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Pandin Lake
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Rio F.
5.0 Stars

Hi, this is my first time to join Looloo so i decided to share my first solo travel back in June 2015. Although it's been a while, i hope that some details will help if ever you want to check out Pandin Lake.


A perfect place for relaxation! Super sulit.

Luckily, I didn't get lost :) I think you're more likely to get lost if you'll bring your own ride.

Since it was Monday when I visited the place, I expected that there might only be few tourists. Well, I was lucky! I was the only tourist when I reached Pandin Lake :) I felt like i got the whole place for myself. I was so happy; I was able to fully enjoy the peacefulness Lake Pandin has to offer :D


- Ride a bus bound to Lucena.
(If you're from the south, go to Alabang south station terminal.)
- Ask the driver to drop you off at San Pablo Medical Center.
(Travel time is around 1 hour and 40 minutes)
- Ride a tricycle to San Pablo bayan. Ask the driver to drop you off at 7-11 where the jeepneys bound for "ilog" are.
- Ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at Lake Pandin.
- Cross the road, you will see a big "Welcome to Pandin Lake" with a politician's picture.
- You can ask one of the children you will see to guide you on your way to Lake Pandin. Then give any amount. It's a little way to help them for their "baon" to school.
- Take a 15 minute walk to Lake Pandin.
- You will see a ranch of horses :)


- Bus from Alabang to San Pablo Medical Center - P97.50
- Tricycle to San Pablo bayan - P10.00 (Some tricycle drivers might offer to bring you straight to Pandin Lake but they will ask you for P200. I declined right away! haha.)
- Jeep to Pandin Lake - P13.00

**RATES IN PANDIN LAKE (only 2 hours balsa ride)

- Solo - P500 w/ food
- 2 persons w/ food P1000
- 3 with food P1200
- 4 and above P180/person if balsa only, if w/ food P360/person
- use of C.R is 5 pesos

I was told that they also have a room if you want to stay overnight. I can't remember the rates for that.

** No shower area. If you browse through my pics, you will see that I had "shower" for my banlaw from water running out of the pipe made of bamboo on the other side of the lake. It's also where they get their drinking water from.

For reservation please contact Tina (President of 7 lakes) at 09079952983. I would suggest contacting them for reservation if you will go on a weekend since they have a lot of tourists.

You may bring your own food but I suggest otherwise. Their rates are very affordable even if the food is included. You will be able to help them a lot if you will buy your meal from them. And besides, it will save you a lot of hassle. Their food is very tasty; they catch your ulam from the lake so it's always fresh.

** They started operating in 2006 and since then, the lake has become their source of life. It is where they get their food and income. The wives are the bangkeras and the husbands do the bamboo raft.

* My bangkeras were ate Lina and ate Irene. Ate Lina is the leader of samahan ng mga kababaihan. She knows how to do a lot of things; from making bags, soaps, candles, souvenirs and making kakanin to cooking food :) People are very friendly and accommodating.

Visiting Pandin Lake was really refreshing. I left the place feeling energized and ready to face work again :)

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

If I had to stay and eat here for the rest of my life, I wouldn't complain one bit. I absolutely loved the fresh air and great food.

If it's peak season, waiting in line would be a pain. It's worth it though once you start sailing to the other end of the lake while having a lunch feast.


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Charlene Clara D.
4.0 Stars

Pandin Lake is definitely one of the best places to visit in Laguna 128522

You have to go the place as early as 7am for the first batch.
You'll ride the balsa and will be brought into the middle of the lake to have your brunch, swim and take pictures. Yeah you read that right, of course you have to take your pictures for your profile pictures! 128514

You only have 2hrs to enjoy the place since there would probably be 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and more batches that would come to the place. So it's better to be early than to wait for others to finish their balsa ride.

Well, it's really "bitin" as what you call it so we decided to drop by the Underground Cemetery and Bato Springs to enjoy and explore the province of Laguna in a day 128522


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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

This place has its way of bringing your stress level to 0 128524128524128524

Pandin lake is located in san pablo laguna, just 2-3 hours drive from manila.

Serenity, thats the instant feeling that came on me upon setting my eyes on the lake.

The rafting package costs 400 per head which includes a very sumptuous meal (grilled tilapia, ensaladang paco, ginataang hibi and banana). All were so good 128557.

Swimming in the lake was really refreshing.

You can also go on a sidetrip to these places after visiting pandin.
1. Yambo lake
2. Pila heritage
3. Underground cemetery
4. Bunga twin falls

This is perfect if you are looking for a chill and refreshing escapade 128077🏻128524128524128524

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レロン テ.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

Pandin Lake is located in San Pablo, Laguna. 3.5 hours away from Manila. It is perfect for a quick escape for barkadas/families. 10084️ Pandin lake is one of the seven lakes in San Pablo to visit. You just have to pay Php 400.00 for the bamboo raft experience ++ lunch/person. You can also bring your own food. (Menu: Ensaladang Talbos, Grilled Tilapia, Banana, Tortang dulong & Bottled Water)

Bamboo raft dining experience - It's always great to have lunch outside, so here in pandin lake the food is included in the package.
Swim in the Lake - You can swim in the lake as long as you put your life vest for safety.
Trek to Yambo Lake - there's another lake on the side of pandin you can reach this through 15 mins trek. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of yambo.
Swing in a tree branch - so this was the famous "gulong" swing in Pandin. Very good for instagram worthy shot. ++ it was very relaxing.
If you dont want to get wet, you can enjoy the view and relax at the raft.

So ano pang inaantay niyo mga bes? Gora na. 🏞

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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

Panis si Wonder Woman 128514128540128518
Where to bring a balikbayan friend? Explore Laguna!
A package trip to Pandin Lake in San Pablo Laguna,would include a balsa ride to the lake, once in the middle of the lake, you can go swimming (life vest provided), eat lunch, and the boatman will also take you to a grotto after. Aaaanndd there's this swing hanging on a tree ---- piktyur piktyurrrr!!!! The aerialist in me couldn't help but strike a pose 128513. Sabi nga ng friends ko, dating unggoy nung past life 128514128514128514 .
They have a fixed lunch menu : rice wrapped in banana leaf, ginataang hipon, inihaw na tilapia, pako salad (sobrang sarap!), fresh buko, halo-halo for dessert,and bottles of mineral water.
Enjoying a sumptuous meal with family and friends, in the middle of a serene lake, surrounded by the beauty of nature (naks!), it was a fun and memorable experience for my balikbayan friend.
Cost : P4k++ , inclusive of lunch and balsa rental (fixed duration of 2 hours). We were a party of 10, we chipped in P500 each, so we could include the tip also.
Try it peeps, it was an awesome summer weekend getaway 128077and you don't have to travel very far (no plane ride necessary 128521). Roadtrip na!

P.S. Contact person Tina Abrego, 09079952983.
Their package is standard. P360 with food. Ours became P400+ because of the buko and halo-halo.

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Kathleen T.
5.0 Stars

San Pablo City is another popular near-the-Metro escape for it is known as the City of Seven Lakes. It is just 3 hours away from Manila, it's also accessible through buses at Gil Puyat. Just find a bus plying to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Upon arriving, you'll be able to see jerpneys en route to San Pablo.

Our trip here was unplanned, since I'll just be coming from Sta. Rosa, it will only take us an hour and a half to get there, so we left at 11 o'clock in the morning and arrived exactly at lunch time. This place is perfect for everyone especially families. Sad thing my family's abroad so I went here with my boyfriend and our friends instead (aww). Before going here, it's advisable to contact Aliong Siony for a lunch on a balsa (bamboo) cottage, here's her number 0929 978 9565 because they'll be preparing your lunch ahead of time if you contact her, call if possible in order to have a clearer transaction.

Their lunch set costs 400 pesos per head inclusive of grilled tilapia, some sweet and delicious salad which I forgot the name, grilled liempo, rice in a banana leaf, tawilis and if you're lucky enough, you might be able to try their ginataang hipon. Don't expect to be served as soon as you arrive because there are times that there are no available balsa's, just like when we came there, we had to wait for an hour, but it's okay. There are two monkeys there who'll entertain you hehehe.

As usual, the place is beautiful! Expect all my nature adventures to be beautiful, I'm kinda gaga for them. You can also visit the neighbor lake where you can sightsee and take gorgeous photos because it's also as beautiful as Lake Pandin, it's Yambo Lake. Just a 5 minute trek up from Pandin, there will be guides, too!

Upon reaching the stopping point of the lake, you can just stay in the balsa or have a dive in its cold waters, the water's deep but there are life vests, don't ya worry of you don't know how to swim like me. There is also a mini chapel in the middle of the other end where you can rinse because there's a valve there.

This place is a must-visit, it's so beautiful I swear I'll come back here.

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Jacky J.
4.0 Stars

If you visited south area Laguna-Quezon, I'm sure this will be in your itinerary. So I made reservation for 2 (500 each if 2 persons only but if more than 3 it's 180 per head). There is designated parking in the place then you will still walk 10-15 mins before you arrive at the lake. The view was very worth it after that walk/hike. You'll see a lot of trees. Upon arriving at the area, they accommodated as immediately assigning us to a balsa/bangka which will give us the tour of the lake. We waited for 10 mins for our food to be delivered in the balsa. That 500php includes food (rice, tilapia, gulay, hipon and mineral water). Food came in already, lake tour starts. I really love the view of the Pandin lake. When we arrived at the other end of the lake, the manong tour guide said we can eat our food already. I enjoyed our lunch there because of its view, very "nature-feels", you can even swim but make sure to use swimming vest because manong tour guide won't allow you even though you know how to swim. Unluckily, i didn't know we can swim, i didn't bring any swimming attire. They even bring us to the side of the lake where you hike less than 5 mins to look at the other lake which is Yambo Lake. Another beautiful lake. After seeing that lake, we already went back to our balsa and went home too. I can really recommend this to other people who loves nature. Really enjoyed our food too. I think you can also bring your own food if you want. I'll be back soon! 128077

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Jhae L.
5.0 Stars

I love serene places that is only a couple of hours away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. Lake Pandin is approximately 3 hours away from the city. I love how you can relax and feel rejuvenated at this place. It's so serene. Any nature loving person or even the city loving person will fall in love with this place. Also, one does not need to splurge in order to enjoy this serene place.

We only spent 750PHP each including food, transportation and fees at Lake Pandin. Definitely a must try! I will definitely go back! 128522

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Stephen C.
5.0 Stars

It's truly so peaceful and serene out here! If Lake Sampaloc left you wanting more in the way of scenery, then Lake Pandin is the place you're looking for.

It does require a bit of a hike. Maybe 10-15 minutes uphill. But once you're there you'll forget your burning thighs and just enjoy the peaceful greenery that surrounds this little lagoon.

Enjoy a quite time on one of the many bamboo rafts. Or rent one of them for about P250 to continue onwards to Lake Yambo. If you're not willing to fork over the cash, you can continue the hike over, but you'll be going through thick jungle and more hills. Why bother with that when you can instead enjoy the breeze out on the lake?

If you need a day trip idea to get out of Manila, making the journey to San Pablo is worth it for this gem alone.

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Mikko F.
5.0 Stars

Celebrate my mom's 45th birthday. It was great to go here and have some picnic. Really relaxing and love the view. A little hiking going to the lake but still worth it. Wanna go back here with friends. 128077

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Alex G.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Clarisse E.
4.0 Stars

I'm so glad we took an impromptu road trip to San Pablo (since we missed our Baguio trip). After lunch at Sulyap (review to follow), we drove to Pandin Lake, inspired by Christina R's experience. I texted Aling Siony to reserve a balsa. She is the head of the women's group that manages the tours on Pandin Lake.

When we got there, several groups were leaving the parking lot, probably done with lunch. We parked and a little girl named Anna approached to ask if we needed a guide. We said yes so she led us through the 15 minute trek to the lake. It was super hot on the trek but we didn't mind that much until we reached a huge property that was fenced off with GI sheets. The property is supposed to be a farm/ranch owned by a national government employee. All trees in the property were cut down so there was nothing to protect us from the heat. Sad sad about the trees.

When we got to the lake, we were welcomed by lots of trees, a peaceful lake and a cool breeze. So pretty!!! This part of the crater slopes gently into the water. The rest of the crater surrounding the lake plunges almost vertically to the water.

Anna led us directly to Aling Siony and her husband (the head of the Bantay Lawa). They both manned our balsa. It was beautiful. Since the crater walls rise vertically from the water and the lake is tiny, the experience reminded me of being inside a lagoon in El Nido. So pretty!! The only difference is that the water in Pandin is not that clear. Aling Siony's husband informed us that there was a fish kill at the lake some months ago and the lake has not yet recovered. (Upon going home, I read that the seven crater lakes of San Pablo were declared the most endangered of 2014 because of fish farming. I guess Laguna Lake which looks much worse, is beyond endangered.). Mang Freddy (husband of Aling Siony) told us they estimate that the lake will recover in a few months yet. There were a few fish pens/cages but not a lot.

We first went to the grotto, offered some candles to Mama Mary, Sto. Niño and San Pablo. We then floated over to the place where we climbed to see Yambo Lake. Yambo lake was pretty too and water was clearer (it recovered faster because it's shallower daw). But I think Pandin is so much more beautiful.

We hung out at the viewpoint for a while then went down to the balsa. Stayed for some time to swing on the Balate tree (is that allowed by superstition?). On the way back to the shore, Anna, the guide taught us how to make stars from plastic straws. (Crafting!!) Aling Siony also told us the story of how the tourism industry started at Pandin. It was really nice to just sit and talk.

When we got to the shore, we decided to stay on the balsa longer and enjoy the breeze.

I would give the place 5 stars but I'm taking away 1 star because the lake needs to recover. The people who earn a living from the lake are good people, I feel they just need help and information on how to rehabilitate it and preserve it.

Tour is 180 per person. You get a private balsa or boat (if you are alone) and a buko (buko juice and meat). And life vests. The lake is really deep so I suggest that you (and your kids) wear them.

If you want lunch, it's 180 per person, usually pako salad, fish, rice and something else. I didn't really pay attention sorry!! Leche flan and Ube halaya are also available.

For tours and to reserve a balsa text Aling Siony +63 929 978 9565. She is also in charge of meals. You need to reserve in advance since they get booked on weekends and holidays.

To reserve/order leche flan or Ube, text Imelda (0946) 288 3648.

Parking is Php 50 - Php 40 to the parking lot owner and Php 10 to the bantay.

Distance from pasig - I forgot the number of kilometers. It took us 2 hours while google
Map said 1 hour and 8 minutes. Traffic is bad on the Pan Philippine highway.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Wow. Really wow. For us born and raised city folks without a province, you can't help but feel happy that a place like this exists. They said its 120 hectares and about 150 feet deep.

Acdg to our gps travel time from Taguig was only 1h 8m. Theres an open parking lot by the road and an old man said he would watch our car. Seryosohan na pagbantay because when we got back he was standing right by it.

2 boys met us by the parking area. One sold red bread which we bought 3 pcs for 20. The other lad helped bring our stuff. The supposed 15 min walk was not so difficult, felt more like 8 and Im considerably out of shape. You walk through a dirt road thats on a slight incline. When you reach the top you'll be welcomed by the most calming view. So much greenery. They had green grass considering its a public space.

The balsa (bamboo raft) was very sturdy. Waves were gentle. Breeze was strong enough to lull you to sleep if you wanted to. The 2 women assisting us pulled the balsa with the a rope. The ride ends at the other side with a bukal (mountain spring?). The women brought their own containers to fill and they said that it was their source of fresh water. You could opt to go to the next lake through this area.

We went back and stayed on the balsa by the shore for a while. Just really trying to enjoy the afternoon. The photo I am sharing is the view that greeted us. I don't want to be overly dramatic but we were just all happy to be there.

This is what Laguna de Bay shouldve been, a place for water activities and not infested with fish pens.

I contacted Aling Siony (0929) 978 9565 as what the other blogs recommended. Shes part of the women's group that's in charge of the lake tour. 180 per person for the ride, 360 if you want it with lunch. Remember to respect the place, keep it clean and don't leave anything behind.

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Ronith Jazel D.
5.0 Stars

How can you not love a place like this? Peaceful, too much greens, fresh air. Just what metro-people need.

I was planning to go here last year but since bunch if school works won't allow me, I had to wait for the last week of January since it's our college week. So we technically have no class.

I went here alone and really had no idea on how to go here. So whether or not accurate, I just followed (and trusted) the directions on the blogs I've read. Thank God, I wasn't lost or anything.

I took a Jac Liner bus bound to Lucena near GMA (135php) and went off San Pablo Medical and from there I rode a tricycle to Pandin Lake that cost me 130php. I was lucky because the tricycle driver was willing to wait until it's time for me to go back for the same fare.

This is a really nice place. Aside from the beautiful view, the people are really kind and accommodating. A kid was waiting for me - I texted Aling Siona a week before that day and reserved - on the parking lot and guided me to the lake.

When I arrived there, the other tourists were already packing and going back so I was the only tourist left. Which was okay, at least, I have the whole place by myself - well, aside from the other people who live and work there, of course.

I rode a boat with katig since I was alone. Mostly, people ride on a bamboo raft, good for groups of 5 or more. It costs 200/head and if you wish to eat there, just add 200. Hindi na masama, di ba?!

You can swim if you want to but they require you to wear life vest because it was 200 ft or so deep. But I wasn't able to swim na because it was really cold that time plus it was getting late.

When we reach the other side of the lake, we trek a little to Pandin Lake's twin, the Lake Yambo. Great view too. There wasn't anyone on that side, though. I wonder if tourists are also allowed there.

I could live here forever, you know. My heart was just full of warmth because of the greens I was seeing.

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April H.
5.0 Stars

One of our impromptu out of town trips during residency for much needed relaxation... Destination: Pandin Lake.
After a short hike downhill, we were welcomed by the serene and pristine view of this beautiful lake... We had lunch of Paco salad (yum), fish and fresh coconut juice... All natural!
We then dove into the waters for a swim... Very simple, close to nature, and calming overall... Great weekend getaway from the city! 100841008410084

Note: very close to nature, so take a bathroom break before going here128154

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

It was a trip that hubby and I were supposed to take before new year but things didn't go our way. We spent a week long vacation with the little girl in my hometown instead. Good thing hubby's cousin invited us on a Lakescapade before everyone goes back to work and school. She suggested Taal Lake but we immediately convinced them to go to Pandin Lake.

Hubby called our contact the day before the trip and confirmed the number of people in our group - 13 adults, 2 children above 5yrs old and 4 below 5 yrs. Children below 5yrs old were not charged and were not included in the food allocation. 360php each which included the balsa rental for 4hrs with bangkeras and food.

All set and ready to go! It was a laid back Sunday and we were up early! We wanted to drop by San Pablo Cathedral for the 930AM mass. After mass, we texted our contact and gave us the directions to the parking lot where our guides await.

The trail going to Pandin was about 15-20mins long - depending on how fast and fit you are LOL 128111128581128129 You'll go uphill then downhill until you reach the lake. You know you're near when the wind gets a little strong.

As we got there, the view was amazing! Lake laced with coconut trees on one side, enclosed by mountains and surrounded by lush greenery. It will wipe away all the sweat brought about by the trail. The water was clear, had a greenish tint and it was cold. But unlike in Kayangan Lake, you won't see the bottom and there were no rock formations. You'll be able to see a glimpse of what's under but only until such a depth because the lake is about 60ft. deep! No worries, they've got life vests ready 128521

The route of the balsa was simple. They've got ropes prepared. They just pull the ropes to take the balsa to one end of the lake where you can eat. Then from there you can rest, enjoy swimming, be blown away by the peacefulness and serenity of the place and feel the cool fresh pollution free breeze!

The food was simple - grilled tilapia, fried shrimps that were extra small and paco salad. Rice was wrapped in banana leaf which also served as the lining of the wooden plate provided. No spoon and fork here - be ready to use your hands 128513 The Paco Salad was a first time for me. It was good, actually. Fresh and crisp greens with onions, tomatoes and salted egg. It had a little sweetness that I liked. Then they'll give you fresh buko juice straight from the bao! Sarap! If this kind of food does not interest you, then I suggest for you to bring your own.

They also offer some desserts - leche flan and ube halaya. 3 for 100php. You'll only pay what you have consumed.

Yay! It was a great ender to our holiday vacation! Such a breather from the busy and complicated life in the Metro! 127946127907127943

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

I didn't expect to find such a pristine place in one of the 7 lakes of San Pablo, Laguna. Enter the Pandin Lake. A 2-hour drive from the hustle-bustle of Manila.

From the parking lot, you have to walk/trek for about 10-15 minutes. All your efforts will be worth-it once you start to get a glimpse of this lake surrounded by lush green trees. A picture of a beautiful ambience.

We rode in a balsa hut that is being paddled by three women. Lunch was served on the wooden raft while we were at the middle of the lake. The dishes include ginataang hipon, grilled tilapia, enchaladang pako and rice covered in banana leaves which I really enjoyed. The food came with fresh buko juice.

According to wiki, Pandin has an area of 20.5 hectares and a maximum depth of 63 meters. So it only makes sense that we were asked to wear life vests as we swim in the lake. Floating on the lake was just relaxing and it made me appreciate it's clear water and the fresh soothing air. Life at its finest!

The only downside of this place is the lack of clean comfort rooms. So make sure to take the loo when you pass by a gas station. Nevertheless, this is one of those places that you can visit to instantly remove the stress from the city. Not sure of the cost since my friend took care of everything.

My hope is for the local government to enhance and promote lake pandin to entice more tourists and preserve the place.

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