Paper Moon Cafe

G/F North Parking, SM Mall of Asia, JW Diokno Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Paper Moon Cafe
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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Original mielle ( custard ) crepe, layers of crepe with custard cream in between, not sweet . 128522128079 php 225. The also sell baked tarts,

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Irish O.
3.0 Stars

Papermoon Cafe @ SM Mall of Asia

Papermoon Cafe was for sure an instagram worthy cafe. How their food was presented is really nice and very photogenic. I was really excited to try it since a lot of my friends in IG is trying the said cafe a lot.

Papernoon cafe is popular for their Mille Crepe cakes. It's a cake made with so so sooooo many layers of crepes. And crepes is such a light but delish dessert right? So who would not want to try that?

The ambiance of the place is really comforting and somehow classy, it is also clean, quiet and relaxing. The staffs were also accomodating.

What I tried is their Strawberry Mille Crepe (250php/slice). The taste is just right in my opinion. It's not too sweet and not too bland. The cake was not deprived of strawberries as well. HAHA. The crepe is nicely cooked and of course the presentatiom is IG WORTHY! For the price, maybe it is somehow expensive, since the cake is not that big. You could find cheaper cakes with the same or bigger serving size. But of course it's a mille crepe cake so yeah I would let them go for that.

Next is their Matcha Latte in Hot (150php). The matcha looks so cute and foamy in their prestine white cup and saucer. It looks so picture perfect seeing that green and white combination in front of me. It looks so clean, and served without a drip at the side. The taste is delish! (since i think I love all food or drinks with matcha) Kidding aside, it's nice. The taste of matcha with a milky sweet kick in 1 cup. And oh that serving is fine for a 150php since their cup is not a small one.

All in all I would want to comeback to this place if I wanted to relax and isolate myself from this buzzling city of ours.

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Agnes C.
5.0 Stars

The crepe c.ake is simply delicious

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RAnn S.
3.0 Stars

I was curious about this cafe becauseI have read many good reviews with their Ube Mille crepe cake. So when I've seen their spot in MOA I was so excited to give it a go. After a tiring day at work I just want to have some dessert so I finally landed on this cafe. There's no customer inside when I walk in maybe because the location is just a new spot in MOA. Without much thinking I ordered the Ube Mille Crepe so happy that it's available because the first time I want to order it,its already sold out for that day so hooray for this day! I ordered a Matcha iced cold drink to pair it up but before that I asked the staff if it won't cause any problem with my digestion and they said that it's alright..well I'm not into matcha drinks because I had an experience before where something goes wrong with my stomach..haha..So going back since I'm dining alone my orders were quickly serve. After taking photos,I had my first bite my first impression was wow it is really good ube flavor however it turns out that it had Macapuno in it. Well I'm not really into macapuno so it kinda bothers me though it was on the last few bites. The size of the cake is big enough however I thinks it's kinda pricey for a slice worth P225. The Matcha Latte iced drink well it really didn't suit my taste..well maybe it's because I'm not realy a fan of matcha and it cost P150 +10 since it was iced.

It is not a memorable experience but I think I will still give it a try some other time because it's the only cafe that has less people in it. So when you really want some silence when having your coffee this is a good place to dine.


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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

After Morganfield's, we crossed over and had dessert at Paper Moon. My youngest sister made a mille crepe cake before at home and it was quite good. It took her hours to finish the whole thing! It takes a long time to finish cooking all those individual crepes! 128561 So I understand why the mille crepes can be a bit expensive.

We got a slice of Matcha Mille Crepe [Php 225] and also a slice of Strawberry Mille Crepe [Php 250] for 4 people to share.

The Matcha one looked quite nice and it was also good. Although I have to say, it doesn't have that full robust matcha flavor to it.

We hesitated when the slice of Strawberry Mille Crepe was served. They put thin slices of strawberries on the top for decoration and when I saw their display, I noticed this was their last slice. The strawberry slices on top looked really pale like it was really oxidized. We dug in anyway. 128514 As for the flavor, this was better than the matcha one because the creme in between each crepe had that strawberry flavor! And also small slices of strawberry here and there. I would definitely recommend getting this! 128077🏼

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

Since Paper Moon was just across Morganfield's, we decided to give it a try as well. The place was very clean looking - a mix of white and lavender. It gave a very relaxed feeling 128524 Also, since the place is still new and not many people visit it, it's a perfect place to study or work when you're looking for a good spot in MOA since it's so crowded everywhere.

Anyway, onto the food. We ordered a slice each of their MATCHA127861 [P225] and STRAWBERRY127827 [P250] flavors. The matcha looked good but it lacked flavor. It could use a little bit more sweetness and matcha. The strawberry one was better but I had a feeling that it was not fresh anymore. I didn't take a photo focusing on the strawberry slice because it looked so pale. But this tasted better. Two words: Clean and refreshing. But to be honest, for such an expensive slice of cake with average flavors, I'd better invest my money on something else. I mean I do understand that it's expensive because of the labor for making the cake but it's just not that good. It's not something that would blow your mind.

But hey, if you're not into those too sweet kind of desserts, this might work for you. Also it has a nice, clean and fresh feeling when you eat it. Perfect for cleansing your taste buds after a heavy meal 🙂

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