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Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Borromeo St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Pancake House
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Nievs G.
5.0 Stars

This double looloo rendezvoos I attended last Thursday (4/19), I think, is the most "comfort"-able rendezvoos I've been to so far because it was all about comfort food. In other words, "healthy eating" hahaha! 128514128514128514 So satisfied was I that at the end of it, I began to feel a bit sleepy (in a good way, that is).

It was also my first time in the Tomas Morato area, a place I've never been to before or am not familiar with. But it was an exciting prospect for a whole new food tripping experience!

As I've said before, all of my looloo rendezvoos I attended to are my "firsts" so far. Would you believe I haven't been to Pancake House and Dencio's before? Yes, they're considered a little more mainstream and I should have been to each of these restaurants at least once. Even my sisters have gone there a few times before. Ako lang ang hindi nakakapunta hehehe.

That's why I am grateful to looloo's Peanut D. . and Roegan T. for inviting me to this rendezvoos and for giving me my first chance to try Pancake House's and Dencio's offering. 128522128591

These two restaurants are housed in one compound which is located in the corner of Tomas Morato and Scout Borromeo, in Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City. Pancake House and Dencio's are both under Max's Group, which also owns other brands like Jamba Juice and Yellow Cab, among others.

We split into two smaller groups and switched places. Our own group proceeded to Pancake House first.

To break the ice while in waiting mode, we played a short but fun Jenga game with a twist, where some of the blocks had surprise prizes. Later on the staff had a little presentation which showed us the dishes that we would be trying tonight.

I was happy to have sampled Pancake House's classic dishes -- which included their pancakes, of course -- and some newer offierings:

🔸Best Taco in Town (₱120)
I've had tacos before which have hard and soft taco shells. Pancake House's "Best Taco in Town" had neither hard nor soft shells -- they were so crispy to the bite! Other tacos are too unwieldy to eat, something which you cannot find in Pancake House's tacos. They're not called "Best Taco in Town" for nothing! It's a classic taco with a delightful twist!

🔸Spaghetti with Meat Sauce with Garlic Bread (Regular, ₱199 / Large, ₱307)
Peanut told me that Pancake House's spaghetti was good, and I completely agreed with her! As I am now veering away from the typical ultra-sweet "Pinoy spaghetti" and instead preferring more savory ones, I found Pancake House's spaghetti really, really good. While it was not smothered with too much sauce like the other spaghetti dishes I've tried, it was otherwise quite meaty. There was a hint of sweetness, but it wasn't too sweet -- it screamed more of the natural sweet-sour taste of the ripened tomatoes which I really loved. This was a straight, good ol' spaghetti with nothing extra in it (not even chopped hotdogs).

🔸Special Salisbury Steak (₱267)
I found this one as a bit too salty to me. Good thing there were the mixed veggies to counter the burger patty's salty taste (I didn't eat rice).

🔸Pan Chicken with Gravy (2 pieces, ₱210 / 3 pieces, ₱275)
I liked it! It had a right amount of juiciness... and most of all, walang dugo sa loob (as it's always a pet peeve for me when eating fried chicken). Perfectly cooked!

🔸Classic Pancake (₱150 / ₱185)
At last, I got to try their pancakes! And all the claims I've heard about Pancake House's pancakes turned out to be true -- soft, creamy and fluffy! Part of the reason why I didn't go to any Pancake House branch (or any other restaurant that offers pancakes) before is because I thought I would be satisfied with the instant pancakes that I make at home. But no.... you've really got to try Pancake House's pancakes, even just once (or even more than once after that!). Instant pancakes come out typically flat. Pancake House's classic pancakes, on the other hand, are a delight in every bite. Even the butter was good! (it looked like a scoop of ice cream, it didn't melt easily).

🔸Golden Brown Waffle (₱185)
It was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside! I loved both my pancakes and waffles smothered with butter and lots with maple syrup (I'm the kind who likes my pancakes and waffles with lotsa sweet syrup, ako ata nakaubos ng syrup hahahaha).

🔸Pan-Seared Fish Fillet with Rice and Salad (₱270)
It was first made available during the Lenten season and it's still on the menu, but only until the end of this month. The Pan-Seared Fish Fillet was light of course but flavorful. The fish itself was topped with salsa and was served with rice and a salad topped with cheese. I'd only wish they'd make it as part of the regular meal. But you know Pancake House, they're more on the comfort food side... :D

🔸Coffee Caramel Snickers Pancake (₱140)
We Filipinos eat pancakes not just as a breakfast item but also as a dessert. We put a lot of sweet fixings on pancakes such as whipped cream, fruits, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, candies and a lot more. So it was a real treat for us when Pancake House introduced the Coffee Caramel Snickers Pancakes -- coffee-flavored mini-pancakes made more sinful and luscious with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, chopped cashew nuts and chopped Snickers! It looked really good and IG-worthy, but it tasted even better! I think that was the scene-stealer of our Pancake House event last night.

I ate it with the mint topping... and the combination was so good!

"CHOOSE ANY 2 FOR ₱399" PROMO -- this is still ongoing !
🔸Pan Seared Fish Fillet, Plain Rice and Side Salad
🔸1-Piece Pan Chicken, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Garlic Bread
🔸1-Piece Pan Chicken with Golden Brown Waffle
🔸Special Salisbury Steak Plate

Pancake House also plans to offer items that are available in select branches such as the Ube Macapuno Pancakes (at their Ayala Malls Vertis North branch).

I didn't take any rice (to my regret) as I was saving my tummy for Dencio's later.

Thank you for having us Pancake House! I am happy to have finally enjoyed your food for the first time, and I plan to visit any Pancake House branch anytime soon! Best pancakes I've tried ever, so far. :)

(flatlay arrangement courtesy of EJ B.)

(Rating: 4.5 stars, rounded off to 5)


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5.0 Stars

Have you ever been to Pancake House? Yes, ever since I was a kid, Pancake House will be one of my favorites breakfast place.

I was so lucky to be invited by Looloo crew headed by Peanut to try Pancake House in Tomas Morato. The restaurant is in one compound together with Dencio’s Bar & Grill. By the way, both restaurants are under Max’s Group, Inc.

While waiting for Jairus, the management of Pancake House prepared a Jenga Game with a twist where 5 of the blocks has a surprise prizes which I got 2 Gift Certificates.

We were able to try the classic favorites and new dishes of Pancake House:

🥞Golden Brown Waffle for Php185.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥞Classic Pancake for Php150.00 (2pcs) / Php185.00 (3pcs) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥞Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Garlic Bread for Php199.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥞Best Taco in Town for Php120.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥞Pan Chicken with Gravy for Php210.00 (2pcs) Php275.00 (3pcs) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥞Special Salisbury Steak for Php267.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

“What can I say? LAHAT MASARAP! 128523 You will never regret ordering, promise!”

New Dishes

🥞Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Rice and Salad - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“This dish was offered last Lenten Season. The fish was somgood with the salad it is lite and tasty.

🥞Coffee Caramel Snickers Pancake for Php140.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“How can you resist or go on diet with this pancake? It is composed of coffee flavored mini pancakes filled with chopped Snickers, whipped cream between pancakes, drizzled with caramel, choco syrup and sprinkled and cashew nuts and more Snickers bits. Absolutely mouthwatering and deliciously presented during our dinner. “Napaka-instagrammable!”

There’s an ongoing promo at Pancake House. You can choose any 2 of the following dishes for Php399.00:

🥞Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Plain Rice and Side Salad
🥞One pc Pan Chicken, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Garlic Bread
🥞One pc Pan Chicken with Golden Brown Waffle
🥞Special Salisbury Steak Plate

The service went well. The staff and crew were attentive and alert for providing us assistance during our eat up.

Of course, I will be back again and again and again.

Thank you Pancake House for having us.

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T. 128588🏼

Nice to meet you again guys! Cheers! 127881 Aileen L Jaja R Jairus d Nievs G Muffy T Julie L Herl C Salie

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Pancake House has always been synonymous to comfort food for me. One of my favourite childhood memories are of my lolo taking me for spaghetti and waffles after sunday morning masses - this happened every week for years. This is why i was really excited to have gotten an invite for last thursdays visit.

Pancake House prides themselves with having good food and service that many will find reasonable. Dining here will definitely leave you full and satisfied.

My personal favourites were the spaghetti, best tacos in town, and their signature golden brown waffle. Their light and airy buttermilk pancakes are also great not only for breakfast but as a dessert too.

The recently came out with a new product called the coffee caramel coffee snickers pancake which was not only IG worthy but also crazy good! The lighter than air coffee-flavoured pancakes (that were generously drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with chopped snickers) is something you have to order pretty much anytime of the day. An order is about 140php and is big enough to share.

Pancake House is always always a good choice any time of the day.

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

I'm lucky to be part of this latest Looloo rendezvoos, the group where I belong proceed here to try the Pancake House's best sellers.

We were surprised by the Manager and his assistant with the Jenga games with prizes they had for us while the kitchen is making all the food.
They are actually very kind to give us free GCs even when it's too hard to get them after about three turns each. 128514Hooray! That was real fun!

I am really happy that almost everything they served us are my favorites. From Spaghetti to Tacos to pancakes to Fried Chicken and gravy!!!

Right after then, they introduced us to their Menus using a laptop with pictures showing their Menus and Promos ongoing. I remember Maffie enumerates her favorite House specials even the ones kahit phase out na!128514

After all the table arrangements (thanks to @Julie) we are finally ready to eat.

Best Taco in town P120/pc.
-this is a classic favorite. A must have before the Main Menu.
Its Taco is light and crispy which makes it very popular...
craving for it right now!128513128514

Pan Chicken with rice & gravy

- they serve a minimum of two P210 and maximum of three pieces P275 per order. They serve it from the pan kaya mainit pa upon eating even it took us few minutes for the food pictorials.128077
This is my ultimate, lifetime favorite in this world! The Pan Fried Chicken...soo good! I believe every Filipino should try this!

We wonder how they make their gravy...sabi nga ni sir, secret ang ingredients..well whatever it is, that's what make them uniquely stand out. Super sarap!!!!!!!!

Also available is the Pan Fried Chicken with Spaghetti
-This is included in their ongoing promo, buy1 take 1 for P399! Sulit!!!!

Classic Pancake
-My heart melts for this one. Pang full meal, pang snacks or dessert.
Its really fluffy and milky and delicious with just a drop of syrup and a spoonful of Butter Cream on top! 128525

Golden Brown Waffle solo P185 or with 1pc. Fried Chicken
-also wonderful for snacks or a dessert. soft in the middle and crispy on the sides.
Butter Cream on top with syrup of course.

Pan Chicken & Spaghetti with Meatsauce plus Toasted Bread
-Perfect for Kids and young adults like me. 128522
Available in Solo or Large serving.

Caramel Coffee Snickers Pancake
- indeed the Superstar of the night!
Picture pa lang perfect na! 128525
It is soft, brown and fluffy three layer coffee flavored pancakes with whipped cream, Choco & Caramel syrup with Snickers bits all over drizzled with choco powder. 128525
We were again delighted with the mini pancakes (tig isa isa kami) and it's too nice to eat! 128514
Try this while it lasts until May31 only.

Salisbury Steak with Veggies
- sabi nga ni Julie, lagi nya tong order...Perfect for meat lovers and this will surely satisfy you.


Ongoing promo

"Choose any two for P399"
Full meal with Iced Tea.

Delivery Hotline 79000
Thank you so much Looloo Peanut D Roegan T for this wonderful experience.Till next time! 128525

My Heart is definitely happy and my stomach is full, Thank you for having us MGI,
Pancake House and Dencio's!

Looloo guys, whom I've just met and those who have been my instant friends, you're all awesome!!! 128525

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die" - the famous line of Agnes from Despicable Me where she describes her toy unicorn. This is also how I would describe the pancake from the Pancake House - soft, creamy, and fluffy! I would totally die to fill that stuff in my mouth. It felt like I was eating a cotton with a buttery taste when I first tasted it. Yummy!

Aside from pancakes, little we didn't know that Pancake House also serves delicious meals. They offered us to try their line of Classics: Golden Brown Waffle, Classic Pancake, Pan Chicken with Gravy, and Special Salisbury Steak. The Golden Brown Waffle is so crisp in every bite while the Classic Pancake like what I've described above, was literally fluffy! I loved how their butter didn't easily melt, like I thought it was vanilla ice cream. People's favorites come to their Pan Chicken where it has this citrucy taste and their Salisbury Steak that is covered with delicious gravy. I also loved both of them as this was my first time trying them out.

The common misconception of everyone to Pancake House is that "Akala ko mahal" that is why they introduced their promo of "Choose Any Two for P399". The choices are:

▪️Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Rice and Salad
▪️1pc Pan Chicken, Spaghetti, and Garlic Bread
▪️1pc Pan Chicken with Golden Brown Waffle
▪️Special Salisbury Steak Plate
▪️Corned Beef Hash

These are great steal! Sobrang sulit beshh because this also comes with ice tea. I don't think any restaurant would offer this kind of deal for just P399. Definitely Pancake House is #AlwaysAGoodChoice!

Another newest pancake flavor on their promo this summer is the Coffee Caramel Snickers Pancake. They introduced this last April 1 up to May 31 only. So for two months, everyone can enjoy the fluffy coffee flavored pancake with snicker bits and drizzled with choco syrup. We got to try this out and we loved how they presented on the plate. The coffee taste was also very prominent but everything was a bit sweet for me because of the syrup and chocolate bits.

I super enjoyed our rendezvoos here. Literally, I was in food coma that night. 🤩 Thank you again Peanut D and Roegan T for the invitation and to my fellow loolooers, I had a blast!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Whenever I think of comfort food, Pancake House has been one of those place I immediately think of. Their pancake and waffle brings back memorable memories from childhood.

Pancake House also releases their chocolate inspired series. They've started with Chocolate Overload, all chocolate from pancake, ice cream and sauce. Now they've shared their 2nd flavor for the year: Coffee Caramel Snickers Pancake (Php 140). Fluffy coffee-flavored mini pancakes topped with Snickers bits, whipped cream then drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup and cashew nuts. This is for limited time only so try it out if you love Snickers like I do

I found the chocolate syrup too much though but you can request it on the side. I loveeeee how fluffy the pancakes were like clouds in my mouth. The pancake mix had the right combination of coffee in it. Watch out for their next chocolate inspired surprise.

Try their affordable meals, choose any two for Php 399
- Special Salisbury Steak
- 1 pc Pan Fried Chicken with Golden Brown Waffle
- 1 pc Pan Fried Chicken, Spaghetti with meat sauce & garlic bread
- Pan Seared Fish Fillet, Plain Rice and Side Salad

I could actually finish 2 meals by myself, there was a time I waited for my friend and order this deal from Pancake House in Sta. Mesa. I ate the first one and I had to wait for another 2 hours since my friend was stuck in traffic... I ate the 2nd one. I find this deal really sulit since it comes with iced tea too.

Lately I love their Salisbury Steak, Tacos and Pan Fried Chicken. I have to admit there's something magical with their gravy! Aminin! I practically eat it as soup! haha You can request only twice for extra gravy but putting it out there!

Thank you Looloo team for having us and invite. Pancake House for the delicious food!

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

My first Looloo Rendezvoos for the year 2018! 128153🍽

I got a message from the beautiful Peanut D last week if I am available on Thursday night because there will be a Sponsored Looloo Rendezvoos at Tomas Morato and since I missed the Looloo people , I said “YES”

I learned from Pea few days before the event that will be hitting 2 places for that night , Pancake House and Dencios which is both under the Max’s Group Inc.

Just to give you a background of Max’s Grouo Inc, with 14 brands under its care including Pancake House, they are country’s leading full service restaurant group and people can expect but good food and quality service .

Now let’s move on to our first generous host last night , Welcome to Pancake House! Pancake House started on year 1974. It’s first branch is in Magallanes and now they over 100 franchises in the country !

Personally speaking , my family and I loves Pancake House especially my kids Latrell Joshua L Adelheid L. For me , it’s everyone’s favortite because it’s an all day comfort food that has a complete menu to satisfy you from morning , noon , evening and at all times in between .

First we had an ice breaker game , we played Jenga and there were prizes given to lucky Looloo reviewers like me who won a Regular Milkshake 🥛128523 after that food comes in and we’re drooling already while taking photos of each every dish served on the table.

128204 Best Taco in Town - (120 pesos ) colourful south of the border Mexican treat . ground beef , lettuce , tomato , onion and cheese in crispy 🌮 taco shell .

128204Spaghetti 127837with Garlic bread 🥖 - (Regular 199/ Large 307 pesos ) a childhood favorite you always go back to , moms spaghetti with meat sauce .

128204 1 Pc pan fried chicken 127831 spaghetti 127837 with meat sauce (

128204Pan Seared Fish Fillet ( 425 pesos ) a healthy and nutritious steamed fillet of salmon , and served with mustard herb sauce .

128204Special Salisbury Steak (267 pesos ) premium 1/3 pound Salisbury steak topped with creamy mushroom gravy and bacon bits

1282041 pc Pan Chicken with Golden Brown waffle -

128204 Golden Brown Waffle- (185 pesos ) classic and delicious crispy golden brown waffle .

128204 Pan chicken with gravy - (2pcs for 210 pesos ) their popular and well loved crispy and succulent chickens served with steamed rice 127834 and flavourful homemade gravy .

My personal choice here is the tacos , I loved tacos 🌮 then the pan chicken , the golden brown and the classic spaghetti . Also loved the roast beef and you should try it too .

Pancake house offers Promo. The Choose Anu Two. Actually we tried this promo several times with my family every-time will dine at Pancake House . Since were four in the family ; we can really save money on this promo .

For 399 pesos Choose Any Two from Pan Seared Fish Fillet with rice , and side salad , 1 pc Pan Chicken And Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread , 1 pc Pan fried chicken with golden brown waffle and the special Salisbury steak plate .

The highlight of the night is the desert! Lucky they allow us to try the NEW Caramel Coffee Snickers Pancake 🥞 it’s just 140 pesos ! Coffee 9749️ flavoured mini pancakes 🥞 filed with chopped snickers made luscious with whipped cream in between pancakes drizzled with caramel , chocolate syrup , and sprinkled with cashew nuts and more snicker bits . Coffee lovers and my kids who loves snickers would loved this new pancake flavour !

This Pancake House branch is open from 6am to 11pm . But if need 24hours pancake house branch , go to Burgos Circle branch .

I had a satisfying dinner last night , thanks to Looloo, Peanut D and Roegan T for the invite , to Sir Jong and Patricia of Pancake House for sharing us all that we need to know about Max’s Group Inc, the history of pancake house , the menu , thank for sharing also the stories of your loyal customers who continued patronising the Pancake House. Thanks for the food , the prizes and the cute stuffed toy pillow as souvenir . We loved it ! This is how Pancake House take good care of us last night .

Nice to meet again all my fellow Looloo reviewers , and credits to EJ B for the flat layout128247

I also had two orders of Golden Brown waffles for take out coz my family specially my kids are looking forward to it . That’s how we loved Pancake House .


Tip: they’ll be offering Ube Macapuno pancake at Ayala Vertis North 128522128077

Can’t wait again to visit my favorite Pancake House branch nearby.

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Another awesome night thanks to the foodie summon of Peanut D! A group of |oolooers were invited to try the yummy comfort food of Pancake House and Dencios. We were divided into two groups and luckily I was part of team that went to Pancake House first.

The restaurant has been one of the staple go to places when it comes to fluffy pancake, crispy waffle, sweet & meaty spaghetti and tasty fried chicken. Through the years, more no-frill dishes became popular from its patrons.

For this visit, we were able to try the ala carte classics on the menu:

🥞Classic Pancake (150/P185)
🥞Classic and delicious golden brown waffle (P85)
127831Classic Pan Chicken with gravy (1 piece P210/2 pieces P275)
127837Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread (Regular P199/ Large P307)
128046Special Salisbury Steak (P246)
🌮Best Taco in Town (P120)

Don’t fret if you need more as they have an ongoing “Choose Any Two Promo” for 399 pesos:

127860Pan seared fish fillet, plain rice and side salad
127860One pc pan chicken, spaghetti with meat sauce & garlic bread
127860One pc pan chicken with golden brown waffle
127860Special salisbury steak plate
127860Special salisbury steak plate
127860Corned beef hash

The highlight of the night would have to go to the coffee caramel snickers (P140). Layers of coffee flavored pancakes drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup with nuts, Snicker bits and whipped cream. This is perfect for people like me who usually sees pancake as a dessert.128523

For those looking for other flavors, you can visit their Vertis North branch to try the delish ube macapuno pancake. Also, Pancake House is partnering with eatigo app so expect a good discount soon!


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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

It is #AlwaysAGoodChoice with Pancake House! Since 1974, they have given their customers that feeling of joy and satisfaction as they indulge in the different selections that they offer. You would always have a choice from the different type of pancakes, to special set menu, all-day breakfast meals. Every dining experience brings about the sense of togetherness whether you dine with a family member or a friend.

It was a visit at their branch in Tomas Morato via the invitation of Peanut D for yet again another fun looloo rendezvoos. THANK YOU Ms. P! 9996! I already knew from the beginning that this will be such a treat! It was nice seeing you again Roegan T , Jairus d , Herl C Nievs G, Julie L and EJ B 128521

Good to also meet fellow loolooers for the first time Muffy T , Salie D, Alyssa L 🤗128075

Now, on the food. 128536

Coffee Caramel Snickers Pancake (P140) 5/5 - If you are a coffee person and like chocolates too, this is definitely the dessert pancake for you! I am both so this was just heaven for me. It has just the right flavor of coffee and complimenting sweetness of the caramel and Snickers. It also has cashew nuts! This was just launched last April 1 and will be offered for a limited time, until May 31 only! So, hurry!

Best Taco in Town (P120) 5/5 - It is not called best Taco in town for nothing! This is such a Mexican treat! This is a staple for me everytime I go to their branches.

Promo Alert! BUY ANY 2 FOR P399
You can choose any 2 from the following:
• Pan Seared Fish Fillet, Plain Rice and Side Salad - 128077128077128077128077
• One pc Pan Chicken, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Garlic bread - 128077128077128077128077
• One pc Pan Chicken with Golden Brown Waffle - 128077128077128077
• Special Salisbury Steak Plate -128077128077128077128077
• Corned Beef Hash - not available earlier

Credits to EJ B for the flat lay aesthetics. Good job ka dun dear!128151128522 Thank you for having us Pancake House! 128536

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Foodcrawl P.
4.0 Stars

This promo campaign really works for me: Choose any 2 for P390.

For just P200 per plate and a drink, you can select from either of the following options: special salisbury steak, seafood croquette, corned beef hash, pan grilled pork belly or 2pc classic/spicy chicken.

Salisbury steak won my heart over. The tenderness of the meat topped with the right mix of thick gravy. Plus, there is a bowl of mixed carrots and corns on the side. It is something I can eat everyday. Original serving price is P255 and we saved a bucks and a cup of ice tea by acquiring the promo! We also ordered a bowl of mashed potatoes that complements well with the salisbury.

The establishment is along tomas morato. Interiors are clean and cozy with well-trained staff. Pancake House is not just merely a go-to breakfast place but a nearby hub for a casual lunch or dinner. There is also a provision of ample parking space.

The downside is that the comfort room is located far back end, sharing with the adjacent restaurant. Outdoor dining can be extremely hot during daytime and there are ongoing roadworks that hinders the walkway.

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Mica C.
4.0 Stars

I have a secret mission of trying all their pancake and waffle flavors. I just always forget to keep track of which flavors I've tried.

Longganisa was the dish I tried during my last visit. Sinful but loved it!

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

We went here because at that time, this was the only place open. We brought our younger sister to the airport at 5:30 am.

I usually go to pancake house with my family. I don't know why, but i just feel like it's fit for family meals.

I always get the Smoked golden tinapa if i'm hungry. Whenever i'm a but full, i go for the Taco salad. 128524

Their restroom can be found outside at the back. So don't go wandering near their kitchen like I did. Haha

That's it. Take care everyone!

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Ruth D.
2.0 Stars


In related news, there is now a bill being passed in both Houses of Congress which is An Act Requiring Business Establishments to Give Exact Change to Consumers.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

PSA: Pancake House and Dencio's Tomas Morato are now open.

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