Pancake House

G/F Expansion Wing, Festival Alabang, Corporate Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Pancake House
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Open: 7:00a - 10:00p


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Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱116 - ₱250

Most Recent Reviews

Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Haven't been to Pancake House in a long while and this visit was triggered by the "Pancake" episode from Kantaro (who else is watching this in Netflix? Come on foodies! LOL)! This episode gave me serious pancake cravings and if you have ever watched it, you would understand why.

So - dinner on a Sunday - Pancake House it is!

My youngest asked for the Mini Pancakes with Candy Coated Choco Bites for 120Php which came in with three Classic Mini Pancakes, chocolate bites, whipped butter and syrup. She enjoyed it!

Hubby went for the House Special Set for 295Php - with their Classic Taco, Spaghetti, 1 piece Chicken, a slice of garlic bread and iced tea. Sulit set IMO. I LOVE their spaghetti! I used to order their Large Spag with Meat Sauce just for me! The sauce is just the right blend of everything plus the generous amount of meat is something you won't find else where.

My eldest asked for the Mac and Cheese and this was just okay. Tasted like those store bought, ready to cook with sauce. TBH, Velveeta was way better.

The decision making was so tough when it was time to choose the pancake. I mean, I knew I wanted the Classic but seeing the menu made me realize that I also want their Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle because it's also my fave. Then a new limited edition pancake was also available. DECISIONS!

I went for the 2 Piece Classic Pancake, which I shared with the hubby and also ordered the limited edition flavor.

Classic Pancake - 2 pcs for 150Php - I was a little surprised that the pancakes got smaller. But anyway...I ate my pancake 4 WAYS. Let me tell you:

1. Plain Pancake without any butter or syrup - BORING. It was bland. Kinda disappointed though since I never really tried it this way and maybe I was hoping it would taste buttery or a little sweet but oh well...

2. With a dollop of whipped butter - this time I realized that their whipped butter was SOOOOO GOOD! It had the right saltiness to it but since the pancake didn't have any hint of sweetness, pancake and butter combo did not cut it

3. With syrup ONLY - I was expecting this to be boring but sweet because the pancake itself was bland so yeah - no.

4. With whipped butter and syrup - STILL THE WAY TO GO! Doing the 4 way test made me appreciate their classic pancakes more LOL The saltiness of the whipped butter went so well with the sweetness of the syrup. Add into the factor the soft and fluffy pancake - ahhh ang sarap guys! LOL Again, the whipped butter was a knockout so I went for an additional order for 23Php lelz

Moving on....

I also ordered their Caramel Coffee Snickers Pancake for 140Php. The pancakes were minnier than their mini pancakes, plated well - instagram ready TBH, but the overall taste? MEH. The coffee taste wasn't strong and didn't make the pancake taste better. There were more Snicker bits around the pancake than mixed with the batter. There was too much whipped cream that didn't help in anyway. Maybe this was better with coffee and snickers as the filling in between the pancake stack.

Anyway.. I think I will be back tomorrow for their waffle and more Classic Pancake!!!!

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Pigoutsundays O.
4.0 Stars

Pancake Hose forever! That’s the piggery’s mantra.

Youngest sister gave birth last October 29 to her second child at Asian Hospital in Alabang. It took us 2 hours to get there from Mandaluyong because of the pre-todos los santos traffic in Sucat.

Oh well when we got to the hospital its past 12. Praise the heavens there was a pancake outlet to cheer up the piggery. Moreover they have an ongoing promo of P390 for two selected dishes. Yay!
I ordered their two piece chicken with rice while one of the piggery choose their salisbury steak. Chicken were crunchy and delicious and so cheap. Yay!. But i forgot to take a photo of my order huhuhu.

The rest of the family ordered their favorites which were not part of the promo and were regularly priced. ie grilled cheese sandwich, arroz ala cubana, cheese waffle, etc.

Note : Any two for P390 promo ended yesterday.

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Fifi O.
4.0 Stars

I love their food! 1008410084

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Pia L.
3.0 Stars

First time to eat at this branch! Not that much choice in terms of restaurants here in the hospital... Was so hungry, and I'm happy to find out that they serve not just breakfast food at 9 in the morning. Lol

I used to just get salisbury steak or pancakes all the time but I was curious with what their chicken tastes like because I saw a hack of it on My mom got their spaghetti which she says tastes just okay hahaha (my mom has a moderate to high standard when it comes to food so I'm guessing there's really not anything extraordinary about it 128514) Not sure if I liked their chicken, the skin was crispy, chicken was cooked all the way through and both pieces were big but I could taste the calamansi so much and I guess I'm just not used to it being on a marinade for a fried chicken haha probably also doesn't help that I ordered vanilla milkshake to go with it 128517

Service was good, only had to wait for 10mins before our order arrived.

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Albert T.
4.0 Stars

I must be on a protein binge after my work out this morning. And, wanting to avoid hospital food, Pancake House seemed like the only choice.

Went for the Taco Salad first. I wanted to line the belly with greens, veggies and good fiber. This was a huge salad with generous amounts of lettuce, kidney beans, tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese. Topped it off with their half-sweet, half-sour vinaigrette and mixed it in with their crunchy taco shell bowl. The taco crunch, the sweet and sour taste of the dressing and the fresh veggies made a rabbit out of me! That was gooooood!!!

I satisfied my protein craving with Arroz ala Cubana. The ground beef tasted like it was stewed in good tomato sauce and well seasoned. Certainly, the serving size was appropriate. Only drawback with their version was the lack of raisins in the mix. I also wish there were more fried bananas and for the egg to have been scrambled. Don't get me wrong though, their Cubana was different but it was every bit as delicious as our home cooked version. Less oily too!

I asked the waiter if the Cubana was a spin off of their spaghetti sauce but the answer I got was a wry but polite smile! Looks like they are not about to let go of their trade secrets yet! 128541

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Teresa M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Daniel O.
4.0 Stars

Speculoos butter cookie pancake FTW! But don't let the photo fool you! Only available in mini pancakes! That's the downside128532

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