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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

Wow, I thought I already posted this on Looloo, but I guess it failed cause I lost internet connection.. :(

Sorry for the delayed post..

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pancake House: A Taste of Baguio

This Saturday, I had another pleasure of visiting Pancake House in SM Baguio to try their new dishes specially made for Baguio.

There are three new additions to the menu. Just looking at the pictures already made my mouth water. I mean, just look at them! Add the fact that I love strawberries.

The first one is a colorful salad mix of romaine lettuce, candied strawberries, cubed pears, juicy oranges and the star of the dish, peanut brittle. The platter is served with a side of strawberry vinaigrette for you to drizzle on your super delicious healthy looking salad. Don't believe me? Here's my shot of this scrumptious Crunchy Salad.

Me and my friends loved this so much and so bad! It's so perfect. It's the only fresh salad I'd want to eat for the rest of my life. Alright, I am exaggerating, only because it is that good. Kudos to Pancake House's Manila team who conceptualized this dish. Hands down to you! And it's quite a surprise because I expected it would be made by a Baguio chef. I am in heaven with this salad. I mean, who would have thought that the smoky sweet taste and crunch of the peanut brittle would blend perfectly with the strawberries, lettuce and pears? It's not sickeningly sweet, as the pears give a neutral balance. The vinaigrette is a tad sour, I would assume it to have lemon or lime as it has a citrusy aroma to it. I would not hesitate to reorder it again. Trust me, this is a MUST TRY!

Next dish is the Strawberry Brittle Pancake. It's basically Pancake House's signature pancake recipe, topped with whipped cream, strawberries and (you guessed it!) peanut brittle! The plating screams Baguio, as the strawberry halves are arranged to resemble a flower (as cited by my cousin). Here's my snap.

My honest opinion is, it is quite normal, unless you don't get to have strawberries on your pancake that often. Strawberry syrup doesn't count. I transferred all the brittle to my salad and so did my friends. It's not as amazing as the salad, but it's not a flop either. Still liked it. Just didn't make quite the impression I was hoping.

And another item added to their menu is the Strawberry smoothie! Seriously, it's strawberry overload! It's their house made iced tea blended with strawberries served in a really tall glass! Check it out for yourself!

This is also the best strawberry smoothie by far. You can really tell it has real strawberries. Seeds. I love this smoothie. Most smoothies I've tasted have cream or milk. This is just so healthy. It tastes so fresh, just the right amount of sweetness and a tinge of sour to balance it out. This will be my trademark drink whenever I'll visit Pancake House. My order wouldn't be complete without this.

By the way, you can only taste these goodness in Baguio. Other branches don't have these on their menu. So you definitely need to visit Pancake House SM Baguio if you find yourself visiting.

We also tried their new promotion for a set for two (2). For only ₽398.00 (Philippine Pesos), you get two identical plates of Pan Grilled Pork Belly, and mashed potato and buttered vegetables as side dishes. It also comes with a couple of glasses of house blended iced tea.

The pork is so succulent, melt in your mouth fat. I love pork cooked like that. And you know what? The mashed potato is so filled with light buttery goodness. So buttery. So yummy... I think I hear my stomach grumbling. I better finish this soon so I can grab me some dinner. Maybe from Pancake House?

Just a call out to Ms. Trixie from Pancake House Manila who came all the way to accommodate us. She was really cute (yes, that is the right word) and really bubbly. I would love to hang out with her. The staff was quite hospitable, all smiles even if some of my "companions" were kind of "jerks" and feeling like a boss. If you know what I mean. Oh well!

Thank you so much for the delicious creation Pancake House! I am a loyal pancake addict!

For more pictures, visit my Instagram

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

Today, my fellow Baguio Food bloggers, our friends and I had the utmost delight in attending a private function for the soft opening of Pancake House SM Baguio. We were invited to sample their delectable menu of Pancakes, Waffles, Rice Meals, Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads, Milk shakes and many more!

An invitation was sent out to us by their Marketing Manager, Ms. Marielle, who delightfully entertained us with hospitality. Our waitress for the day, Abby, ushered us to a couch booth and insisted that we order right away. Since there were three of us and my friend was running late, I told her that we would wait. Abby's persistency soon won us over as well and we ordered a suggested appetizer to start the meal off.

We placed an order of Fiesta Taco Salad, their specialty in the salad menu, and a 1 piece Best Taco in Town under the Snack Lights category. The Fiesta Taco Salad is a tossed lettuce salad with slices of chicken breast, tomatoes, onions, beans, chips bits (my friend they were Chippy, but I don't think so) and grated cheddar cheese. This was served with a sweet and sour salsa that perfectly compliments the salads Mexican theme. While the Best Taco in Town yields a difference by the chili con carne style filling. Both are a win win for me. I think I was already half full by then.

The staff was very attentive as they serve us glasses of drinking water and added an additional cutlery set when my friend arrived.

We then ordered our main course.

Blueberry Pancakes
This was my order. I have no idea how they managed to stuff the pancakes with blueberries as you can see from my picture. It is topped with a scoop of cream cheese (if I am not mistaken) and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Peach Waffles
Waffles topped with peach slices and whipped cream. Although it may look bland and boring, the peach syrup will definitely send you over the moon. It's so perfect.. Two thumbs up for this waffle!

Beef Tapa
Slices of sirloin beef with rice, egg cooked perfectly for my taste, and a side dish of pickled unripe mangoes.

For our drinks, we ordered the Strawberry and Vanilla Milk Shakes in regular (there is extra thick) and the Orange Soda float, which is Royal topped with vanilla ice cream. After out meal, I knew I had to down a cup of coffee so I ordered a cuppa of brewed and I loved the fact that they have brown sugar and the artificial sweetener. This definitely gives another point for them.

Now as explained to me by Ms. Marielle, the new design of Pancake House incorporates wood in their interior. This brings out a feeling of being homey and warm. I think it is best suited for Baguio!

The SM Baguio branch is their third store in Baguio FYI. They have one in Kisad road Petron gas station and another one in Camp John Hay Ayala Techno Hub. Back to the design, I did feel comfortable in the new decor. The soft couch is relaxing, but they also have long tables for your family dining. Especially if you have a big family. The lighting is well placed as it isn't to glaring but enough light to take that perfect shot of your food to share on your social media account. Right? Check out this panoramic photo.

The service was splendid, considering the fact that this was a dry run. Of course, everything needs to be in tip top shape! All in all, they were very polite, smiling and asking how our food were. Even if one of the servers half spilled the taco, we'll let that slide.

As for the taste, I loved the Blueberry Pancakes and Beef Tapa. The peach syrup is the hero of the peach waffles. The tacos are a bit messy to eat but worth it, but the salad was boring if not for the salsa.

Now on a serious note, the value for money. If you are in the above average category, this is an everyday meal for you. The cost is justifiable. Family dine outs are perfect here as an order of salad and pasta can be good for 2-3 people. Couples on dates, note for the guys, do order desserts and shakes for your girls but save up on appetizers. Call center pipz can definitely have breakfast here twice a week. It's not really a splurge.

I wish I had eaten more but I was so full already. Most probably from the milkshake. Note to diet, it's over.

Will I visit Pancake House again? Hell YES! They officially open on June 27, 2015 from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM!

For more pictures, come like my Facebook Page, Gastronomical Adventures.

You can also visit my blog site at

Which did you like from our orders? Have you tried Pancake House yet? If so, how was it? Do let me know!

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