Pansacola Beach Resort

Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon

Pansacola Beach Resort
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Edwin S.
5.0 Stars

A nice resort just 4-5 hrs from the metro... nice crystal clear waters from manila ride a bus preferably Jac liner coz they go straight to mauban then ride a boat to cagbalite island. For accomodations: NEW RATES!!! All reservations and booking starting today, new rate will apply. We give 10% DISCOUNT during weekdays, Thank you! :)

(All accommodation plus 10% for Holy week and Labor weekend)

-Bulong Ita Hut w/ T&B(20pax)-P 5,500.00 with meal package requirement
-Buho Hut w/ T&B(20pax)-P 5,500.00
-Agoho Hut w/ T&B(14pax)-P 4,500.00 with meal package required
-Sasag Hut w/ T&B(4 units) *(12pax)-P 4,000.00
-Nipa Hut (5 units) (10pax)-P3,000.00
-Tree House (6pax)-P 2,500.00
-Open Beach Hut (2 units)(4pax)-P 1,500.00
-Kubo Junior Hut (4 units) (4pax)-P 2,000.00

T&B= Toilet & Bath

Premium airconditioned rooms with big nice bathrooms:

-Villa Deluxe (4 units) (2pax)-P 3,500 additional 500p per head max of 4pax per room.
-Villa Yumi family ac room- 9,500 for 8pax, addtional 500p per head max of 12pax.
*villa yumi after 12pax* Attic (fan only) 300 per head

Aircon rooms requires to avail meal package

For inquiries :
Hello! 128522 Pls check the link and click on general info to check rates for any additional queries and concerns kindly call Ice 0917-5465901 or 0928-5058633 thank you 128522

If ur a student it would be nice to bring it on ur travels coz Jac lliner discount students and upon arrival to mauban u'll go pantalan where boats are lined up cost per pax is 100 pesos upon arrival to cagbalite island u'll be charged 50 pesos for eco tax... u can also arranged an island hopping experience dor an additinal amount.

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Jaevonne P.
4.0 Stars

It was quite some time now since we visited Pansacola Beach Resort so I will have to shake my neurons and dig deep into my memory.

As far as I can remember, the place is gorgeos. A long stretch of white sand and that unusual blue and green color of the salt water - picturesque kind of beauty so to speak. But one thing I love most about the place is it's quietness, that relaxing silence that a city employee will long for. Definitely a sweet escape from the busied movement of the metro.

Food were good too, mostly out of the locally available stuffs of Cagbalete. I particularly remember the crispy pata and the 'pako' salad served on our first day. Yum! A lot should be improved in their serving time though. I remembered we had to play a few rounds of card game before our lunch arrived.

Favorite Part? The bonfire! Just that special moment of sensible barkada talk with the cool breeze of the sea and the warmth of the burning woods.

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Nissan U.
3.0 Stars

After eating habhab for several times, i wasn't impressed with the Pansit Habhab served in this resort but their crispy pata and fern salad were to die for.

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Abegail H.
3.0 Stars

If you've read my Cagbalete Island review then you might be wondering where we stayed for the night. So here it is.

We've made our booking with Pansacola weeks before the trip, I had to cancel our first booking and transfer it for the second week of may. they were so nice not to charge even a cent for that. The number they have on their facebook account is handled by the owner himself, Mr. Romel Pansacola. A very nice man, gave me all the infos I needed prior the trip. All the things allowed and things banned from the resort.

The electricity of the whole resort is generator powered, and so they banned rice cookers and electric kettles. Cooking is through charcoal stoves, no worries because it doesn't consume much coals. And because the whole Cagbalete is running a clean and green environmental campaign, they have also banned plastic wares but the issue is handled by the resort since they have a full primary kitchen utensils and wares available for renting at 30pesos per head.

The place was open, literally no gates and no signs, no hint to know that they are Pansacola. Since we hired kids to walk us here, we had not any problem with the location. The kids even told us that we have to proceed to the resort's store because it is where all the staffs, even the owners themselves, are killing time.

Checking in wasn't hard, I just handed our deposit slip for the 50% dp to the owner's wife. She even knows me, surprisingly my first cancelation made a mark. We chose to stay in their Tree House which costs 2500 for an overnight good for 6. The resort has a lot more different huts available depending on the number of pax. Most of the huts have their assigned table which are located in front of the huts they rented but for us since we are on a tree top, our mini kitchen was located just below it and it was just adjacent to the common cr and to the store/admin office.

The treehouse was just a love. We were provided with mosquito nets, a decent mattress good for four with one pillow each and an electric fan as electricity is switched on from 6pm to 6am. But no worries, you can do even without a mosquito net I barely saw one of this hideous creatures!!! And for the fan, actually you don't need one. What they posted in their fb account was true, 'you'd be surprised how the open air would beat your A/Cs'. The floor area where you could sleep is pretty wide. Would even fit 7, they have placed seats surrounding the floor area where you could either put your things or sleep on it. The treehouse could actually fit more, that is if you aren't choosy with where you sleep cause there are several long seats constructed inside and outside the treehouse, there is even a hammock exclusive for our use and its just under the treehouse too.

The store they have is a big help but expect is to be way expensive from the regular.

That night since we don't have a fridge to store our food, we decided to cook everything we bought and store it for the next day. Sad news, some evil cats went its way through our containers and left us with dishes to wash. Grrrrrr! The next day we waited for fishermen along the shore so we could buy our lunch but there was none so we ended up buying a 160pesos PF corned beef and 120pesos Century tuna. Yeah! It costs as much as pork meat. Sigh* if you don't wanna encounter the same problem we had I suggest to either prepare enough food or even exaggerate the food you're bringing or avail of their meal plan which varies from 1k-800 per head depending on the number of pax on your group (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2 snacks) very convenient.

As there is no so called perfect trip, we had another crash. While I was grilling the fishes, an enormous group of bugs (gamogamo) swarmed around our dining area, as in super dami nila parang alien invasion. We called the wife's owner and inutusan niya pa kami na pataying yung ilaw sa lahat. When we closed the lights, the bugs then went crashing to the griller sticking to our food. Grrrrrrr! We were so hungry by then so I called the owner again and she gave me a plate for me to cover our food. Too late ;( We waited for 20minutes before they could go away and made sure they are not coming back. While waiting, I heard the owner told one of the staffs to get a pale of water to us because it could help reduce the insects but no one even followed her. Nakakaasar na ewan.

So finally after all the crap we experienced, we were able to eat dissent food. At night time, one the staff (the only nice person they have aside from their boatsman) which was mute has offered us free branches for a bonfire, he was very vey kind that he even gave us more woods when he noticed out fire was starting to go down.

Remembering another blog I've read about Pansacola, he said that the staffs were unpolite and not even the owners have greeted them even once with the tenths of times that they have bumped into each other. At first I thought the writer was just some pa-importante since I was greeted by the owner as we arrived but yeah, the writer was telling the truth. There was no 'come back' feeling to the resort. Not even their volleyball activity is a catch. Now I know why high end hotels cost that much, because they train their staffs from lowest to highest to greet people with a smile and that is worth the price. Here, we expect no 5 star service, but just a simple smile. something worth coming back for.

Yes I'd be coming back in Cagbalete but I'd like to try other resorts other than this.

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