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Papa John's Pizza
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Most Recent Reviews

Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

It’s been a while since I had my last |ooloo rendezvoos. Well my first this 2017 is at Papa John’s.

I received a message last Thursday from Peanut D asking if I’m available for a double rendezvoos. It’s a kaladkarin invite as the event is set to happen the day itself. I actually had plans at work but declining this invite would make me feel bad. I made arrangements then said YES to Pea.

I arrived at the venue at exactly 6pm. Sheena D and Amyxal V were already there. After a short while, Jonathan R arrived and we were all introduced to the Marketing team of Papa John’s. After a few minutes, EJ B Ruth D Ruth S and Clarissa P arrived and were all set to have a feast. We were given a brief introduction on what we will have that night – their Summer Duo Savers pizzas and their treat this Valentine’s, Mi Amore Heart-Shaped Stromboli. Before indulging in these carbs, Kevinross B arrived just in time as we were having our last photo op with the food. Anyway, we had the following.


** Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks
This came with butter goodness. I mean come on. This became my instant favorite in the appetizers that were served. From the menu, one order just costs 120php which I think is a steal for 6 relatively big breadsticks + garlic butter dip!

** Ultimate Potato Wedges
Though most in the group found this really good, for me this was just ‘meh.’ I didn’t like my wedges swimming in sauces. It’s just too much. But hey, this has bacon on top so I still kind of enjoyed this.


** Spinach Alfredo
I’m a fan of spinach and white sauce so this would be my pick for their pasta choices. This was creamy, and the veggie taste was not overwhelming. Not sure about the price of this dish, but one order is actually good for two.

** Creamy Crab Meat
This dish was actually okay. I just wish this had more cream and crab meat. This dish was promising, it just needs a little extra.

** Spicy Mushroom
I’m not sure why this was served in a smaller plate than the two pasta dishes. Serving is good for one, so I’m not really sure if everyone in the group tasted this. Fortunately for me, I was able to try this. All I can remember about this pasta is that there’s a little spice in its taste and it’s cooked with red sauce. Nothing extraordinary tho.


** Super Papa
This is one of their best-sellers. It’s a combination of pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, green pepper, and olives. This was actually good. Proof? Pea said she likes this. Okay. Enough said.

** Tuna Pesto / Cheese-stuffed Tuna Pesto
Oh I love pesto. Most of my friends know that. Anything pesto for me is delicious so I can say that I enjoyed this pizza. The stuffed one is more delicious for obvious reason. Okay, I'll tell it. Cheeeeese.

** Chicken Cheesy Pizza
My favorite among the pizzas that were served. This was too cheesy. If you use your knife to cut a slice, cheeeeeese oozes out. Hmmm alright, I agree. Mas cheesy na ‘to kesa sa akin. Pun intended. I’m so sorry.


** Pineapple Caramel, Half & Half
These heart-shaped Stromboli are too cute. Perfect for V-day. Each order came with strawberry sauce. The one with pineapple was too sweet for me. It was fruity, and I’m not a fan of it. I found the Savory Pesto Veggie one good though. The veggie taste was evident which worked for me. I didn’t like the sauce however. I hope it can be replaced by their usual garlic dip for pizzas.

I honestly had a good time in this rendezvoos. The food were delicious in general, and very filling. Good for me as I starved myself during lunch knowing I’ll be eating a lot in the evening. I appreciate the effort of Papa John’s Marketing Team in welcoming us by being extra friendly. They were all kind and very helpful.

However I would appreciate more if they came more prepared by knowing their menu by heart (like the name of each dish, etc.). Nevertheless, I’m still thankful for Papa John’s by being so generous in this rendezvoos. Thank you for the take out!

P.S. Their Mi Amore Stromboli is priced at 214php ala carte (214 = Feb 14 = Valentine’s Day). This is valid for dine-in, take-out and delivery only until end of February.

Their Summer offerings such as Tuna Pesto and Creamy Cheese pizzas are available at 495php under their Summer Duo Savers 2 Family Pizzas promo. Cool stuff! I just wish they make this regular in the menu.

P.S.S. Again, gazillion thanks |ooloo and Peanut D for the invitation! See you again soon! Finally, it was nice meeting new and familiar faces in |ooloo community. Until next time! 128539

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Kevinross B.
3.0 Stars

It’s such a joy to be invited to rendezvoos because one, you
get to eat free food, two you get to meet and talk to other looloo reviewers,
and three, you get to talk to the owners/marketing team of the restaurant you’re
going to review for. It’s cool know what went through the concept/marketing and
other aspects of the business of the restaurant you dine. This rendezvoos just
got cooler when Peanut D told me that we would be going to two place and the
first stop was Papa John’s! 127829 is 10084️. 🤣 I am pizza guy so of course I
was excited to join!

One challenge for me was that the event was held at megamall and it was so traffic from Makati to megamall that it took aroung 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there. Yes, I was late for the rendezvoos. But, in my mind I thought that the other reviewers would be taking pics so I will be there in
time for the food. I arrived at aroung 6:45 (45 minutes late) and there they were. Taking pictures! Haha! I was right. So I went in and greeted everyone! Riza from the marketing came to me and introduced herself, Layton and Ryan. They were very kind and accommodating. Since I was late, I had to catch up on taking photos before we started eating.

It’s not my first time eating Papa John’s pizza. I’ve tried
it already before when someone would order take out or deliver. Honestly, I
never went to a place just to go to Papa John’s mainly because there aren’t
that much branches near my place. But anyway, here’s what we got.

128205Potato Wedges - These were good. Too bad it was cold when I tasted it. I bet it would taste better if I wasn’t late. Haha! Nonetheless, it was good.

128205Herbed Parmesan
Breadsticks – I love bread so I like this one too. It was soft and chewy. I didn’t really eat that much coz I was getting ready for all the pizza. Haha!

128205Spinach Alfredo – I couldn’t taste anything on this pasta. I was just like eating noodles with oil. 🙁
I hope it had a little more distinct flavor.
128205Mediterranean Seafood – Just some regular red sauce pasta.
Creamy Crab
Meat Pasta – A little bit spicy. Nothing special for me.

128205Super Papa – Claimed to be their best seller. Surprisingly, I didn’t like that much. The pizza
sauce was too sweet for me.

128205Cheesy Chicken – It was really cheezy! But I didn’t like how they used a cheese dip as part of their cheese. I would appreciate it if it there was blue cheese or something. Not really a fan of cheese sauce/dip on pizza.

128205Tuna Pesto (cheesy
stuffed and regular crust) – We all loved this. The pesto was just strong enough that it had distinct flavor and the tuna was not very overpowering that the pizza would just smell like fish. Hehe. If I would order pizza, this is what I would get and maybe just a regular crust. The stuffed crust is good, but
I’d rather have mine plain.

Finally when
we thought we were done with all the carbs, then came the Mi Amore Stromboli!! I like their heart shaped design for their February promo.

It’s available in:
Cheesy Pesto, Pineapple caramel, Savory, Savory, Cheesy Pesto Veggie, Half & Half, Caramel Pesto Veggie, Caramel Savory & Savory Pesto Veggie. Quite overwhelming. Haha! We were fortunate enough to try the Savory, Pineapple
Caramel and cheesy Pesto.

For me I would get the Pineapple Caramel for my
dessert. The Cheesy pesto tasted like pizza already and it was strangely sweet for me. Even the savory.

I had a nice experience dining at Papa John’s. Pizza over conversations with looloo peepz is
always fun! However, the pizza for me was just fine. i only liked the cheesy tuna pesto of all the pizza I tried.

Thanks so much Papa John’s for sponsoring this event and having us! Sorry kung paulit ulit kaming nag tatanong kung ano names ng products nyo. Haha! Thanks Peanut and the rest of the looloo team for inviting me and nice seeing the familiar and new faces of looloo reviewers! See you next time!

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Amyxal V.
4.0 Stars

This was my second Looloo Rendezvoos, but my first "double" Rendezvoos which meant double the foodtrip! It took place at Papa John's Pizza and Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake, both located inside SM Megamall, last Thursday night.

First we headed to Papa John's Pizza. I had never been to any Papa John's branch before, so it was my first time.

Anyway, some history about the restaurant.

Papa John's Pizza is a US-based global pizza chain. It was founded by John Schnatter in his hometown in Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1984. From its humble beginnings, Papa John's Pizza has grown to be one of the biggest pizza chains with over 4,000 restaurants all over the world.

At Papa John's SM Megamall branch, we were feted with a carb-fest!

What we had:

🧀 Appetizers/Sides:
🔹Seasoned Potato Wedges (₱120) 1108811088110881108811088 - potato wedges drizzled with garlic ranch sauce, cheeese sauce, pepper and bacon.
As a big potato, cheese, garlic, pepper (I like anything spicy and pungent) and bacon lover, I thought this dish was meant for me lol.

🔹Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks (₱120) 110881108811088 - at first bite, I was instantly thrown off at how salty it was. Maybe it was just my palate.

127837 Pasta:
🔹Creamy Crab Meat (Single, ₱99; Platter, ₱297) - I didn't (and could not) eat this! Crab sticks all over the pasta.. looked delish! Huhuhu I miss crab :(

🔹Mediterranean Seafood Linguini (Single, ₱99) 110881108811088 - Maybe to make up for not having been able to try the Creamy Crab Meat, I tried the Mediterranean Seafood Linguini (while murmuring a prayer hehehe). But I tried only the pasta (just a tiny bit), and not the seafood. It was good! The fresh tomato taste was just lovely.

🔹Spinach Alfredo (Single, ₱99) 11088110881108811088 - The only pasta I could gladly try. It was delicious! At first I thought the greens were basil leaves, but they were spinach -- pwede pala! Masarap! The flavor was comparatively mild, so it was a nice foil to the other intensely-flavored things that I ate.

127829 Pizzas:
🔹Super Papa 110881108811088 - pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and black olives. It was just OK! As the usual thing I do with pizzas, I put some hot sauce in it.

🔹Chicken Cheesy Pizza 1108811088110881108811088 - This is one of Papa John's newest pizza flavors and we were glad to be among the first to try it. Oh geez I loved this pizza... as I was slicing the pizza (or poking the fork into it), the cheese sauce oozed out of it... lovely sight! Plus I've never had a chicken pizza before (it's always beef, bacon or pepperoni). This was different and so good. Cheesy in every bite! 'twas the one I'd definitely order on my next visit.

🔹Tuna Pesto 11088110881108811088 - Another one of Papa John's newest flavors. It consisted of tuna, bay leaves, tomatoes, chili and spices. I may have eaten a tuna pasta, but not a tuna pizza yet. So I was glad I had the chance to try a tuna pizza at Papa John's. Nice kick from the spices and chili! I thought it would be available till Holy Week, since this is technically a meatless pizza. But I hope they'd make it a regular on their menu eventually hahaha. This was good.

They also had the Tuna Pesto but with the crust stuffed with mozzarella. But what a shame, I didn't get to try it (maybe because I had to make a little space in my tummy for Uncle Tetsu's later).

♥ Mi Amore Stromboli
FYI, "stromboli" is a rolled-up pastry usually filled with mozzarella, meats, tomato sauce and veggies. But the stromboli can be filled with nontraditional ingredients as well. Though of course a stromboli is not obviously a pizza, it otherwise uses a pizza dough.

Since Valentine's Day is just coming round the corner, Papa John's has just rolled out its limited-only "Mi Amore Stromboli" which features heart-shaped strombolis, served with a strawberry dip. The strombolis can be ordered as "Ala Carte" (₱214) or as part of their "Meal for 2" promo (₱299 and ₱369, which also includes a pasta meal and drinks). One of the heart-shaped strombolis served to us was split into two different flavors.

Mi Amore Stromboli's that we tried:
🔹Savory - 110881108811088 (meat-filled stromboli)
🔹Cheesy Pesto - 11088110881108811088 (this was good!)
🔹Pineapple Caramel - 11088110881108811088 (good sweet ending to our meal)

What I liked the most (and would order on my next visit):
✅Seasoned Potato Wedges
✅Spinach Alfredo
✅Chicken Cheesy Pizza
✅Tuna Pesto Pizza
✅Cheesy Pesto Stromboli

Thank you to the marketing executives Riza and Layton, and graphic artist Ryan, for the warm accommodation and providing us some infos about the restaurant. It also introduced me to some new pizza flavors. 128522

Nice meeting with all Looloo reviewers on the Rendezvoos... EJ B Jonathan R Sheena D Norman Lester T Ruth D Ruth S Clarissa P and Kevinross B most of them I only met for the first time. 128522

Finally, it was nice to see Miss Peanut D for the first time too! Hello and thanks for inviting me again 🤗128522

Minsan lang ako makapag-Rendezvoos so hinabaan ko na tong review haha. #pagbigyan 128514

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Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

I have not tried Papa John's in the past, and was lucky when I got invited in the double Looloo rendezvoos. When we arrived, we were greeted by Riza and Layton, their Marketing Executives. The staff served us immediately with soda, I had water because less guilt. Ha ha. The staff provided us good service, but of course, we were there for the rendezvoos, that couldn't be a good measure. But, the good thing was, they also provided the other customers with good service. So yay, for their service.

They served us quite a lot. For the appetizer, we were given seasoned potato wedges (PhP120), which I enjoyed because of generous serving of cheese and the herbed parmesan breadsticks (PhP120). For the pasta, we had spinach alfredo (PhP99) in cream sauce, and the creamy crab meat (PhP99) with hint of spicyness, but my favorite because of the generous servings of the crab sticks. We were also served the mediterranean seafood linguini (PhP190) but I was unable to try it. I could probably come back, the pasta is cheapo but good.

When it was pizza time, they served us Super Papa, the bestseller. This has the combined powers of pepperoni, sausage, ham, and mushrooms making this one really good. Another pizza we had was the chicken cheesy pizza with special cheese sauce which one should surely like. But my ultimate pizza favorite would be the stuffed cheesy tuna pesto pizza, because of the sumptuous amount of cheese with a kick of chili plus the cheesy stuffed crust. You can actually request the stuffed crust on any of their pizza.

The heart-shaped Mi Amore stromboli (PhP214) is a Valentine offering. This is available in 8 flavors, and we were able to try the pineapple caramel stromboli with strawberry dip, which was the least I like because of the overwhelming taste of the dip, or maybe just not really fan of strawberries. The cheesy pesto stromboli was good though, even though I don't like pesto in general. I'd probably have this one again in the future. And my ultimate favorite should be the savory one, it's meaty. Sarap, guys!

So, if you're in the area and craving for pizza, visit Papa John's and enjoy this pizza goodness and all their offerings.

The event was sponsored by Papa John's pizza!

Thanks Peanut D for letting me join the rendezvoos. Plus hi to new Looloo friends, Jonathan R, Norman Lester T, EJ B, Ruth D, Ruth S, Clarissa P, Kevinross B and Amyxal V.

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Jonathan R.
4.0 Stars

Papa John's Pizza

The goal of John Schnatter when he first opened his restaurant in 1984 was to make a Better pizza that he'd be proud to serve his family. With that being said, Papa John's only use the best quality ingredients. I think that's the reason behind "We Believe in Better" and "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza."

You can find Papa John's all over the world - USA, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. In the Philippines, they have several restaurants and for this Looloo Rendezvous which is my first is at Megamall, 3rd flr Bldg A.

127837 Creamy Crab Meat ( Single@99 • Platter@297 )
•linguini •carbonara sauce •parmesan •garlic •chili flakes •crab sticks

127837 Spinach Alfredo ( Single@99 • Platter@297 )
•spaghetti •parmesan •spinach •garlic •mozzarella

127837 Mediterranean Seafood Linguini ( Single @ 99 )
•spaghetti •black olives •shrimp •crab sticks

127841 Ultimate Potato Wedges ( Single @ 145 )
•potato wedges •garlic ranch •cheese sauce •pepperoni & bacon bits

127841Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks ( Single @ 120 )
•breadsticks •garlic sauce and spices

127829 Super Papa Pizza
•pepperoni •italian sausage •ham •mushroom •onions •green peppers •olives

🆕 127829 Chicken Cheesy Pizza
•chicken •onions •spinach •mozzarella •Papa John's special cheese sauce

🆕 127829 Tuna Pesto Pizza
•tuna •bay leaf •tomato •chili and spices

🆕127829 Mi Amore Stromboli (Heart Shaped)
⏱ Limited Time Offer for Valentines ⏱

Ala Carte @ 214
128261 Strawberry-Pineapple & Caramel
128261 Cheesy Pesto
128261 Savory

Meal for Two
128261Meal A @ 299
• Heart Shaped Stromboli
• 1 featured Pasta
• 2 glasses of Iced Tea
128261Meal B @ 369
• Heart Shaped Stromboli
• 2 featured Pastas
• 2 glasses of Iced Tea

128205Food Presentation - 4.5/5 1108811088110881108810024
128205Taste - 4/5 11088110881108811088
128205Ambiance - 4/5 11088110881108811088
128205Service - 4/5 11088110881108811088

We were served with appetite-arousing and mouthwatering food. Everything is delectable and yummy from sides to pasta to pizza! But.... the most that I enjoyed and loved which I will come back for is the Chicken Cheesy for pizza, Spinach Alfredo for pasta and Ultimate Potato Wedges for sides.

Thank you Layton, Riza, and Ryan for the warm welcome and accommodation.

Thanks you Peanut D for inviting me and for introducing me to awesome peeps! 9786

This Looloo Rendezvous was paid and sponsored by Papa John's SM Megamall.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Last night was fun! Why? Because I spent it with the awesome looloo peeps! 128518128521

So we all had our dinner here at Papa John's. It's not my first time here. I've tried them before way back in college when they offered a pizza all you can promo (pizza is lyf! 127829127829). We enjoyed it especially with the chili pepper + butter dip! 128155

Before the event, we were warned that we'll be eating a lot and we should prepare and come in hungry. Apparently, they were serious as they served us A LOT of items!!!! Too much for the whole group that some of us were still able to bring some home! 128563128563128563

*thanks EJ for the menu kodigo 128518128513128521

We started the feast with appetizers:
- Ultimate Potato Wedges
- Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks

You like butter? You'll surely enjoy the breadsticks!! But.... Hello, cholesterol!!! 128518128517 The potato wedges were also good and I liked it more than the breadsticks. Not nakakaumay and how can you not like potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream sauce then topped with bacon?? HOW??? You just can't! 128541

Next were the following pasta dishes:
- Mediterranean Seafood Pasta
- Creamy Crab Meat Pasta
- Spinach Alfredo Pasta

Both the Mediterranean Seafood and Spinach Alfredo were just okay. Nothing extraordinary. The spinach taste wasn't that obvious? It just felt lacking. 128542 I wasn't able to try the Creamy Crabmeat pasta anymore but Clarissa P. said it was good, just a bit spicy. If you like crab and spicy, you may want to try it. 128077🏼

And then the main event.... PIZZA!!! 127829127829They let us try the following:
- Super Papa
- Tuna Pesto (we were served with 2 versions - the usual pizza and a cheesy stuffed crust)
- Cheesy Chicken

The cheesy stuffed pizza was my favorite (I think it's everyone's favorite) because it was hot! Haha! The cheese and pesto combination was good! You just can't go wrong with it!!! 128154 I just wish there were more tuna! The cheesy chicken was also good! But it wasn't that hot anymore when I tried it. 128542

Personally, I like my pizza hot (or at least warm) because pizzas are 10x better when they're hot and fresh from the oven. BUT there are certain cases wherein pizzas are still good despite being "cold". Like the Super Papa Pizza. I liked that the crust was still soft and not makunat. The cheese wasn't melted anymore but it was still pretty good. If you like your pizza loaded with toppings, you should try this one. Why? Because SUPER! It's the ultimate combination of meat and veggies and this is their bestseller. 128077🏼

TIP: ask for the garlic butter (or is it cheesy garlic butter?) sauce + chili peppers so you can dip the remaining crust. The sauce is so sinful and bad but super good. 128521

And lastly, were 3 flavors of the MI AMORE STROMBOLI aka the heart shaped Stromboli.

We were able to try Savory - Ham&Cheese; Cheesy Pesto; and Pineapple Caramel. They were good but not super good. I think they're kind of weird? I liked the cheesy pesto more than the Savory. The "savory" was sweet because of the sauce they used (but according to Leyton you can request them to lessen the sweetness). The Pineapple caramel was way too sweet for me as well and the strawberry sauce was weird. 128563

Honestly, they're not the best and the first pizza option but I think that PJ's worth the try especially when you want something other than the usual.

Overall, it was still a good and fun dinner. Thank you PJ for making us all busog!! Thank you Peanut D and looloo for the invite and for my notebook! Hihi i love it!!!! And it was nice meeting the awesome loolooers!! 128153128153

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4.0 Stars

Hooray to my first Looloo Rendezvoos for year 2017. And this is not only one but a double rendezvoos.

127829First stop:
Papa John's Pizza

3rd Floor Building A SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

127829Fun facts about Papa John's Pizza:
It was originated from U.S.A. and founded by John Schnatter in 1983. One of the largest pizza company in the world. And currently they have more than 4,500 restaurants in 37 countries.

127829 Interior:
The place is bright, vibrant and colorful. The brick wall actually looks good with the beautiful posters hanged on it. The restaurant is not that big, I think it can accommodate at least more than 50 customers.

We were greeted by their Marketing Executives - Riza & Layton and Graphic Artist - Ryan in Papa John's SM Megamall branch. The staff provided us beverages (iced tea, soda and water), plates and utensils while waiting for the food they will served to us.


128204 Sides/Appetizer
▪️Seasoned Potato Wedges for Php120.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

▪️Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks for Php120.00 - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

▪️Mediterranean Seafood Linguini for Php190.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

▪️Creamy Crab Meat for Php99.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

▪️Spinach Alfredo for Php99.00 - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

▪️Super Papa (Pepperoni, Italian, Sausage, Ham, Sliced Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, and Black Olives) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

▪️Tuna Pesto (Tuna, Tomatoes, Bay Leaves, Chili) - 11088110881108811088 4/5 NEW FLAVOR

▪️Chicken Cheesy (Chicken, Spinach, Onions) - 11088110881108811088 4/5 NEW FLAVOR

▪️Tuna Pesto Cheesy Stuffed Crust (Tuna, Tomatoes, Bay Leaves, Oozing Mozarella)- 1108811088110881108811088 5/5 NEW FLAVOR

128204 Mi Amore Stromboli (Valentines Promo - For limited time only)

▪️Savory Stromboli for Php214.00 - 110881108811088 3/5

▪️Cheesy Pesto Stromboli for Php214.00 - 110881108811088 3/5

▪️ Pineapple Caramel Stromboli for Php214.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

All the dishes served were great, especially the Cheesy Stuffed Crust Pizza, my favorite among the pizzas. The Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks, Super Papa Pizza and Spinach Alfredo were remarkable. It's included in my list on my next visit. By the way they have existing promo - 2 pizzas for Php495.00.

The event was paid and sponsored by Papa John's Pizza. 127881

Thank you Peanut D for the invitation. 128536

Nice meeting you Jonathan R, Sheena D and Amyxal V and good to see you again Ruth D, Ruth S, Clarissa P, Norman Lester T and Kevinross B. 128153

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084 #looloorendezvoos

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Elizabeth S.
2.0 Stars

This here is the saddest serving of pasta I've had in my life. For P99, you get a measly 1/4 cup serving of boiled noodles with a sauce of your choice.

Fortunately, we ordered pizza which is supposedly good. It was decent to say the most.

Another thing: they could use a legit writer for their collaterals/tent cards. I'm no grammar Nazi but "A New Additions" just doesn't sound right. (See next photo) 128567

Avoid this place at all costs.

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Tricia Jade G.
2.0 Stars

Wouldve rated higher if it werent for the roaches and the unkept washroom :/

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Dani R.
2.0 Stars

The soup was a bit sour so we complained. They offered to have it exchanged for a chicken soup which was fine but we felt uncomfortable because we could see the kitchen personnel (from the open kitchen) whispering and laughing at us 128078 Plus we noticed that they didnt wear gloves while preparing the food so that was a minus point as well. Oh and there was also a small cockroach under our table.

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Kirstie Mel V.
5.0 Stars

The only reason I've been wanting to try food here is because of the creamy crab meat pasta. I almost ordered two plates had it not been awkward to have two plates of same flavor while I'm alone. So I added chicken calzone and a glass of soda to the pasta. Good treat! Plus the soda is served in a tall glass, good that I did not get the refillable one.

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Denise R.
3.0 Stars

Had late lunch here with the family, because of their promo of buy 1, take 1 pizza for around PHP500. Upon arrival, we were informed though that such promo was available only for take-out (which I don't understand why).

Alternatively, we were offered another promo for dine-in, with the following inclusions: 14-inch pizza, 2 types pasta, a side dish of potato wedges and a pitcher of iced tea. All for PHP999.

We chose two flavors for the pizza (Super Papa and Chicken Bacon Ranch), and two more for the pasta (Alfredo and Italian). Food was served quickly, which was a plus.

I've always liked Papa John's pizza because it wasn't too oily, compared to its competitors (Pizza Hut or Shakey's). Also love the crust--slightly sweet and very chewy. Between the two pizza flavors, I liked Super Papa better. The pasta options were unfortunately bland.

Another opportunity area--I initially asked if the PHP999 was the nett amount, but when our bill arrived, I was surprised that service charge was added on top of said amount. At least the service was satisfactory.

Separately: It's been years since I've been to Megamall, and I can't believe how much it has changed 128563 This mall is humongous! I don't think I'd be able to pass by each store even if I had the whole day 128561

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Kirstie Mel V.
4.0 Stars

Try their crab meat pasta, it's not so expensive for a food for one person, and it goes well with Chicken Bacon Ranch and soup.

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Jane C.
4.0 Stars

They have a promo now, buy 1 take 1 pizza, for P500. We chose John special and Bacon cheeseburger. Both are good! Sulit! :)

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Bea C.
5.0 Stars

I'm in love with their pizza crust. The crust itself is very delicious. Haaaay. 128525

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Chris P.
4.0 Stars

Service 1108811088110881108811088
They are approachable and always smile.
Food 1108811088110881108811088
We ordered Chicken bacon ranch and it was soooo gooood. Aside from having a 50% off for a 14" pizza because it's Tuesday and we didn't know about that, the crew just offered it to us. We also had caesar salad which is by the way is so yummy.
Ambiance 110881108811088
Since the aircon inside the restaurant is not working that time and the lights are not all open.

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Katrina V.
3.0 Stars

Ok. So I have this mini competition in my head as to who has the yummiest pizza among the pizza chains I've been to. Unfortunately, this one doesn't make the cut for top 5. I don't like much the pizza dough and the taste seemed to lack that special flavor that will make you want to have another round. Their pastas are surprisingly good though or rather the ones we ordered are tasty and doesn't have the "umay" after taste.

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Inna A.
4.0 Stars

What the hell?!

They took off John's Favorite on their menu? But why??????
I do not understand.

Can someone please explain to me why?????

Oh, btw, I loved their milkshake. :)

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Ang-ang P.
3.0 Stars

One of the best pastas I've ever had. Papa John's Diablo Burst is spicy but tolerable.

Don't forget to try their cheesesticks!

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Mikko F.
5.0 Stars

Really loved their pizza! Yum!

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