Papa Kim's

Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Fernandez St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Papa Kim's
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Is it just I or has South Korea already invade Manila? Every day there are new stores that scream the Korean brand. It may be through merchandise, music, television or food. Recently, I had the opportunity to indulge in their version of bakery through Papa Kim’s in Tomas Morato. 15

Two years ago, we were introduced to the wonders of fine ice via Korean Bingsu. This 2018, expect Korean breads to be the next big thing.

Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery & Coffee serves an array of sweet and savory breads along with milk teas, blended drinks, frappes and all sorts of coffee choices. And yes, they also have Bingsu in different flavors. Soon to come up as well are a savory line of meals, like Bulgogi sandwiches. These will be soon available in all their stores, including Antipolo and Banawe, Quezon City.

On my recent visit here, I was able to share all the 16 breads I got to my girl friend’s preschool staff in Little Sandbox. It was a mere 300 meters from Papa Kim’s. I was able to try and bite on a few. And most I gave away and received a smile back.

First I got to munch on was one of their cute Bear Breads. I had the sweet chocolate filling with a hint of dark taste. Its bread was soft and fluffy. They also serve Cream Cheese, Strawberry, Red Bean and original Custard variety. These could be a suitable gift for your kids or childlike friends.

Soboro, on the other hand, was my favorite. I liked the contrast of crispy sweet crusts and soft texture of the white bread inside it. Just watch on the crumbs! Both the muffins I purchased, Choco and Green Tea were above average in taste, and they do have a close resemblance to its actual flavors. Finally, the Egg Toast was most interesting, it had a combination of two breads in one, with a bright sunny side up as its centerpiece. I am not a fan of mayonnaise, so I only had a small serving on this one.

Anyway, here is a rundown of what I availed. It took me awhile to pick from a stretch of choices they have.

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SherieAnn O.
3.0 Stars

2/26 - after a long and tiring weekend, decided to try out their new branch situated at sumulong highway.. enjoy your cup of tea and coffee with a relaxing overlooking view of manila.. though pastries and coffee not too remarkable, their cute handcrafted cakes will tease your eyes, you can't help but bite (buy).. i didnt really feel the korean in their menu hence the 3 stars.. will still come back for the view..

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

Like in other bread/pastry shops, their items are already displayed. You can just ask the servers to re-heat. These two were ok. Service was good.

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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

Newly opened store here at Tomas Morato (may 8). I thought i would get to know authentic Korean style coffee (if there is such), but no, i think cafe deete at century mall offers the best of its kind, organic pa.

Well, this place only got "korean" (prove that it is!) bread, pastry, cakes, and.. Bingsu (well at least THAT i know is Korean). The breads they sell are in plastic. I believe it cant breath. Lol.

2 for this experience. No wifi. No outlets. Cold ambiance though there were warm lights. Some chairs are wooden. We sat on the cushioned. There's a CR but its a bit dirty. Kunting kiskis pa.

We only had coffee. My friend got latte. No latte art. I Tried the espresso which was really really affordable at 55 pesos but the taste was not stellar at all. In the end i think coffee (all because they're called a cafe) is NOT their forte. So don't go here if you are looking for good coffee. 🙄128527128540

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