Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream

168 Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream
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Most Recent Reviews

Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

If you are into cheese, pastillas or milk sweets then this Quattro Leches Ice cream is for you. It's addicting and really really good. I love it.

It is available though for those who are subscribe to them monthly. So what are you waiting for, check them at Maginhawa St. and subscribe to get the newest and freshest Ice Cream flavors! 128525

Thank you so much, Papa Diddi's!

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

It was a great pleasure to received 5 days ago Papa Diddi’s November Subscription flavour 127846, thank you to the owner , Sir Paul for this token 128157

It was delivered to our home via Lalamove. Before I go further, I would like to share also a little story on how the owner was inspired to make this months flavor - Macchiato Filipino

Machiatto means “marked” in Italian and initially translated literally as Benguet beans beimg marked as endangered . Papa Diddi’s November flavor made a local version of macchiato in an ice cream !127846

Their beans has been picked up directly from Benguet and roasted for the perfect blend . They added chocolate 127851 bits from their Batangas chocolate collection to make this strong yet delightful flavour !

The owner wants coffee flavor for this month because November ushers in the busy Christmas rush ! He feels we need all the boost that we can to prepare ourselves for the big Christmas month that is coming up127876

I’m very lucky because this is never offered in their stores and exclusive only to subscribers like me 128522

This is an ice cream with the heart ❣ because I support the owner’s mission in helping farmers in our country .

An Ice Cream company who don’t only think of the earnings but to help the community:. This is something the owner should be very proud of .

#PapaDiddisHandCraftedIceCreamSubscription #LoveLocal #YouDiddiServeIt

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

My first month of Papa Diddi's Pint Subscription has finally arrived at home. I was so excited to receive two pints of ice cream without knowing what flavor it would be. Thank you so much Papa Diddi's.

To give you a short inspiration about the flavor, it is based from an endangered coffee called Benguet Arabica. Mr. Paul, the owner of Papa Diddi's, got inspired to create a flavor that would encourage farmers to produce more coffee beans to make them no longer be endangered. Thus, Macchiato Filipino was created.

For me, this flavor had a strong taste of coffee. It was produced to give the coffee drinker a nice middle ground between espresso and cappuccino. It was bitterly sweet which was something new to my taste. There were also bits of coffee pieces or something. I liked it melted, though. This one is perfect to ease the 'umay' taste of a meal, a really perfect cold dessert.

If you are also interested, you can contact Papa Diddi's to get your pint subscription.

Below are the rates:
3 Months: P650/month
6 Months: P625/month
9 Months: P600/month
12 Months: P550/month

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Papa Diddi's has this super cool thing going on: ICE CREAM SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM.🤩

Just like any subscription program, all you have to do is subscribe, pay, and be surprised with the content you’ll get. And with Papa Diddi’s, what you get of course, are unique ice cream flavors!🤯 We learned about this during one of the coolest (also quite literally) rendezvoos* events I’ve been to. If you’re interested, just go contact them!

So, during the rendezvoos, we had the following:

🔹 Ice Cream & Churros. You may choose the ice cream flavor you want to go with your churros. The churros were SOOO GOOOOD.

🔹 Affogato. Tip: Ask them what coffee beans they have. :)

Ice Cream Sandwich. You may also choose the ice cream flavor you want. The cookies were good too.

Here are some of the ice cream flavors I tried:

🔹 Tres Leches
🔹 Malagos Chocolate
Roasted Coconut & Sunflower Seeds
Roasted Forbidden Rice

It was a super fun and educational rendezvoos. Paul Perez, son of Papa Diddi and owner of Papa Diddi’s shared how and why he became an ice cream maker. He also said that their products are all-natural and that the ingredients are all locally produced. It’s good to know that there are some businesses that support our local farmers.

Thank you, looloo and Papa Diddi’s for having us!

*hosted looloo event, #doubleOforbranding
🔹 Favorites

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Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

Ice Cream all over the world is widely known as a stress reliever, it's absolutely a feel good dessert! Especially when it's guilt free for its zero Calories.
To know that only natural and local ingredients were made of Papa Diddis Ice cream, you'll definitely have your heavenly experience here than any other Ice cream house.

For the past 3 years, the owner Mr. Paul have been sharing to us his good childhood memories from his dad and the passion for desserts through his different Ice Cream flavors.
The shop has already more than 30 flavors and still continues to invent new ones.

Must try:
Roasted Coconut with Sunflower Seeds (Sandwich) it has two round cookies with one scoop of Ice Cream. Kids love it.

Creamy Pumpkin, Tres Leches, Malagos of these three flavors, I was enticed by the Tres Leches but I was very interested with the flavors of Malagos with it's tablea flavor aftertaste.

Roasted Forbidden Rice (Churros)
This is the group's most favorite. The Churros which I also personally love, indeed deserves to be promoted. It is served hot & soft like pancakes with very pleasing flavors. My hubby very well know that I dont like eating Churros with unknown reasons, but this one I really like and recommend.

Affogato with Sagada Coffee
Describes everyone who loves Ice Cream and Coffee mix. They used Tres Leches and Sagada/Benguet or other available espresso, a perfect pair to give you a well balanced flavor and taste in one dessert. 128525

Davao meets Bicol
A job well done collaborating two different popular flavors in one. It has that smooth effect on the throat because of the chili after with just a spoonful.

For their Monthly subscription infos, check Herl C
and Aileen L for a very detailed Menu Review.
Thank you sir Paul of Papa Diddis!
Roegan T Jessica G

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Small batch , handcrafted and handpacked 🤚premium ice cream 127846 w/ produce from farms, markets , gardens in the Philippines 🇵🇭

Last week I got an invite from the Looloo’s beautiful community manager Jessica G that there will be a Rendezvoos at Maginhawa and i said YES! It’s been quite a long time since I went in Maginhawa. Also I was curious about Papa Diddis. I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews about them so i have to check it for myself too 128512

Let me tell you the Papa Diddis story ....A father and a lawyer prepared home made ice cream for Lang summers for his family . Each ice cream is a Labor of love 128149and an expression of gratitude for the farmers bountiful harvest . Today all their natural ice cream bears his name and every small batch they produce is a celebration of partnership with local farmers and all the good things it brings to their community.

Papa Diddis opened last March 11,2015 and its 3 yrs in operation already . They have one branch also in FEU Diliman.

We started at 2pm and we held the Rendezvoos at the Annex because the space is much bigger. Pat their manager is very accommodating as I wait before the Rendezvoos started .

There are so many ice cream flavours to choose from. The good news is that it’s not just an ordinary ice cream . Even the names has meaning .

These are the flavours:
127846Tres leches
127846Mango pili
127846Toasted oatmeal
127846Choco mani
127846Cheese closed
127846Sweet basil
127846Dulce gato
127846Galletas y crema
127846Malagos Choco Carmelo
127846Platanos Con Leche
127846 Roasted Coconut and Sunflower seeds
127846Barako Coffee addiction
127846Screamy Pumpkin 127875 for their Halloween flavour
127846Mantequilla De Mani
127846Double Jeopardy
127846Tsokolate de Cagayan
127846 Minty Lemon Grass
127846 Black Sesame with activated charcoal
127846Purple Love

1 scoop - 75 pesos
2 scoops - 210 pesos
3 scoops - 145 pesos

Then they served the following to us :
127846127850 Ice Cream and cookies - your choice of two home made cookies . Roasted coconut with sunflower ice cream on it. This cost 145 pesos .

128153Ice Cream and churros - loved by many of us looloo reviewers. One of the best churros we’ve tasted . Not to sweet and perfect when hot paired with ice cream . Price is 145 pesos

127846 Creamy Pumpkin 127875 with Tres Leches and Malagos (Nest)

9749️Coffee is 99 pesos only

9749️ Affogato(120 pesos )Barako Coffee Plus your choice of ice cream

They also offer ice cream in Pint. 325 pesos only . Sir Paul gave us the Davao Meets Bicol. This flavor is unique . Super delicious chocolate 127851 ice cream with a spice 🌶 .

My top choices are the Tres Leches which is their best seller . I swear this is so good and will be back for this flavor, then the churros , then the affogato and last was the Davao Meets Bicol flavor .

Their ice cream are not only beautiful 128525 and picture perfect and the taste of each ice cream is special made by the owner himself . There’s a goodness is every scoop!

I could say that in all my ice cream experience, this was the best . You’ll leave the place with a happy face 128522128523 and a happy tummy.

If you would like to order also their pints, check out their Pint Subscription. Its now offered in Public . They will deliver it on the address that you will register and a preferred delivery time , it’s very convenient right ? You can enjoy Papa Diddis even at home . Lastly if you like to rent them on Bday parties or school events they have a very good and affordable package for you .

Thanks to Sarah and Sir Paul for being a gracious host . It’s our pleasure to meet the two of you and of course to The Looloo Team Roegan T for making this Looloo Rendezvoos possible : and to my fellow Co - Looloo Reviewers for such a fun filled afternoon bonding with me .


Address : 168 Maginhawa St. Quezon City

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Handcrafted with passion, that's how Papa Diddi's produces their homemade ice cream. With the selection of freshest ingredients, they ensure to bring the best flavors in their very own Creamery. All of their products are produced in small batches to guarantee the freshness of every flavor.

Three years ago, Papa Diddi's in Maginhawa opened up their store to share handcrafted ice cream to the people. Their story of how they started inspires me: Papa Diddi was a father and a lawyer who had a passion for producing ice cream for the family. And now, they share every scoop of it with passion and creativity.

Luckily, I've got an invite from Roegan T and Jessica G for another looloo rendezvoos here. I was excited because it was my first time to try Papa Diddi's ice cream though I heard about this place a couple of times.

For this event, we tried the following:

▫️Ice Cream Bun
(Roasted Coconut with Sunflower Seeds)

▫️Ice Cream & Churros
(Roasted Forbidden Rice)

▫️Ice Cream Nest
(Creamy Pumpkin, Tres Leches, Malagos)

For this, you can select any ice cream flavor that you want but as per our experience, we let them suggest their best sellers. Among the three, the ice cream and churros stood out because of how the flavors complimented well with each other. It's like warm vs. cold that everyone seemed to like. For the ice cream flavor, I found the Roasted Forbidden Rice interesting for my preference. It tasted like "Pinoy biko" because of the roasted chewy rice flavor. Everyone also liked Tres Leches because the taste was similar to sweet pastillas.

We tried other flavors as well but one common factor of each ice cream flavor is how they made them so creamy with every scoop. The secret? They use carabao's milk in every flavor that they handcrafted. It's healthier and has a lot of nutritional benefits than the cow's milk.

Aside from these, one good thing about Papa Diddi's is how they help farm communities across the country by outsourcing their ingredients to them. Yes, that's right. All of their ingredients are 100% locally produced to help farms like in Sagada, Benguet, Bicol, Davao, and other areas. It's a positive change in supporting the local industry of farms in our own country.

If you are also interested, Papa Diddi's recently launched their "Papa Diddi's Pint Subscription". It's the first ice cream subscription in the country (like Netflix but ice cream) where you can get 2 handmade pints of ice cream every month that will be delivered right in front of your doorstep.

The flavor? It's a surprise for everyone to have an experience to never-before-seen flavors that will definitely give you an excitement.

3 Months: P650/month
6 Months: P625/month
9 Months: P600/month
12 Months: P550/month

Producing an ice cream is not easy peasy, but actually a combination of science and art. Thanks to Mr. Paul Perez who continue to produce exciting flavors on their handcrafted ice cream in continuation of his father's legacy. I definitely learned a lot from this event. Thanks, looloo team and Papa Diddi's for the amazing rendezvoos. 127811

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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
5.0 Stars

Whenever you're in Maginhawa better not miss Papa Diddi's.

You'll get the best tasting and creamiest ice cream here. They make all-natural artisanal ice cream from the freshest local ingredients in the country.

We got to taste the following:

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Roasted Coconut and Sunflower seeds Ice Cream (P145)
You get to choose 2 homemade cookies and the ice cream flavor that comes with it.

Creamy Pumpkin, Tres Leches and Malagos Ice cream in Rice Crispies Nest.
This one is a bit different not just by how it was presented but also because it has a texture when you mix the ice cream with the rice crispies.

Ice cream and Churros (P145)
This one is my top fave among those that we tried. I like that the churros is soft, chewy and it's not nakaka-umay. I can eat this all day hehe.

Affogato (P120)
It's barako coffee plus your choice of ice cream. I chose the sagada coffee because it has a milder coffee taste and it goes perfect with Tres Leches ice cream.

They also have lots of different ice cream flavors like Davao meets Bicol (Malagos Chocolate plus Sili), Mango Pili, Toasted Black Rice and many more.

Watch out for their upcoming Ice Cream Subscription. Subscribe and they will deliver 2 pints of handmade ice cream to you every month. You'll be surprised by the unique flavors you'll gonna get.

So, if you're craving for some ice cream and don't want the extra calories, then Papa Diddi's ice cream will definitely save your day!

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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

After having our pre-dinner game at Snack Shack, Josh wanted to have desserts at Papa Diddi's already... And of course, I agreed (even if I wanted to have more savory food). Papa Diddi's is another one of our favorites, and is always my top of my ice cream parlor when in Maginhawa. 127848127846Stop # 2, here we go!

I was surprised that they opened up another shop near its original branch, with the two branches now sandwiching Crepeman. It still has the same address though, so its more of a branch extension than a new branch. 128513 According to the staff, the shop we went to (the new one, right by the corner of the street) offers more flavors than the original branch. You can probably check between the two branches which one offers your favorites, though. 128521

Josh and I always get their Three Scoops (Php 145) for sharing. This time, we had the following flavors: Matcha Tea, Chocolate Lovin', and Blue Butterfly Tea. It's our first time to try these flavors! The Matcha Tea had a mild matcha taste, and matcha lovers might find it too creamy (more of a white chocolatey matcha). However, Josh enjoyed it, as it didn't taste too earthy. Contrary to what we thought, the Chocolate Lovin' was surprisingly not too sweet, as it is made from tablea. It had a slight bitter aftertaste, which is okay for us. On the other hand, the Blue Butterfly Tea was something new for us! The taste of this flavor is quite hard to explain... It had an earthy taste, and was quite "fragrant". It was actually quite good, especially when paired with the other two flavors we got!

Of course, we recommended the Roasted Forbidden Rice (ULTIMATE FAVE!!!) to the others, especially since it is a unique, must-try flavor when in Papa Diddi's. 128525 If you haven't visited this place yet, please visit them ASAP! Their ice creams are too good to miss out on! 10084


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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

When in Maginhawa area, Papa Diddi's is forever my top-of-mind choice for desserts! 128150 I mean, where else can you get these all-natural, handcrafted Filipino ice cream flavors? 128076Their flavors are quite unique too!

A 3-scoop cup costs Php 145, great value for money, if you ask me. This can already be shared by two people (Josh and I always share this one!). Today, we got the following flavors: 1. Roasted Forbidden Rice (our all-time favorite), which has bits of black rice for added texture and a roasted rice flavor that's creamy and not too sweet. 2. Platanos Con Leche, a banana and milk flavored ice cream that's simple yet surprisingly comforting, with a texture similar to mashed frozen bananas. 3. Galletas y Crema, PD's version of cookies and creme ice cream with a twist, as they mixed in tablea with this, making it more chocolatey without the added extreme sweetness. Their ice cream are all so creamy, natural, and never extremely sweet, I fall deeper in love with it each time I try it. 128523 In case you want to veer away from the usual, you may opt to try their ice cream in a bun, ice cream sandwiched between two homemade cookies, or ice cream and churros! All these are priced affordably at Php 145, too! 128150

The service here is awesome too, as their staff patiently explain what's in each flavor whenever you ask, and they are generous in giving out free taste of their unique flavors, too!

How about you, what's your favorite flavor at Papa Diddi's? 127848


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Ferrick Crenz D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Mother nature was her unusual self yesterday as the sun was on rage, when she just gave one of her longest rain surge this year. So me and other foodies lined up here for something sweet and cold, Papa Diddi’s artisanal ice cream.

I shared many of their flavors with my friends, just like family without much hesitation. Some of the ones we had include best selling and spiced up Davao meets Bicol, my fave; fruity and light Dragon Fruit; creamy with a bit of salty touch Cheese, layers of sweet Tres Leches and spiced up Ginger Mango.

One can also add up toppings like a waffle cone, marshmallows, nips and even topping it with any of their home made cookies.

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Abigail Kristine Paola B.
5.0 Stars

This is my first time here, recommended ng officemate so we tried their ice cream. So upon entering, they offered free taste for their ice cream flavors.

So far, bet ko yung tres leches and cookies and cream nila 128522 for one scoop, 69 Php, two scoops 99 Php and three scoops 125Php.

Very generous naman yung serving and super nice ng staff!

If you're craving for an ice cream kapag stressed kana, broken hearted or need mo lang ng comfort food, Papa Diddi's ice cream would not disappoint. 128522128522128522

Looking forward para sa ibang flavors ng ice cream nila 127846 127846 127846

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

Finally got to visit Maginhawa! Since we saw this dessert shop on the way to where we had lunch, I suggested that we might as well have our desserts here.

Their best sellers are the tres leches, farm cheese and peanut butter and jelly.

2 scoops cost me P95 and comes with an ice cream cone on top.

I had the peanut butter & jelly and the farm cheese. I found it okay. The texture of the ice cream had a little roughness in it. I was excited to taste the cheese in the ice cream but I found it a bit tasteless.

My sister had the pineapple rhum, why not turmeric and double jeopardy. I wasn't able to taste the pineapple rhum, but the two others were not bad. If you're a coffee lover then the double jeopardy is for you.

I'm going to visit this place again and try their tres leches, since I think it's something I shouldn't miss. Plus, they have other dessert combinations that might just win me over.

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Lex E.
4.0 Stars

Went here for a dessert fix.

My boyfriend liked their ice cream (it's a miracle because he doesn't like sweets! And that's a second, first is magnum 128540). For me naman it's good too. Fair enough 9996🏻️

Place's crowded, wasn't able to take pictures.


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Pauie P.
4.0 Stars

Bigger and Brighter place in the building beside the Camp Karingal. I just used this address to review since it has been too long since i ate here. So we had to try almost 4 flavors Black Rice, Dark Chocolate, Caramel something and one other flavor i forgot.
Luckily, we were also able to get a free taste of their new flavor, sesame seed and chocnut. But not that good as the existing flavors.

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Yshee K.
5.0 Stars

My little bro and my niece love their ice cream. Yummy.!128150127846127846127846

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Luisa E.
5.0 Stars

I got three flavors here, the cookie, tres leches and strawberry! Delicious! And one look at the interior I instantly knew papa Didi's a lawyer. It's a thoughtful ice cream store, makes a simple treat special and that's not hard to do if it truly tastes good.

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Chito M.
4.0 Stars

Ice cream is just great! Btw, they already have a full blown resto along the same stretch of Maginhawa - just about a 100 meters south. It's called Papa Diddi's et al, showcasing various ybanag recipes which are mostly Papa Diddi's ' favorites!

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Papa Didi's is the first joint we checked out when we reached Maginhawa.  We wanted to try Iscremist first but it seems that they moved to a different location. 

Anyway,  back to Papa Didi's.  I've been hearing good stuff about 'em.  And yes,  the name sounds a lil funny.  Apart from the funny name,  they use locally sourced ingredients for their frozen concoctions.  That is a plus for me.

The lady manning the counter mentioned that Tres Leches is one of their bestsellers.  Suffice to say that i followed her advise and paired it with one scoop of Why Nut Turmeric.  I like mixing up odd flavour combinations. 

The consistency is not as good as the other artisan local brands I've tried.  But it wouldn't be fair to compare, right?  Tres Leches is okay as it is not too sweet,  it lacks the oomph factor on the first spoonful.  I liked Why Nut Turmeric on the other hand, good vanilla base, subtle turmeric flavor.  I am not sure if they added some sweetened ginger bits and some butterscoth but this adds the chewy element.  This flavour is not for everyone.  If you are eclectic like me,  this is worth a try.

The joint is small.  Not a euphemism,  it is tiny.  The inside can prolly accommodate three people and the outside has 4 tables.  Place is not condusive to hanging out,  it is best to eat your ice cream while stretching your legs along the busy streets of Maginhawa.

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