Paper Moon Cafe

G/F Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. cor. Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Paper Moon Cafe
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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

This is my 2nd time at Paper Moon Cafe but my first time to get a crack at their chocolate flavored crepe cake. I think this has got to be my new favorite (well, either this or matcha).

Layers upon layers of crepe sandwiching chocolate creme that wasn't too sweet or too bitter. The perfect pairing i'd say! Got me thinking, what if they combined both my favorites into one crepe cake. Alternate layers of matcha and dark chocolate between crepes... hhhmmm 🙄

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Erick B.
5.0 Stars

I didn't know their crepe cakes were this good! I'm glad we gave this a shot tonight. Unlike the other crepe cakes that I've tried, Papermoon's is thicker and more chewy. I love the belgian chocolate in between the layers of crepe. Goes perfect with coffee.

This is now one of my favorite dessert places!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

My fave place to hang out lately . Good coffee and their mille crepe ... Naman!!!! Bakit ganun kasarap pano na ang ab dreams ko 128518
Ube Mille Crepe (P225) , yummm! That's crumbled ube chiffon cake as toppings( on the photo).Aside from the ube flavor, the crepe has macapuno flavor and bits in it w/c complements the ube.
Though this new flavah is good, I'd still go back for the matcha crepe #becausematchalove 128521
*They still have the P260 promo for the original flavor crepe + americano/iced tea

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Paper Moon Cafe in the south! There's no excuse left for me to not try the famed mille crepe cakes of "Lady M" Emy Wada!

Love em love em love em. Thats saying love em 3x coz i tried 3 cakes hehe. We had the mango, strawberry, and matcha variants. 12815510084128154

Being the biased matcha glutton that i am... of course i'd say the matcha cake was the best haha. 128154128154128154 But seriously though, the crepe batter used for these cakes tasted really good. The consistency and creaminess was just right and was perfect whether with tart fruits sandwiched in between or dusted with lotsa lotsa semi-bitter matcha powder. 128154 These cakes make the perfect tea time snack or partnered with coffee.

Next time i'll be targeting the original and chocolate flavors! 128077

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

When asked what's my favorite dessert, I won't be able to give an answer right away. But crepe would definitely be included in my very limited list of favorite desserts. I love crepes because they are so light, fluffy and soft and oh so yummy They have the "heaven in every bite" effect! 128525128076🏼

Ever since the crepe cake craze started and when everyone was trying Paper Moon, I felt so left out that I still haven't tried them. I would always ask my mom, Ony or my aunt to try this place but would always end up not trying this because too full already or no more time. 128557128529

Not in our case because all we had was just salad! Yayyyy!!! Right after dinner, I suggested we go here since this is just at the back of Salad Stop. Might as well try it now. Bawi agad ang healthy dinner! 128518128514

Despite being in the hidden part of the building, the place is surprisingly full with customers. Mostly by families and titas. 128517

There are 4 different types of Mille Crepe available - Original/Plain, Mango, Chocolate and Matcha. At 225 pesos per slice, one would think (A LOT) first before deciding which flavor to choose. Must be something really good and worth the 225 price tag.

If I can only decide, I would get the Matcha but since I can't finish one slice and he was not willing to share, we decided to just get the Chocolate and Mango Mille Crepe (Flavors he like so nothing will be wasted.128530). Hanggang tingin na lang muna ang Matcha... 128529

They currently have a promo -- the Perfect Pair. One slice + a cup of Americano or Lemon Iced Tea for 260 pesos. For an additonal 35 pesos, you get a cup of coffee. Not bad!! 128513

The chocolate was good. But I liked and enjoyed the Mango version more since it's light, soft, fluffy, creamy, and the mangoes were sweet. Wished the mango slices were thicker or they added more!!! The chocolate was too sweet for me. But Ony liked it. 128517

Service was good. They were really nice and warm. Can't wait to go back here again and try the matcha flavor!!!!! 128563128513128154

Thank you Paper Moon for making our night extra sweet. 9786128076🏼

  • No. of Comments: 7
Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

This was dinner #becausecalories 128540
Actually sulit sya sa calories 128523128523128523128523128523
Matcha cravings satisfied 128077
* Matcha Mille crepe P225, Americano P100
They have a crepe + americano/iced tea promo for P260, but this is only for the regular and the choco flavah
Gowwww chekitawtttt! #goodbyeabs

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

There are stories that we want to experience for ourselves. A lot have been said about Paper Moon. The reviews probably say it all, but all that is said needs to be felt and experienced.

We didn't see Paper Moon coming to ATC, and we were really surprised that it's already in the works just a few weeks ago. And finally, we had our first Paper Moon experience just last Saturday.

Located at the new business center building (housing Sykes) fronting Madrigal Avenue, Paper Moon is located just across Jipan and Outback.

The place is simple, too minimalist perhaps for some, with plain white walls giving customers an air of space with nothing to put their sights on but the gallery of desserts up front.

Behold, the desserts. An array of Mille crepes greeted us - chocolate, mango and their original crepe. We love crepes but this is truly phenomenal having layers and layers of crepe in one cake. We got their promo - at P260, you already get a cup of Americano and a slice of this beautifully layered original Mille crepe. Paper moon has an assortment of French Mille crepes, macarons and layered pies (their checkered chocolate cake is most probably our next).

The Americano is as simple as it can get, nothing fancy. I wasn't able to ask but the brew is probably of medium roast arabica beans.

Our excitement over their Mille crepe is not yet over since we also got a slice of Paper Moon's strawberry cake. This cake not only has loads of huge fresh strawberry slices on top but fillings of fresh strawberries inside. No wonder this beauty is quite pricey (@P350). I'm sure you'll forget how much it costs when you grab yourself a slice. Honestly, Paper Moon's strawberry cake is much better than those that we had in our recent visit to Baguio City.

Our short visit definitely justifies all the good stories we've read and we are waiting for the perfect time to try the other menu selections very, very soon.

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