Panoypoy Cove

Claubel Resort, Mariveles, Bataan

Panoypoy Cove
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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Panoypoy Cove, also known as the Batanes of the West can be found inside a resort called Claubel, weird name, which I’m pretty sure is two names merged into one (maybe Claude and Annabel? Who knows?!). If Claubel is too hard for you to remember, then ask people about “Hawla Beach”, another name for this resort. Why does it have another name? Go figure.

There is a 100-peso ($1.88) entry fee per head and they will tell you that it’s required to rent one of their cottages for ₱500 ($9.39). We had no intention of going swimming or staying there for long, we only wanted to take pictures of the cove. We begged the attendants to let us in without paying the cottage. It took some convincing but they finally let us through. It turns out that we really won’t be needing the cottage because we decided to skip the beach.

We took the path that goes down to the viewing point of the cove. There, on top of the hills, you can see the amazing view of Panoypoy Cove. I haven’t been to Batanes so I can’t make a valid comparison, but I was impressed by the view nonetheless.

My friends and I had to do a little hike across the hill to get to a better spot. I knew that there’s some hiking involved but I wanted to be “extra” and wore a dress and a pair of gladiator sandals. Ill-dressed for the task but highly determined, I started climbing the rocky hill with one of my friends. We noticed that the mountain is bald and dry, the grasses are more brown than green. My friend wondered what happened to the trees, I echoed her sentiment. I took extra caution, carrying my tripod on my left shoulder, my brown bag on my right, as I walked on the slightly moist stony ground. The trek was short and doesn’t take a lot of effort, at least if I would compare it with all of my previous climbs. Before long, we were already on the other side to gaze at the one of the most amazing views I’ve seen in my life.

When everyone else has gathered to this side of the hill, I called for a group photo. As you can see, my friends are as extra as me, lol. By the time we decided to leave, I was nearing dehydration because of the sun. If you’re ever thinking of going there, make sure to bring water and slather on the sunblock.

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