Paoay Lake National Park

Paoay, Ilocos Norte

Paoay Lake National Park
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Jovin B.
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it's nice lake to look at but not much to do.

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Jorelle F.
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An overlooking lake from Malacañang of the North,
Paoay lake has its coveted story. The story told by our tourist guide goes like this...
Paoay lake was once a village filled with envious villagers. Everyone wanted have what others have even if it means acquiring it in a bad way. Then one day a stranger visited the village and asked for water and shelter for a night, because of their bitter attitude and harsh thinking towards other people, neither one has a kind heart to let the old lady in. Thus curing the whole village "this village once filled with bountiful soil will be filled with water, too deep that no one can even reach its lowest point". No one believed it until the day comes. The soil softened and the land tore apart making way for the water underground to fill the whole village. This was ages ago and the story was passed on and on. During the marcos regime, Imelda Marcos was greatly intrigued if the lake's deepest point can't be reached by no one. They hired international divers and almost all died. Up until now, no one knows what's under and how deep the lake is.

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