Pancake House

The Portal, Greenfield District, Shaw Blvd. cor. Mayflower St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Pancake House
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Most Recent Reviews

Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

They have an on-going promo, please see pic. Until oct 15. Sulit. Still one of the best fried chix and spag.

Was at portal greenfield checking out the weekend market but was closed due to heavy rains. After looking for a better place to eat. We decide to go back to an old time fave.

We are happy with our decision. Walang kupas. 128077

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Abby M.
5.0 Stars

Pancake House serves one of the best fried chickens I've ever had. The crisp. The juice. The gravy. Yum!!
And, of course, would you ever leave a pancake house, without eating pancakes?? Blueberry!

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Potchie M.
4.0 Stars

My all time favorite meal in Pancake House.
In photo: Spicy Chicken with Brown rice Pillaf

You just have to try it.
Large chicken fillet with a healthy rice under it.
A squeeze of lemon and sour cream/ranch dip.

Not too spicy, not too salty, not too sour.
Just the right amount of flavors bursting in a mouthful. 128077🏽10084

4 out 5 stars because the serving though takes at least 20-30mins. But this meal is worth the wait. But if you're into plenty of rice you might need to order an extra for this. 128513

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Russel F.
3.0 Stars

My friend and I had our late dinner here last Saturday evening. We’re actually aiming for the food stalls at the weekend market, but we couldn’t find a good seat so we settled to just eat here.

I was totally hungry when we got here. I got their Special Salisbury Steak and Peach waffle for dessert, just for myself. Takaw! 128584128584128584

We waited for about 20 minutes until they served us our food. I’ve instantly noticed the thickness of the steak even though it’s drenched with gravy and topped with mushrooms on it. I’ve had my first bite and thought it lacked something, perhaps on its taste; so I splashed a bunch of pepper on it and yes, it tastes better after doing so. But I don’t think it’s something that I could recommend to others.

Peach waffle came in afterwards. It tastes exactly like the first time I’ve tried it and I like how the peach cuts were perfectly partnered with the syrup. But my friend told me that she didn’t like the syrup, it tastes like Robitussin daw. LOL. 128514

Anyhow, it was good but not something I would try once more (talking about the Salisbury steak). Their brown rice entrees were better in my opinion.

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Jaymie P.
4.0 Stars

My team and I conducted our OffSite Recruitment Activity in this branch the other day primarily because of its location. Second, they have a function room which they rented out at PHP 1500/hour (consumable).

Tired from the morning session's activities, I told my team to order steaks. I'm not particularly fond of steaks but I've always been interested to try the one they have in their menu.

I ordered Tenderloin Steak, medium rare, of course. When I took my first bite, I was in Tenderloin Steak semi-heaven. The steak melted in my mouth like butter. Topped with their signature gravy and a little bit of steak sauce (steak was sadly underseasoned), it was perfect. Would've been much better with wine...but I was on official maybe next time.

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

Had a dinner here at Pancake house last week night to fulfill my sudden craving for their pancakes after JP G's review about it. 128513 Since I never had snacks yet, I decided to get one of their entreés which is the Salmon cakes with Brown rice tabbouleh. And of course, the Banana walnut pancakes for dessert. Patay gutom [dead hungry] mode is on!

Salmon cakes with brown rice tabbouleh - this one's a 3 star rating for me. The dish looks very appetizing and most of all, delicious! This dish also comes with a mayo dip with few spices. The salmon cakes looked like deep fry meatballs as a first impression. 128513 While the rice has raisins and I don't like raisins mixed in every food or even dessert! The first bite was okay, a bit dull for me. I sprinkled few amounts of pepper all over the rice and tried adding some salt on the dip. The next bite was better this time. 128517 I believe this dish was less catchy than the other brown rice dish (Spicy chicken fillet with brown rice pilaf), which I've tried before. It lacks some spices and somehow the mayo dip didn't save this dish from my taste.

Banana Walnut Pancakes - These 3 layers of pancakes saved my disappointment from their entreé. The pancake layer itself was already good, not even closer to your usual pancake. It was really that good! Few slices of bananas and tasty cream on top plus walnuts all over your plate is like a simple piece of heaven for me. This is a 5-star rating for me.

Overall, it was a 4-star rating and will surely come back to try other varieties of their pancakes. 128523

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

PAN FRIEND CHICKEN. I cannot believe that I eat as much as my boyfriend.. #fattie we both had 2 pieces of chicken each and we shared a Golden brown waffle. 128077 I was so happy that, unlike other branches, our food got to the table fast. 128522

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Marco N.
4.0 Stars

3 words. Rib. Eye. Steak.
Now, if youre not enticed.. i'll add gravy and bbq sauce plus a dash of hot sauce.. well.. what now?

minus 1 star for the rough rice and the price but you'll get by.. its not everyday that a nice steak comes by

now i wonder how it was done, hmm?

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Tapa meal is a bestseller aside from pan fried chicken which I get to crave from time to time. The branch here is relatively new along United St. Service is fast and place is neat.

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