Papa Beer

Grub Hub, 47 Visayas Ave. cor. Congressional Ave. Ext., Visayas, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Papa Beer
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Most Recent Reviews

Chizbun - Cherrie P.
4.0 Stars

Their name itself connotes bar chow and drinks. Papa Beer! 

This playfully-branded stall at The Grub Hub in Tandang Sora prides itself in serving budget-friendly yet appetizing dishes perfect as bar chow or even as snacks! 

They use beer batter in almost all of their fried treats, and this is evident in the crisp and crunch that the beer lends to their batter. We had Pare Calamare, delectable squid rings that were surprisingly not overcooked and rubbery. These were my favorite as they were tasty and seasoned well. The Grablets Krablets are tiny crab critters that were really crispy. Dip it in the vinegar to make your heart swoon even more. And before you order more beer, get a taste of their Chicken Poppers, tiny morsels of chicken either in Buffalo or BBQ. 

I must say these are indeed perfect stuff to munch on while drinking with your friends. You can easily enjoy these with rice as well. Di lang pulutan, ulam na rin!

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Papa Beer is one of the few places you should try when you eat at Grub Hub in Visayas Avenue. They have beer-batter fried specialties like chicken poppers, calamares, and crispy crablets. During our sponsored food crawl in the area, we were served their best dishes. I enjoyed their crablets and calamares. Seafood was fresh and breading was light. The chicken poppers were okay - I wished they had more "kick" to them since they were a little too sweet. overall, a good place to hang in the area.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

You want value for money and a perfect pulutan (beer match) place in Grub Hub / Visayas Ave? Go to Papa Beer! It was daytime when I tried it, so... ang kulang na lang (What's the only missing piece)? Beer! 127866127867🍾

We tried their top sellers, all of which are under PhP 200. Which makes things even more amazing. The owners, of course the "Papa" being named after one of them, were present and they also told us that, aside from the perfect pulutans they themselves enjoy and want others to enjoy, they also use beer in the batter. Nice! For that added flavor to the batter. Much like fish and chips in the UK. Good touch.

+MUST TRY#1 Grablets Crablets (Crispy Crablets, PhP 160) I love the crunch on this. Thinly coated (which I liked) but crunchy as hell even after the photos were taken, I enjoyed this a lot. Dip into the vinegar sauce for best effect. And there were plenty crablets, too. 127775127775127775127775

+MUST TRY#2 Chicken Poppers (PhP 120) - though they have original, bbq and Buffalo, I liked the Buffalo flavor, though it lacked the punch of the heat, it was good for me. For those wanting sweet and smokey, go for the bbq.
Buffalo 127775127775127775127775 (I'd rate this mild) 
BBQ 1277751277751277751/2

+MUST TRY#3 Pare, Calamare (crispy fried squid, PhP 160). I'm a sucker for this. Though theirs could have been more seasoned with pepper and other complementary stuff, there were plenty of it. Sulit! The dip's good, Mayo is always good for me. Alternatively you can request for vinegar which they've got, too.

Value for Money 127775127775127775127775127775
Worth a Try YES
Worth a Return... YES!  Esp. when drinking with friends and looking for affordable yet good pulutan
VERDICT 127775127775127775127775

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4.0 Stars

At the Hippieyard, it is located at the back area of Grub Hub Food Park where its a Trippy Hippy Feel, it's like you're trippin in the beach where you can see nipa huts, colorful lanterns and stage where artist performs every night. You can also see the Godzilla Mosaic at Hippie Yard, where Papa Beer is located.

Papa Beer (Food for the Buds) served lots of crispy grubs or pulutan that pairs with your favorite beer. We had calamares, crispy crablets, chicken poppers, crispy green and green chops.

128025 Pare Calamare for Php160.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Papa Beer's version of crispy squid ring or calamari"

🦀 Grablets Crablets for Php160.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Papa Beer's version of crispy crablets"

127808 Crispy Greens for Php65.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Papa Beer's version of crispy kangkong"

128020 Chicken Poppers - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Papa Beer's version of chicken popcorn"

127807 Green Chops (Choice of Caesar, Jap Wafu, Mayo Fruit Veg) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Papa Beer's Salad"

"My favorites were the Papa Calamare and Grablets Crablets, best paired with Iced Cold Beer."

Papa Beer Food for the Buds is located at Grub Hub Food Park, Congressional Avenue corner Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

The event was sponsored and paid by Grub Hub Food Park.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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