Panagsama Beach

Moalboal, Cebu

Panagsama Beach
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Reann G.
5.0 Stars

If there's a place I visited from 2016 that I would go back to, it would be Moalboal in a heartbeat.

Moalboal is such a beautiful place to visit. At first, I was hesitant to visit it because it's 4-5hrs away from Cebu City and would cost me a lot if I hired a van/car to take me there. But the stars aligned and I finally had the courage to commute in an unfamiliar place to reach this paradise.

Moalboal as virgin as it is, has a very rich marine life. In a span of 2 days, I was able to see different kinds of fish and was able to swim with pawikans as well. God knows how hard it was to chase them underwater but was glad I was able to do so and was able to take a photo of them while they gracefully swim. 128525

I took a short trip to experience the Sardine Run as well. It is popularly known by tourists and I was just in awe when I finally seen it myself. It was creepy at first but it didn't stop me from swimming with them either. There were just so many!!!!!! It was a wonderful sight seeing them in their natural habitat. I've always loved the underwater anyways, so I highly recommend Moalboal to those people who wants to discover more of the Philippines!!!! #unicorngiveaway

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

It was magical!

The experience with the dolphins 128044 was remarkable and another drop off left me with so much delight. 128522

From the surface, it looked ordinary. But upon going down, low and behold, the huge school of sardines. I can recall the scene in Finding Nemo, where Dory asks for direction from a bunch of sardines. They look like frills of a skirt. With every wave, every movement, these sardines glide along the waters. It was like a dance 128131🏼128131🏼

Once it was situated in Pescador island but not have moved here at Panagsama Beach area. Still a great wonderment why of all places these would hang around the area. Not complaining here but surely a good excuse to try free diving with them 128031128031128521128077🏻

Truly spectacular!

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Joshay S.
4.0 Stars

The view last 13/06/2015. No filter at all. I was looking for the sunset, but the sun set on the other part. Had a walk on the beach with jim. They don't have a white long beach like Boracay here, but the place was awesome.

Here in Panagsama, shops and resto can be found. You can buy some pasalubong. We had a bottle of beer at chill bar. Price just the same here in Manila but the view was the best bonus on the menu.

Cool place128512128513128525

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