Paolito’s from the Kitchen of STK Ta Bai!

3/F Sky Park, SM Seaside City Cebu, Cebu South Coastal Rd., Cebu City, Cebu

Paolito’s from the Kitchen of STK Ta Bai!
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Reopens: 10:00a - 9:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Picky E.
3.0 Stars

Love the Filipino ambience of this restaurant food is okay but nothing special

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I've been hearing a lot of good things about this place for a while now so I got all excited when I knew that my parents were coming for the long holiday. When we were in the Uber car, my dad asked, "San tayo kakain?" And I said, "Na-plan ko na yan dad, tagal na. Sa STK tayo." The. As we were alighting the car, the driver said "enjoy kayo Ma'am! Masarap nga sa STK!" 128568 In all fairness, this place has been consistently packed every time I'm in SM Seaside, so it's a good sign on the food. 128568
We went here for Sunday lunch and again it was full. All tables were occupied with families and groups and we just got so lucky because a table was consequently vacated and was immediately given to us because my parents were already senior citizens. Kudos to the service staff of this joint for extending such consideration to my family. 128568

To start of, my parents ordered Fresh Buko (Php 95 each) while I had their Mango Shake (Php 95) and both were so fresh! The shake was the no frills type and it was delicious! 128571

Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious! 128571 We had their Tinola Manok Bisaya (Php 200) and I really liked this! It was served hot, and the portion was quite large! And the flavor of ginger was pronounced but not too much to kill the taste of anything else. The chicken tasted "native" according to my dad. I wouldn't know how to determine this, but I trust my dad's palette. 128569 We also had an order of their Shrimps Jalabos (Php 220, regular) and I really liked this! The shrimps were fresh and I loved the onion rings on top. Delicious! 128568 We also enjoyed their Lechon Carcar (Php 250, 1/2 Kg). E ansarap! Ka-lamiii! 128571 The meat was tender and juicy and just wonderful, and skin was crispy! 128571 Lastly we ordered their Tuna Belly Sugba (Php 420) which was priced based on the weight of the fish. Ours was huge, we had to take most of it home. It was delicious! It was nicely grilled until tender and so juicy and topped with a really nice sweet-salty soy based sauce. I loved this dish! 128568 We enjoyed all these viands with their awesome and huge Garlic Rice Platter (Php 170) that tasted like it also had soy sauce in it or something. It was delicious, but too much for a "good for 3" platter. We had to take most of this home too. 128568

I will definitely come back, or try their other branch in Cebu City! 128571

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Majo V.
5.0 Stars

Seafood sinigang and seafood fried rice says it all! They know how to cook their seafood. Grilled squid that is cooked to perfection: smoky, salty and sweet at the same time. Grilled panga has never tasted so tasty and without the overly fishy aftertaste. The baked scallops while not as pretty as other places but was almost melting in my mouth. Shrimps atleast 2 inches long were just divine in the butter garlic sauce. We had more but didn't really get to eat all as I was stuffed (pork sisig, bagoong rice, krispy kangkong). This all went down with a wildberry cooler which was perfect for the balmy weather. But other than the food what makes this place a winner are the ff:
1. Food was served in less than 15mins.
2. Servers were very pleasant and gave us a list of what we ordered before and after the meal so everything was accurate.
3. We ordered 2 of most of everything since there were 8 of us and boy did we have leftovers (mind you my family are not demure eaters).
4. Our bill was only around 3k++ (again there was 8 of us!)

Try it for yourself and after you've stuffed yourself silly you can walk aroud the Skyhall and enjoy a view of the city.


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Rap T.
5.0 Stars

Sunday's at best together with the gang. :)
Its sunday and everyone is getting ready for some family bonding moments. Sooo far this is the longest ride my dad has ever encountered from Lapu-Lapu going to SM seaside just to stroll and checked on something. Well, we took our late lunch at this new restaurant since we're on the edge of living and death due to hunger.
We ordered the normal dishes that soothes our taste and appetite. The foods are exemptional and deserves to be credited for the job well done. 128077128588128588 The restaurant itself captivates my amusement and likes on vintages. 128525
The good side:
The turn around time from taking our orders to time of serving is exactly the time they mentioned prior leaving and preppin our meal, although they forget to rechecked our pending order for just 1 dish, which took them almost or more likely ahmmmm like were finished eating, but guess what... I say goodbye to diet, we can't just resist the aroma and preparation of the dish being served. 128534
I admired the owner, she's really a down to earth being, accomodating and really managed to make us comfortable at the highest level. 128588
They have other branch in capitol area, and this is their first branch, located at Seaside for info.
(Sorry for the picture, I cant find any photo that will best describe the experience and as what I've mentioned above.)

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