

Then I saw their soy milk selection, good alternative to my evening milk :) got the melon. Perfect!

Total damage was 68
Milk -50
Bread -18

Unfortunately, I tried toasting the bread, the cheeSe lacked sharpness. Would've been good if they used quezo de bola *sigh*

Melon milk was good. I could taste the soy a lot so thAt might not be as appealing for some.

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